how do i lose muscle on my legs?


#396 Oct 27, 2013
I dnt no any sports cnt gwt my fave boots on coz of my muscle how do I get rid

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#397 Oct 30, 2013
These exercise are good for lose muscle from legs are:
forward lunge walks
sideways lunge walks
box or bench jumps

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#398 Oct 30, 2013
1. Drink More Water

I found this to be the key to eating less and feeling good. Water helps your body process food and run its organs in a more efficient manner. This is every organ, from your heart to your skin.

Water also helps you to eat less. Drink 8 oz before you eat and you will be full faster. Also drink water while you eat, this helps you to eat slower (see #4) and fill up faster.

2. Eat Half of Your Favorite Foods

What I mean by favorite foods are usually the "bad" ones like french fries and fried chicken not carrots and apples. You know how much you usually eat of your favorite ice cream, well, cut that in half.

3. Replace Fatty Foods with Lean

Stick with grilled and broiled and not fried or sauteed. Replace butter and cream for pepper and chives. Sneak in your own popcorn to the movies, I do. Watch for foods that are covered with stuff like bread crumbs or sauce; make it a habit to be able to see your food in its original cooked form without a mask. If you crave chocolate (I have to have it everyday) eat dark chocolate but keep it to a piece no larger than your powder compact.

4. Stop When You Feel Full

Actually, this is a very hard tip to follow because many people don't recognize when you feel full. The key is to eat slower and recognize when you no longer feel hungry. Look at your plate, eat half of what's on it. Now stop. Do you feel full? Are you still hungry? At this point eat slower and smaller bites. Become aware of your body and when it starts to feel the pressure of feeling full. Then stop.

5. Eat Veggies at Every Meal

And with snacks too. They fill space and are so good for you. I know this is hard because, frankly, veggies don't taste that great especially if they are not covered with great fat like butter. I sneak in some V8 in the morning, while I make lunch I snack on some raw carrots and brocolli and then for dinner I steam some veggies and top with a little season or garlic salt.

6. Order Fat on the Side

This one I learned a few years back and I think my food tastes better. When I order a salad I ask for the ranch dressing on the side. Yes, it's fattening ranch, whatever. I dip my fork in it and then grab the veggies. I love having control of how much dressing is on my salad. This can also be great way to eat baked potatoes, hamburger (mayo on the side) or pasta with alfredo on the side.

7. Make Your Own Food

This is the healthiest way you can eat if you cook low calorie and low fat. You have the control over every aspect of your meal and chances are you will add less fat, less sugar and less salt than any restaurant or fast food joint. And it will probably taste better too.

8. Get a Hobby

You heard me. No, don't watch TV as your hobby. Scrapbook, crochet, run, drag race. Get your mind off of food. Do something to busy your hands or feet and your mind. This is not only good for your body but your brain also. Studies have shown that people who challenge their minds are less likely to get alzheimers. Look it up.

Idle hands and mind make for more snacking.

9. Ok, Splurge

Pick your favorite food, pick a day of the week and eat it. For example, like I said I love B&J Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I save it for Friday nights when I can sit, watch a movie and enjoy my favorite snack. I look forward to the evening all week and it keeps me motivated to stay on track with my meal plan and exercise.

10. Move

Did you think I would forget about exercise? Work in some movement, at least 30 minutes a day. I personally exclude housework unless it is heavy work like cutting down a tree or digging holes. I rarely, I mean rarely, do that. So I get out in the mornings and walk or ride my bike. I have worked in the gym where I workout a little harder.

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#399 Oct 30, 2013
Try these thigh slimming exercises to get you started:

forward lunge walks
sideways lunge walks
box or bench jumps

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#400 Nov 7, 2013
i don't think i got a solution

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#402 Nov 12, 2013
Seems to me that endurance athletes such as marathoners or triathletes have very slim builds due to the body using muscle as fuel. Training like they do, you may eventually have the results in the legs you're looking for. However, you'll slim down all throughout your body as well. Frankly, I don't think prolonged endurance activities like these are heart healthy and also, I'm not a big fan of the anorexic look.

Harrison, OH

#403 Nov 15, 2013
A lot of it has to do with your mode of training or exercise. Some exercise is geared toward creating muscle bulky muscle mass and some i geared to create long lean muscles. If you must train in a certain way for the sports you participate in, one way to help decrease the bulky results your getting is to balance your training with some flexibility exercise. This will help to create longer lean muscles in your legs and decrease some of the bulk you are seeing. Also, Like someone else was saying, watch your protein and diary intake. Often times we take in to much protein because we think we need it for our activity exertion. You would be surprised to know we really do not need so much. Cut down on red meats and make most of your meals with lean poultry choices and fish.

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#404 Dec 29, 2013
leanne wrote:
okay I weigh 90 pounds and a lot of people say that I need to gain weight and I dont want to because I dont want to weigh more than 100 pounds because then I would think that I'm fat. I mean I exercise a lot and I dont like my legs at all because they have a lot of muscles and I want my legs to be thin and I dont know how to lose muscles. I am kind of sick. I dont know what to do. I need some help I am very strong and very fast. I run like 15 miles per hour and I love to run. I am an athlete. Also I lose pounds and when I bent down to get something, many people can see my spinal cord and my ribs and I like it but no else does. So they always tell me to gIn weight but I won't let that happen. I like how I look and sometimes I don't.
Hi, I have done the same things and I used to believe I had too much muscle, but actually everyone has that muscle but usually you can't see it beneath the fat. Please don't lose any more weight as it's dangerous and worries your family... I stopped being really skinny because going too far made my brother and everyone who was on my side worried, but search out your ideal weight for your height and stick to that, neither skinny nor fat looks really good. I guess you're a girl too, if you really wanna be skinny in the future finish your growing phase and then lose the weight again.
Yep, been there and back.... Now off to running.(Don't gain too much either and you won't be fat, just ideal weight. I got a bit guilty after that and overdid the getting back to normal and now I'm trying to get back to normal weight) Doing too much exercise could make you look more muscular, and basically I wasted too much time thinking about things like that during GCSEs, it gets horrible the more extreme you go as it will seem like noone's on your side.
Cya, I won't be back as I don't usually post but hope things go well for you :)


#405 Dec 30, 2013
Hi I have really big thighs and calfs and I hate them . I run a lot so that doesn't help. Please help me because I feel very conscious in everything I wear and I also go dancing and I m the biggest one there .!!i hate being like this so please tell me what to do!!!!!!!!!

Opelika, AL

#406 Dec 31, 2013
I was a gymnast and I worked out for three hours almost every single day! I quit a few months ago and my thighs are so big and everyone says I have buffalo legs :( I really want it to stop so what can I do to make them skinny! HELP

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#407 Jan 1, 2014
I'm 19. I also have this big muscle on my legs. calf muscle I think. I want to reduce it cause it makes me feel uncomfortable and unconfident. help please.? I'm only 42 kilos and 5 flat in height. I am not sporty but I have it. ;(

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#408 Jan 8, 2014
Whats with all the fifteen year olds?

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#409 Jan 16, 2014
Hey does it also help to loosen tight calves?


#410 Mar 5, 2014
Hie I also have a problem, I have muscles legs and giant shoulders since I was young I wish I could wear short things like everybody else out there but I can't coz of my muscled legs and I can't fit in small ladies sexy tops, I can't even wear a skinny jean bcoz it won't t fit on my legs or either my muscles will be showing like mens legs,I hate my legs and my muscled shoulders plz help am so stressed about this coz my friends always laugh at me coz of this....


#411 Mar 17, 2014
Hi im 22 yrs. Old im big but not too much.. im not sexy I admit that but thats not my major concern, the thing is I have very big legs if I wear shorts sometimes boys think im a gay when they see me at the back side and thats because of my huge ugly legs, I lost confidence, I cant wear sexy dresses, and sexy shorts. Itz in the family already, I dont have gifted body. How sad.

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#412 Mar 18, 2014
Try avoiding gluten that has helped me lose lots of weight. Has anyone seen... venus fat loss video?

Do you think it really works?

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#414 Apr 13, 2014
i have been on a detox eating clean 3 times a day. Which inkucdes a lot of protein as it keeps you fuller for longer and gives you energy to work out. Since climbing mountains and trekking whike travelling i have muscles in my carves not just 1 but 2 or 3 that stick out and my theighs too! i hate it it makes me look like a man and big considering am already so short. i go to the gym and now do less weights and more cardio ie running i dont think this is helping and they are juts making my muscles stronger. alot of teh comments on here say cut out protien but what do i replace my meals with instead? help me!!

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#415 Apr 16, 2014
I walk to school everyday and for a while my legs went really slim and I was happy but now they're going boxy and big.

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#417 May 5, 2014
i am 16. i have muscular legs and thighs looks like a sumo wrestler that works out. i am a skater, runner and loves to walk half a day. it looks me fat, how to lose muscles in lower body?

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#418 Jun 4, 2014
liz wrote:
Hi. I have big legs from sports-which also means i have a lot of muscle on my legs. I was wondering how I could thin my legs. Thanks!
Okay so what you need to do is stop eating so much protein. Vegetables and water for a while. Don't workout for at least two days. Than go Max Out for a whole week on Back Squat. Your body won't get enough protein or nutrions so you will start loosing muscle. I know this! I'm a wrestling and I needed to cut weight! It worked and I loved it. I lost 5 pounds of muscle in 2 days after wards.

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