Didnt wear my retainer ... what now?
Pamela Waterman

Mesa, AZ

#81 Aug 23, 2010
Hanan wrote:
Hello there, I just had my braces off about 5 days ago and i just got my retainer only yesterday (i only need just the upper one), is it normal that the retainer keeps hurting my teeth? same pressure i felt when i had my braces on back then...! and other than that is it also normal that i cannot close the bite? the plastic thingy that is in the middle of the retainer.. is it supposed to be sutck to the celieing of my mouth? coz it isnt !
I"m a little worried, hope u'd help
The pressure is normal, yes, it's really a lot just like when you got braces in the beginning, but it will ease off. And the plastic shape that curves into the roof of your mouth does not necessarily have to totally touch, but you certainly have the right to ask your orthodontist about it. It does make it hard to talk! I found it took about a week to talk mostly normal; after that, there was just a little bit of a lisp. Eventually you will only have to wear the retainer at night, and it won't be a problem at all. Do keep it up. As you can see from all these entries, it's really important to wear it at night forever but it's no big deal. Congrats on finishing up.

Zallaq, Bahrain

#82 Sep 11, 2010
I had braces age 15 to 17... Wore my retainer the way I was told to, and then stopped, because I was told it's okay... Put it back in on and off, last time I wore it (with pain) was when I was 21/22. I'm 25 now and asked my dentist a few days ago if I can still wear my retainer. He said yes even though I didn't mention that I haven't worn it for about 4 years. It doesn't really fit, my teeth doesn't reach the bottom of the retainer (on the inside). There are 'air-gaps'. Hopefully this is not a problem and it'll fit again eventually. Is this dangerous though? I mean, can it make your teeth crack or something? I hope not, cause it is moving slowly right? It's not being yanked in a direction...
I'm hoping that wearing it permanently for a few months will make the retainer fit correctly again afterwards. And then I'll also wear it forever after that.





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Berkeley, CA

#83 Sep 12, 2010
Can I make it WORSE by wearing an old retainer only at night? Could it loosen my teeth at night and then they might move more during the day? Thanks!
Arnold Biffle wrote:
I am an Orthodontist and see this on a weekly basis; and, yeah, we know when you're lying but most of us won't call you on it unless you try to blame us in an attempt to get a free retainer. Anyway, if the retainer won't go in or is extremely painful, see your orthodontist. Don't be embarrassed. If you own up to it, he or she will probably go easy on you. Sometimes, wearing the retainer FULL TIME for a few weeks will get them back in place. If not, you may have a few options; braces again (invisalign usually works well for this)or a new retainer to make some minor corrections or hold what you have. If you only wear it at night it's just going to hold things where they are. Of course you always have the option of not doing anything and just watching them get worse, but you probably wouldn't be on here asking if you were interested in doing that.

Orlando, FL

#84 Oct 5, 2010
... omg. I got my braces out over a year ago and started to wear the retainer only a week before I had a checkup from my ortho. After I got the heads up that I didn't have to go to the ortho anymore, I stopped wearing it. WORST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. I noticed my teeth began to move slightly a few months after my last checkup. Maybe 5 months more or less... I don't remember. Eitherway, I just started putting it in today. At first, I couldn't even get it in, but when I finally got it, it felt like my teeth were being ripped out, no joke. It hurt, but then the pain eased a bit. After wearing it for a few minutes the pain started up again and so I took it out. Bad idea. I put it in again and OWWWWW!!!! It HURTS!!!!), I'm trying to suck it up, but it's still hurting... D;





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United States

#86 Oct 13, 2010
Hello again all. Just another update my once beautiful teeth are back beautiful!!! Lol.. I have to wear my retainer all day everyday. If not after evn 2hrs my teeth will begin to shift.(my gap and my overbite). I go to the ortho after 3months(thtas when he told me to come back), and hopefully he is ready to cut out the gummy piece hanging in between my two front teeth allowing my gap to reopen. My teeth are great though, as long as Iw wear my retainer as I should. Wear it people!!!!! I will repost after my appnt only if he does something other then take my retaimer out and put it back in amd say "ok, see u in a month or 2, or 3.:-p





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Glen Lyon, PA

#87 Oct 17, 2010
Hey Everyone,

I haven't worn my retainers for 9 years and after my dentist recommeded visalign, I've decided to attempt to wear my retainers again. I posted a question to JustAnswers.com (a fee-based service that pairs you up with a professional) and a dentist will be answering my question - I also posted photos of how my retainers are fitting my teeth to flickr for their reference. Check out the question below. I will post their answer, and if I continue with this I will post here on my progress.


Hi, after 9 years of having my braces off (and not wearing my retainer)- My teeth have shifted slightly with some visible crowding (particularly the bottom front teeth). My bite is fine. I also have one tooth that is fused in the front (meaning, it should be two teeth but its one) so its slightly larger than the others. It simply doesn't have enough space to be straight, and braces never fully straightened it. While the crowding isn't major, My dentist recommended Visalign as well as possibly thinning and crowning the fused tooth, but I can't afford it at the moment.

My gums are slightly sensitive, and I was told that the crowding would continue to get worse long-term and can affect the health of my gums and their sensitivity. Cosmetically, my teeth look fantastic - the crowding and fused tooth are not cosmetic issues for me. However, I'm most interested in keeping my teeth from getting worse over time and if possible, and bringing my teeth back to where my ortho indended them to be.

So, I went home, found my old retainers, and put them on. At first they didn't fit (not by a long shot), but after careful prodding, I got them on and continued to adjust. They still don't fit perfectly, but they're on. I have a feeling that as my teeth move, the fit will continue to improve and I hope that eventually they will fit snugly again as my teeth move. I plan on wearing 24/7 until the fit is back to where it should be and the pressure goes away. Then I will adjust length of wear depending on snugness until hopefully I can get away with just nightly wear to prevent slippage, but I know this is a long way off right now. This whole process so far has been painful and I expect it to continue, but I'm taking that as a good sign that my teeth are moving and I'd prefer to put up with a lot of pain a few weeks instead of going through an invisilign treatment for a year.

My questions:
First - Will going through this process have the potential to be reasonably effective?
Second - Will my bottom retainer, since it does fit my molars, be able to expand my arch to make more room so that the retainer will start fitting on my front teeth?
Third - What should I watch for in this process to know that I should continue, or if I should stop? I understand this probably isn't the recommended process, but if it has the potential to be effective enough so that visilign isn't necessary, then I'm all for it!

I have posted pictures of my teeth with the retainers on - particularly the bottom front (you will notice the fit isn't fully there yet). I can post more pictures if needed.


Thank you!

Tracy, CA

#88 Oct 27, 2010
Wear you retainer EVERY night. Nobody sees it when you are sleeping anyways

Brookhaven, PA

#89 Oct 27, 2010
Im back. He looked at my retainer put it back on, and said very calmly "see you in SIX months" my teeth arent gnna move anymore. Just cut the pink think already. Guess ill be a lifetime wearer. Kinda annoying!! FML

Waterloo, Canada

#90 Oct 28, 2010
Sammme thing happened with me, my front has shifted and its crooked and protuding and its only been less than 4 months. I haven't worn my retainers and I went to see my ortho, and he said I might need braces again. So m wondering if it'll cost 5000 again or if it'll be cheaper

Custer, SD

#91 Nov 17, 2010
I'm 15 I got my braces off when i was in 7th grade when i was like 13. i wore my retainers everyday all day like the orthodonist told me. starting in about may, i fell behind and would just wear them once in a while (like 3-4 times a week when i went to bed). my retainers still fit me perfect, no pain or anything...but my teeth have kinda shifted..the teeth that are on each side of the two middle bottom teeth are SLIGHTLY moving behind them, and some of my top teeth have move SLIGHTLY. will all my teeth be good again if i start wearing them normally again? i wont have to get braces again will i?:(





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Lymington, UK

#92 Nov 18, 2010
i have stopped wearing my retainer for 2 years now, if i wear them full time will i be able to get my teeth back straight or just straighter?
Pamela Waterman

Mesa, AZ

#93 Nov 22, 2010
If you can still get your retainer(s) in, just start wearing them again at night. Chances are good you'll at least keep the teeth from moving more, and they may even settle back to your original results.
Aimee Chavez

Whittier, CA

#94 Nov 30, 2010
Omg! I had my retainers off for about 5 years. And i to have stopped wearing my retainer! and when i go and put it back again because i see that my teeth are moving back, it hurts sooooo much!! But for me the pain goes away in about half an hour. but the major pain is when i take it off and put it back on. It repeats the entire process of me putting it back on in the first place!! but there was this one time i left it on for a week straight and my teeth were normal again!! and then i took off the retainer and put it away:( i forgot about it entirley. i feel so awkward when i look at my teeth when they shift back. Im thinking of putting on my retainer right now but i dont like the pain!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL WITH THIS PROBLEM!!!

United States

#95 Dec 4, 2010
Recently I've been trying to take complete better care of my teeth overall, even flossing daily. And just awhile ago I discovered my old retainers in a little container I had put them in a LONG time ago. I had braces from the age 10-13... I am now 16. Only wore my retainer when I felt like it(at age 13). But I havn't worn them continously since. My teeth are still for the most part straight, there is just a itty bitty gap coming baack in my top front teeth, so I decided to put my retainer on again. I instantlt see results after just 30minutes of wearing it! but the problem is they don't fit 100% perfectly, in the back it doesn't touch my teeth all the waay on right side. So I was wondering if it is more snug on the left, will my teeth shift
more that waay? HELP. Not completely worried just want to make suree :)

Brooklyn, NY

#96 Dec 15, 2010
It has been 5 months since I whore my retainer and now my teeth are starting to shift a little I AM REALLY WORRIED cause a friend of mine said that after 1 year you do not need to wear your retainer anymore, but my orthodontist said I had to wear it for life OUCH so of course I would be stupid and listen to my friend but now I need to know if its too late

Carrollton, TX

#97 Jan 4, 2011
I got my braces on in 7th and got them off right before starting 9th. I'm still in 9th if ur wondering. But I wore my retainer only for a few weeks, then I Thor it would be fine to stop. And now it's been about 5 months since I stopped wearing them and one tooth (1st to the right of my top front tooth) has became to slightly move in. my moms rem getting pissed that I don't wear it and I try to wear it at home cuz it hurts my front teeth and the one to the right like crap when I take the top one out.

Piscataway, NJ

#98 Jan 15, 2011
I had barces from forth grade till the start of 11th grade(this year) and the doctor told me to wear my retainer .. I wore it for the first few weeks then in Oct I stopped wearing it.. a couple days ago i looked in the mirror and i started to see a gap between my top front teeth... When i put the retainer in it hurts.. Could the gap close again if i wear the retainer for 24hrs or so

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#99 Jan 17, 2011
I got braces when I was in grade 8, and had them until grade 11, now I'm in grade 12. I never wore my retainer after. Now My teeth are going crooked again. My retainer still fits, so I'm trying to wear it at night time. The first night wasn't so bad, but the pain is getting worse every night. I hope it doesn't mess anything for my mouth up, I guess we'll see.
SariQuiteContrar y

Dalton, GA

#100 Jan 17, 2011
I had my braces put on at age 13, they were taken off age 16. For the first two years I wore my retainers religously. I have the clear plastic type. I didn't really wear them much after about age 19. I would just pop them on about once every year or two just to see if they fit. I am 28 now, and the gap between my two front teeth has gotten big enough to draw criticism from several family members. No one else ever seems to notice the gap, but they do. Anyway, I guess it's time to suffer through the pain of wearing these retainers. I have temporomandibular joint dysfunction...but I am hoping it won't be worsened by the tight retainers. I was suprised that they still fit after all this time. They are very tight, but I think that after a few months of wearing them day and night....my gap should be gone. Then maybe I will continue to wear them at night as I was told to do in the first place. =)
Pamela Waterman

Mesa, AZ

#101 Jan 18, 2011
That's exactly what happened to me, only I no longer even had the retainer. I hope it works for you. I didn't think the gap between my lower front teeth was that bad, because it didn't show when I smiled at myself in the mirror. Then I saw myself in a video and realized that the gap really showed when I talked!(I just didn't think to talk to myself in the mirror....) I had to get full braces, but it worked perfectly and I'm really, really pleased. Of course now I wear the retainer every single night! Best wishes with getting the retainer to do the job.

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