Didnt wear my retainer ... what now?

Ipswich, UK

#324 Nov 28, 2012
Exact same situation. I'm trying a method of wearing my old one for the next 4 days (got a extended weekend and no plans, so i can bare the lisp) and see if they begin to fit. If not, it's going to become more permanent, and if so, i'll wear them nightly again. Right now i've just put them in and in an unbearable pain, but to be honest, i'd do anything to fix them again.

Romford, UK

#325 Dec 1, 2012
Hi I had a brace for about a year and a half 9 ears ago, I lost my retainer an my teeth have moved back, mainly the tooth next to my front tooth has gone behind again, the dentist told me I could prob just get a retainer an it will push them back into place but I'm not sure, any suggestions on what to do, of anything? Or wether I'm now going to have to pay 10""s for a new brace?:-/
Thanks in advance , Kirsty

Durrington, UK

#326 Dec 4, 2012
I am in the same boat but i have only had my retainer for 2 months and i havnt worn it and my bottom teeth are going back to how they are. If i start wearing my retainer will it straighten them?

Since: Nov 12

Quezon City, Philippines

#327 Dec 4, 2012
Only those professionals are capable of telling you what to do because it depends on the condition of your teeth. They have to check it first before you'll know what will be the next step.

Glasgow, UK

#328 Dec 20, 2012
ok,i had my braces in for two years now i have retainers i used to were them during the day now ive to only wear them at night i have being wearing them at night for 2 months but i started getting pains in my gums and back teeth its really agony does anyone have any solutions
Julie Roberts

Brighton, UK

#329 Dec 24, 2012
I'm 18 at the moment, I had braces at the age of 15 for a year and a half, I had terrible teeth, huge gaps top and bottom row! After the braces came out, my teeth looked great, I only wore my top row retainers as only my top row teeth kept moving, I went on holiday and my brother accidently lost the top row retainers!! I ended up staying 3 months without them and my top row started to drift left, right and centre :( causing them to become very unattractive! I told my orthodontist he said retainers won't fix it but braces will which is at least 1,300-3,00 what should i do??

Saint John, Canada

#330 Jan 2, 2013
I got my braces put on the summer after grade nine, and about middle of spring during grade eleven. I wore my retainer okay enough until my first appointment until I was told I could only put them on at night. Wore them the first couple of weeks, then stopped completely.

Right now though, one of my teeth is starting to go on top of the one beside it, so I thought to put the retainers back in. Thing is, the bottom one fits, yet is really painful, and the right side is kind of loose. The top is a different story altogether.

I cannot even get it all the way up to where it is supposed to be. Even just a little bit there is a lot of pain. I haven't told my mom yet, since she was always telling me to wear my retainers, and I'm terried of my orthodantist ( he is really terrying ) so I'm afraid to ask to get it adjusted or a new one.

All this packed in with money troubles. I really don't want to get braces again. I'm already getting jaw surgery because of my overbite was too large to fix with braces and elastics, even wearing elastics religiously for about two years didn't fix.

Currently wearing my bottom retainer until it starts to adjusts ( will be wearing day and night ). Once the pain stops, will try wearing the top one.

Baltimore, MD

#331 Jan 3, 2013
I had braces from grade 3-11.( Such a long time!) After i got them off I wore my retainers religiously untill i was told to only wear them at night. That is when I stupidly decided I knew more than my orthodontist and stopped wearing my retainers.
I wore them for the first 2 and 1/2months at night then stopped wearing them. Now, I have to go to my orthodontist in 1month and thought it was a good idea to wear them a lil bit.
My top fits fine but my bottom teeth evidently moved more than i thought.They are still straight and look good, but my orthodontist is so mean and I know he's going to have something to say about this if I cannot get it fixed on my own.
My bottom retainer is so loose though I know it is noticable and in 12th grade, image is everything.
I am really at a crossroads.

Port Talbot, UK

#332 Jan 6, 2013
I had a brace (top and bottom) for 1 year, then a day later he placed me with a invisible retainer. He said wear it constantly for 10 weeks. So I did but then i started slacking and wore it only on some nights but then not at all..One of my tooth has moved back and across behind my other tooth. I've been wearing them everynight now and nothings happened! Someone help me!! How do i get them to fit properly again?

Romford, UK

#333 Jan 7, 2013
I haven't wore my clear retainers for around 2 weeks.I would have thought I learnt my lesson by now but no.I just managed to squeeze my top retainers in and I'm telling you it kills,I feel like crying! My gums are bleeding a bit but I just got to suck up to the pai for now.Ouch!!!

Sussex, WI

#334 Jan 17, 2013
I got my braces put on when I was in sixth grade. Got them off January 3rd (8th grade) and I wore the retainer for maybe a week.

I went to the orthodontist yesterday.(It's been a year since I wore my retainer) and I'm in 9th grade now.

The lady told me if I don't wear them now and suck it up, I'll have to start all over again with braces. My bottom retainer fits. The top... Not so much.

Before I got braces, I had a gap between my two front teeth, and my frot 4 teeth lean forward a little bit. They are doing that again, so that's why my retainer barely fits.

She said i have to wear it 24/7.

So painful, Advil doesn't even help.

Seriously, if you get braces, and you have your retainer... WEAR IT! I cannot express how much pain I am in at the moment. It would have been so much easier to just wear it when it fit instead of deal with the soreness and not being able to eat food without discomfort.

Wear your retainer.
Ms Lam

Kowloon, Hong Kong

#335 Jan 19, 2013
I had my braces on for just over 2 years in 7th-9th grade. Had prob of gaps n not enough overbite so had to use elastics to pull my back teeth to the front n the top and bottom teeth tog to form an overbite-- it was so much work!!! Ortho told me to wear my retainer (very un attractive metal top n big plastic bottom one that makes me look like I hv saliva collected inside my bottom lip) 247 for first month n every evening/night (12hrs) thereafter... I did that for most of the first year. Then I got lazy cleaning my retainer every morning n used it every so often when I feel I need to. After some time I noticed a gap btw my top front teeth, which resolved after wearing the retainer for 2-3 nights.. After abit longer I cared less cos I think it ll be fixed it ll be fixed.. No! Wearing it over night could not fix the gap anymore! Time passed n now it's been 10 years since removing my braces. I prob wore my retainer 5 times a year in the last 5 years -_- definitely doesn't help.. I noticed my smile in recent pictures so different to how it was say 5 years ago I feel unattractive :( so I came on this forum n learn that wearing retainer for 247 for 2-6 mths religiously may help.. I really hope so!!!!! I wore my retainer last night n this morning my mother told me not to walk outside with them on cos I can't even talk properly! So I didn't but put them on after I got back home. It's soooo much pain! I hope it's worth it!
My question is.. Since its been 10 years I don't think my ortho still has my mould is it possible to create another retainer (possibly less unattractive style) based on the old retainer i hv? so I can wear it out n talk properly? Thanks!


#336 Jan 22, 2013
Just put ur retainers in at night pple after popping 2 advl. Do it about 3 nights in a row once a month and your teeth will always look nice
Jon S

Brookfield, MO

#337 Feb 1, 2013
I wore my retainer constantly every night for six years. You would think it would be ok to take it out for good after that long, right? Wrong. My teeth started shifting after two weeks. After a month my retainer didn't fit. What should I do? Can I get a permanent retainer after correcting the shift?


#338 Feb 17, 2013
Hi everyone! I got braces when I was 8 and had them until I was 12 I wore my retainer religiously for a year, then I stopped wearing them for 6 months, I put them in last night and it KILLED, I couldn't take it, but I battled through! They fell out in the night which is normal because my mouth isn't used to it, but just please wear your retainers near the pain!!!

Tillingham, UK

#339 Feb 25, 2013
I had my braces off today and whilst the Orthadonrist was putting my retainer in, he had a lot of trouble and had to keep altering it. I'm now home and have noticed that one half of the top wire is not against my teeth and there is quite a large gap. I'm worried that my teeth will move in the next 12 weeks. The plastic part is also quite far away from the roof of my mouth and i find it hard to swallow and i cannont clench my teeth together without the retainer moving and coming out.
Pamela Waterman

Mesa, AZ

#340 Feb 25, 2013
Philippa wrote:
I had my braces off today and whilst the Orthadonrist was putting my retainer in, he had a lot of trouble and had to keep altering it. I'm now home and have noticed that one half of the top wire is not against my teeth and there is quite a large gap. I'm worried that my teeth will move in the next 12 weeks. The plastic part is also quite far away from the roof of my mouth and i find it hard to swallow and i cannont clench my teeth together without the retainer moving and coming out.
I'm not an orthodontist but I provide resource information for people in braces. I asked a professional about your retainer problem, because it didn't sound right to me. She said:

"This sounds like a problem that needs to be seen right away. The retainer is made from a mold of the teeth. Unless she waited too long to pick up the retainer it should fit well right away. We usually take an impression the day the braces come off and they pick up the retainer a few days later.

Some people don't wear their retainer and the teeth will begin to shift immediately. This sounds instead like a poorly formed retainer. It's quite possible the mold of her teeth was distorted.

She should go in. They probably need to take a new impression."

So, there you are. Unless you put off wearing it in the first place, I think you should call and go back right away and have them repeat making a mold and then making a new retainer. Best wishes.


#341 Mar 1, 2013
Hi.I jst had my braces off after 2 and a half years...had a lot of spaces.took the braces off and was giving a hawlets retainer.haven't taken them off unless to eat and clean.noticed a slight gap in between my front teeth this morning.what do I do?

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San Francisco, CA

#342 Mar 4, 2013
if it hurts really bad to wear your retainer, i would revisit your orthodontist and have them assess the damages. You might need a new retainer or possibly some short term braces action. Just be honest with your orthodontist and this time, follow their directions! otherwise all your initial hard work just goes to waste :)


Johnstown, NY

#343 Mar 6, 2013
I have 2 wear a retainer now ( i oblue use a top one, but lately have been noticing shifting when I stopped wearing a retainer). Based on what a lot people say you should wear you're retainer how you've been told. I just figured out today when my orthodontist told me that you have 2 wear retainers for LIFE!!! though later as you grow up you can start wearing them @ night. Even just 2 twice a week. YOU WONT REGRET IT BECAUSE THEN YOU'LL END UP WITH BEAUTIFUL TEETH.:)

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