How does bite plate work???

Fulton, NY

#101 Jan 23, 2012
The lisp will go away eventually... i've had mine for almost two months and i dont even really notice it anymore... its just habit to where it (i can take it out if i want) and i forget im wearing it... anyway i really only wanted to say that after a month or two.. my lisp is now non-existent and i can read in English class whole pages of literate stories without slipping up or sounding funny... Push through it guys... you'll be glad you did when you finally get to take it out!

Portsmouth, VA

#102 Mar 5, 2012
I hate this I've had mine for about a week. I can't talk or eat. I feel sick because I'm hungry. I really hate this thing. People keep saying think about the end results. Well I live and feel now, glad future will be great. But pain and discomfort is happening now. Does anyone know if I'll be able to eat soon?

United States

#103 Mar 13, 2012
I broke my bite plate it sucks
Mario from Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

#104 Mar 30, 2012
I got my bite plate a week ago. I'm already past 40 years old and work in management and therefore have to talk to staff and customers on a daily base. My plate is removable, but I try to keep it in except for cleaning and eating. Even do my runs with it. After 3 days of a bad lisp and a great discomfort even while sleeping, I do get used to it and actually the speech has improved significantly. My orthodontist told me that it will be in for 6 - 9 month before putting on braces... But mentally I'm getting ready for 9 - 12 month. To all here... stay positive, there are definitely worse things around;-)))

Brattleboro, VT

#105 Apr 9, 2012
Sharee wrote:
A quick question for those wearing a bottom removable plate, is yours kinda loose? I can pull mine up with little to no effort, the office did reshape it and changed my elastic from a 4mm to a 6mm. It's especially loose when I wake up. I noticed that if I change out the bands then it's not so loose but still kinda loose.. if that makes any sense. I can pop it off with my tongue. I thought it' was suppose to stay put on my teeth.
. I can pull mine out with my tongue too. It's not a bad thing. It's supposed to be a little loose. I like flipping my bite plate around even though I'm not supposed to. I got my bite plate out today and when I got home I smashed it on the ground and broke it in a million pieces. BITE PLATES SUCK!

New York, NY

#106 Jun 11, 2012
Yes this is very normal to be in this much pain the best thing is to apply ice in the most painful part and it will help num the pain... I have a bite plate myself and the first month I was talking very funny and couldn't chew properly but I got used to it another horrible thing about the bite plate is that food gets stuck inside the bite plate which bothers A LOT been threw it my self hope I helped :)

New York, NY

#107 Jun 11, 2012
Andrea wrote:
I hate this I've had mine for about a week. I can't talk or eat. I feel sick because I'm hungry. I really hate this thing. People keep saying think about the end results. Well I live and feel now, glad future will be great. But pain and discomfort is happening now. Does anyone know if I'll be able to eat soon?
Yes you will be able to eat correctly after a month I know how you feel it's horrible I used to wake up every day at 3:00 am because of the pain just be patient I'm getting mine taken off on my next appointment and I just can't wait ! And apply ice on the most painful part of ur mouth (don't chew on it!) and it will help num the pain hope I helped and feel better

New York, NY

#108 Jun 11, 2012
kristen wrote:
I got my bite plate four days ago & mine isn't a removable one. I have a terrible lisp ( I sound ridiculous) and i was wondering how long its going to take till I sound almost normal again..?

I'm going threw the same thing mine isnt removable I have been havering mine for 4-5 months now and ur lisp goes away in about a month or so if u talk a lot Nd I talk a lot so it left right away lol

Perth, Australia

#109 Jul 16, 2012
Im getting a normal plate tommorow and i don't know what its like. So please reply and tell me!!!:(
Mario Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

#110 Jul 17, 2012
Abbey wrote:
Im getting a normal plate tommorow and i don't know what its like. So please reply and tell me!!!:(
Hi Abbey, Dont worry too much about it. Will be a bit weird for a few days. But things go back to normal quickly and you won't even think about it anymore. Good luck!!!
Lauren Van

Mission Viejo, CA

#111 Aug 1, 2012
hello people i currently have a bite plate and my speech was terrible the first couple of day but it did get better the bite plate did not cause a lot of pain but was sore i got removable bite plates which made eating a lot easier but i was wondering is it normal to not be able to bite down all the way when they are off? and will it go away when i have braces?
Red Leg Zeff

East Orange, NJ

#112 Aug 30, 2012

I've gotten my bite plate a while ago and the first couple of days were hell. People called me Sylvester (/゚Д& #65439;)/. Anyways, it's been about a month and now the pain is gone (witch is bad sort of because pain puts the p in progress. Not only that but I talk normal and I don't drool. The only problem is it's hard to chew. The way my orthadontist talked about it made it sound worth it so I'll have faith in him.

Danbury, CT

#113 Sep 3, 2012
sara wrote:
how long does a bite plate have to stay in, weeks, months?
About 6 months


#114 Sep 17, 2012
Just got my lower bite plate today. Its removable and my ortho dentist adviced me to remove it when im going to eat or brush. She told me to go back to the clinic after 15days, dont know if its going to be removed or just checked. Well, by wearing this bite plate, i noticed that my lower teeth already touches my upper teeth when i bite. It doesnt normally touches because i have a deep bite, which means my lower teeth is kinda far from my upper teeth coz its really pushed inside. I think the use of this lower bite plate is to adjust your jaw and enables your lower teeth to touch your upper teeth and have a perfect bite.

Jamestown, NY

#115 Oct 4, 2012
HELP! I just got a removable bite plate yesterday. When I put it in the dentist asked if it was to tight. I said no because I felt like it didn't but them when it was time to eat I took it out and it hurt. I could'nt put it back it because the only way was to shove it in ,it only hurts my left side tooth the bite plate is hanging on too. Should I go back to the dentist to get it loosened a bit? Or is this normal? And if it is normal will the pain go away?

Albuquerque, NM

#116 Oct 17, 2012
well i just got a bite plate and its not fun:/ So far im eating noodles and yogurt. I havent had much pain though. The worst things are that its very unconfortable and its hard to eat.

Monroe, VA

#117 Oct 18, 2012
It takes about a week for you to get used to talking with it.Unfortunately there is no way to make it go faster but it will eventually go away and then your teeth will be pretty.:)

Pompano Beach, FL

#118 Nov 6, 2012
I just go a removable bite plate yesterday and it is horrible!!!! It hurts like hell cus your bottom teeth are constanly going to be hitting the bite plate. You can hardly eat because you dont have enough space to chew and since your molars dont even touch you cant chew!!!!! Ir really sucks :((((


#119 Nov 8, 2012
Im getting my bite plate in 6 days and I'm worried about it hurting.... But does it acheraly hurt???

Miami, FL

#120 Dec 4, 2012
Ive had my removable bite plate on now for a month and it is a lot better. The first weak was hell as I stated in another comment. You get used to it after a week. The pain goes away as well. It gets to a point where you feel uncomfortable without it (youre suppose to have it on all the time except when brushing ur teeth) because youve gotten so used to it. Anyways good luck to all who are going to get one and take pain killers the first week and eat soft foods!!!!

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