How does bite plate work???

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#21 Feb 22, 2009
My dentist said that my TMJ could be fixed by a bite plate... however I have heard otherwise. Not that I dont trust my dentist, but I was wondering if there was anyone out there who is using a bite plate to fix their TMJ?? and if you are is it working? I just want to get rid of my tmj so bad! So is a bite plate the best option for TMJ?


#22 Mar 21, 2009
Chelsea wrote:
I just got bite plates its horrible!!!! Its like metal pedals in my mouth i cant even eat spagetthi!!! God i hate bite plates at least put a removable one.... PEOPLE MAKE AN INVENTION AND HELP ME I NEED A LIFE I AINT GETTIN SKINNY I PAY YOU $100.00 PLEAZE!!!!! rrrrr
.... well i think maybe you should try Invisalign. good luck


#23 Mar 21, 2009
wait i dont think Invisalign is for people who have pushed foward teeth..

i dunno sorry.


#24 Mar 21, 2009
Is Invisalign Right For Me?
The fact is that Invisalign can be used to treat the majority of common problems for adults and teens. Whether your smile needs an extensive adjustments just a minor touch-up, Invisalign can definitely help. It can successfully treat overly crowded or widely spaced teeth. It can also relieve more complex issues, including overbites, underbites and even crossbites.

umm wait... i think it works also.. i dunno.

umm but its expensive.
bite plate hater

Brooklyn, NY

#25 May 1, 2009
omg i got a bite plate today and it hurts like **** advil and tylenol dont help me at ALL. Is thereanything can do to decrease the pain?

Yucaipa, CA

#26 May 6, 2009
mimi wrote:
my daughter just got a bite plate today and she's in so much pain. I gave her motrin, but it's still very painful. I'm wondering if it's normal to feel that much pain.
my daughter just got a bite plate yesterday and shes really sore too any advice on what she can eat??

Newark, NJ

#27 Jun 4, 2009
I am an adult wearing braces for the 2nd time of my life. Although I'm doing both top and bottom with braces, my orthodontist is just doing the top for the first few months.
Today, I received a biteplate for my overbite. It is removeable, similar to a retainer. I was told to wear the biteplate when at home and when I sleep. I do not have to wear this while at work so that's a huge relief.
Because I'm only wearing the plate about an hour so far, no pain yet, however, I am GAGGING on it like crazy.
For those of you who mention the biteplate falling out during sleep, I was told that it is common during the first month you wear it.

Houston, TX

#28 Jun 8, 2009
I have a removalble bite plate
I wear it at all times except when I eat
Its just like the braces that are put in your mouth
Give it a day or 2 and the pain will go away
I only had it for a week and I am used to it
I don't feel comfortable without it
I'm 16 , I have a sever overbite,
I don't want to say how many mm

Londonderry, NH

#29 Jun 26, 2009
I just got a bite plate. if you have an over bite it helps your teeth not to hit the bottem braces and helps get rid of the over bite.

Chandler, AZ

#30 Jul 3, 2009
Nate, u have to take it out when eating or drinking.

Miami, FL

#31 Jul 8, 2009
Can you still kiss with a bite plate?
Summer - Riverside CA

United States

#32 Aug 6, 2009
I have ceramic braces. Today while at the dentist I received braces on the lower teeth and a bite place. My bite plate is removable, pink in color so it snaps in and blends in with my gum color. Although it does have a smooth finish, it is very hard to eat. My dentist wants me to wear it all day and only take it out to brush my teeth. I had to take it out to eat earlier, I tried but just could not do it. Not too much discomfort, tightness and pressure, yes but nothing too bad. I have been told that this is to open up and help your overbite. As far as to how long you have to wear the plate, it depends on how quickly your teeth shift.

Bowie, MD

#33 Aug 20, 2009
mimi wrote:
my daughter just got a bite plate today and she's in so much pain. I gave her motrin, but it's still very painful. I'm wondering if it's normal to feel that much pain.
you need to go get it adjusted i had to get it done was so much better

Waterloo, IA

#34 Aug 27, 2009
I just got a full set of braces today,
and ive taken the amount for the day on ibprofen but my bit plate hurts only one side cause the metal thing is in between my teeth!
is that normal...i know pains go away, and the braces dont really hurt...its just hard for me to wear the bite plate cause its so bad the pain, but only on one side, is that supposed to happen or should i go to the doctor and get them to fix it?

Atlanta, GA

#35 Sep 2, 2009
Hey chelsea there r removable plates. By the way, you owe me 100 dollars.

Lancaster, UK

#36 Sep 26, 2009
sara wrote:
how long does a bite plate have to stay in, weeks, months?
depending on how much repairing is needed it would be aroung 3-6 months
Dystonia Dave

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#37 Nov 7, 2009
Can Bite Plates help treat involuntary body movement.

I have a movement dystonia, which originally misdiagnosed as Parkinsons.

At any rate there is piainful and uncontrolable movements which get so bad at times is crippling.

San Pedro, CA

#38 Jan 5, 2010
To ease the pain take motrin as directed. It helps a lot. If you get lisp it will only last a day or two and will be annoying. After 2 days you will feel normal again unless you don't wear the bite plate for a long time.
embarrassed 14 year old

Aurora, CO

#39 Jan 6, 2010
i just got my bite plate on the top of my mouth. its removable but i'm supposed to keep it in. i have a terrible lisp and even teachers make fun of me. Will it go away?

Washington, DC

#40 Jan 8, 2010
Abu Humzah wrote:
Lisp's will evetually leave and you will be able to talk normally once again. It does no to anything except even out your jaw. I once had a bite plate but it did not have any pain. To remove Pains ( especiall yin the head) Try Tyenol or any pain killer.( Presribe from your doctor for a stronger one). Remember its for te best for you. Just follow up with what your Dentist or Orhtadontist says.
Abu Humzah
was it painful when you have it on and at what age did you get your braces? I am 43 and thinking of correcting my bite and teeth.

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