Getting MRSA Boils Open

Getting MRSA Boils Open

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United States

#1 Dec 4, 2012
The only way to get rid of a MRSA boil is to get its one core out. My mother has had MRSA for many years, and eventually transferred it to me. I have had it for a year now and only have trouble with boils I haven't caught immediately.

To tell the difference between a pimple and a tiny MRSA boil, just touch it and see if it hurts at all. If it hurts with slight contact, it's MRSA. The tiny boils you can attempt to squeeze open. Yes, it will hurt, but it is a lot less painful the smaller they are. If they remain unopened they may swell to the size of a closed fist within a week.

The core is what is keeping the boil growing under your skin. Think of it as a Crayola marker trying to fit into a pencil sharpener -- no matter how hard you try, it just won't go through. The core is essentially a roadblock, and so the pore just swells and swells with infection. No core, no infection!

All boils start with a single irritated pore that is contaminated with MRSA. If a boil won't open, your best bet is to get the thinnest, longest 'lancet' you can from the blood sugar testing section in your local store. Lancets are tiny needles. You can put one into a small device that shoots the needle tip briefly through your skin to draw blood. This is my favorite way to open boils, as the needle is TINY and any pain lasts for less than two seconds. If it breaks through the pore, you can now squeeze it. You can also manually use the lancet to find the pore opening.(The actual single pore opening WON'T hurt when you find it—stick the needle in and push it as far as you want, you won't feel a thing if your aim is right. Miss and it will hurt like a sonofagun.)

The more liquid and pus that comes out, the better! The goal is to get the pore to open up. If it won't open, try putting petroleum jelly or triple antibiotic ointment on your boil and then covering it with a bandage or gauze pad for at least an hour. This method will soften the skin and possibly open the boil for you.

If you have opened the boil a tiny bit, but cannot get the core to come out, use plenty of Epsom Salts in a hot bath and soak yourself in it for at least a half hour. The salts will help draw out any pus from the wound.

To keep boils from recurring, I wear loose-fitting clothes at work.(Switched from pants to medically-necessary sweatpants, woo hoo!) I also shower daily and use Hibiclens antimicrobial liquid, which is essentially a surgeon's hand soap. It will kill ALL the bacteria and staph on your body. This does not prevent MRSA from coming back, but if you use it each time you bathe, rinse well, and then don't do anything to upset your skin, your boils should lessen tenfold. My skin got upset the most by eating chocolate, stress and wearing tight clothes.

As a side note, syringes and breast pumps do not work well drawing out MRSA cores. Wal-Mart also will not give you a refund on breast pumps used for this purpose.:(

Best of luck, guys!





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Woodstown, NJ

#2 Jun 23, 2013
this woman is right on if YOU WANT TO DIE!!!!
i had picked up mrsa from a hot tub in cabo last year. up till then ive been a healthy man,never been to a hospital. shortly after coming home i started seeing boils. i had no idea what it was so i popped one on my knee in my tub. i used a needle to open the boil,but by squeezing i forced some of the bacteria into my bloodstream givimg myself a mrsa blood infection which carries a 60 to 85% death rate. after 2 weeks in the icu and 6 more weeks of iv vanco i survived. if i didnt live near the best hospital in the world HUP id be dead. so please evrryone never ever pop or try to lance a boil urself just apply bactroban and a bandaid twice a day, if its still persist SEE A DOCTOR.





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Hyattsville, MD

#3 Jul 19, 2013
My 10yr old has a boil on his leg. It finally started draining in the shower. He wouldn't let me touch it. I just covered it and hope it continues to drain. He is on oral Bactrim and has been taking it for 4 days now. Do oral antibiotics usually work on community acquired MRSA?





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Brunswick, GA

#4 Aug 5, 2013
for Mrsa an iv of vancomyacin.if your lucky will save your life but MRSA can come back anytime,for regular staph,doxycyline and bactrim as well as levaquin should work for that type of biol,keep area as clean as possible as the pus can create more boils,My Mrsa was hospital aquired.old time remedy is to put pork on boil.cover with gauze,crazy but works to open one.


#5 Aug 18, 2013
dont squeeze them....when first noticed,try dabing t.tree oil ( essential oils) on them...i do this an they dry out usually in a few days also getting reoccuring small groups of mrsa like spider bite look alike small rashy pimple things ( like what appeared after my knee replacement)..i hit it quickly with the t.tree oil and antibacterial powder( t.tree oil & zinc)..the powder really helps to dry them out and whipe them out..keeping the infected area dry , and wearing loose fitting clothing is a must...i also use a t. tree body wash daily.....
in pain

Signal Mountain, TN

#6 Sep 2, 2013
well I would like to first say I have RA and my doctor put me on enbrel with that said two days after my 6th shot of enbrel I got a boil I thought was a spider bite at first but after another one started under my bandage I knew it could not be a spider now I'm dealing with boil #3 this one is right in the middle of my knee cap and hurts so bad I can hardly walk Im 39 years old and imo the pain from ra is nothing next to the pain of a boil so I will never take another shot of enbrel my advice to everyone is go see your doctor the er doctor I saw for this 3rd one just gave me antibiotics and sent me home my regular doctor lanced the 1st 1 and it went away pretty much the next day

Livermore, CA

#7 Sep 18, 2013
I've been suffering with boils on the inside of my legs for years. i would usually get one every couple months my immune system is ok so they would usually heal on their own, in the last 6 months I've been plagued by them, i got them every week and sometimes multiple boils at the once. This time i had a boil which i popped and didn't heal for over 6 weeks. I've spent countless hours on the web looking for a remedy and i think i finally found something that is working for me. I finely grate some onion add tumeric powder, Raw apple cider vinegar (it has to be raw) and/or tea tree oil make it into a paste then put it on your open wound or boil (i left it on there for an hour). I also drink the raw apple cider vinegar and tumeric powder with milk with a detox tea to help fight this from the inside out. Cut out as many processed foods as possible especially sugars and white bread. It's been 3 weeks since a boil has popped up and the ones i had healed in a few days. Hope this helps someone. Good Luck to all. we can beat this by sharing our success with each other God bless all.

Livermore, CA

#8 Sep 18, 2013
I forgot to mention I was taking 2000mg of vitamin C when i had the infections. I've brought it down to a 1000mg after the boils healded.

Houston, TX

#9 Sep 25, 2013
My 1 year old has a boil just above her private area and its causing her tremendous pain. It started out what looked like a red lump with a white head on top of it. I barely pushed on it and it oozed out green pus. I took her to the DR today and he confirmed it was a boil. He put her on 2 different antibiotics. one was to cure any kinda infection and the other was just in case it is MRSA. My question is are all boils infected with MRSA? If so how the hell did she catch it? I'm a germaphobe. My house is dis infected everyday with wipes and I wash my hands like crazy. I'm a stay at home mom so it couldn't have came from a daycare. I'm rly confused. Is this contagious? I have a 6 year old son at home too. Should I be concerned of it spreading to him? How do u know if a boil contains MRSA for sure? Any comments would be appreciated. Respectful ones though..keep in mind I'm just a concerned mother

Sterling Heights, MI

#10 Sep 27, 2013
Britney wrote:
My 1 year old has a boil just above her private area and its causing her tremendous pain. It started out what looked like a red lump with a white head on top of it. I barely pushed on it and it oozed out green pus. I took her to the DR today and he confirmed it was a boil. He put her on 2 different antibiotics. one was to cure any kinda infection and the other was just in case it is MRSA. My question is are all boils infected with MRSA? If so how the hell did she catch it? I'm a germaphobe. My house is dis infected everyday with wipes and I wash my hands like crazy. I'm a stay at home mom so it couldn't have came from a daycare. I'm rly confused. Is this contagious? I have a 6 year old son at home too. Should I be concerned of it spreading to him? How do u know if a boil contains MRSA for sure? Any comments would be appreciated. Respectful ones though..keep in mind I'm just a concerned mother
It doesn't matter how clean you are. Germs are everywhere. There are medical articles published about how our obsession with cleanliness and antibacterial everything has made viruses stronger and smarter. Superbugs are becoming more prevalent. The doctor that treated me explained that the bacteria becomes stronger and changes to beat the antibiotics. He went on to say that these superbugs have a leg up on the medical community. They are morphing fast and scientists are struggling to keep up with cures.
These superbugs become stronger due to overuse of antibiotics. I contracted community acquired MRSA from a gym. My infection was so severe that the only cure were IV antibiotics administered daily for 3 weeks. Luckily there's an infectious disease specialist within a few blocks of my home. I would go early in the morning before starting my day. My advice would be to take her to a hospital or infectious disease specialist if the wound is the same or getting worse over the next day or so. Or if the red area around the bump starts widening. MRSA is a fast infection. Initially, my physician put me on Bactrim which did not work. A few days later I was on IVs. This infection is not to be taken lightly. Even boils can turn into MRSA. Be vigilant.
Look for bright red area feels warm to touch around wound. Look for deepening and darkening of the boil/wound. If boil starts to appear angry or growing even after being on antibiotics for a day I would take her in again.

United States

#11 Oct 15, 2013
I have a boil on me and it will not pop at all its as big as a baseball. It has a very bad pain and fever . i cant walk i can't stand for it to be touchd.

New Britain, CT

#12 Oct 21, 2013
I am not going to draw this out.

I started a new job back in July. Started getting boils mainly specific area. Went to Er, told they were spider bites. Then they got worse, went to my own doctors quick care department, they told me it was folliculitis, prescribed antibiotics. Went away until 2 days after I stopped the meds. Went back. Was given the same meds. DIDNT work, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Remind you I asked for it to be lanced from the second time I went, as I did my own research and thought the only thing it could be was MRSA; they didn't believe so.. Soo... I listened to them like an idiot (after all their the "professional" right). Anyways... Finally went back and said look, you WILL lance it, they did, and it was positive for MRSA, which they said must have been CA-MRSA, and have me Bactrim DS 800-160. Also they told me to buy Hibiclense. It worked and stayed gone for 3 weeks, and not I am on my 3rd does of the same thing; still using Hibiclense, have disinfected everything, washed all clothes even all the clothes that were already clean including bedding and so on. I asked to go to a specialist and they blew me off by just prescribing the same medicine this 3rd time?!?!?!?! Anyways, I called today because I am on my 5th day and have no relief from using the same combo, I demanded having a referral sent, but I haven't gotten a call back yet.:/ This is getting annoying. I know I haven't had it as long as all of you, but I am sick of it now, and not taking "you will break out for the rest of your life" as an answer. Not when I have had 4 break outs since August. Any other advice someone can give me other than going to see a different doctor?

Raleigh, NC

#13 Dec 10, 2013
I had MRSA in my armpit and it was very painful. I kept on squeezing it but only puss came out. I figured I needed some help so I got my mom to do it. She started squeezing or popping it like a pimple and I shall say it hurt, a lot. She then noticed something white appearing. She squeezed it some more and it was sticking out of my skin so she tried pulling it out but it didn't come out fully. We went to the doctor. When we got home I pulled the bandaid off of it and it was poking out some more so I took some tweezers a d pulled it all the way out. After that my armpit felt like normal again. So my advice is to pull the head out. WARNING! It WILL hurt. Be careful.

Cocoa, FL

#14 Dec 19, 2013
Ive been having this problem since elementary school. I have a MRSA hereditary blood infection. I can get boils at any time and if I dont get it surgically removed I can die. If I try to lance it it will kill me because its poison makes its way into my blood stream. There is no cure for it as far as I know and I will always have it.

Point Pleasant, WV

#15 Jan 6, 2014
I got MRSA from my daughter and someone told me about a product that she loved. It is called Colloidal Silver. I had a spot of MRSA come up on the back of my neck where my hairline is and I had just bought a bottle of Colloidal Silver Gel and a put it on the MRSA spot twice and it dissapeared. Haven't had another break out in months. They also have Colloidal Silver in throat sprays.. I tried this product because it is Silver which by it's self it one of the oldest and most effective antibiotics that no one knows about. I would recommend at least trying the product for yourself. You may be surprised at what you find. Keep your house and surfaces as clean and sanitized as you can, wash your body with antibacterial soap and clean out you shower or tub with bleach after every use to reduce the spread to family members.

Miami, FL

#16 Jan 14, 2014
Has anyone tried oil of oregano, I developed MRSA a year ago and then from all the antibiotics developed an even worse C-diff even infection. I was put on more antibiotics but I did a lot of research and found out about oil of oregano and grapefruit seed extract. I started on probiotics and cut out all sugar. This cured me. Sometimes we have to do your own research.

Solana Beach, CA

#17 Feb 15, 2014
I have had staph MRSA since October 2013. Started out what I thought were 2 spider bites on my arm and they hurt. All I did was rub alcohol on them. They eventually went down only to wake up one Saturday morning to my right hip, leg, inner thigh, stomach and butt cheeks covered in boils. I ended up at my doctors office and he put me on sulfamethoxazole and mupirocin creme up the nose. It was very painful with many boils and after a month they went away. I have had 3 more single boils come up and visited the doctor each time. I also saw an infectious disease specialist. Those of you that said stop on the sugar are correct. It thrives on sugar the MRSA. I am also careful not to infect the household and pray that they don't get it. I'm constantly bleaching and wiping down everything. My question that hasn't been answered by my doctors is Does this staph MRSA stay with you throughout your life? I can't imagine having the boils coming and going. Each boil I get is more painful and more large and lasts longer. The doctor did a test on Monday he lanced it and said they could better final what antibiotic to use on me when I get an outbreak which is always on the same leg or hip. It seems like when I get a cut I cover it but it takes longer to heal and is painful. I scrub with the hibiclens twice a day. People that know I have staph MRSA avoid me almost like I'm contagious 24/7 it truly is not a good disease to have. Tonight after I got home from work I was washing and the boil popped and so much pus almost milky with blood just kept on coming I just held a washcloth which I threw away to it. It was the size of grapefruit and now it's the size of a half dollar and feels so much better. I have antibiotic ointment and a large bandaid and a heat pad on it. I have been scrubbing my bathroom after that. Question, is it in our bloodstream now tht we have staph MRSA or does it have a possibility of traveling to the bloodstream. There is a Doctor Michelle Moore on the Internet and I have been reading her ebook and she has the most infomation. I would like to hear from people who actually have MRSA and are frustrated like me!

Avon, IN

#18 Mar 7, 2014
I have had a pimple-like lump on the back of my upper leg for a while now....maybe a few months, maybe more. I have tried to pop it but it hurts to the point that I can't take it to try again. I'm not sure what it is (though definitely not a pimple) but it's starting to worry me and I do not have a family doctor to go see. Now I am worried it could be MRSA. But if it was MRSA, wouldn't I have felt bad by now or some other sign? I have never had anything like this before.

United States

#19 Mar 24, 2014
I have it what do I do

High Point, NC

#20 Apr 23, 2014
swimmers dont get mrsa. use bleach in a bath every so often to prevent getting or erradicating form your body. the bacteria is there when an opening in your skin , a cut or pore, it fsters into a boil.

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