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Carnduff, Canada

#166 Jun 26, 2010
How did you make out with this ?
I have had it too for some time
Jackie- C Diff in Fla wrote:
I have posted my ongoing battle issue with C.Difficile which is an infectious disease I contracted at NW Regional Hospital here in SE Florida. I must let you know I have been gathering all research and ONLY after my going on LOCAL ABC NEWS WPLG Miami,informed the Dept of Health, CDC,NewEng Journal of Med and Many other orgs I obtained from google--links etc..the INFECTIOUS DISEASE CONTROL MANAGER FROM THE HOSPITAL "called me!!!"for a meeting!!This was 7/26/07-as they never returned any other calls as to my request for med. records since 12/15/06-one of these contacts I made prompted their call and low and behold my records were ready for pick up the VERY NEXT DAY---A TOTAL of 1,097 PAGES!!I almost died from this new and very deadly virulent strain of C.Difficile Colitis!/sepsis etc was in hospital on Vanco,flagyl and numerous meds and on IV feeding--from 9/26/06-10/3/06--home then back to Hospital 10/8/06-11/3/06!No visitors were given masks/gowns on entry,but when leaving told to wash up, leave clothes OUTSIDE & shower etc!! THIS lack of prevention is all due to COSTS!yet I cannot believe I almost died-came close to having stomach removed-this infectious disease used to attack older people in long term care-It's been over 10 months was 49 (now 50)active, single fun mother of an 18 yr old son scared out of his MIND! a professional,love dancing,in good shape,spirited & in good health until a stomach like flu got me dehydrated-that was 1st hospital stay-the antibiotics were ripping insides!I too am intersted in taking this further as it took either the media,or other source for the hospital to call me!One more blunder from hospital..when picking up records Mon.7/30/07 no photo at entry to hospital as always done and BETTER-went to med. records dept, gave my name-asked for person Cynthia who called me-but the person just asked me my name(don't know her name) came back with box (heavy)to give to me-I asked"do I need to sign for these" she said "NO" I showed NO I.D.what if I was not "ME" and some other person/employer etc picked these up!!Isn't that breaking the HIPA laws! I am in process of informing NW Regional due to this gross act of negligence in addition to my infectious disease. If anyone can add info please do...and also please email me at [email protected] if you obtain info on legal info and I will do the same. Best to all!
Jackie --Pompano Beach Fla
Re C-Diff

Carnduff, Canada

#167 Jun 26, 2010
Wondering how you made out
I also have had C-Dif for some time
Tried your email but it came back
Bob Brown

Tampa, FL

#168 Jun 30, 2010

I stumbled across this forum by accident. I have read several posts and am amazed by the number of people infected with MRSA and Staph.

While I have no solution or advise for finding legal representation to handle these situations, I do have access to a product that will KILL Staph and MRSA.

This product can be used to protect all surfaces and clothing.

Please don't take this post as a shameless post to plug a product because it is not. I am only posting this because these diseases come back and it can be prevented.

If you have any interest please feel free to email me at [email protected] This is my personal email not my business.


Barbra White

Denver, CO

#169 Jul 30, 2010
After reading all of your horrendous experiences with the hospitals and C-Dif and MRSA, I am curious, along with Gracie, if anyone has been successful in a lawsuit with the health are facility. I understand that may cases are settled out of court and that the details cannot be discussed. My mother recently died due to DC-dif when she went into Wuesthoff in Melbourne, Florida five months ago. The gave her a colonostomy upon her entrance five months ago. It is at this time, we believe she contracted the bacteria. I also contracted MRSA while getting back treatments 10 years ago when the clinic did not change the chin towels that the patients laid on face down during the procedure. I actually went back a few months after being treated to witness that the medical assistants were not changing the towels. My family is so sad and wants to litigate this death, but I believe they may be in for more sadness, disappointment and anger when they realize their efforts and money are wasted by going in this direction. Any comments, experiences or advice would be sincerely appreciated.
Vegas salon CA-MRSA

Denver, CO

#170 Aug 24, 2010
Is there anyone on here that got CA-MRSA from a salon? I am in the fight of my life.can you let me know please email me at [email protected] . i really could use some help .
Janice Taplin

United States

#171 Aug 28, 2010
Not from a salon, hospital after surgery. MRSA is lerking everywhere. Unfortunately, there has yet been any legal ramification for justice. You must be cautious about washing your hands and sanitizing everything. I found Odoban disinfectant cleanser at Home Depot. I use it in my laundry, on door knobs, bathroom fixtures and just about everything. It has been one year since I contracted MRSA, and thus far I have not had a reoccurrence. Be careful, because it is very contageous and other family members can be infected. Good luck
Sharyn Roseville Ca

Manteca, CA

#172 Sep 24, 2010
I had a disectomy on July 12, 2010.I arrived at the hospital in Sacramento, Cat 5:30 in the morning. I was not operated until 6pm that night. I was put in the hallway of the ER for an hour, while I saw the staff cleaning the OR that I was to go in to. After my operation I spent hours in the recovery room due to the fact that my blood pressure was very low and I had tarcardia. I went into my room at 2:30 am the next morning. I stayed in the hospital for three days, during that time there was a person in the next room that was on isolation. I came home and was home only a week and I started getting sick. It started with diareha, and neusea, then as the weeks progressed it got much worse. Then I was vomiting by Aug,8.I felt like I was going to pass out. I went to bed that night with a fever, and by the time I woke up the next morning I could barely move. Had to be transported by ambulance as my blood pressure was 20/30, and was very weak with black diarehe T hey rushed me to another hospital and thak heavens they did, I had the usual blood work done and I was told I was very sick. I thought , not me, I can't be very sick. The doctor, that put a central line in my neck, they hooked me up to several IV's and took me to the ICU unit. My blood pressure was so low, and I was having trouble breathing, they incubated me and I was on the vent for 11 days. They informed me that I had C-Diff. In the first three days I came close to death. The nurses thought I was going to die. C-Diff not only infected my colon area but also went through my blood stream. Every 6 hours I had to have blood gases done,on severval antibiotics. I also had pneumonia. After 11 days they pulled the vent tube out of me. I was able to be transfered to a regular hospital room for another three days, then went to a nursing home so I could learn how to walk again as being in bed for 14 days, not moving my muscles were very week. I was in the nursing home for two weeks. So this meant that I had not been back in my home for an entire month. I finally was well enough to come home at the end of Aug. I am still having urinary problems, and have to watch everything I eat, still have diareha and still have problems walking. I have tried to call several lawyers and no one will tke my case. If any one has any info on what I should do, please let me know.

Kennesaw, GA

#173 Sep 29, 2010
I just found out my 2 year old daughter has mrsa. I had an abscess 6 years ago when i was 18. I had it cut open, drained, and packed 4 times before I had found out it was a fistula. I had the fistula surgery done about 9 months ago. About a month ago I had another abscess right acrossfrom where the other one was. I went to the ER againa nd had it cut open and drained. So I have had these abscesses cut open and drained many times and never has any doctor EVER done a culture adn told me I have MRSA! Now on thurs last weekI took my 2 year old daughter to the ER because she had a bump on her butt. It was an abscess, they did a culture and she has mrsa. So I'm goin to the dr today to find out for sure if I have mrsa and if I do and thats why she got it I want to sue every dr and hospital that has ever cut my abscess open for not finding out I had it and telling me so I could have prevented my innocent daughter from bein put in so much pain and torchured with this. Whats your thoughts on this?

Lincoln City, OR

#174 Oct 10, 2010
I need help finding an attorney in Oregon. My husband contracted MRSA from the local hospital here in Jan.2009.I have a report from the admitting Dr. that states he believed the infection came from an IV site from previous hospital stay 8 days prior.His MRSA was blood born which put into a coma for 1 and a half months,and total hospital stay a little over 4 months the first time.He has been left with 2 damaged heart valves,no kidneys we do home dialysis now on a daily basis.The MRSA detached a retina in his eye which he has had over $40,000 in surgerys on and still cannot see out of it. A damaged hip that had a ball of pus the size of a baseball while he was in the hospital that has made walking difficult and extremely painful.We inquired about a hip replacement and was told it was to risky that he could very possibly die from complications. So he is left with a life that he spends mostly in bed because he is in pain or throwing up or just to tired to do anything. His Dr. said he will have good days and bad for the rest of his time left. We're talking about a man who is 47 years of age that will never be able to work again and has no quality of life left. It is so sad to see him like this,especially if you had known him before MRSA he was working full time and loved going fishing and being with his friends, always on the go busy doing something.This has changed both of our lives forever and someone has to be accountable and held responsible for what has happened to us. He receives a small SS check that if it weren't for my income there would be no way he could live on it. MRSA has devastated our lives in so many ways.Any help or info would be greatly appreciated as I feel we're up against a brick wall and can't even find an attorney with balls enough to fight for us.E-mail [email protected]>
Sharyn Roseville Ca

Roseville, CA

#175 Oct 13, 2010
Just to let you know I have called and tried to get an attorney, here in Ca for myself. Read my story above. Finally a lawyer called me and told me I would have to have someone look at my medical records and prove that I got C-Diff from the hospital. It is not easy to prove.
Ethalle Boner

United States

#176 Dec 1, 2010
Blaine Stanziana wrote:
We have uncovered evidence that another patient was in Mercy Hospital Of Pittsburgh some 4 months being skin grafted who came to the hospital with the Flesh Eating Disease, he was discharged a day or two before my wife of 25 years now went into the same hospital on 10-3-05 for a Hysterectomy we have his name . 6 Hours post surgery my wife contracted the Flesh Eating Disease in her surgery incision, my wife then underwent 7 surgeries in 8 days to save her life, she was on life support for several days. I want to know why Hospital Acquired Infections are such a huge topic these days, my wife contracted the worst infection on the planet in a hospital and is lucky to be alive, we cannot get an attorney to take our case???? Is Mercy hospital going to get away this???? Here are the horrific pictures of what took place. Hospital Acquired Infections kill more people than Car Accidents, AIDS and Breast Cancer Combined!!!! Who is your Attorney???
Blaine Stanziana
Ihad mrsa in 2007 and ihad kidney failure, no lawyer will take my case I almost died I was in the hospial for 3 months I caught the germ in a hospital when I was given injections for a back injury I received in a car accident, I yet have problems I don,t feel strong or full of energy as before, I had to go to rehab, to learn to walk again , it affected my muscles, my e-mail is [email protected] we need a good attorney , GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, GOOD LUCK.

Westland, MI

#177 Mar 29, 2011
Re C-Diff wrote:
How did you make out with this ?
I have had it too for some time
<quoted text>
I would like to know too. We are going through the same thing!!!

Roseville, CA

#178 Mar 29, 2011
My story was dated Sept. 2010. It is now March 2011, I have not been able to get my records from both hospitals as I have no money to get them. I do want to start a web page for exactly MRSA and C-Diff. If anyone knows how to start this with me so that more people can be aware of this horrible disease that almost kills and kills people please send me an e-mail. [email protected], or [email protected] Everyone should know about this and it shouldn't hide in the closet any longer. Any help with this starting a web page would be great.

Minneapolis, MN

#179 Apr 13, 2011
My son was born in april 09 he had a circumcistion 1 day after he was born 2 days after that when I had left the hospital my son broke out in mrsa in his diaper area. When we went in to find out what it was they told us mrsa,the doctor really didnt give me any info on it and didnt make it out to be a big deal. Now 2 years later Im starting to get more info on it from new doctors and how severe it can be. hes had 4 breakouts in the last 2 years and everytime it gets worst. Im starting to wonder if its worth a lawsuit because of the fact that this is something that he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Roseville, CA

#180 Apr 13, 2011
If you have red my note above, no lawyer will take your case, even though I have tried several times. Good luck with that. I really hope you are getting good care for your son. It seems that no one beleives the surviviors of this horrible tells about this disease. If you know of anyone or yourself that would like to start a informitive web site about those who have this disease, please let me know by replying to this message. Good luck with your son.Blessed Be.
Mark Bonner

United States

#182 May 4, 2011
It simply is not true that no lawyer will ever take a MRSA case. There have been many successful MRSA cases.

However, there must be evidence of negligence. There must be evidence that the equipment was not sterilized or the doctor did no culture and sensitivity test or did not prescribe the correct antibiotic.

If there is no evidence of negligence, then there is no case and no lawyer should take a case when there is no evidence to support it.

L. Mark Bonner
Attorney at Law
127 N.W. 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
[email protected]
Sharyn Roseville Ca

Roseville, CA

#183 May 4, 2011
I had evidence, me, I almost died and I was in the Medical Field in my earlier years and knew about precautions,ect. The only thing i found out around this area, is that if you die your relatives have a case.
MRSA in sacto ca

Carmichael, CA

#184 Jun 5, 2011
delisa wrote:
<quoted text> I also am a health care worker with the exact similar siuation. Why if in your siuation the facts are in the medical record, what are the complications??I am just wondering. I am in the beggining stages of filing a lawsuit and any info would be appreciated.
There was a very good news story in the Sacramento ca Bee dated May 29th 2011 on MRSA if you are looking for more info check it out, yes i too got MRSA from the hospital on July 24th 2010(in my lungs) and yes i am looking into a lawsuit but finding a lawyer has not been so easy, i think more people need to start "bangging" on the walls to put a stop to this MRSA
MRSA in sacto ca

Carmichael, CA

#185 Jun 5, 2011
If anyone in the Sacramento ca area knows of a lawyer in the sacramento ca area that will do a case for me (and others i am sure) please e-mail me the info [email protected] please keep in mind i do not have up front funds and can only pay should we "win" am i am sure i am not the only person seeking help i my self only have about 50 more days to act on this, please write the words MRSA in the subject area so i do not toss it thinking it is junk mail, i got the lung MRSA on or about july 24 2010, bottom line i went to the hospital for one issue and endeded up getting a whole new one i was there appox 38 days however i have no memory of it really do to the meds i guess, i was also told once you get MRSA you have it for life is this a fact? someone please tell me if you know some days i feel better then others but the last few weeks have been not so well, and as dumb as it may sound pink grapefruit juice seems to help
DS Edwards

Albuquerque, NM

#187 Jun 8, 2011
I wound up in the hospital mid Nov. 2010, was there about 5 days. When I got out, I started to have really bad diarreha35-40 times a day, I lost 65 pounds in about 6 week period. I had zero appetite, was nauseated, even with water. I saw things in that hospital I had never seen before. Tech taking my temp under my tongue would just flick the used tube on the floor. I could hardly get anyone to clean my bedside toilet, and when they did, the tossed in the toilet and never bother to disinfect the floor, toilet, sink or shower. I cringed when I had to sit on the toilet or wash my hands in a sink sprinkled with poop, which I have no doubt was spores from the C.Diff. I am battling this now for 7 months. The first stuff they put me on went to Cellulitis, hence antibiotic use, thus having more C.Diff, they did this 3 times until on the 4th I refused to take the Metrotholazine any more. I have become very depressed, can't go shopping for fear of having a bowel movement in public. Even with an Ambien sleeping pill, I was not able to sleep because of having to get up and down to the toilet all night. I am just plain worn out, have upped my anti-depression meds to help cope with it. I'm just wondering, should I see an attorney about this? I feel like I have just lost my life down the hole the last 7 months. By the way, I had to go to a blood disorder doctor to get me some help, I have to be on Vancomyacin for C.Diff for 3 months. I have medical and prescription insurance, the out of pocket cost was to be $350.00 every 2 weeks. They hospital is footing the bill for it. Anyway, should I talk to an an attorney on this? Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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