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james 41

Syracuse, NY

#104 Nov 23, 2008
I recently had surgery and ontracted mrsa.since then[sept9 2008]ihave had 3 abcess/boil type outbreaks.I dont have insurance and bills are high .We live in a time where everyone wans to sue,im not one of those!However,it was not my fault i contracted mrsa!!!I dont want millions ,i do believe i should recieve help with my medical bills that are stacking up rapidly,considering it was not my carlessness that caused the contraction!!!!!So now what do i do?If i dont pay my bill the doctor wont see me and[no offence]but i will be forced to go to a community health center,sorry but it is not the same quality of treatment !!! 3 months of doctor bills,scripts and various other expenses for something that was out of my hands !!!I did not ask for it ,but have to live with it!!! So scince it was not my fault in conrtractng mrsa ,why do i have pay for it???!!!
Liz from Myrtle Beach

Summerville, SC

#105 Nov 24, 2008
James, Kad, Tommy
I'm sorry to hear about your MRSA experiences, and I can imagine the feelings you're having about it. My MRSA "experience" didn't start in a hospital, I was told that it has become what the medical profession calls "community acquired," meaning who knows where the hell it came from before making me its next victim. Today, one year, two months, and two days into my MRSA caused problems, I learned that the skin grafts, done on 10/2, were a total failure. So now its back to the wound vac. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I'm more and more convinced that my MRSA connected problem is eternal, it's never going away. I hope, and pray, that your experiences will have better endings.

Pearland, TX

#106 Dec 11, 2008
Tab, Have you ever had any luck with your lawsuit against the hospital or Doctors?
Here is my current situation...
I went into the hospital for a laminectomy on Oct 28th. The surgery was for a herniated disk at the C5-C6 vertabrae in my neck.
The herniation was compressing the nerve that goes to my left shoulder and arm. After my surgery, a couple days, I started having discharges from the incision site. I contacted the Doctor and he called in a script for Keflex. After a week on Keflex, the oozing of the pinkish fluid continued. He asked me to come in to have a look. He made note that the site was oozing, and as I had seen, there was a reddiish area that was very sore at the base of the incision. He then switched me over to Cipro. After a week or so he took out the remaining staples. There was still some visual oozing out of a couple of the staple holes.
After another couple of days the oozing seemed to subside, but the site was still tendor.
The week of Thansgiving I had gone out of town to visit with a friend. On Thanksgiving Day I noticed that the left arm pain was returning. By Friday the pain was getting very intense. By Saturday morning I was at the local ER in the town I was in. They were nice enough to give me a scrip for Hydrocodone so that I could make the 300 mile trip back home.
I returned back to the Houston area late Saturday afternoon. I immediately took some pain meds and went to bed to try and get some relief. For some reason when I was lying down, the pain wasnt nearly as bad. As soon as I sat up or stood up, all bets were off. I would barely have enough time to go take my meds and get back in bed before screaming out in pain. Needless to say, about 2am Sunday morning I was calling my Doctors office. I spoke to the on call Doctor and he instructed me to come up to the ERabout 8AM after the nightly crowds had dispersed from the ER. I went and was checked in pretty quickly. Shortly afterwards they admitted me and placed me in a private room. When I again spoke to my Surgeon he was of the thinking that it was more than likely an infection in there. He said I probably picked up a bug while in surgery and they sewed it up in there when they stitched me up. He sceduled another mylegram for the following day. I was put on morphine shortly after my arrival intThe mylagram showed no other disk problems. This reinforced the infection theory.
He then scheduled exploratory surgery for the next day. He said he would go back into the same incision site and widen it up and look around to see what was going on. After the surgery, the Doctor told my wife that as soon as they opened up the incision site, pus and infection flowed out of wound. He said that if I hadnt had the arm pain, I probably wouldve died, or at a minimum been paralyzed in a couple of days time. The infection was almost to my spinal cord. They sent of cultures to be tested at the infectous disease center of Houston. Last Saturday I was told that the infection was positive for MRSA. I was very surprised, to say the least. I was immediatly put on vancomycin. after 9 days, 7 of which I was on morphine, I was released to go home. I got home Tuesday of this week.
I started my at home vanco treaments via my picc line. I will be doing twice a day treatments for the next 6 weeks. Last night I started the red-man syndrome.
Lucky me, what else can go wrong. We are currently trying to determine if the infusion is being done to fast, or if I am alergic to the vancomycin.
Any feedback and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Like I said earlier, its nice to be able to talk to others who are dealing with the same situation.
Best Regards,
John in Pearland, TX
Liz from Myrtle Beach

Summerville, SC

#107 Dec 12, 2008
John, MRSA sucks. I've decided that about describes your life once MRSA has found a vacancy in your body and moved in. There seem to be many, many variations on how MRSA was first detected as a "live-in"in a person's body. The more I read, the more I scared I get. I don't know how many of the previous MESA messages you've read, and my description of how MRSA has affected me was a bit wordy, so I ain't gonna' repeat it here. What really had me perplexed after I had read a few e-mails, and some news items was that this wasn't a new thing, the outbrakes were quite numerous, and the CA-MRSA (community acquired, as opposed to HA or hospital acquired) was realized, noted, had numerous stories about it, etc., etc., yet I was treated for 18 weeks in a Wound Care Center of all places and they never tested for MRSA. Unfortunately, at the time I was totally unaware of MRSA - what it was, what it could do, how widespread it was getting. Monday, another picc line goes in (so I can do iv antibiotic treatments at home), last time was vancomycin, this time it's something else, can't recall the name right now. Tuesday I have another pre-op go around to get ready for Wednesday when the surgeon will once again clean out the ulcers on my leg, and then attach the would vac, second time for the wound vac, too. If you're not familiar with what it is, a wound vac is exactly that, it sucks out dead tissul, fluids, and I'm not sure what else -- probably brain cells because I feel like I'm losing my mind! As before, I wear it 24/7, a nurse comes to the house several times a week (last time it was 3 times). The nurse removes the apparatus from my leg, a very painful procedure -- the dressing is sticking to my leg's innards, you know, like a band aid sticks to an open sore. The leg is cleaned up, inspected, and re-dressed.

But, see what happens, once I get going I lose the ability to shut up!

I wish I could give you answers, reasons, explanations, whatever, but I'm sorry I can't. All I can do is let you know you definitely are not the only person dealing with this scourge, and as you read more articles, stories, on-line chats, you'll see how varied the experiences are and how many others are fighting the same bug. We really don't have a lot of choices - so hang in there, definitely don't be afraid to question/challenge any of your doctors when it comes to something they want to try - a procedure, a medication, whatever. I think that the only thing we can do is be sure we know what the hell is going on when it comes to treating our bodies.

Keep tuning in here on line and let us (and me) know how you're doing. It's probably the only thing we can do for each other- commiserate!!!

Liz, Myrtle Beach SC

United States

#108 Dec 18, 2008
I am just now recovering from a viscous encounter with MRSA, having contracted the bug from an arthroscopic surgery on an outpatient basis at a Las Vegas hospital. A "fortuitous" trip and fall accident 2 weeks later (in a differrent state) popped open the knee revealing the potential problem by the presence of an orange fluid (looked a bit alien!) spewing from the knee. I have been in the hospital since November 5, 2008 and will complete the Vencomyacin therapy next Tuesday to get out by Decemberr 23, 2008. I plan on heading back to Vegas in January and hopefully can find a competent law firm to pursue the hospital that has robbed me of the last 43 days of my life!
Liz from Myrtle Beach

Summerville, SC

#109 Dec 21, 2008
Hi Matt:

Yuck, that sure sounded like something I don't want to see. For what it's worth, you have my good luck wishes on your planned upcoming legal altercation. It's so amazing - when I first learned about MRSA in February of this year (which is when I received my "official" MRSA diagnosis, though, unfortunately, no can say when or where it first attacked) I just thought it was some infection caused by some sort of new virus or bacteria. Then I started reading assorted articles and also began what seems to be my new, now and forever medical merry-go-round of doctor's visits (too many to count), hospital admissions (3 so far this year totalling 21 days), ambulatory surgery procedures (4 so far), and I'm now on my second round with the 24/7 wound vac procedure (first one was for 4 weeks), and then there's my second PICC line procedure (done last week), to again do the home IV antibiotics, and on and on and on.

You mention knee arthroscopicy, I had three rounds of that, and then I had both knees replaced in 2006, and I now live in fear that this damn bug will, at some point, manage to get through and attack one, or both, causing some big problems, like needing to re-do the knee (or knees). So far, we've been able to keep the cellulitis to areas below the knee. FYI, in my case, the cellulitis is the "weak point" which provided entry for the MRSA.

Oops, see, it's happening again. Seems that whenever I get to moaning about it, I lose the ability to shut up! For proof, see previous posts. But, I think of this as the one place that I can do the "pity party" thing, vent a little (ok, a lot), and have folks understand why I'm doing it....and not think I'm some wacko hydrocondiac old bat ... As I've learned more about MRSA, one thing seems to become clearer, specifically, folks who haven't been touched by this - either themselves or someone close to them - they just don't, or can't, understand what this has done to our lives. They seem to think - "you have an infection, see the doctor, get some antibiotics, and get over it".

OK, I am really and truly going to shut up. Hang in there and check in again and let us know how you're doing. Personal pity-parties are welcome 24/7...there's a bunch of good listeners here.
jeanne from Manchester CT

Manchester, CT

#110 Jan 2, 2009
Gracie wrote:
My grandson contracted MRSA while in the NICU. He and his twin sister were born 7 weeks premature. One of the nurses actually told us she "knew" who gave it to him -- one of the phebotomists (sp?) who took his blood without gloves. She was furious. They actually lanced a couple of spots on him in the NICU and now that he's 6 months old, has two more outbreaks. We are worried about him and what he's going to go through all his life AND the probability that his sister will contract it from him no matter how careful the parents are. We're also afraid of his insurance capping out. I would personally see this as grounds for a lawsuit, at least to pay for medical bills arising from MRSA problems. Anyone have experience with this type of lawsuit?
My twins were born 4 months premature and in the NICU now and they have contracted MRSA along with 4 other babies. In the NICU there was only one baby who had it and now it has spread to 5 babies including my twins who were last diagnosed with MRSA. The doctor and the staff act as if it is not a problem because the babies are being treated and will be treated until they leave the hospital. Any advice for me. thanks
jeanne from Manchester CT

Manchester, CT

#111 Jan 2, 2009
My twins were born at 24 weeks and are presently in the NICU. While in the NICU, one baby had MRSA, after speaking with the mother and was in isolation. Nurses were still taking care of this baby while taking care of other babies. Now all the babies now have it 5 total. All parents are upset. My question is if the parents all get together would we be successful in a potential lawsuit against the hospital for negligence for failure to follow protocol? Any help would be helpful !!!!
jeanne from Manchester CT

Manchester, CT

#112 Jan 2, 2009
C Leonard wrote:
<quoted text>I was pregnant and in a car accident, also not charged with any fault in that, when I was sent to a trauma unit. I had emergency surgery on my broken jaw. Something I could not join a group and treat myself for...I also did NOT bring MRSA into the hospital but, I LEFT with it!!! I understand bad stuff happens in hospitals but, I also understand just like you expect people to be careful and not knowing spread any infection, I expect a place to take responcibility for their patients when a source of illness originates from their facillity!! I do not expect extra cash, just treatment for anything I have to cover outside of insurance coverage!!! Some of us with thi infection are professionals, with good hygein, and good insurance!! We don't get handouts and usually don't expect one. Just what is decent? HUMANE? That is for HOSPITALS TO BE RESPONSIBLE WHEN IT IS THEIR FAULT!!!
My twins which I was carrying also became infected because I became septic from this implant in my face. I did not create or cause them to be borne at 25 weeks. 1.5 pounds and six pounds. Thank GOD and the staff at my OB-OBGYN office, they took care of the problem and didn't blame me or my family. You are a disgrace to anyone that finds themself in need of unbiased care and has you as their care provider!
My twins are presently in the NICU born at 24 weeks 1.7 lb and 1.1. lb and have been diagnosed with MRSA the last of the 5 babies that have contracted it. All the babies are being treated until they discharge. The doctor claims that once we geth them home they will be fine. My question to you is how are your babies now and have they had any outbreaks since bringing them home and do you have any suggestions as raising them with MRSA. thank you
Liz from Myrtle Beach

Summerville, SC

#113 Jan 4, 2009
Jeanne, Gracie, Leonard
How heartbreaking that your innocent children have to suffer with this, possibly for the rest of their lives. I know how miserable I feel, but I can't begin to imagine what you are going thru knowing your babies have been infected. I can understand the idea of getting the parents of the infected babies together to pursue legal action is something you might want to look into, given that you mention that the babies contracted it in the hospital. I guess the best first step is to speak to an attorney and get a professional opinion on your particular circumstances. My prayers are with you, and especially with your children. As for how to treat them at home, all I can say is read everything you can, talk to your pediatrician and ask him/her if there are any local groups you can contact for information and support. Lastly, keep in touch here - you never know who might be the next person logging on with information that might help you.
Michael in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

#114 Jan 4, 2009
i have a similar situation. Twins born at 25 weeks. None of the parties involved were mrsa possitive when admiTted. Both girls were 1 lb 7 oz. One of our children died two weeks after birth. They discovered the cause of death to be MSARS. None of the infants had been tested prior to our loss. The mother also tested negative Once they discovered the infants they found that a child who had been in the nicu for 3 month was probably the source. Prior to discharge we had to demand an attempt at de-colonization (Recommended by the CDC. There is a process to de-colonize MRSA.

What would your opinion on this situation be?

Since: Jan 09

Manchester, CT

#115 Jan 6, 2009
Liz from Myrtle Beach wrote:
Jeanne, Gracie, Leonard
How heartbreaking that your innocent children have to suffer with this, possibly for the rest of their lives. I know how miserable I feel, but I can't begin to imagine what you are going thru knowing your babies have been infected. I can understand the idea of getting the parents of the infected babies together to pursue legal action is something you might want to look into, given that you mention that the babies contracted it in the hospital. I guess the best first step is to speak to an attorney and get a professional opinion on your particular circumstances. My prayers are with you, and especially with your children. As for how to treat them at home, all I can say is read everything you can, talk to your pediatrician and ask him/her if there are any local groups you can contact for information and support. Lastly, keep in touch here - you never know who might be the next person logging on with information that might help you.
thank you for responding so quickly and the prayers. From what I was reading, it seems like it is difficult to sue for MRSA. THe NICU unit has been on isolation for the past few days after we made such a big stink about this. Each staff member must now be gloved and gowned when treating each baby. Right now all the babies are being treated with bactaban in their noses and will be until they discharge from the hospital and my son is being treating also with vanco. One of the babies has now tested negative for MRSA. All babies were tested today so we are waiting foe the results. I thought that once you become colonized that you can not get rid of this. Any other info would help Will keep in touch. My babies are now 27 weeks and will there for a while.

Royse City, TX

#116 Jan 7, 2009
Wondering how many people have gotten MRSA from Presbyterian Hospital in Greenville, TX

I know of 1 - Me.
Liz from Myrtle Beach

Ladson, SC

#117 Jan 8, 2009
Hi, me again - "cutup" I'm sorry you've joined the Minions of MRSA, and welcome to the gang. The more often I check in to see what's new, the more I'm learning how far, and how fast, MRSA is getting around....affecting babies and those of us who ain't been babies for longer than we're willing to admit. Personally, I'm sngry about MRSA spoiling my relatively new retirement days with doctor visits, hospital admisssions, ambulatory surgery procedures, and all the other things that impact my day to day life, for example, I realize that the wound vac does usually help by encouraging he healing of the wsounds (or "ulcers" in doctorspeak). But, having this 5 lb. package tethered to me 24/7 has long passed the point of being annoying -- it's become a damn nusance! Because of t I was unable to attend my sister's wedding in June (in NY), and I've had to cancel several things here, also. And now, readers, we switch to the latest episode in "As the MRSA Turns, Liz's Story" and find Liz at her now bi-weekly appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctor. The doc speaks --"Well, the good news is that latest culture shows no active MRSA at this time....but (omimous music heard) the bad news is that a new bacteria showed up..a multiple-antibiotic-resistant bug called Stenotrophomonas (Xanthomonas)." As the visiting nurse said the other day, while changing the wound vac dressing..."if it weren't for bad luck, you'd have no luch at all Liz." Yup. So, before I yak myself into another pity party, I shall say good night, see you again soon. Liz
MRSA infected

Gautier, MS

#118 Feb 6, 2009
I was seen in my local hospital in Pensacola, FL on November 10, 2008 with a boil on my buttocks, the emergency room doctor told me it was probably an ingrown hair, she lanced it and sent me home on antibiotics. The doctor never mentioned anything to me about it being a staph infection. At the time I did not have a primary care doctor but I did tell the emergency room doctor that I had a future appointment with a new primary doctor scheduled for December 4, 2008, because I just got health insurance through my employer.
I got sick this past weekend, January 26, 2009 with severe bronchitis, fever, chill s, and two open wounds that were blisters but erupted on my outer upper thigh and went to see my primary doctor. I established care with my primary doctor on December 4, 2008 and told her of my emergency room visit and she had me sign release to obtain the results of the culture that she said should of been done at the emergency room of my lanced boil.
So upon my January 26, 2009, visit my doctor pulls out of my chart the results from November 10th visit at the ER and tells me that I have MRSA and my new lesions on my thigh are MRSA and I will always have this disease. I am so upset because I feel the hospital who treated me in November and knew this culture was positive for MRSA failed to ever notify me that I was infected with a very contagious disease. I share a restroom with my children and now I am scared to death my kids may also come down with this disease. I also share a public restroom at work with at least 30 fellow employees.
So, I have been infected with MRSA for well over two months not knowing till January 26, 2009.
I think the hospital should of informed me as soon as they had results so I could have taken precautions to prevent spreading this to anyone else. Even though I did not have a primary doctor at the time of my visit, the hospital did my have my home address and phone numbers.
I have an appointment to see an infectious disease doctor on Feb. 9th.
I am so angry at the hospital for failure to tell me I have MRSA.
Anyone know of an attorney in this area that is willing to challenge this case?

Since: Nov 08


#119 Feb 15, 2009
You are correct. The hosptial should have told you, and helped you...I have a lawyer who has been working with me since 2006 when I was infected with MRSA inthe hosptial, and to this day I am still suffering. I cant get a job, my life has changed radically. I cant sleep, I suffer all the time from the pain in the scar area. I have to see aID Doctor the rest of my life. It has been horrible. Now we have a trial coming up and it really is my word against the doctor and the hosptial. Who will win this? Why doesnt more people come forward in the city, the state the Senate and do somethnig, it is no joke!

Corpus Christi, TX

#120 Feb 17, 2009
Friday, the 13th, I received lab results testing positive for post surgery MRSA. I am now taking the $100 pill. google $100 pill

FYI, I am not interested in lawsuits, just surviving, literally.

United States

#121 Feb 19, 2009
My father passed away in January from MRSA. He first had MRSA in 2005 and had recovered from it then. In October, he had to have bi-pass surgery and a aorta value replaced. We kept telling the doctor that our main concern that he is monitored so that MRSA doesn't set in again. He came through the operation well, but a week later had to have is sternum rewired. 2 weeks later, they went back in and removed his sternum because of infection. You would figure that would have told them right there that MRSA was set in. They never coultured his would weekly even though they told us they were monitoring it. He was on vacnomycin for one week only. Then sent to the transitional care unit. I request copies of his medical records, and they mention infection numerous times, but never give him anything for it to fight it. Complete negligence, it think. I work for a cardiologist, and he said they really messed up.
Liz from Myrtle Beach

Summerville, SC

#122 Feb 19, 2009
Hi folks - yes, I know of the $100 pill - I call it my designer antibiotic, aka Zyvox. As much as I hate to admit it, it does work, this naturally assumes you have either your own print shop, so "money" is no problem; or, you're lucky enough to have good prescription insurance coverage, or, maybe you just happen to be filthy rich (everybody laugh here, come on, laugh, we definitely need as many laughable moments because this MRSA definitely ain't no joke). If you've read my past entries, you know I've been dealing with this for almost 18 months now...and you also know I have a tendency to become very long-winded when I get going on this. MRSA comes, mrsa goes, mrsa comes and brings a friend (ecoli), both are kicked out, mrsa comes back, mrsa gets kicked out, mrsa comes back again with a new friend, steno-something or other.... You get the picture.

Update, yesterday I had my second attempt at grafting some skin to cover the two open wounds/ulcers - first one was a grand failure because mrsa reactivated itself either right before the surgery, or right after. Yesterday, before they sent me to la-la land with those wonderful sleepy-time concoctions, I spoke with my surgeon said I wasn't feeling especially optimistic about the procedure... he reminded me that I'm never optimistic, so what else was new. Well here we are, the "morning after" and, yup you guessed it, there seems to be a problem. The dressing in the graft area is soaking wet. and while I'm reasonably sure it's not terminal, I don't think it's a good thing, either. So, back to his office later this afternoon. I do confess to being a confirmed I'm not expecting any good news about this. God willing, I'll be back on line later to share the outcome, just in case anyone is interested....hell, I'm not even interested any more, I just want the whole damn thing to go away. Bye for now....
William Flint

Palm City, FL

#123 Mar 2, 2009
May 7, 2008 I had surgery to correct a ruptured achilles...I came out the hosp. w/ mrsa ...was treated with low level anti biotics which never worked...then 3 more sugeries and 3 rounds of zyvox to remove mrsa..the first surgery failed...I walk worse now than I did before surgery...the last surgery Dec. 12 included a skin graft ...that skin graft failed..and mrsa is back..I am now have picc in my arm to deliver cubicon to my heart for 2 weeks..I will find out today in a few days if it is gone...
I expect it back...
I have not heard of anyone winning a case..
I wonder if it is worth the time & trouble to file suit..??

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