Walled Lake, MI

#102 Feb 8, 2012
Kat6 wrote:
I have been using pellets combined with estrogen for about 4 months now. I have had severe feminine itching that nothing will cure (been to the dr 3 times...no infectons) and gained 12 lbs and continue to gain in spite of a drastic change in my diet. I have terrible breast tenderness that will not subside. I do have an increased libido but can't stand being touched due to tenderness. Prior to the pellets I had muscle/joint pain. The pellets were supposed to help improve that area. It is much worse. I can't even exercise anymore. I have more belly fat than ever. My breasts are also huge. I can't wear my wedding rings because my hands swell at night and cut into the rings. I think I am retaining water. I also have trouble with urine seepage when I sleep. The only benefits I have are so great that it makes it hard to give up. I was having terrible mood swings and hot flashes prior to the pellets. They are gone. My mood is so steady and I love it so much that I can't imagine going back to the roller coaster ride again.
In regards to progesterone supplements. They help with insomnia but I stay tired all day long. I have trouble getting up in the morning.
I have reported these side effects to my Dr. I am told that they will go away in time...but so far, they just seem to keep getting worse. I am currently on steroids for the itching and they aren't helping at all. I have also been told it is unrelated to the therapy...but how is it that all this stuff started when I started getting the therapy? I don't know what to do.
I'm not a doctor but have read a lot of books because of menopause, mood swings depression etc that I've been having. It sounds like you might have estrogen dominance, which means you either need less estrogen and/or some progesterone to balance it.
Susan in Pa

Pittston, PA

#103 Feb 10, 2012
MMW Georgia wrote:
<quoted text> Kelly, i just found this page today looking for leg pain side effects from Horm.pellets Estadiol 25mg & Testosterone 75mg I got them 3/15/11.i was told the pellets these would last 4 months.well 2 weeks after i started having leg pain first in leg nearest to inplants then both legs.i didnt associate this with the pellets at all at first just thought i might have done something to pull a muscle so i went to 1 a week massage treatments for 3 weeks no help there. when pain grew more intens. i started wondering if the pellets could have caused this so on 5//10/11 i went back to Dr for answers,{this was a new Dr I started seeing because i developed a Hypothyroid prob.i 11/2009, and other Dr.was a 2 hour drive one way i needed someone near. New Dr said she didnt think leg pain had anything to do w/ pellets. So she is doing blood work wth other test plus my usual thyroid tests. So since your reply to Lea stated that you and she had leg pain i thought maybe you 2 could let me know how longthis leg thing lasted for you both.i am really suffering from this i am having trouble even walkin now its gotten so bad.i worked out{cycled a LOT!!} before the thyroid thing took all my strengh away in 2009 and now this.Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated HELP!! Thanks MMW, Georgia
Georgia: I have been on the same pellets for about 2 yrs. My hips have been so stiff the last 6 mo. I wonder if something is seriously wrong w/ me.Mentioned it to my doc and he said see an Ortho guy. I work on my feet but have for years. Got massage and didn`t help either. I can`t workout like I used to and have since 1981. I feel great otherwise accept have trouble getting up early. Stay tired but uncer a huge amt of stress so that`s probably it. Can`t help but wonder if the incertion area has sometihng to do w/ it. Searching for answers.

Philadelphia, PA

#104 Feb 14, 2012
I have had two inserts and I do not feel any better. I believe it is a big ripoff. I go to HRC in Greenville, SC. The nurse said it may take up to a year to feel any results. Sure just in time for another year's payment. My Mother didn't raise a fool. I won't waste that much money again for nothing.

Philadelphia, PA

#105 Feb 14, 2012
I have to admit I did get something from the inserts. Pimples!! I've never had a problem with pimples in my life and I'm 57.

Scottsdale, AZ

#106 Mar 9, 2012
I got married in October and it seems the fall got away with me so it's been a while since I posted. I'm going to try to clear up a few things.

Sotto Pelle is a trademark that Dr. Gino Tutera gave his pellet business. He is located in Scottsdale, AZ. He "certifies" doctors pretty much anywhere with his "Sotto Pelle" method. I know he has helped many people, but I have some issues with his philosophy as does my doctor who is only a few miles away from him.

His philosophy is very low E (6-18, maybe 25mgs) and high dosages of T (100+). Many women I know don't do well with that. I am aware that if you are in natural menopause, higher levels of E may cause bleeding, so that is something to be dealt with.

I'm not very familiar with Armor Vie.

HRC has been discredited by the BBB for misrepresentation. The original doctor had his license put on probation. I would stay away from HRC at all costs. It's crazy to pay so much up front. Once they get your money, how do you know you'll get the right care? That being said, I do know of a married couple that went to one. Liked the pellets, didn't like the practice and changed when their year was up.

There are not that many pharmacies that make pellets.
Solutions Pharmacy makes pellets for Sotto Pelle and also for any doctor that chooses to use them.

Other pharmacies:
Bellevue Pharmacy: I know the owner and he is reputable and has made them for many years, training some of the other pharmacies too.

College Pharmacy: My doctor uses these.
Partel: I don't know much about them. I think they mainly sell in Nevada because of licensing.

There is one in Atlanta, but I can't remember the name right now.

I don't know of any insurance companies that cover the pellets, but most will cover the insertion fee if coded correctly.

Usually when someone has problems with the pellets, it's not the pellets, but the dosage. Also, the technique is important. My husband (I like saying that!) gets pellets and he was our family doctor's first ever pellet patient. He did fine!

Sue wrote:
I am also researching the Sotto Pelle vs the Amor Vie.
I looked up Better Bus Buro and found bad reviews on Amor Vie, but they were in Nashville, TN and I live in Indianapolis, IN. But I guess no matter where it happened, the patients were unhappy. The BBB gave the Amor Vie clinic in TN an "F" and cited patients' complaints as changes in voice, appearance of body and facial hair, etc.... ck it out by just searching amor vie on your search engine.
All of the previous posts list "pellets" but none of them listed what KIND of pellets and no reference to Sotto Pelle OR Amor Vie.
I had a consultation w Amor Vie and they wanted $2950 up front, no insurance was taken by their facility, I would have to file and see what happened.
When I called the Sotto Pelle ofc, they file all insurance and you pay $350 because some ins don't cover approximately that amt, so they seemed easier to get along with.
I am going to try something, just not sure which.
I would truly appreciate any info ANYONE has.

Scottsdale, AZ

#107 Mar 9, 2012
rgw wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know. Maybe my body has gotten use to it. My doctor has increased the dosage steadily but still no improvement.. My wife is not happy..nor am I.
It almost sounds like your estradiol is too high. When that happens, guys can get hot flashes, morning erections go away, libido can drop and orgasms difficult to achieve. I would get your Estradiol tested. If it's high, you can take Anastrozole. When my husband got pellets, at the 9 week post insert, his E was pretty high. He started taking Anastrozole and it dropped and things got back to where they were.


Scottsdale, AZ

#108 Mar 9, 2012
Nana01 wrote:
I have had two inserts and I do not feel any better. I believe it is a big ripoff. I go to HRC in Greenville, SC. The nurse said it may take up to a year to feel any results. Sure just in time for another year's payment. My Mother didn't raise a fool. I won't waste that much money again for nothing.
Nana...I'm sorry you are disappointed. What dosages did you get? Did you have labwork done? What are your symptoms? It's not the pellets, its the dosage. Now, saying HRC is a rip-off is something I totally agree with.

Loveland, CO

#109 Mar 10, 2012
RAQ wrote:
I am VERY interested in the pellets but am unable to find a Dr. Does anyone have and ideas about one in Wyoming or CO? I have tried a Google search but haven't had much luck. Any help would be appreciated!
Dr. De la torre at Allura skin and laser clinic in ft. Collins or johnstown. I've been going there for 4 months and love her! She uses them herself, as does her husband. I found her from an article in style magazine that my mom brought me. It's helped dramatically! A tiny bit of weight gain, but I'm a bean pole so that is actually good for me!

Loveland, CO

#110 Mar 10, 2012
Ladyjane wrote:
<quoted text>
Dr. De la torre at Allura skin and laser clinic in ft. Collins or johnstown. I've been going there for 4 months and love her! She uses them herself, as does her husband. I found her from an article in style magazine that my mom brought me. It's helped dramatically! A tiny bit of weight gain, but I'm a bean pole so that is actually good for me!
And it's the sotto pellets.

Gerton, NC

#111 Mar 16, 2012
I had the pellets inserted 4 days ago. I haven't felt any change yet. The Dr. said I could take a shower. He said not to do physical work for 2 to 3 days. I'm hoping they will help with my depression. My mind is in a fog a lot also. And I generally don't feel good. How long is it before they begin to work?

Aubrey, TX

#112 Mar 19, 2012
The pellets should not be inserted anywhere near your sciatic nerve. They are inserted in the upper outer portion of the buttocks/hip. It is true that people with less fat will be sore but a practitioner with experience can manipulate the soft tissue more gently causing less trauma.

Aubrey, TX

#113 Mar 19, 2012
Also, I have SottoPelle pellets, so does my husband, my mother, my aunt and some of my friends. I work for a physician who provides SottoPelle and herself has them, along with her husband. It can take the second or third insertion to see the full benefits of the pellets.

Macomb, OK

#114 Mar 27, 2012
Denise wrote:
Wow, I am shocked at how many of you seem to have had issues with the Pellets. I had a total Hyst.@ 38, that was five yrs ago. Tried HRT patches, creams and pills and I could just never get regulated. My SIL recommended the pellets otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it. I go in tomorrow for my 3rd set. Started Dec 2010. They saved my life. I get 125T- 25E. The procedure doesn't hurt- I notice a little tenderness for a few days. I can feel pellets if I press the site until it's about time to replace. No more night sweats/hot flashes. My libido is great. My moods stable. I have energy and sleep well. I haven't had a single negative issue and feel sad that it's hasn't worked like this for all of you. Four women in my family have great success with them ( we are in Oklahoma ) so, I guess it's like everything else," results may vary".
Are you using HRC in North OKC? I am using them, but am looking for someone that uses the Sollo Pellets. any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Goldsboro, NC

#115 Mar 27, 2012
I have been using sottopelle now for 6 mths. have great results except I have had gotten my period now twice has anyone else had this problem? The procedure was painful but I had been feeling so bad I guess I will have to endure it. What women have to do! Is anyone concerned about the risk of certain cancer?

Newark, DE

#116 Apr 17, 2012
waterwill13 wrote:
What some Women go through to hold-on to youth, or fight menopause symptoms. News Flash: our ovaries are shrinking, and they have expired. A physician will never insert anything inside ME! unless it is a regular pap exam.
it is quality of life that is important

Newark, DE

#117 Apr 17, 2012
It is the quality of life that is important to me not wanting to "hold onto youth." I want health and wellness and an ability to enjoy a life with vitality, health and feeling great!

Tyler, TX

#118 May 2, 2012

United States

#119 May 23, 2012
I too have recieved 3 inserts of pellets from HRC in San Antonio & unfortunately have had terrible results. I believe they are all about the money as certainly they have not tried to help me at all! I am post total hysterectomy and am feeling more tired, foggy headed & depressed than ever before. They are strictly a money making business & I am so regretful for wasting my time w/ them. I have an appointment w/ a more reputable Dr. & hope to be feeling better soon.
Nana01 wrote:
I have had two inserts and I do not feel any better. I believe it is a big ripoff. I go to HRC in Greenville, SC. The nurse said it may take up to a year to feel any results. Sure just in time for another year's payment. My Mother didn't raise a fool. I won't waste that much money again for nothing.

Sumrall, MS

#120 Jun 6, 2012
shelly wrote:
i got my first set of boosters thru HRC about a month ago.. i am having a terrible time!!! since getting them i have been in the E>R> twice.. MY blood pressure will just suddenly sky rocket, my heart starts beating very fast and i feel terribly fatigued a nd nauseated.. I am soooo upset.. i feel so sick and have had tests to rule out any heart issues , my regular family doctor is convinced it is the HOrmone pellets.. NOW ~ HOW DO I GET THEM OUT!!!! i cannot find that answer anywhere!! i am miserable.. I'd rather have the hot flashes and low labido then to feel like i am dying! I am only 44, had a total hysterectomy years ago and was praying this was the answer...IT IS NOT!!.. My anxiety is thru the roof, depression, my life is on hold because i cannot get past these awful side effects..
. I am sure after this length of time your pellets have long worn off; however, I did just have mine removed today. After 5 months, my estrogen level is still at 400 and my testosterone 180. Both way too high. My doctor still found 3 in when he removed them. Have had horrible problems on them! I was on thyroid medicine for many years prior to pellets & it was under control. Pellets caused my thyroid to become very off. I DO NOT recommend pellets. Can cause dangerous levels! Hope you are feeling better now!


#121 Jun 6, 2012
Have any males out there reported higher testerone levels after being on the pellets for awhile? My doctor said my testerone levels are 650 but it sure does not feel like it. I'm 59.

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