How does the Medically Needy Program ...

Fort Worth, TX

#630 Mar 26, 2012
ive been getting a pet scan every year sharecost has always paid now they will not im on disability worked all my life up until 2010 im 59 years old this so unfair i dont understand this i am a cancer surviver but need my pet scan i just dont get it if you ever worked you get no help

Tampa, FL

#631 Mar 28, 2012
You people need to wake up...If your share of cost is over $150 then buy major medical. If not, meet your SOC at the beginning of the month by buying your prescriptions and you will be transferred to regular Medicaid within a couple of days and any doctor or walk in that takes medicaid will be able to look you up on their computer by date of birth and SS#. Of course the system is flawed, and of course if your SOC is ridiculous and you have an expensive pre-existing condition you are screwed. Maybe its time to write your congressman so you can be even more pissed off when nothing happens. If health care in this country were perfect there would be one less thing to campaign on.
You can always move to Canada.

Grand Rapids, MI

#632 Mar 30, 2012
I live in Hillsborough having the same problem with no one wanting to take the share of cost. The only difference is I wish I had some of your share of cost my husband is the only one working we have 3 children and my share of cost is 3000.00 a month that's not a type o 3 thousand a month before they help insurance wouldn't cost us that much. So, you tell me if the system works.

Jacksonville, FL

#633 Apr 5, 2012
Patte wrote:
I had to go to the emergency room on the first and run up a $5500 bill, just to meet my SOC of $1290. Seems SO freakin' stupid to run up a huge bill when it would have been SO much easier to just keep us on regular would be better the taxpayers getting stuck with these unnecessary charges just to get my meds for the month!

Kissimmee, FL

#634 Apr 5, 2012 if our share of cost is over $150 (which most of us couldn't afford at even that price) we need to pay hundreds a month for medical insurance. Are you high?

Kissimmee, FL

#635 Apr 5, 2012
p.s. PRESCRIPTIONS DON'T COUNT if you're on Medicare, which most of us are. It's paid by Medicare Part B, so Medicaid doesn't count it as our expense.

Lakeland, FL

#636 Apr 6, 2012
It is not that simple for all of us and what Doctor charges $500.00 for a visit! Being sick is stressful and jumping through hoops every month to meet your share of cost is adding to your stress. Most doctors will not bill anymore they want the money upfront. If you pay your bill, then you are screwed...this is just NOT as simple as you say....lucky it works for you...but not for the rest of us... I know how it works and its still hard! For those of you who have Under $100.00 soc , some have said $5.00, please dont share that info.... the rest of us have outrageous Share of Costs! It is simple alright. It simply sucks!
Brad Saint Cloud Fla

United States

#637 Apr 6, 2012
Before I even spend hrs applying for this can anyone tell me if a single male 46yrs of age with a job can qualify for this? I am facing surgery and have no insurance and cant afford it out of pocket.

Tallahassee, FL

#638 Apr 7, 2012
My husband was on SSI - Medicaid, with everything paid, he has no way to work, with only 25% of his heart functioning. At age 62, it was required that he start getting his regular social security. Therefore, when the DCF "people" looked at the social security computer program it apppeared that he was not under SSI, and disabled. So they declined his (application) for Medicaid. Saying he isn't disabled, and social security makes the decision if he is disabled.? talking about a screwed up program. So after I lost it with them they were so kind and put him on the share of cost at $800 ? what Who has $800..someone should really investigate this whole program, guess there are no good guys left for us poor americans. No wonder people just die, they can't afford to eat and buy meds pay the electric bill, etc.

Deltona, FL

#639 Apr 12, 2012
Michelle wrote:
<quoted text>
Just fax or have you pharmacy fax meicaid cost of monthy RX refills even an alergy spray can cost that...mine is $1603 and I used to be able to meet the 971 with my meds but I had unemployment $1100 and child spt $700 so Im hoping next month I will have stright medicade as the limit is $2000 INCLUDING ASSESTS as in CARS...everyone that says they ONLY MAKE so much you MUST SELL any EXTRA CARS as they do DMV REGISTRATION CHECKS and include you CAR as an ASSET..they times you weekly income times 4.3 and then deduct like $300 for family of 3..I keep REAPPYing until they get the numbers right AS YOU CANT GET THRU ON 1800# BUSY 24/7
FOR ANYONE WITH REFILLS MONTHY RX HAVE PHARMACY FAX MEDICAID and BUY 3 days worth of MEDS sometimes Pharmancy will give 3days free until MEDICAD IS TURNED ON but know you have to do EVERY 1st MONTH
DONT PANIC and think its a DEDUCTABLE you have to pay OUT OF POCKET
for US that have a HIGH SHARE OF COST mine $1600 hit the EMERGENCY ROOM or ASK DOCTORS OFFICE to PRE BILL YOU or FAX to MEDICAID along with TEST LABS who bill you anyway then medicaid PAYS THEM!!!
HOPE this helps..there is AWAY AROUND IT!! I know it SUCKS and is STUPID BUT Thats why WE NEED TO VOTE and get involved in POLITICS!!
thanks for the info,I have copd and extreme alergies, the advair I take is'nt working what is the name of the alergy spray you are talking a/b.maybe I can get my doc to prescribe it.I have the SOC maidicaid this would help my copd and my share of costs. I now have been diagnosed with skin malenoma and no $ or doc to take me PLEASE give me advice and the name of the script for the alergies Please Thanks
Sylvia O

Tallahassee, FL

#640 Apr 12, 2012
How long does it take after you meet your share of cost for medicaid to start ?
#641 Apr 13, 2012
I live in Flagler county and only 2 doctors that take medicaid and of those 2 only 1 is taking new patience but wont see me until I meet my share of cost but how can I meet it if no one will see me?
Evelyn wrote:
I agree totally! I am having the same exact problem and it seems no one will help!
<quoted text>

Hudson, FL

#642 Apr 16, 2012
Evelyn wrote:
yeah well if that is true I'm in Lee County Cape Coral to be exact and I have called over 50 offices and they all tell me the same!
<quoted text>
maybe they can let us know what doctors do except it then talk about who needs to do some research we live in Hudson,fl. and are going through same situation a big run around and still nothing

Miami, FL

#643 Apr 17, 2012
Hi does anyone know of a doctor in miami FL that takes share of cost??????????

Daytona Beach, FL

#645 Apr 17, 2012
I recently fell (I'm disabled and use a cane) and I landed on my hand. I also hurt my leg and hip. I didn't dare go to the ER because I know what a hassle it is. I now have bruises and a lot of pain. I am on Social Security Disability but Medicare won't kick in until the 25th month AFTER I received my first check. My SOC is $1,920 and I know it's going to go up because of my husband has just started receiving VA disability pay (only 10%)
So, what do I do?
The finance officers at my local hospital make me feel like I'm trying to cheat the hospital and government when I try to get some help for blood tests and X-rays.
I've written to my eleceted representatives to complain about how much of this system is a waste. All they have to do is simplify it and put Medicaid in charge!

Lakeland, FL

#646 Apr 17, 2012
Florida is the worst state to live in if you need help! I am also on SOC. My daughter is on straight medicade. I live on $900.00 a month BEFORE I pay my bills. My SOC is $609.00 a month. The only way it works is if your medication adds up to your soc amount. If you go see your Doctor and have your prescriptions called in or you bring them to the pharmacy the same day, your soc is met within a couple of days and you will be straight medicaid for the rest of the month. And you have to do the same thing every month! If you dont meet your SOC you are out of luck. As one person stated, the only way around it is to go to the hospital. And yes, make the taxpayers,(whom I am sure was once you) pay! Its the worst system in the country! They told me a family can only make $241.oo monthly to have straight medicaid! Its horrible!!!! I am so happy my daughter has medicaid but what will she do without her MOTHER!!!! If I could afford it I would move out of this state and still may have to do this in order to stay alive with my health problems. Shame on the State of Florida! And to the person who said that the person must make a lot of money is an idiot!!!!!!!!!! They used to work for DCF??? How dare you! And I hope you are never in this position! Do you think we want to live like this! Its horrific and beyond stressful which makes you even sicker! Do the math!!!!!! God Bless us all!!!!

Since: Apr 12

Tampa, FL

#647 Apr 22, 2012
So if I go on the first of the month to my pharmacy and have them print out my monthly medicine bill which is over $645 I just fax that in and then I am open for the Rest of the month?

Miami, FL

#648 Apr 22, 2012
Kari the only one I know of if you mean regular MD is Dr. Garcia-Septien however if you don't meet it first, you have to pay out of pocket and submit the bill...

Jozie it usually takes 2-3 days after YOU fax it in..don't rely on the pharmacy to do it..they may not do it right away and then you have a wait! You will have to get the fax number from DCF yes that means hours of holding on the phone for someone provided they don't hang up after you were holding all that time but it is so much better that way

Clermont, FL

#650 Apr 25, 2012
How can my 4 daughters get approved for full medicaid and I cant. I have a share cost of $622.00. No job and single mom.

United States

#651 Apr 26, 2012
Kimberly wrote:
How can my 4 daughters get approved for full medicaid and I cant. I have a share cost of $622.00. No job and single mom.
Because you either own a car, a house, or have money in the bank. Are your receiving child support/alimony?(that's income) Welfare checks are also income. You can't own anything or recieve anything in order to get a -0- SOC. That's my experience. I'm seriously thinking about moving from Florida. My Medicare doesn't kick in until July 2013. My share of Cost is $1,920. I can't wait that long I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and have a cardiac condition.

Good luck and God bless

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