Charity walks can't do what governmen...

Charity walks can't do what government must

There are 28 comments on the The Morning Call story from Jun 10, 2008, titled Charity walks can't do what government must. In it, The Morning Call reports that:

I attended the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on June 7 at Liberty High School in Bethlehem.

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Emmaus, PA

#1 Jun 10, 2008
I'm so glad there are still Marxists among us. Too bad they have to destroy our society to achieve their warped ideals.
We have a $3TRILLION Federal budget - by far dominated by social spending.

What an insult to be ashamed of America's world-leading level of charitible giving.

Shame on the MC for giving prominent space to such irresponsible and demeaning opinions.

United States

#2 Jun 10, 2008
This is scary stuff.

How exactly does this utopian government get the money to do the things you speak of?

Tell the single mom that her kids school provides free books paid for by taxpayers...along with a free education, free breakfast and free lunch. Or she can go to the local library and get free books and free access to the internet for her kid paid for by the taxpayers.

Tell the young father, many young fathers don't even have a mortgage to pay, as they need to rent apartments before they can take out a mortgage to buy a home. He has to work two jobs? Big deal, my wife and I work a combined 5 different jobs. Most people need to work numerous jobs to become successful.

Allentown, PA

#3 Jun 10, 2008
Just this week, I lost a former co-worker of mine. She was age 31. Brain cancer does not discriminate based on age. She leaves behind a husband and son.

There is no doubt that Cancer is indeed a common menace that needs to be tackled. I also agree that more should be done in terms of federal aid. My greatest fear is that some drug company will cure Cancer, but charge us all $10,000 per pill.

What I do not share with you is your sentiment about just who is to blame. You talk about 'hanging the American flag upside down' due to the current administration's percieved focus on the rich. Why are we letting Congress off the hook? I bet it is easy to be a congressman right now. Just mess up and everyone will assume that George Bush messed up.

The fact is that GW will be out of the White House on January 20 of next year, but 500+ members of congress who stood idlely by for the last four years get off scott free.

One more note... Are you really trying to tell us that the founding fathers would support using federal money to fund Cancer research? Income tax in this country started as a one percent tax on the richest one percent of Americans. Just where do you think they would get the money for this?

Why not raise taxes on the rich or on corporations? This is the latest catch-all. The Democratic party is not even trying to hide the billions in new spending programs and taxes that they are advocating. We don't need more spending. We need better spending.
common sense

Allentown, PA

#4 Jun 10, 2008
Why not petition the ACS to spend some of their $1.23 BILLION in assets to actually do some good instead of lining the pockets of their administrators at the mercy of clueless but well meaning walkers, bakers, and candle lighters. How much of that 31 grand raised do you think went for scientific research???? NONE!
Just Saying

Allentown, PA

#5 Jun 10, 2008
First off the government's 1st priority is the government. Is that a bad thing? In many cases it is, in other's not so much.

That said, should all these so-called non profits, including mega-political inclined religious institutions be taxed by government and earmarked for these social programs?

Social minded people. You like that idea? I thought not.

Many giant mega $ non-profits pay their church and institutional leaders far more then most contributors earn themselves? Why should I funnel further taxpayer money into such institutions ?

For example..
The American Cancer society itself!'The American Cancer Society' is "The World's Wealthiest "Nonprofit" Institution". Example in one area, for every $1 spent on direct service, approximately $6.40 is spent on compensation and overhead.
Just Saying

Allentown, PA

#6 Jun 10, 2008
Cliffs Notes (4 those to lazy to read)

Of the members of the ACS board, about half are clinicians, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and basic molecular scientists— and most are closely tied in with the NCI. Many board members and their institutional colleagues apply for and obtain funding from both the ACS and the NCI.

The ACS has close connections to the mammography industry. Five radiologists have served as ACS presidents, and in its every move, the ACS reflects the interests of the major manufacturers of mammogram machines and films.

Cancer Drug Industry
The intimate association between the ACS and the cancer drug industry, with cur-rent annual sales of about $12 billion.

snowman Bath PA

Nazareth, PA

#7 Jun 10, 2008
It pains me that we expect the gonernments to take care of all our problems. We have a township giving money to seniors to go to a dinner theater. We have people getting free trips to camp because their parents are on relief(welfare)and can't send them. I worked for my camp and my college. I didnot receive free money for anything. Twice I could have declared bankruptcy but I contacted the lenders, explained it and worked and paid them all off. We have a bunch of people that use drugs and get AIDS, we are expected to do research for these jerks. I am all for giving drugs to combat AIDS in Africa, this is a humanitarian work, but research, that is why each of us gives to our preferred agency.I don't want the fling governments to give to charities that I may not support.
Joe Hilliard

Allentown, PA

#8 Jun 10, 2008
It is not the government's job to "take care" of people. For a simple reason: it is unaffordable.

After 60 years of taking care of people, EVERY American household owes $531,000 to local, state and federal governments. That is the I.O.U. so far. And, yet, liberals demand even more.......

How will all this be paid for? If you confiscated all the wealth of every millionaire in this country, it would run the federal government for 30 days.

How is that person who works two jobs going to come up with $531,000 over the next 30 years?

Government is TOO BIG and we cannot afford it. It isn't even a matter of choice or philosophical debate. It is a fact.
Senior Plus

Emmaus, PA

#9 Jun 10, 2008
Please note that this learned doctor conveniently left out how we pay for all of this. I suspect if you pressed Dr. Berman for an answer he will say, as many others do, end President Bush's war and use those funds. The fact that it is not realistic, matters little. Perhaps we could also use all of the billions we annually spend around the world in aid and assistance which has nothing to do with the Iraq war. My guess is that one of the first to cry foul would be Dr. Berman. No where did I see mention in this op-ed piece anything that suggests we take responsibility for our actions before we ask for our government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave. As for all of those nations who allegedly are doing so, how involved are they spending on global matters. I might also add how many U.S. citizens are flocking to those countries for all of those goodies

Allentown, PA

#10 Jun 10, 2008
The problem with Doctor Berman's comments is not what he says, but rather what he fails to say.

Since the mid 60's we have been spending ourselves silly trying to eradicate poverty, and we still have it. Government programs do not eradicate poverty. That does not mean we should end them, but we should stop pretending that if we just spend another 100 billion or 1 trillion, that poverty will disappear.


#11 Jun 10, 2008
Socialism is Communism in a hurry! When the government does everything for everybody, that is Socialism! When Barack Hussein Obama is the best we can do, that is tragic.
Jim F Allentown

Allentown, PA

#12 Jun 10, 2008
I have numerous relatives who have cancer, and a couple who died very young because of that dreaded disease.

Last year I participated in a cancer walk.

The government does not owe the citizenry a cancer cure. There has been great progress made, but still many victims die from cancer, and it is especially tragic if the person's life is abbreviated.

Nevertheless, there is nothing in the constitution that mandates the government support cancer care.
Caring Human

United States

#13 Jun 10, 2008
While I agree that the government cannot possibly fund every issue that falls upon each citizen, I do feel saddened after reading the comments on here. I participated in the Relay for Life event in Bethlehem this weekend and felt very inspired. I thought it was a life changing event and feel more empowered to help my fellow man/woman.

And to Snowman, you obviously aren't very educated as not everyone who has AIDS is a druggie jerk..

Way to show compassion, fellow humans!
Save the vegetables

Scranton, PA

#14 Jun 10, 2008
"It's time for us to tell Washington that we need better health benefits"

Scott Berman, MD, is a psychiatrist in Bethlehem.

No conflict of interest there huh Scott? Socialism isn't the solution, hard work is. Socialism does nothing but to create one class of citizens, the poor who become more and more dependent on the gubament who can exert more control over our lives.

It is time for change, it is time for people to take care of themselves and stop looking to the gubament for more and more handouts.

Doylestown, PA

#15 Jun 10, 2008
If libs gave from their own pockets they way they want to give from mine we wouldn't need the govt. And at least the redundant and stupid programs would disappear. That'll never happen with the govt handing out OUR money. LET ME DECIDE.

Mechanicsburg, PA

#16 Jun 10, 2008
The government ain't your mama! The charities give direct help in the communities where people live and know them. It's also helps with the feeling of helplessness when these tradgedies strike to help someone personally.
Tom G

Lansdale, PA

#17 Jun 10, 2008
I can't even express any sympathy to you because of the content of your letter..come're one of those RICH liberals that the dems like to deamonize..just pay more taxes like they want the rest of us in the middle class have been told we should do!
snowman Bath PA

Nazareth, PA

#18 Jun 10, 2008
I show my compassion by giving MY money to the charities I believe in and want to support. True, while most of the druggies that use needles get AIDS, they pass the disease on to normal people through contact or blood donations or sexual contact, but the government is still not responsible for finding the cure. I never held the government responsible for my mother's death. I did not sit there and say if we didn't pay the US government so much money, we might be able to give more to find cures. Get realistic.
Cancer survivor

Flushing, MI

#19 Jun 10, 2008
I agree with you. I am on the committee for Relay For Life and there is a lot more to Relay than the money aspect. It is a time to remember loved ones who passed away for cancer and to celebrate survivors. I believe that cancer survivors need to connect with each other and this is a perfect opportunity. It gives those who have been recently diagnosed hope when they see people who have beat cancer for many years despite what the Dr. told them. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 7 years ago and given 6 months to live. The American Cancer Society was there for me with all of the services that they provide and were just a phone call away. I had so many questions and fears about treatment. I went to their website and got information that I would not have known about without ACS. The first line of defense against cancer is screening and advocacy. I am one of the blessed people who lived through cancer and I am going to do everything in my power to help the millions of people who have been and will be told those words "You have Cancer."

“I like pizza”

Since: Nov 07

Bethlehem Pennsylvania

#20 Jun 11, 2008
This article approved by Barrack Obama.

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