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Tuscumbia, AL

#1 Feb 28, 2012
Okay, I am 18 years old and at my whits end with everything, and becoming very depressed.

First off, my mother was diagnosed with Lyme about 10 years ago and was treated successfully.

Recently (about 3 months ago) I had been having and pelvic pain (only an 18 year old male), also stomach pains. I went to my doctor and he ran a bunch of tests and said I have mono.

I have also been pretty socially anxious throughout my whole life, and was always extremely irratiable as a child.

Now I am starting to get joint pain in my knees, always feeling tired all the time, sharp random/shooting pains all over body, in chest and underarms especially. sometimes I feel a bit of a rapid or faster heartbeat.

I have extreme anxiety about everything now (worse than usual), I also have problems getting to sleep, a white coat on tongue?, bad constipation, sometimes my eyes feel really dry or bug me, sometimes i see floaters, and sometimes I get tingling/numbness in my arms and legs. Brain fog. also I get very light headed at time. And have swollen lymph Nodes in neck and groin for months.

I also have a random sharp pain in my left shoulder blade that will come for about a day or so and then pass.
A few weeks ago i felt as if all of my skin had a sunburn on it, when my clothes rubbed on legs, arms, and stomach/chest, it felt like a sunburn would, but there was no Redness/rash? For one random night I had burning in both calves at the same time that was there when i went to sleep and gone when i woke up.(my mother said she had burning in calves with her Lyme)

I also have long hair.. And I notice that whenever I wash it.. More and more seems to fall out . My shower drain gets completely clogged once a week now.

Also my whole life I've walked on my toes.. I had to have surgery on my Achilles tendons when I was 15 due to this.(read someone with long term lyme who said they had this)

All these other symptoms have just started to come during a very stressful time, during my first semester of college. I have not had a good diet (typical of a college freshman) and also i went through some very sad and stressful family stuff this semester before symptoms started.

Basically, my doctor just said I have mono and it will pass.. That was Months ago. I think it's something else.. Possibly Lyme??

Please If you think you can help. Let me know what you think. I am becoming very depressed and sad. I am only 18 and feel like my quality of life has all the sudden gone.

Coppell, TX

#2 Feb 29, 2012
I am sorry for your recent troubles. Alot of things can cause the symptons you are having. Lyme disease is one of them, but the white tongue sounds like candida. Candida is a yeast that we all have in our body but during times of stress and poor diet it can cause symptons. Traditional doctors dont really look at this. You would need to see a naturopath for this. The only lab that would be the best for testing for tick borne diseases would be IGenex in California. Be persistent there is no reason why a 18 year old young man should be experiencing all this.

Is your mother able to help you? Your doctor will need to sign for the test be done after you order it. At least then you will know if its part of the equation and getting your health back. Hope this helps.

Far Rockaway, NY

#3 Mar 10, 2012
Foutzman, get yourself to another doctor....if you are in school, see if your school's health department can help. If you are working but don't have enough money, ask your local county health department or social services organization for medicaid help and referrals. You need a 2nd or 3rd professional opinion and don't be afraid to try to get it.

Monroe, NC

#4 Mar 14, 2012
hey foutzman,
it sounds like a combo of candida- which thrives inlow immunity situations,viral, and toxins...
you are probably also very low in amino acids as viruses use this to mulitiply and low aminos can cause anxiety... here's some suggestions for you:
Takuna (antiviral) from nutramedix-
1 drop 2/xday am and pm in 2oz ofwater.. add a drop every day until you are up to 15 drops 2x/day
Burbur detox (helps wdetox reactions) 5-10 drops 2/xday in water 15 mins after each dose oftakuna.
Greens Mix (from premier research labs) 1/4-1/2 tsp in water or juice will detox organs and help give u criticial aminos and minerals which the body needs to transport nutrients. Code is prl for10% off and for code to order.
Digestzyme(transformation enzyme)(aids in digestion andwill help w stomach and gut issues) take 1-2 capsules w each meal
HMF Forte (pharmax)will help to rebalance intestinal flora and will assist with yeast issues. 1 capsule in am and 1 at bedtime.
SBNC (1 capsule in am w food) should help w stress and anxiety (pain and stress center carries this)
let meknow if you have anymore??:) Blessings-John 10:10
p.s u canget everything here-

Since: Feb 12

Pittsfield, MA

#5 Apr 2, 2012
hey please PLEASE watch this movie its on netflix but its all about lyme disease and how doctors are turning people away it has a lot of great info and the best doctors thatbecause the IDSA which are the authors who wrote the guidelines for lyme disease say that there is no such thing as CHRONIC lyme disease. And if you don't already know lyme disease WILL KILL YOU if it goes untreated. So please watch UNDER OUR SKIN get a hold of it how ever you must i dont not know much about the disease myself beacuse i do not have it but i came across this movie and after i watched it feel the need to help these people beacuse this is a EPIDEMIC that people are over looking ! I hope you find the help you need u can write me if you need someone to talk to

Paris, France

#6 Apr 26, 2012
Hi Foutzman,

You also have Lyme and you better take 72 hour Sodium Chloride treatment working up to 7gms a day with lots of water to kill Bacteria and flush out the dead bacteria and its toxins. Repeat every 2 weeks.Then take high doses of Vit C to heal your body (not before sleeping)Take Vit B complex with Inositol for frayed nerves and good quality Cod Liver Oil for aching articulations. Buy organic Muesli, sardines in olive oil, make FRESH juices with carrots,oranges,cabbage,black radish,lemon,ginger. Listen to your body; if you are tired; sleep and do not take coffee. If you are hungry, eat what you like but not sugar rather honey or dried organic fruit. If you are depressed; imagine what you will do when cured! After all you are 18 and you can kill this bacteria. Bacteria hates salt and history has proven this with the elites inventing heavy salt taxes to control the revolting poor. Think about the Salt taxes in ancient China, Europe, and recently 1940's in India and Gandhi's anti salt tax march against the British....Study the past to face the future and the best of luck.

Onalaska, WI

#7 Apr 30, 2012
You need to see another doctor. They are not rocket scientists, just people and they miss things everyday. You know you and you know something isn't right. Don't stop until you get an answer to your problems, could be a lot of thins, lupus, lymes, allergin, many things have similar symptoms, but you can't help yourself until you find the problem and then you can work on fixing it. You know what they say, "the squeaky wheel getss the grease" Anotherwards keep making a stink about it until someone helps you and you will get cured. good luck
yolanda wolfel

Lexington, KY

#8 May 14, 2012
In 1990 I had about 65 symptoms from flu-like, severe headache for 6 months, bell's palsy , stiff neck almost going into meningitis, short-term memory loss, getting lost in my small town, falling, walking into walls,did not recognize names of family and friends, poor handwriting, floaters with my eyes,allergies I never had before, could only sleep 2 hours a day ( my husband was sleeping 18 hours a day )- he also had it.With all these symptoms the local emergency room drs. thought I WAS A HYPOCONDRIAC WHO WAS SEEKING ATTENTION !!!! THEREFORE I WAS SENT TO THE MENTAL WARD OF OUR LOCAL HOSPITAL !! My husband and I have CHRONIC LYME DISEASE for the past 23 years!I have the NORTH CENTRAL PA. LYME DISEASE SUPPORT & INFORMATION . PENNA.LEADS THE NATION WITH THE MOST CASES OF LYME DISEASE.check out lyme action -pa. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS.

Lipno, Poland

#10 Feb 26, 2015
#3.1/#3.95B in book. The.Luciferian.Doctrine (i.e. The.Most.Important.Knowledge.Y ou.would.Ever.Read.Implement.a might be the answer to your problems [100% Lyme annihilation, confirmed].vvvw1

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