Law Would Allow Risky Treatment For L...

Law Would Allow Risky Treatment For Lyme Disease

There are 202 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Jun 18, 2009, titled Law Would Allow Risky Treatment For Lyme Disease. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

The General Assembly passed an ill-considered bill concerning the treatment of Lyme disease, which Gov.

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Cranbury, NJ

#177 Jun 22, 2009
Apparently not. It would seem that my post has been lost.

To sum up, less diplomatically:

I really wish that these "almighty" physicians would stop diagnosing people that they've never met, examined, reviewed the clinical history/lab results for.

You can no better diagnose someone as not having Lyme disease by some posts on the internet than you can just by looking at them.

Why do these doctors feel the need to say such hurtful, hateful things and direct them at anyone and everyone who may have an opinion that differs from their own.

One would not expect such juvenile behavior from accomplished medical "professionals". It's these repeated public displays of such behavior, like that which we witness here, that damages the credibility of their profession.

There used to be a time when someone could see the letters "MD" following a persons name and have a much more positive, trusting expectation of the manner in which they would be treated.

Gone are the days of being able to trust a physician's judgment until he/she makes a mistake. There are a few physicians out there who still deserve that respect and it's a shame that they often need to prove themselves before earning the trust of their patients.

They can thank Dr's like Gary Wormser for the fact that physicians, in general, are now often thought about much like used car salesmen and attorneys.

Unfortunately it seems that the doctors who subscribe to Dr. Wormser's clairvoyant method of diagnosing tick-borne illness far outnumber those that are willing to actually conduct a serious clinical evaluation.

Incidentally, Dr. Wormser, wouldn't your local medical board frown upon you publicly conferring a diagnosis on a patient you've never examined? I believe that you owe her an apology for your insults.

You really should try to be a bigger man. Even if you claim that she has some form of psychological or psychiatric illness, is it right for a physician to call her names and publicly insult her?

Odessa, MO

#178 Jun 22, 2009
AliG wrote:
I forgot to mention that I had positive co-infection tests. Eventually a fully "CDC positive" Western Blot and SPECT indicative of Neurological Lyme Disease.
I also had Bb specific bands positive on my Western Blots from the IDSA accepted labs, early on when my co-infection tests were also positive.
It wasn't until after addressing the coinfections that the WB became fully positive. I see no mention of an explanation for this in those IDSA guidelines.
I guess a physician would have been "safe" to assume that my non-CDC-positive WB meant that I was just feigning illness.
Would that be accurate Drs Wormser and Zemel?

Is this the post you were talking about?
Explaination Mark

Brewster, NY

#179 Jun 22, 2009
perhaps here and now is the right time to re-post this link....
please do not comment on this post until you have read the file located here... and remember we do not all live in Disney World... the most magical place on earth....
Dottie L Heffron

Sikeston, MO

#180 Jun 22, 2009
Please go and see the patents many of the IDSA/CDC personnel own,and how they narrowed the disease defination of Lyme to profit off the sick and dying.
View LymeCryme Overview PowerPoint presentation:
EMPOWER yourself, EMPOWER others...
Dr. Zemel, you may want to stay tuned to Lyme Crymes new powerpoint(due out in several days)...your one of the stars*

Cranbury, NJ

#181 Jun 22, 2009
Ann wrote:
<quoted text>
Is this the post you were talking about?
No Ann, thank you though. For some reason, the post seems to have disappeared. That one was an afterthought which was sort of out of place without the forethought.

I had typed the numbers in the image and yet it still vanished.
Zemel Caused My Pain

Storrs Mansfield, CT

#182 Jun 22, 2009
I am a 20 year old who saw Dr Zemel when my diagnosed Lyme Disease did not clear up after 3 weeks of Amoxycillin. My parents were told he was an expert on Chronic Lyme Disease.
He did a spinal tap on me and told me if it was positive I'd be put on six weeks of IV antibiotics. The spinal tap was CDC negative.
He seemed very compassionate at the time, and most certainly indicated he believed in Chronic Lyme. However he ignored all my signs and symptoms as well as the Lyme specific bands in my spinal fluid. They may not have met the numbers the CDC required but they were totally Lyme specific.
Not knowing any better, my parents shrugged their shoulders and didnt' know what to do as I spend my high school years sleeping most of the time and in constant pain. I could not tolerate any light or sound, was irritable and depressed.
I couldn't graduate high school. Now I have, all these years later, finally seen a doctor who understands Chronic Lyme Disease. My tests now ARE CDC positive, all these years later. My SPECT scan and MRI show significant neurological damage. I have tested positive for Bartonella and Babesia too.
I can only begin to imagine the long term damage to my body due to Zemel's misdiagnosis of me. I am a living, breathing example of a young person whose life he destroyed. I am trying now to pick up the pieces as I, after all these years, finally begin proper treatment for what is now Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease.
It didn't have to be this way. You could have treated me, Zemel. I had the rash and a positive test when I was first infected. Nothing changed after 3 weeks of antibiotics and I just kept getting worse and worse. You saw Lyme specific bands in my spinal fluid.
You ruined my entire high school and teenage years. I couldn't graduate. My Lyme Disease is so far advanced now that I will probably never be able to completely get rid of it.
I am sure I am only one of your victims of self serving medical practice. Sadly most of the children you have turned away probably don't even know what is really wrong with them.
Timothy Grey

Traverse City, MI

#183 Jun 22, 2009
Rita Marie Borgeson wrote:
Governor Rell, PLEASE sign this bill.
When the world, finally, figures out what these men have done... I cannot imagine.
I think we've eaten enough cake on this one... Its time to storm the Bastille.

I actually spoke with Dr Philip Baker this morning. He is now the head of the ALDF ,a former NIH, NIAID, US Department of health and Human services, Public health Services the branch of the CDC that ran the horrific Tuskegee experiments

He is outspoken on the "fact" that no one has ever died from Lyme

He is outspoken on the "fact" that chronic Lyme does not exist.

He used the phrase "chronic Lyme" in conversation at least three times before I asked him o explain his use of that term.... If he doesn't believe in it why does he reference it?

He fumbled for an answer and found none.

I then told him of my sister Lori Hall-Steele, who died of Lyme on November 19 2009. He said it wasn't scientific. I asked him how many Lyme patients he had personally treated, the answer ZERO, not one...

he is in charge of every lyme patients fate, and I hold him Allen Steere, Worsmer and all the other bastards personally responsible for my sisters death...

Since: Jun 09

East Haddam, CT

#184 Jun 22, 2009
WHY doesn't anybody sue these murderers?

The suffering they have caused, the lies they have told... for money, patents, ego, inability to back down... Why has no one held them accountable, in any way?

I don't get it. WHY?

Salem, MA

#185 Jun 22, 2009
Long term antibiotic use with probiotics and herbal support saved my life and tens of thousands others. Please learn the facts from the lyme disease assocition, ILADS or Chronic lyme patients. Completely Paralyzed and Unable to speak 3 years ago I would not be here if there weren't Lyme Literate MD's as every hospital in Boston told me it was in my head and sent me away! Paralyzed and unable to speak! Yes being told I had fibromyalgia for 13 years or so was a joke. It's time you learned from the best so please do.
Michael Massachusetts

Boston, MA

#186 Jun 22, 2009
Just to clarify some issues for everybody. Dr. Wormser and I spoke via E-mail. He did not comment on this news article nor the article from TheDay. Someone is impersonating him.


Spirit Lake, IA

#187 Jun 22, 2009

thank you for the update on your conversation with the REAL GARY WORMSER.

to newspaper monitor/editor,

I am asking you why you allowed no. 62 to be POSTED that YOU DELETED, since it has potential legal implications.

I am asking your newspaper to allow ME space in the print news to put in an opinion educational piece on chronic Lyme disease.

Thank you since I was personally attacked by libel here online.:)


i am pursuing this with you for LEGAL action on the impersonator.

you have my email address,

please send me the IPS ADDRESS of the violator no. 62 that YOU REMOVED.

BTW, your newspaper has NO CONTACT ME location or form; extremely hard to get in touch with you folks! can you fix that in the near future so it's user-friendly for all? big thanks!

Iowa lyme activist
Michael Massachusetts wrote:
Just to clarify some issues for everybody.

Dr. Wormser and I spoke via E-mail.

He did not comment on this news article nor the article from TheDay.

Someone is impersonating him.

Ali G

Cranbury, NJ

#188 Jun 23, 2009

There is a link for feedback below ( #)

Perhaps that may be helpful to contact someone from the Topix forum.

I don't believe this forum is actually part of the newspaper. see:

I'm sorry that you've had to deal with such upset. Sometimes people can be so cruel.

Twin Lakes, WI

#189 Jun 23, 2009
BettyG, Don't let this man get you down. Look at it this way, wow did you get his attention. Everyone just got to witness how defensive he was. You know what they say, Thou Dost Protest Too Much...

Spirit Lake, IA

#190 Jun 23, 2009

i tried your 2 suggestions:

1st link feedback; every MANDATORY thing was complete plus my text LESS THAN 2000 characters, i entered 4 digit no., it will NOT go. it keeps saying it needs something else!

2nd link has a contact us, but isn't working. i'll try later; some server problem there.

thanks for above links so i can get my request to the CORRECT PEOPLE who make these decisions!! big thanks my friend.

iowa lyme activist
Patsy Mclamb

Raleigh, NC

#191 Jun 23, 2009
If you havnt had lyme disease you shouldnt say it should not be treated with anything that helps. For one year I had to beg and would have stolen antibotics (me an RN who knows the score on antibiotics and only took them once for pneumonia.)I was treated with contempt by Drs I saw.
I contracted lyme in a 7 story apartment building in the middle of town in Eastern NC.Woman down the hall with late stage lyme still had her tick carrying dog She doesnt accept her illness. Some people think I am a nut case even some of my friends (Igenix Western Blot positive)
Now I have a lyme literate Dr in a nearby town who treats me. It is expensive.but was lucky to have found him.
I know of people who go to Dr Jemsek in SC ( He lost his license in NC!!) He treats late stage Lyme with IV antibiotics it beats the alternative. I continue to have symptoms and continue to take antibiotics,

Spring Lake, NJ

#192 Jun 23, 2009
Thank you Governor Rell, on behalf of tens of thousands of Lyme sufferers and their families, for signing the Lyme Bill into law.

It shows you are an enlightened, intelligent, compassionate person, who is able to see through the smoke screens of corrupt and ignorant so-called "experts".

These "experts" have been responsible for the horrific suffering of many, in what can only be described as a public health disaster.

With this law, I believe we will now see more doctors willing to treat Lyme, doctors that accept insurance, and who aren't afraid to continue treatment until the patient is well.

I hope you will now consider replacing your Public Health Commissioner Dr. Galvin, who fought tooth and nail against this bill. His management of the Lyme pandemic in this State has been disastrous.

Thank you again for signing this bill.

Denver, CO

#194 Jun 23, 2009
To the politicians of CT who signed the bill...

I dont know if anyone can ever thank you enough. Many who suffer with this loose faith and hope not only in doctors, but in the government...

By signing this, there is restored Faith...Faith that politicians can and will listen...that they can do what they have been elected to do - to do what is right by/for the have restored Hope...Hope for a better chance at getting our lives back, so we can be productive members in society as a whole...

You have Raised and Set the Bar here. Other politicians state by state need to take notice and follow suite. Certainly, many will use CT as an example, and others will have no choice but to listen...

A Monumental Feet in the Battle of the Truth about Lyme...

Forever thankful!

Rockville, MD

#195 Jun 23, 2009
I have been diagnosed with chronic Lyme by 3 reputable doctors. 5 months ago I was basically bed ridden, in misery, unable to work - even after 2 months of "standard" IDSA treatment. After being prescribed a regimen of strong anti-biotics I am 90% better so far. Had Dr. Zemel (above editorial writer) had his way I would now be unemployed, still bed-ridder, and hopeless.
Kemo is dangerous. The alternative is certain death. Instead of condemning doctors who try to hep us - you should get busy studying, and learning how to treat chronic Lyme.
I praise the legislature for UNANIMOUSLY passing the bill, and the Governor for signing it.
Michael Massachusetts

Boston, MA

#197 Jun 23, 2009
Anonymous in Philadelphia, PA, are you a physician?

-- Michael
Wakeup Folks

Brewster, NY

#198 Jun 23, 2009
look into
LAB 257
Written by "Michael Christopher Carroll"

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