my soninlaws stage 4 lung cancer miracle
Mary Ann

Indiana, PA

#22 Jun 16, 2007
Beth wrote:
My brother in law is StageIV nsclc. He is suffering daily with pain. Recently he was discovered with a tumor in his abdomen and will resume chemo treatments. He has just finished 38 radiation treatments. Please help me pray for him. He doesn't know the Lord and God is the only one who can help him
My Husband is 52 yrs. old and was diagnosed in March with Stage IV NSCLC w/mets to Adrenal Gland and lymph nodes in abdomen. He has had so many problems....multiple blood clots and a stroke that affected his left peripheral vision and he is miserably in pain.....They told him he was not able to have radiation, just chemo.....he had is 6th chemo(carbo and gemzar) and had to have a blood transfusion once a week since all this has started.....and still has no energy whatsoever!!! His quality of life is not there and hasn't been since March....I don't know what else to do!! We will find out Wednesday(6/20) the results of his CAT Scan on Monday and I am praying for some good news....but really scared because he has not done very well through all of this..... Please say prayers!!! And I am praying for your brother-in-law....This is such a terrible disease!!!! along with other forms of cancer!!!!

Stanwood, IA

#23 Jun 20, 2007
My bro-in-law had just been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in his lungs. Everything they tested for was the opposite-- when they did surgery to remove the lower left part of his left lung. They want to wait a mo. for treatment to begin to be sure he is recovered sufficiently. However at surgery they determined the mass was twice as large as they thought and was in some lymph nodes as well. He has a team of 3 dr. and each come in the room and tell them something diff. putting them thru hell----each time. He is in terrible pain presumably from the surgery---what will waiting another mo. be???? He's just 60 and has always been a smoker. This is so hard.

Stanwood, IA

#24 Jun 24, 2007
My bro-in-law has just returned home after being diagnosed with sm..cell cancer of the lung. It was also in one lymph node. They removed the lower left lobe of his left lung.
He is very tired all the time. He seems to have fair oxygen flow and doesn't have to have oxygen. He is trying to walk to build up his strength. They won't start treatments for another mo. yet. Is this usual?? Are we losing time by waiting this long??? Tho- they want him to be healed from the surgery. We're so worried and need a lot of prayers. thank you.
Valarie Sutton WV


#25 Jul 8, 2007
I am researching this Adenocarcinoma stage 4 and ran across this site. The power of love overwhelmed me and I had to take a moment and tell each and everyone of you that there are prayers from all over this world for the spirits that have been broken due to this evil disease. It grims my heart to know that out of all the technology in this world that nothing can be done about these types of diseases. I have a son whom is very ill. A lymosol disease. It is not cancer but just as dark. I am just a country girl with a big heart and I assure you that my prayers are with each and everyone of you throughout your days journey. God Bless you all!
Marcie Huntington UT

Huntington, UT

#26 Jul 15, 2007
My heart hurts for all who are suffering from cancer. My near and Dear friend was diagnosed with I don't know its name"CANCER" 6 months ago. Turns out she had cancer for the past 5 years and didn't even know it. The saddest part is she was not feeling well a few years ago, but had no insurance and just continued going to work in spite of how she was feeling. She is now in stage 4 does that mean the end? She has a mass on both lungs, kidney,and lymphoid. Tumors on her neck,chest and head. She is weighs 95lbs and is doing all of the treatments. She just started some CANCER pill it gave her a horrible blistering rash on her face. She is starting more treatment on the tumor on her head she will have to drive 120 miles every day for 2 weeks. Is this worth it. My heart hurts for her terribly. I know there is always hope and prayer, but the treatments have made her so ill,weak and frail. Just looking for some answers or comfort I suppose. God be with all who are suffering, and those fighting for their life.


#27 Jul 23, 2007
Tim wrote:
I am sorry I said luke I ment John Chapter 11 Thank you.
Thank you for giving us a reminder of the true reason for our hope. My uncle just was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was told he has 6 to 12 months. It is sad that we will not have him with us in this life much longer, but our hope is in the Lord. And we look forward to being with Him forever in heaven. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. In all things. Amen

Houston, TX

#28 Jul 25, 2007
I came across this site today. I am so sorry for those of you with loved ones suffering from cancer or its affects. My sweet father passed away in May 2007 from lung cancer as well. It was heartbreaking to watch him suffer. It's a horrible killer and I pray someone will soon find some better ways to help the victims. I took care of my dad in my home only the last two weeks of his life as he was in a nursing home for six months after diagnosis. I will pray for all its victims. May the peace of God comfort you during the difficult days.

Cincinnati, OH

#29 Aug 13, 2007
hi everyone...i'm deeply saddened to read of all the people with the same cancer as my soninlaw...i know this might sound vruel but i must say how i feel about lung cancer treatment when its stage 4....stage 4 is the end that point all i saw the treatment to for my soninlaw was kill him..he only lived 5 months after diagnosis so i only regret that he started any treatment at hindsight...quality is sometimes much netter than quantity..his last 5 months of life were hell on earth...maybe if he hadnt done any treatment he would have still only lived 4 or 5 months but he might have been able to spend them playing with his son instead of at a hospital with chemo and radiation going in his body and making him so sick and weak most days he didnt even know his baby son was not trying to be cruel ..just realistic...refusing treatment would be hard to do...but i sure wish he had refused now that i know what i know..and how it an prayers to you all ...cheryl

New Port Richey, FL

#30 Aug 20, 2007
My mother was diagnosed with Stage IV small cell lung cancer in July. The first tumor was found in June but by the time they ran all of the tests, it was mid July before she was actually diagnosed. It has spread to her liver, thyroid, adrenal gland, and bones. She actually felt well until the end of July and she is very, very, sick now. She went for one round of chemo that I thought would kill her. I have to say I agree with Cheryl. We have called Hospice and they are like angels. They come, make sure my mother has everything she needs to be comfortable - bed, wheelchair, oxygen, walker - you name it. Even her meds are delivered right to her door. I wish my mother never took the chemo - it was a nightmare and she's been throwing up for three weeks since she's had it. I'm heartbroken to see my once vibrant mother so sick and in so much pain - SO FAST!!! In June she was babysitting, going on vacation and enjoying life and then within one month she is incapacitated. She's 67 years old. We are told that she doesn't have much more than 1 month left. Maybe not even.

Cheryl, my heart breaks for your daughter and her baby. Sometimes life can be so unfair. I hope she can someday be happy again. No one deserves to go through what she's had to endure.

My advice to people - call Hospice. Do not wait. Hospice can be a great asset to help patient live with cancer.

Cincinnati, OH

#31 Aug 22, 2007
hi lee, i love hospice....but i still stand by wishing my soninlaw had refused any treatment...i'll pray for you and your dad also died of lung was horrible...again..the chemo killed him...i pray if i ever get it i have the strength to just say no to treatment...hospice is takes special people to work hospice...if you or a loved one has terminal cancer or any terminal them..they are angels sent from heaven to us....i'll pray hard for you and your mother...may god have mercy on both of you..

United States

#32 Aug 30, 2007
My mother passed in 2000 with nsclc stage 3b she was only 50,my father in law passed in 2002,he was only 59 with the same,now my mother in law was justed diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4,i am just in shock,that there is not some kind of test or something to look for it,it seems like they always find it in the later stages.Treatments seems to make them go down hill faster then before they were even diagnosed.Please pray for my mother in law thanks alot.


#33 Aug 31, 2007
My father was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer a few weeks ago. He is starting chemo and radiation next week. He is 63 and has smoked for many, many years. I am devastated and cannot fathom life without my father (I am 42 with 2 small children) I have been searching the internet for the "miracle cure" and it is hopeless. They are going to give him another scan after 2 mths of treatment, if the tumor is not shrinking they will not continue with the chemo, which leaves what? only the worst thing I can imagine. My father is my everything, yes my husband and children all into that, but my DAD is just special. I am the oldest and can't imagine life without my one constant.(My mom is my best friend too) So...I dont really know what I'm asking - maybe I'm just writing. If anyone knows of anything we could try (we've asked if there are any trials and they said not at this time - we are located in Boston) please let me know. Thank you for listening. My prayers are with all of you.

Brainerd, MN

#34 Sep 3, 2007
My Father just passed away on Aug 22 2007 of Stage four lung cancer. I too wish he had never done radiation or chemo. I feel that it shortened his life tremendously. He was only diagnosed four months ago. While on Chemo he couldn't eat as everything he put in his mouth tasted foul. He couldn't go to the bath room either. It was terrible to see him lose his hair and just want to sleep all the time. He was only 53 years old. I always thought he would be here to watch my son grow and then in a matter of months it was all over. I do believe that the DR's were trying their best to help but I think they made a lot of errors as well. My Dad was only going in for fluids and ended up in ICU not to come home the next day. All through the night they kept telling us he was fine....we got a phone call at 4:15 am saying he was gone.
You always think there will be a tomorrow but please don't take one day for granted if your loved one is dying of this terrible disease.

Boca Raton, FL

#35 Sep 25, 2007
My wife was just diagnoused with Stage 4 lung cancer (Adrinocarcinoma)It was only found due to a Brain tumor with was removed Sept 7th.Now they have found it orginated in the Right lung and is also on the adrinal Gland,Liver and lyphm Noids in the center of her chest. She is scheduled for whole brain Radiation and radiation of specfic areas along with Chemo therepy.She is 5'2" 112 pounds. I'm not sure she can withstand all these treatments Can anyone tell me what to expect?


#36 Sep 29, 2007
my gran has just had an got her results of her x ray, they say she is riddled with stage 4 lung cancer. we're waiting for her broncoscapy results-if she wants to get them. my grans 72, and tiny, shes looking more frail by the day. maybe its just the stress. all she does is sleep. im 18and have been living with her since i was 5, she is everything to me. i dont know what to act like or feel. sometimes i break down, but its only for a few seconds, then im fine, its hard to feel anything. what can i expect? what can i do?
im so sorry for anyone who has lost someone close, or is going through this horrible filthy thing. i hate it.

Cleveland, OH

#37 Oct 6, 2007
I believe also, there is a cure for cancer, but if brought out, it would put thousands of people and Dr's out of work

Cleveland, OH

#38 Oct 6, 2007
I have a very dear friend, an old boy friend I;ve met up with after 50 years, and we thought we could have a nice relation ship, and in July he was diagonised with stage 4 lung, liver and bone cancer, and also in him lymph nodes. he was undecided as sto take chemo or not. He said he wanted quality of life now, more than quanity. But everyone wants to live as long as they can, and he oppted for chemo. He has only had one treatment, had his head shaved, and food don'td taste good, but he is getting some of his appetite back. But tired a lot. A;; I do do is pray for him and be there to help if I can. It took his Dr's 1/12 to 2 years to find outd what was wrong with him, Why??? He takes care of his healstdh and treats whatever is wrong, budt they could'ndt find that???MONEY as far as I am concerned.

North East, MD

#39 Oct 22, 2007
My aunt, age 73, non smoker (exposed to second hand smoke much of her life), diagnosed with Stage 4 NSC lung cancer in Feb 2007. She's been on Tarceva since initially diagnosed with great results. The facial rash disappeared after a few weeks, as did the dryness of her scalp. She has some side effects with the bowels, but there has been NO GROWTH at all of the many tumors in her lung. She is not a candidate for surgery and her oncologist felt Tarceva would not compromise her lifestyle as Chemo and Radiation would. I'm pleased to report that the Tarceva seems to be working and would suggest other NSC patients discuss with their physicians. I understand chemo for lung cancer is the most debilitating form of chemo. I have had two 'smoking' male relatives pass to lung cancer very quickly after being diagnosed, and my dad who passed to bladder cancer after six months of chemo, also caused by years of cigarette smoking. We can all assist in the eradication of this horrible illness by making annual donations to the American Cancer Society. Tarceva is a very new drug with great results, the money donated to the ACS aids in the development of the new drugs and techniques needed to fight the battle.

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Nov 5, 2007
Nothing is impossible with God. I'm praying for everyone on this board who is struggling or has a loved one struggling with cancer.

I am totally in Cheryl's camp that we should have found a cure for cancer ages ago.

Some estimate that it will take $200 billion to find a cure. We've spent $400 billion on the Iraq war.

We need to fund an independent private group with NO ties to the pharmaceutical industry or hospital or any medical profession whatsoever and this independent group will be awarded $10 billion when they find a cure.

It's the only way to motivate anyone outside of the medical industry to find a cure.

We must elect a President who will eradicate cancer within 4 years of taking office. No more Bushes or Clintons, please.

United States

#41 Nov 11, 2007
Again, we must elect a president who will be committed to eradicating cancer within 4 years of office.

Nothing else should take precedence.

We are being brainwashed daily by the 5 Hollywood media companies that control 75% of all the content in the world. In a sense, these companies are also responsible for the horrific mediocrity among our young.

Instead of giving a ticker tape parade to a cancer researcher's new discoveries, we give them to a basketball player.

It's insanity.

The Hollywood elite basically took over this country and are imposing their warped evil values on a country founded by Christians.

In fact, the top inventions were all invented by Christians. The only thing the Hollywood crowd ever invented was the lawsuit.

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