How Difficult is Lung Cancer Surgery ...

Kenosha, WI

#142 Feb 21, 2013
It is so hard to believe that one person can suffer as much as you have, and still try to have a positive attitude! You are a survivor!!

I have lung cancer, but luckily it was caught in the very early stages, and I chose to have Cyberknife (a form of high radiation which zeros in on the node). The first CT scan showed the node had shrunk. I have to go back for another CT scan in March and am very afraid, but when I read what you have gone through, it makes me ashamed I am such a coward.

I know I can't give you much information on medical techniques or results, but wanted you to know my prayers are with you, and with all you have been through, your positive attitude will surface again stronger than ever.

God Bless!

Kenosha, WI

#143 Feb 21, 2013

I am sorry, I misunderstood how to use this forum, and meant the post saying it is From Sian, Waukesha, WI is from me.

Stupid of me, but I meant every word in the previous post.

Whitby, Canada

#144 Feb 21, 2013

You are survivor and an amazing person to give up so much to care for your parents.

I have had cancer 3 times and I too call myself a survivor. For me personally I never thought about anything but a positive outcome and didn't allow myself to dwell on thinking about then"what if". I also made sure I kept myself around positive people and those who didn't dwell on the negatives. That is how I coped. None of my surgeries were as invasive as yours. My hat is off to you and how you have survived.

I would suggest to you that now is the time to get help for your parents so that you can focus on your recovery.

My thoughts and best wishes are with you.


Devonport, Australia

#145 Mar 3, 2013
I have just been diagnosed with upper left lobe lung cancer and I'am terrified I just turned 58 years old,the surgery is scary enough but I suffer with copd so breathing is difficult now and wondering if anyone out there has had surgery and how they coped later with there breathing,please help me the whole ordeal scares me .

Whitby, Canada

#146 Mar 9, 2013
Hi Shari

I had upper right lung surgery and experienced no difference in breathing after the surgery but then again I did not have any breathing problems prior to the surgery. I did do a lot of research prior to my surgery so that I understood what would be happening.
Several of us have posted our post surgery experience and I would suggest if you have not done this to read mine Rita's and Kitty's posts.

Boca Raton, FL

#147 Mar 9, 2013
Hi Suzie and Shary,

I had breathing problems before my lung cancer was discovered; my cardiologist had said my heart was fine, but there was a spot on my lung - which started it all.

My pulse-ox is 98 and 62, which is excellent. But I still get shortness of breath if I walk a lot, or climb a flight of stairs. All doctors claim there is nothing wrong, but the pulmonologist said to "push myself" and walk more or do light exercises. I am trying.

It is very scary to undergo surgery, but keep a positive attitude. You'll get through this just like we all did. Best of luck and keep your spirits high.

Scranton, PA

#148 Mar 9, 2013
I had a right lung cancer double lobe removal on may 12, 2009... I was in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks it has now been almost 4 years my oxygen level is 99 has has been 99 since surgery... I still have pain, and spasms... I am back to work but I wish they had some type of exercise program you could use. always afraid to do something and get hurt or worse have more surgery.... i walk alot but want to do more ... stopped alll meds in hospital... dont take anything for spasms... when its cold out it feels like someone shoved a cold metal cup under my right breast plate and that is uncomforatable All in all I am alive but I wold not do this surgery again if I knew all that it would entail... dont get me wrong I am grateful but... I am not me... by the way I was almost 45 when I had surgery and almost 49 now.... former Marine and very athletic person... thanks for listening
Gururaomamledesh pande

Ashburn, VA

#149 Mar 14, 2013
Now she is ok.

Whitby, Canada

#150 Mar 14, 2013
Hi Rita and Shary,

I am like you I still get out of breath when climbing the stairs and walking in cold weather. What is strange is that I work out at the gym and do both the treadmill and bike and do not get out of breath. I asked my doctor about it and he really didn't give me answer...other than to say it is like training for a marathon...and to loose weight. I have lost weight and work out 3 times a week and no change. I wasn't significantly over weight to begin with. So if I I get out of breath while climbing stairs I am going to continue my life style and not worry about it.

I have decided to live my life to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow brings. My husband had a stroke 2 years ago and we both have the same attitiude. We travel every 2nd month ..just back from down south and off to Europe in 5 weeks. My husband's favourite expression is life is good. He even has shirt with the quote.

Wichita Falls, TX

#151 Mar 29, 2013
I am so glad that I found this forum. I am waiting for my surgery to be scheduled to remove my upper right lobe. I'm pretty scared. I found out in October I had breast cancer and after several test and biopsies I had surgery to remove the cancer. When they did the Pet Scan they discovered the Lung nodule. They biopsied the lymph nodes last week and I'm waiting on the results. The preliminary results were negative. I had no idea what to expect so it's good to read all of the comments here. Thank you for being willing to share.

Whitby, Canada

#152 Mar 30, 2013
Hi Pam,
Good luck with your surgery. My surgery was the upper right lobe too.

Gainesville, GA

#153 Apr 28, 2013
Hi everyone, I'm 54 and just had lung surgery (right upper lobe was removed) 2 weeks ago and I'm still in a lot of pain. Can anyone tell me when does the pain subsides? I'm hoping soon! I'm alittle better every day, even though some days are not so good...but over all I'm better every day. my doctor doesn't want to give anymore pain meds, what can I take that will actually help the pain. I still feel that the surgery was the best way to go, even if it's a tough recovery. I pray everyone feels better soon!


#154 Apr 29, 2013
My doctor gave me pain meds for sleeping..a low dose of oxy and Tylenol 3. I found I could cope with pain during the day but needed it for sleep. I started an exercise program ...going back to the gym and kept myself active. I felt the pain more sitting around. I had to get active as my husband can't drive because of a stroke. Being active helped me. I also found listening to music on my iPad helped relax me and kept my mind off the pain. Time goes fast and each day it will get better. I must admit nights were the worst and I watched a lot of tv as I slept intermiitanly.

I'm sitting in the airport in Frankfurt waiting for my plane home. My husband and I have just completed our European vacation. Now what is next on my list.

Gainesville, GA

#155 May 7, 2013
Hi everyone, I had surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and still have pain from the incision all the way to the front under my right breast. I don't get anymore pain meds. I got sick with bronchitis 1 week ago, I was having breathing problems...I'm afraid that I still have bronchiactasis and that's why I'm getting sick again! Does anyone experience these same things!

Well, thanks for listening and I pray for everyone!

Whitby, Canada

#156 May 7, 2013
Hi Maria

I still had pain after 31/2 weeks under my breast from the incision. It does go away in time. I tried heat, pillows at night for support, listening to music and trying to relax . Are you trying any over the counter pain medication. Have you talked to your doctor and asked them for recommendations to coping with the pain.

I know it is bad right now but things will get better and recuperation time varies with the individual. Take care Maria and hopefully each days will get a little better.

Gainesville, GA

#157 May 8, 2013
Hi Suzie, thank you for replying to my message. I was told to take extra strength Tylenol, but it doesn't do the job especially at night. I go to see my lung doc today I'll ask him for some pain killers for the evening time, cause I can deal with pain in the day time. When did you start walking or exercising? Thank you so much for your advise!! Many blessings.

Whitby, Canada

#158 May 8, 2013
Hi Maria ,

I started going back to the gym at 3 weeks. I did the exercise bike and the treadmill ...reduced from my normal work out, I also did upper body wieghts ,....again lighter than my normal work out. I also did the stretching exercises for my arms and shoulders that were given to me by the hospital. If you are not a member of a gym try going for a walk and increase it a little each day. Try walking with someone so that it is also a social activity.

I agree nights are the worst. Hopefully your doctor will give you medication for nights. I spent a lot of nights watching TV . I did find listening to music at nights with my iPod helped relax me. But in time it will get better just hang in there.
Marilyn Wambold

Saint Petersburg, FL

#159 May 9, 2013
I was so happy to find this web site.. I am 69 and had surgery to remove a malignacy in my left frontal lobe Feb 12th.. I am blessed to have a friend who is a physician and noticed the change in my voice in November of 2012..She was relentless in insisting on xrays and ct scans... anyway, she found me a surgeon and I had my left frontal lobe removed 2/12/13...I'm in my 3rd month of recovery and yes, still painful, however it is manageable. Thank God they found it early and I have not had to have chemo or radiation. Dr recently (yesterday) put me on Advair inhaler.. am also on pro air emergency inhaler... but, big difference in my shortness of breath with the Advair. He also presquribed pulmonary therepy which I hope to start next week... I was very foolish and after starting to feel really well after 3 weeks walked 3 miles... bad idea... set me back at least 3 weeks for recovery... baby steps! I'm doing that now.. now more than 1 mile at a time.

Oakland, CA

#160 May 18, 2013

I think that getting your surgery (perhaps by now you have had it) is the best thing. I think getting the cancerous parts out of one's body is key (am not a doctor, but just makes sense). While it is a worrisome, the sooner you can have surgery and then recover, the better. Our bodies are amazing and adaptable and it sounds like you are very healthy. Life is beautiful, and if we have to go through pain and surgery, it is worth it. You are a very resilient person and I know you can get though this. respectfully, annie (may write more later about my own situation, thank you).

New Port Richey, FL

#161 May 20, 2013
I am 66 and had a right lobectomy for cancer 4 weeks ago. I am doing well except for pain and swelling on my right side. When I walk or do things around the house, my right side swells up. This has been going on for 4 weeks. Has anyone else has this problem? If so. how long does it last? I am scheduled for breast surgery in 10 days but not sure I have the strength to go through with it. Any help would be appreciated.

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