Can lung cancer look like pneumonia o...

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#143 Nov 11, 2012
irma wrote:
I have had a pain on under my right breast for about a year. It comes and goen and has not been very bothersom. I recently started feeling very ill and my blood pressure has gone up so I finally went to see a doctor. I have high blood pressure, but he took an xray of my che told or ave had their xrays described as smoke. Please someone let me know cause I am terrifed.
. It could be your gallbladder... I had same worse over time.. had it removed no problem...hope this helps

Morristown, TN

#144 Nov 28, 2012
Hi, My mom has been sick going on 6 months now. she didnt have insurance and kept putting it off. she got up and thought she was having a heart attack and i took her to the er. they admitted her over night and said no sign of heart trouble but they thought it was her stomach. she was sent to a stomach doctor and to have a nuclear stress test. the stress test came back clear. she stomach doctor found nothing stomach related to cause her symptoms. she kept getting worse i took her to another hospital a day or two later and they did a ct scan of her head and lungs and said it all came back good and put her on blood pressure pill. she also was admitted the end of the week for a heart cath which came back good. the shortness of breath has gotten worse and the pain in her back is worse and chest pain is still bad. finally i talked her into going to see a lung doctor. he let her know that the ct scan she had at the hospital did not come back good. infact that she had bilateral patchy cloudy dense spots in both lower parts of her lungs. she was hurting real bad in her back the day we saw the lung doctor and he said she was hurting in her lungs. they have re ordered a ct scan to see if it is still bad. i was wondering if anyone would have any idea of whats going on? and i think its bad cause a human being doesnt have insurance that u can tell them a test is good and when she gets insurance and can see a lung doctor for help he reveals the truth that her lungs are bad.

Sykesville, MD

#145 Dec 6, 2012
In the last 7 months I've had pneumonia four times my doctor sent me for a CT scan, it showed round infiltrates on my left lung they say it is probably scaring .Here I am again as we speak with pneumonia again they put me back on antibiotics. I'm getting very worried could this be lung cancer. I have never smoked, but work in the quarry mining industry all my life. It is no fun to keep getting sick like this. I would appreciate any advice.

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#146 Feb 27, 2013
We will pray for you and mom. See Wayne (been there) . He's probably right. Or very close.

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#147 Mar 7, 2013
I went to my Dr. at the end of Oct. With what like a cold, was put on antibiotics for a week, got worse, did another week, got worse, went to the ER and they said I had asthmatic bronchitis, was sent home with more meds. Meanwhile, I was using a nebulizer and an inhaler and still got worse. Was admitted into the hospital around Thanksgiving for 4 days with pneumonia in one lung, sent home and then got worse again, much worse. Fever of 104, I was coughing to the point where I'd stop breathing, it was very scary. I was admitted again, on Christmas this time for 8 days with pneumonia in both lungs. I was put on heavy IV antibiotics for 7 of those days and I felt better than when I got there but I didn't feel well. Its been over 2 months since I was sent home and this horrible cough will not go away, also I'm constantly tired and even lost a job for sleeping at my desk. I have this gut feeling that something is wrong and the problem is, I'm unemployed and do not have insurance, also I don't qualify for any government assistance so my question is.....what options do I have? If any! It took me 5 times of going into the ER for them to admit me twice, I have a feeling I can't just walk in there and demand to have these tests done without!

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#148 Mar 7, 2013
P.S. I am a smoker and have been for almost 20 yrs so I'm aware of the consequences from that.

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#150 Apr 2, 2013
I'm a 40yr old male non smoker. I had chest pains,shortness of breath,sever cough(non producing) & chills. Went to doctor he prescribed antibiotics that helped a little. Two weeks later same symptoms w/out cough. Went back to the doctor & got chest X-ray. I have pneumonia. More antibiotics for two weeks still have pain,shortness of breath & weak. Going for another X-ray in a week. What questions or tests should I be asking for?

Athens, Greece

#151 Apr 8, 2013
I had bronchitis last year and this year I have a persistent cough for 3 mo. with blood in plegm,i used to take mucolytic and lately I have pain in my shoulder and back pain esp.on bedtime.Do I have a possible lung cancer?
Andrew H

Forestville, Australia

#152 Apr 19, 2013
Praying for all with cancer


#153 Apr 27, 2013
LadyJ wrote:
I have emphysema. Had a chest x-ray yesterday. Found out there is a dark spot or cloud on my lungs. Gee, imagine that. Going in for a CT scan on Friday but that's where I draw the line. I know the emphysema is going to kill me and I refuse to have anything else done. It's my fault - I have smoked for 50 years - my advice: DON"T SMOKE and if you do smoke QUIT NOW.
The sames happened to me...

Silverado, CA

#154 Jul 1, 2013
My mom has had breast cancer twice and she is now 6 years in remission. I had pneumonia a while back and it lasted for about a week with pills. She's had many more pills an treatment and it's been three weeks with her getting worse. Shes going to see a cancer doctor tomorrow but my question is is there any possibility that on a xray lung cancer can be mistaken for pneumonia?

Barrow, UK

#155 Jul 23, 2013
My mum found out three weeks ago she had lung cancer when they drained fluid off her lung she had her first chemo and due for another one next Tuesday but has been taken into hospital as she had bad pains in her back and her throat is hurting my mum is so good she never complains about pain it must be bad as they put her on morphine it's so hard to deal with my mum never smoked and I keep asking myself why I need my mum and don't know how to cope I wish all the pain could be taken away for everyone who has cancer will my mum be ok am praying she will

Lagos, Nigeria

#156 Aug 10, 2013
My mum complained about a strange feeling in her chest some months ago. Dr gave her drugs for ulcer, later from xray, she was placed on TB drugs. She was not coughing initially. During the TB treatment, she developed severe pains in her right thigh. She finally fractured the thigh bone. She started coughing immediately the TB drugs finished. We Ignored the cough becouse we were busy taking care of her fracture. It persisted, later we noticed blood stains in her sputum. She developed shortness of breath and started loosing weight seriouly, we felt the TB was back. At the hospital, bloody fluid was drained from her lungs, it was screened, and suspected for malignancy. CT scan showed a lobulated, calcified mass in the lungs, cancer suspected. Waiting for biopsy result. To commence chemo on monday, but she looks so weak, with low pcv. Giving her two pints of blood today. Mum has never smoked and is hardly sick, but this time, I am really scared. Please help pray for her.

Denver, CO

#157 Sep 29, 2013

If you're coughing up blood it's most likely one of three things:

1. Pneumonia
2. Blood clot or clots in the lung
3. Cancer

There are a few other possibilities but point is you need more tests that can be administered best in an Emergency Room setting.
1. Hack until you can provide a sample of sputum with something from your lung. They can check under a scope for cancerous cells.
2. Get CT scan to pinpoint anything that might be cancer and then have a needle biopsy done. This is the best diagnostic tool IMO.
3. There is a blood test that most ER can run to show evidence of blood clot and/or cancer.

If you have a blood clot or clots then you should be experiencing shallow breathing, rapid heart rate, and low blood oxygen. Pneumonia, depending on severity, can yield the same but most often your O2 level will be relatively normal.

As for the pain, Pneumonia infection can pass from the lungs to the watery area surrounding the lungs and then cause irritation. That irritation can be painful, and in some cases is very painful. It's called Pleurisy. Pleurisy can also, though less often, be brought on by coughing. The pain from Pleurisy can trigger related rib, back, shoulder, and even stomach muscles to cramp which then makes it painful to breathe and even move much.

Good luck! Always screen for the worst but don't panic until you know.

Denver, CO

#158 Sep 29, 2013
The X-ray is the first strong test for what ails us in the lungs. There are a lot of questions about what the X-ray can or can not tell us.

1. Air in the lungs appears dark. Pneumonia will tend to fill in some of the air pockets and appear cloudy. This tends to obscure indicators of some more serious conditions such as cancer or clots. Fluid in the lungs may (typically) collect in the lower outside corners of the lungs. The lungs should ideally terminate into a fairly well defined "V" at the outside corner. If this "low spot" in the lung is filled with fluid then the area will appear blunted, almost like the "V" area is missing.
2. Cancer in the lung typically looks like a fuzzy ball. The air pockets are being filled in or replaced by more dense and less aerated tissue and so appears more white instead of dark like the rest of the air-filled lung. It's fairly distinct to look at but, if the lung also has Pneumonia then the "fuzzy" ball can be hard to see. Also, the fuzzy ball might be from something as simple as overlapping tissue.
3. Clots can not typically be detected on X-Ray.


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#159 Nov 4, 2013
jessica wrote:
Im 23 years old. have been having back pain in my mid left side of my back. I have no other symptoms. Its been like this for a month. Ive been to the doctors 3 or 4 times and the first time the doctor said it was a muscle strain. Did a chest x ray just in case and called me back and said it was pneumonia, and gave me antibiotics. The pain comes and goes, and is worse when im standing or working. Im not sure if I should go back to get an mri because my only symptom is the back pain. I do smoke
Hi Jessica , I have been dealing with lower left back pain for a few months now . They've given me pain meds, steroids, muscle relaxers and physical therapy. Nothing seems to be helping so I had an X-ray today and there are several dark spots around my lungs and one huge one . Wondering what ever came of yours and if you are out of pain now? Please reply to [email protected] Thank you , kira

Saint Michael, Barbados

#160 Feb 10, 2014
Hi, I am 35 and was told i had suspected pnuemonia a few weeks ago after a grey patch was seen on a chest xray. I had a course of anitbiotics. I went for the follow up x ray feeling fine. The results are in and i have just had an urgetn call from my Dr to say i need a Thoratic CT scan including whole mediastinic area. I am travelling and was told it cant wait after 3 'somethings' were seen. I have to wait a week here for the insurance and system for the ct but am obviously confused. Does this sound like it could b3e anything more than residual pnuemonia or am i being paranoid!? Is this standard procedure? all quick responses ap[preciated. Thanks

Melbourne, Australia

#162 Mar 9, 2014
My husband had x-ray for his heart and it shows he has white thing in his heart . what this means ?thanks

Lincoln, CA

#163 Apr 19, 2014
Cha, I am recovering from a pretty bad pneumonia, having been hospitalized for a week. I have been on sick leave for 4 weeks now, but getting better. I was treated with 7 different antibiotics, until they found one that worked. I also had intense pain, which they diagnosed as pleurisy. This is an inflammation of the lung lining that is caused by coughing and is a common side effect of pneumonia. It is indeed very painful, but usually resolves in 2-3 weeks. There is no medication that will treat pleurisy; it has to heal on its own, as the inflammation subsides. I still have a heaviness in my chest and I get winded if I walk too fast, but am getting stronger. I also had a CT scan, as well as several chest X-rays during my ordeal, but the spots are getting smaller and they assure me there is no cancer or blood clots. Since this is very early in my experience, I have high optimism for my recovery. Bottom line, it takes time to heal. It's scary, but in my experience, it gets better. I don't want to minimize the experience of others that did not turn out so well, but pneumonia in and of itself will resolve.
Cha wrote:
My husband has been having this sever pain in the right side of his back and also the tip of his shoulder, both came on at the same time. He has a cough and had fever which is no longer there, probably because of the medication. He's been having this pain since the last 10 days now. He's now taken a chest X-Ray and the doctor says it is pneumonia, and there is no cancer, how could he tell from an X-Ray. My husband has been put on antibiotics and Panadene Forte for the pain. The pain is still there. And I am a bit concerned about the pain still lingering. I am hoping it is just pneumonia. Thank you for your time.

Lincoln, CA

#164 Apr 28, 2014
Cha, it's been 9 days since my last post and the pain is completely gone. I have a very slight heaviness in my chest, but I seem to be on the road to recovery. I saw my x-rays and could see the spot of pneumonia the last time they took one. It looks much different than cancer, in that it's not a single solid mass in one place, as you would expect to see with a tumor, but this cloudy shading that almost looks like steam. I think they can tell the difference, but to be most certain, a CT would be best.

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