Can lung cancer look like pneumonia o...

Manhattan, KS

#41 Dec 21, 2009
My mom recently had a biopsy for lung cancer. They puntured her lung! She then had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks because it wouldn't heal. Now she's at home starting her first chemo with an oxygen tank! Any comments!

Braintree, MA

#42 Jan 7, 2010
My mother has been sick for a month now. finally has gone to the dr because she felt so bad and couldnt breath well and has been having trouble for awhile now... always smoked since i can remember I am now 33yrs old she is 65. Xray showed she has pneumonia and fluid in both lungs. gave her prednizone, antibitic, symbecort, albertorl, now she says she needs to go for a CT scan and its just to check the infection. i think she is lying to me to spare me going insaine and i fear its for checking for cancer. does anyone agree? scared to death she will have canncer.

Minneapolis, MN

#43 Jan 8, 2010
This happened to my mom. She passed out at work in July of 2008, and once at the hospital, the only thing they would say for sure is that she had hyponatremia (low salt). They also said she had pneumonia (or that's what it looked like in her lungs). She had had pneumonia before, and knew what it felt like and told them she didn't think she had pneumonia. After a week of trying to look for any cancer in her body or anything else that could be wrong with her, they sent her home.(they treated the hyponatremia and the "pneumonia", but the latter didn't "go away" with their treatments. By August, less than 2 months later, she was getting sicker, and knew something was wrong. She finally got a test done on her liver, and there was cancer. It had metastasized from her lungs. She passed away a few short months later, in November of 2008. She was 53, and had smoked for about 30 years (sometimes on and off). I hope this helps someone to know... if you don't think it's pneumonia, press them to do more tests!! I've met others whose parent had the same thing happen with the "pneumonia" that is really cancer! Stupid doctors...grr.

Bakersfield, CA

#44 Jan 27, 2010
I am very worried! I just got a call from my doctor telling me they want me to have a cat scan on my left lung.I had a mild case of Valley Fever last year and have had several xrays they have show me the little spot said it was scar tissue from the VF. The radiologist says it has grown a little they want to make sure it ok?

Harrington, DE

#45 Mar 19, 2010
hello to all. I was just wandering if i could get any opinions. bout two months ago i was sick. I never went to doctor but after i got sick, for the past two weeks my chest has been feeling tight, like its a little dificult to breathe. But Im not coughing or hacking. sometimes the center of my back hurts a little. but i also have been having some minor abdominal pains as well. If anyone can comment on this, please do. Thanks and may God be with all of you

London, UK

#46 Apr 1, 2010
can aney one help i am in despair at the moment my mum who is 57 has emphasemia stopped smokeing about 7 years ago after haveing penumonia has been ill since xmas with what the docters told her was chest infections just had axray and a c.t scan that has shown up shado`ws also had a camara down yesterday to get sample awaiting results does this meen cancer or could it still meen something else

Round Lake, IL

#47 Apr 11, 2010
My dad went to the doctor after having flu like symptoms for about 7 days. He told the doctor he had lost a total of 30 pounds in a total of 4 months. They put him on antibotics for 10 days. He never goes to the doctor. The doctor said if the infection in his lungs didn't go away that it was probably cancer due to wieght loss. My dad probably never lost that much wieght. It might of been like 15 pounds because he had gotten the flu a couple of times in between. I think he has had pneumoia for a while and just hasn't known it. Weight loss can be from being sick and of course loss of appetite. Does that nessarily mean it's cancer? He is still coughing and has to have a second x-ray done this week. Does that sound like lung cancer? He has smoked for 30 years and has slowed down but has continued to smoke with pneumonia. I ma freaked out. His symptoms are coughing green yellow sometimes throughout the day. Weakness and fatigue. That's pretty much it. Everything has gotten better with the antibotics but not comppletey. He has went to work everyday.I don't know if the doctor freaked out about wieght loss or what. My dad was just guestamating. He feels just crappy!. Any similiar stories? I fell like when we go back for the second x-ray it won't be gone obvouslily he is still coughing, and we will have to see a pullomologist and it is automatically cancer. I asked the doctor if it could be copd and he just said no-cancer. I had the hospital read the results and it said inflammed lungs and lung cells- probable pneumonia. I am not understanding why the doctor would say that. help!

Havelock, NC

#48 Apr 25, 2010
Can you feel temporarily better if given antibiotics and in the end find out its lung cancer. Is there a feel better time at all when antibitocs are take
Graeme Power

Marayong, Australia

#49 May 5, 2010
Hi guys, I would like to just chime in, I am fit male 57 and a non-smoker all my life, an exercise freak till the age of 55 when I snapped an Achilles Tendon,(that slowed me down a bit) I am in the living hell of the undiagnosed with a biopsy happening tomorrow, I had a cough for a week, took antibiotics erithyromycin and went back as advised when it did not improve at all, got sent for an x ray White spots on the lungs 2cm and shallow left and 3cm Right and deep, Had the CT Scan, more of the same but nice definition, Then the kicker, blood test for Prostate came back with elevated readings at 4.25 I am peakin believe me, I requested Amoxcillin which I have used in the past with great results for throat infections and the cough and the mucous lungs are clearing slowly now but I will be getting all the tests as advised, I cant help but wonder if I had used the Amoxcillin in the first place whether I would have gone back to the Doctor at all and never known about this. I am not gay but if the Doctor gives me an all clear next week he is in real and present danger of being my first male kiss. I will follow this post up and I hope to give good news because god only knows people going through this hell can do with a bit of sunshine. p.s. If I keep the x-rays and CT Scans will this mean I wont have to go through this again when another Doctor sees this stuff in my lungs? anyone want to comment?

United States

#50 May 6, 2010
My mom had recurring pneumonia for a little over a year. Then her arm got very swollen - they found her lymph nodes enlarged in her armpit, neck and chest.
After doing a biopsy, they found it was Squamous Cell Carcinoma, most likely from the lungs. A "Tumor"was never seen, just "pneumonia". She died 9 days later.
She had smoked heavily for 45 yrs, but had quit 12 yrs earlier. The damage had been done, but I'm sure quitting gave her many more years.
Graeme Power

Marayong, Australia

#51 May 10, 2010
Hi from Australia again, OK I have the results in, after two weeks of torture, Two large Cysts on the lungs and a requirement to be tested again in three months to see whether the prostate levels are moving or not, a physical check showed nothing out of the ordinary. I find myself now very focused (funny about that)I think that the initial panic was caused by my doctors who were convinced like me we were looking at a text book x-ray of a cancer sufferer which had spread to both lungs. "When you see the light at the end of the tunnel It is not necessarily the Train Coming". Love you all and good luck.

Kansas City, MO

#52 Jun 3, 2010
i have pain in my back right side , were lung area is come up all at once. i am always coughing or trying to clear my throat. ihave never heard anyone cough and trying to clear there throat like i do.spit up little clunks of cotton all the time if i dont it will take my voice out.when i get up in mornings spit up dark looking stuff.
terri from

Moncks Corner, SC

#54 Oct 5, 2010
my sister has copd and had pneumonia they did a xray and found wjite spots they put her on antbotics and was told to wait a month to see if change, she went back in and they redid and found white area behind her heart and lower lung she now has to have a ct scan,, she has smoked forever and most likey just quit she is in her 50.. we lost a uncle to aggtressive lung cancer a few yrs back who never smoke... can the white area be scaring?? worried!

Lawrence, MA

#55 Oct 8, 2010
I just recently had a chest xray done because I have been having some coughing issues over the last few months. In the mornings I have a large amount of phlegm built up in my chest, and I have to cough a LOT. I am a 39 year old male, and I have smoked regularly since I was about 16. When I was about 17 one of my lungs collapsed about a year after I had been in a horrible motorcycle accident, the doctors not knowing if it had anything to do with the accident, or if it was a pneumothorax. A year later my other lung collapsed. Over the last year, I have had these phlegm and coughing issues, and I cut down my smoking to very rarely, and my coughing got better. But now it has come back. I just got a call today about the outcome of my recent chest xrays, and they found a black spot on my lower left lung. The doctors said they wanted me to come in ASAP to get a couple more xrays and ct scan. I did not get too many other details. My mom also had lung cancer over the last few years, and my father has had a history of cancer. Just wondering what this spot could be on my lungs, and if it could be something serious...

Lawrence, MA

#56 Oct 8, 2010
...also wondering how much these CT scans cost...?

South Easton, MA

#57 Oct 8, 2010
My mother smoked as long as I can remember....she went to the dr in January because she had trouble breathing didnt feel good... she was told she had phnemonia and then went for scans... was called in right away. she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She is doing well but it wasnt caught soon enough. she was only given 8-10 months and is in her 2nd round with chemo 3rd session coming up this time around. hopefully that time frame was wrong and she will beat the 8-10 months. If i can encourage anyone having any sort of sypmtons of chest discomfort and difficulty breathing GET TO THE DOCTOR EARLY... DONT IGNORE IT...

Belfast, ME

#58 Oct 17, 2010
my name is ken and my dad has cancer what can i do to help him? he is on a breathing ap oporatus at nihgt is there thing that i can do?

United States

#59 Nov 7, 2010
My dad just had a x ray & ctscan we got the results they said that is was lung cancer.we met with a surgen and he said that there is a mass near his thyroid gland and a mass way down low between his lungs and he also has small spots all over his lungs,yet he says that it doesn't look like cancer. Now we are waiting to meet with some other specialist so they can get a biopsy the mass between his lungs blood work and a ultra sound of his throwt.should I get my hopes up or does anyone have some story or advice that u would like to share with me? I am desperate for advice and is the dr. Just not telling me the truth?

Montague, Canada

#60 Nov 9, 2010
i just noticed a day ago i have this red shiny pimple like postle below my knee cap in the front shin , there is just one and there pain surrounding that area nno bump or sore but tender and pain on the shin i was wondering if any one has ever heard of this or it is a call for the Doctor, thanks take care every one

Brockton, MA

#61 Nov 9, 2010
Its hard to do but hang in there until you get the biopsy done and results back. my mother went thru something similar. in january she had phnemonia and then had scans, xrays and it showed she had a mass infrindging on her heart. they rushed us to a surgeon who said she cant be operated on and that it looked like she had emphasema not cancer but needed a biopsy.... her tumor turned out not to be near her heart... long story short she ended up in hospital before meeting with oncologis and that is when she got the news of Stage IV lung cancer and they gave her 8-10 months... she has been doing chemo and responded well and they just gave her until late spring so doctors do not know what will happen only god does as mom says and you just have to keep praying and keep the faith and dont listen to time lines if you were given one and just take it one day at a time.
beatriza wrote:
My dad just had a x ray & ctscan we got the results they said that is was lung cancer.we met with a surgen and he said that there is a mass near his thyroid gland and a mass way down low between his lungs and he also has small spots all over his lungs,yet he says that it doesn't look like cancer. Now we are waiting to meet with some other specialist so they can get a biopsy the mass between his lungs blood work and a ultra sound of his throwt.should I get my hopes up or does anyone have some story or advice that u would like to share with me? I am desperate for advice and is the dr. Just not telling me the truth?

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