liver cancer in cats
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#1 Feb 27, 2007
im scarred my beloved cat has been diagnosed and every day we are seeing different behaviuor how do I know he's not in pain

Albany, NY

#2 Mar 22, 2007
sarah wrote:
im scarred my beloved cat has been diagnosed and every day we are seeing different behaviuor how do I know he's not in pain
3/22/7 Our cat as well has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Given 6 months at most to live. Anyone have similiar situation or treatments?

Sterling, VA

#3 Jun 3, 2007
My cat has just crashed over the weekend and admitted to emergency vet hospital and now diagnosed with severe liver failure from liver cancer. There is little they can do about it, he would be lucky to make it through the next couple of days. 18 months ago during a check up he was seen to have nodules on his liver but no treatment or biopsy was suggested at that time despite my suggesting it to the vet. I feel as if I have failed my cat in this regard and that I should have been more aggressive in ensuring he gets checked out given that he is an amazing cancer survivor from previous bout of kidney cancer 3.5 years ago when he was given 3-4 months to live max with chemo, he survived beyond all expectations to 3.5 years. We will miss him badly.

Middletown, PA

#4 Jun 25, 2007
Of course you will miss him. And that is because you loved him so much. We always think we could have done more or should have done more. This is a normal part of grieving. We questions ourselves...our pets can tell us they are in pain and are very good at hiding it. My precious 12 year old Sprout was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer and only given a few days to live. That very night we said good by and left him go in more pain. Two months later we had to do the same for our 19 year old Chaundar due to a squamous cell tumor that was growing in her sinus area. It is always so hard to say good by. We must always remember that we give them our unconditional love and do what we feel is best at the time. Keep the memory in your heart, for that is where your precious baby will be always. I would not trade one moment of the pain I feel from their loss to not have had their love. And that is what keeps me going on and caring for my other furry babies.

Middletown, PA

#5 Jun 25, 2007
I'm sorry...I meant to say that our pets 'can't' tell us they are in pain!

Middletown, PA

#6 Jun 25, 2007
Sarah & Debi,

My response to Joe is meant for the two of you as well. Sarah, you really cannot know 100% if he is in pain as our cats can hide their pain very well. I put myself in my cat's position and asked myself how I would feel. I had to give him peace. For you Debi,it is a hard decision to make...treatments vary. For both of you, go with your guided by the love for your cat and not the pain that will come from their loss. Hold them, love them and look into their will know what to do!

United States

#7 Jul 18, 2007
I lost luky I love him so much he was 14 of liver cancer. I think of him all the time.and I took him to the vet and he look in my eyes said it ok mom to go I love you.

Ephrata, PA

#8 Aug 5, 2007
Donna wrote:
I lost luky I love him so much he was 14 of liver cancer. I think of him all the time.and I took him to the vet and he look in my eyes said it ok mom to go I love you.
...and you gave him the greatest gifts of all...your love and peace when he needed it. In turn, he left his paw print on your heart and it will never go away. Find peace in his loving furry memories!

Portimão, Portugal

#9 Nov 13, 2007
Hi, Jonas is a 12 year old house cat. A little over wheighted and a little lazy. He had a urinnary problem 3 years ago, so he only eats diet food. Last month I noticed lameness in his left leg. He was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, but the lameness didn't pass. Today I went back to the vet and he took x-rays and nothing wrong with the bones or joints, he does have a lot of fluid in his belly, which means the belly is swallen. The vet prescribed a diuretic drug and said he wants to see him again on saturday for an eco and mentioned something about hepatic problems, maybe the liver. has anyone seen these symptoms before.
Catherine Northants UK

Newton Aycliffe, UK

#10 Jan 23, 2008
Hi, Our newly adopted cat Tiggs that we have had for 6 months suddenly stopped eating over Christmas which we put down to bad teethe, he had 2 of the teethe removed, but while having the op the vet suggested running full blood tests just to make sure he was healthy, he wanted to make sure that the lack of apetite was down to his teethe but sadly the tests showed Liver enzimes, he had a scan which showed nodules, he had a cortisone and vitimin injection which did boost him up for a short time but the following week the mass had grown to cover approx 3/4 of the live, over the last week he just went down hill, we tried everything possible but today 23rd Jan 2008 we had to say goodbye, he stole our hearts in this short time, he was such a funny loving cat. When he was diagnosed with the liver problem I knew in my heart that his time with us was limited but from my experience with all of this the only thing I can suggest to anyone else in the same position is love them and ask the vet to make sure that pain killers are used and say goodbye before your beloved cat loses the will to live. Tiggs has left a huge hole in our hearts.

San Diego, CA

#11 Feb 12, 2008
Donna wrote:
I lost luky I love him so much he was 14 of liver cancer. I think of him all the time.and I took him to the vet and he look in my eyes said it ok mom to go I love you.
My cat of 13 years has liver cancer and just found out 3 days ago and already today he has gone downhill so badly that I have to put him to sleep.It is so sad..I will miss Red badly.
Barbara from San Diego

San Diego, CA

#12 Feb 12, 2008
My cat REd has been the best pet ever. He can;t eat anymore and now can hardly walk. It all happened so quickly. I am heartbroken..
I know its for the best. We can never be ready for something like this, he is my family.
February 12th 2008. He is 13 years old...

Ottawa, Canada

#13 Feb 21, 2008
My name is Chico. I am a 7 year old male Maine Coon. My owners are devistated that I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. They rescued me from a no kill shelter when i was 2 years old. I had a great life with them but now my time is fading. My owners have taken to feeding me by hand but today I will just hide under the couch. I know it will never be the same and we are all stunned how quickly the cancer is destroying this family. It seems just like yesterday i would sing whenever they opened a can. now... nothing. I will have my owners announce my passing when it comes. thank you for caring.

United States

#14 Mar 2, 2008
Hey all.. just found this while doing a search for cat liver cancer. My cat (well, more accurately, my parents cat), passed away today. Even though I know live on my own, I had lived with my parents (and our cats) for about over six years.

They're not sure what was wrong with her, but they think it might have been liver cancer. According to them, the vet said they wouldn't know for sure unless they did extensive testing. They heard her yowling in pain that morning, went down to see her and found her lying near the drain spout in the basement. She couldn't even stand up on her own.

Vet said he think he saw a bit a yellow pallor in her eyes (or something) indicating a liver problem. They said when they got her there she was barely alive, and in order to stabilize her would have taken an IV and days of treatment, with no guarantee for success, so they went and decided to end her suffering.

She was a good cat.. very affectionate, sometime too much so, she'd keep meowing at you even though you were petting her as hard as you could.

I'm going to miss her.


#15 Mar 15, 2008
Just lost my 18 year old cat to liver cancer on Thursday 3/13/08. She was fine on Monday and by Wednesday acting very sick. I know she was old, but I had no clue that she was even sick. It happended so fast.


#16 Mar 17, 2008
Chico's battle with liver cancer ended humanely at his home on Sunday March 16/08. He was only 7 years old. Since he was diagnosed on Feb 12/08 he received daily injections of Ringers Lactate. His/our vet taught us how to do it and it bought us a few extra weeks. If it helps anyone else ask your vet to teach you how to administer subcutaneous fluids.

Chico's life and eulogy can be seen at
or go to a site I built for the shelter he came from.

RIP my little Lion King.


#17 Mar 17, 2008
Sorry for the typo, the site for Chico is


#18 Mar 17, 2008
Sorry to hear about Chico. I know all to well your heartbreak as I just lost my Coco on on 3/14/08. I bet they are off playing together.


#19 Mar 17, 2008
oops, i mean 3/13/08, the days are all mixed up to me as this was such a shock
Just watched the video of Chico - so sweet!!!!!
Nikki VN


#20 Mar 26, 2008
Hello all, Ive just got back from the vets having been told my 16 year old cat has liver cancer. He has been unwell for a while and showed obvious signs of hepatitis and yellow jaundice. After giving him depo medrone injections and Vitamin B12, he still did not improve. He would not eat the Hills L/D diet either which is specifically for Liver problems. Im heart broken, what makes it worse, is im a veterinary nurse and know what he's prognosis is. Everday I have to deliver bad news to owners regarding their beloved pets, everyday I have to hold an animal that is being put to sleep and comfort the owners during this. With all this said, nothing prepares you for the moment your told your own precious cat is dying.
He's had a brilliant life and is loved very much by all of us at home, the last thing we can do for him is end his misery and suffering.
The hardest thing for me now, is to decide on which day we choose to do this. I dont feel ready yet I know he is.
I try to draw on the reasoning and consololation that I offer to clients who are going through the same thing, but for all my words of advice and reasoning, I still cant get my head around it.
I love him so much and cant imagine life without him.
My heart goes out to all of you are in the similiar situations.
Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding your cats from a veterinary point of view xx

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