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West Babylon, NY

#25 Oct 31, 2010
Why would u save your head when you can go to http://licebustersnyc.com/ and they can help you with your lice removal problem. they have amazing service and is personally guaranteed by Dalya Harel ceo of http://licebustersnyc.com/ .

Breckenridge, CO

#26 Nov 29, 2010
I had dreads for four months i got lice the second month i tried two months horrible natural methods to get rid of them. nothing worked. so i cut them and had short 1/4" still had them and couldn't treat the back of my hair alone so i shaved it bald. my cleaning has been ocd since the beginning, anytime i let my hair grow for more than two days they are crawling all over me. I have been bald and shave my whole body every other day, even eyebrows i wash my bedding every other day, i find them on my hands after i shave and lube up my scalp. how long will i have to be bald i am a chic. this is annoying scary and itchy, help wtf!!!!





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Betty in PA

York, PA

#27 Dec 1, 2010
MOST if not all of the expensive store remedies DO NOT work! My daughter, her 2 children and now myself all have lice and believe me being OCD and a clean freak doesnt help not 2 lose ur sanity!! We r now going to either shave or try the home remedy of listerine and vinegar. It seems that that has worked 4 MANY,many people when i researched that. That was the one consistant advice....good luck to all!
Les wrote:
You do not have to shave your head if you have head lice. There are a lot of products that work very well. If you are not pregnant/breastfeeding or if you have no allergies to chysanthamum, petroleum, or ragweed, the best product to use is Nix 1 % Cream Rinse. You apply it on day 1, and 7-10 days later. Also, after treatment, and after retreatment, and daily for 12 days, you want to use a nit comb. You do not want to use a conditioner at all during your lice treatment. And if you want to shampoo, it should be a silicon free shampoo such as baby shampoo. If you are pregnant/breastfeeding --> R & C shampoo is the best product, however, you should see your doctor first. If you have any of the allergies I mentioned, and are over 10 years old, PMS lindane is the best. However, do not use this product if you have epilsepy. If you can not use PMS lindane, use Resultz.

Englishtown, NJ

#28 Dec 18, 2010
I'm a mother who have 3 children ages 5,7and 8. All of them go to same school.as a matter of fact the incident happen yesterday where all of my kids was sent home by school nurse.base on my 8 ur.old daughter she was pulled from her class and embarassed by the school nurse in front of everyone.she was crying and traumatized.she didn't even realize of what is going on until when she brought to the clinic where she saw her brother.then they also pulled my kindergarten and treated the same..like a criminal.and when my husband went to pick up our children.He was humiliated.The nurse have no respect to my children feelings.So our decision is to shave all of their hair.Becof a head lice we are treated like a criminal by the school nurse.may God touch her and remind her that she is no better than the others.
Head lice treatment - fin

Lane Cove, Australia

#29 Jan 18, 2011
Scott wrote:
Was just wondering if shaving your head all the way bald will get rid of all lice and eggs? Thanks.
Yes it will. but why would you?

As a family that has suffered from head lice for more than 10years I can say we know ALL about this pest. We have tried every single treatment known to man to try and eradicate this pestilence.

My daughter has lovely long blonde hair, clean as a whistle and always well groomed but trying to get rid of lice was impossible task. They would ALWAYS return after a few weeks or even a few days depending on where we were in the cycle. No chemical or homemade brew or anything completely eradicates them. I can’t tell you the tears that have been shed, the fights that went on, the grief that these things cause and yet the solution to the problem ended up being so simple.

The trouble is that the eggs have a very similar protein make up to the human hair follicle themselves. So if you find something strong enough to kill the eggs, chances are you will damage the hair. The eggs are laid about ˝”(1.5cm) above the scalp on the hair follicle and these are never killed using chemicals. Tea Tree oil is good for prevention but NOTHING on the market will kill the eggs. We’ve tried everything and they all just variations of a theme as they all use only a hand full of approved ingredients.

Quite by accident we hit on the final solution. When my daughter turned 15yo she wanted a hair straightener. We bought a ‘top-of-the-range’ GHD tong-type hair straightener and were absolutely amazed that as a side effect it killed the eggs stone dead. It only needed one or two treatments to kill the eggs and break the cycle. Within two weeks (only about three very fun sessions) she was completely head lice free and has not had a single lice in two and half years! Forget the chemicals they only kill the live ones.

Get a hair straightener/curler and kill the lice and break the cycle once and for all and have fun doing it...

Toms River, NJ

#30 Feb 1, 2011
Ive had head lice for over 2 years, maybe three. I am still in school and debating weather or not i should shave my head this summer. I am tired of always worrying whether or not my school will have a lice check or someone relizes that I have head lice. It makes me very insecure, I cant get a haircut because they will find my lice, and im tired of the constant hair treatments. Once I went to get a haircut and I got kicked out of the salon. I was so embarrassed! So, do you think I should shave my head? I am a girl and my hair is a little past shoulder lenghth. If I do, should I wear a wig?

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#31 Feb 21, 2011
My mom and I got lice from family in Oklahoma while visiting, we had never had it before and didn't realize it for approx. 2-3 weeks after we got back from vacation. It was HORRIBLE! We spent a very miserable hot summer with gaping sores, tiny crawling insects, grueling laundry days, endless hair combing for hours, and to many showers to count! We spent a few thousand dollars trying to rid our home,cars, and belongings of lice. The battle went on for five lonely months, as we did not want to spread lice to our friends, church or family. We tried rid,nix,listerine, wet combing, coal oil,neem, mayo, butter, various nights with oil in our hair, and permathrin 5% 4 times!! Each time the lice kept coming back. We threw out all of our luggage from our trip, but lice had already got into our carpets and bit our feet for months! Finally my husband suggested we shave our hair after so much misery. I cried especially for my 72 year old mom. Guess what? Shaving was the best decision I have ever made! I still had to treat us 1-2 more times with nix but the biting and sores completely stopped within 4 days! It has been 5 months now and our hair Is already approx 2 inches long. We wore pretty scarfs and it was actually easier than I thought to be bald for a few weeks. The worst part was that people assumed we had cancer, but I would do it again in a heartbeat if I ever contract lice again, the misery we suffered was not worth waiting! The Dr told us that shaving is the only certain way to make sure all the nits are gone because lice multiply so quickly. I might add that we are Italian and have very thick hair. Also, no one ever told me that lice are the size of grains of salt, we had to learn the hard way, god bless anyone who contracts this horrible disease . Shaving works very well, just make sure to treat the scalp 1-2 times after to make sure lice are gone, remember they hide in the ears.

Houston, TX

#32 Feb 25, 2011
Shaving seems to be traumatizing only to women and people selling head lice remedies. So it's your call: spend a bunch of time and money putting a bunch of mayonnaise/vinegar/tea tree oil/bug poison/some other crazy crap on your head; wash; pick through hair with fine-toothed comb for hours, wait a week and repeat the process; then keep your fingers crossed/knock on wood/pray to some supernatural deity that the lice are gone . . . or do the sensible thing and shave your head. Also, head lice are HEAD lice. If you shave your head they will not pack up and move south as some have suggested. Body lice and crab lice might, but head lice will not.

Houston, TX

#33 Feb 25, 2011
Taniasmum wrote:
Shaving your head is an overwhelmingly drastic solution and totally unnecessary.
I'm a member of the following website, you will find loads of free information there and also a brilliant wee eBook for the kids, mine love it.
Hope this helps.
How can you be the member of a website that only exists to sell a product? LIES. Shave your head.
ricky raider


#34 Mar 14, 2011
shaving your head will not get rid of lice. heres a fact, they are lying when they tell you lice need hair and lay ther eggs on the hair, that is true but heres what they don't tell you if you see your lice when your head itches? you don't but i bet when it's dark and hot you itch like crazy and feel like ripping ya skin off, ppl do. Why? because is ther blood in your hair shaft? no. whers the blood? under your scalp. so they use the hair to slide down or go in under wher ya hair is wher you can't shave and they form ther lay eggs and in about hours not days thew feeding off ya blood begins, this is why you can't seem to scratch that itch till some ppl actually rip open the skin, then when it scaps up again they rip scabs off, but if you were to look under the scap you will see the white littkle eggs and aftewr awile the scap actually will start to move. they don't jump , they are passed from contact from a infected to a non infected if you use the same piullows sheets hat . etc. have you ever gotten out of the shower and dried your hair only to have your eyes burn like soap was in them, guess what thatsd not soap thats ther clear liquid that ias popping off from you scraching ya head. you wanna see them pop off from your scalp. sit in front of your monitor close scracjh your heAD SOON YOU WILL NOTICE on your screen lookis like bugs smashed into your head , nope the monitor is hotter then your scapl that liquid is in fact a burning type acid that holds ther eggs and if you were to get it sprayed on to your head wala uyou will soon have it as well. why don't adults get it as much. they do just that they don't realize it and report it, this is a nASTY PEST AND THETY AINT BEING FACTUAL WITH YOU. THESE LITTLE PEST CAN SURVIVE BETTER THEN COCK ROACHES. DON'T BELIVE ME OK/ IM SPEAKING FROM XP. I STILL HAVE UM FOR 3 YEARS SHAVED MY HYEAD FOR A YEAR STILL HAVE. BUT NOT THE BIG BUGS YA GET ON A COMB NO JUST THE ACID LIQUISD AND THE CONSTANT FEEDING OF BEING EATEN ALIVE.
ricky raider


#35 Mar 14, 2011
ricky raider


#36 Mar 14, 2011
If you have them and wanna see a freaky thing if you wear a hat, go and rip the lining out and underneath your gonna be amazed at all the little white eggs ther!
Russ T Cobb

United States

#37 Mar 14, 2011
I've got to share this from my daughter who was about 6 when she made this comment one day. "A girl in my class has lice. I hope I never get lice, I hate lice." And then she finished it off by saying, "What is lice?"

Thought I'd add a bit of humor to the thread.
ricky raider


#38 Mar 14, 2011
oh , for what it's worth when I was dying my hair every 2 months, for years I never had them, it was only after I stopped the constant dyes in my hair they came around or that i noticed my head was always itching whenever it was warmer in the room, took a year till i even found one to say i had it, mine though wasn't so much bugs crawling around my head as it was under the skin that drove me and still is driving me insane. ty.

Ashland, KY

#39 Mar 21, 2011

Conway, SC

#41 May 5, 2011
Listerine. Sounds weird but it works miracles an helps prevent reinfestation. Just put your child in the tub and pour it on their head. It will feel really cold but just make them sit there for about 3 minutes. If your interested, remove one nit before application and another afterwards. You will see that the listerine eats away their clear bodies and kills them immediately. For maintenance, fill a spray bottle with half water and half listerine. Spritz their hair and this will act like a repellant because they don't like the mentholated smell. This is a great way to get rid of these pests without dangerous pesticides. I discovered this after my daughter had a serious infestation after a sleepover.

Dubai, UAE

#42 May 29, 2011
I shaved my hair off and since my GF has it aswell i got it again i told her the only way is for both of us to shave our hair and no way in hell she will shave her hair
So is there a salution as good as shaving your hair off ?


#43 Jun 8, 2011
yeah, i got lice but they went away.. i shaved their habitat!..

Plymouth, MA

#44 Jul 2, 2011

Tucson, AZ

#45 Aug 9, 2011
I picked these nasty little things up at a group camping event. I had horrible dandruff and had thought that was the cause of the itching. I was completely mortified when I caught one in my fingernail while scratching. I didn't have much money so I took my beard trimmer without the guard and buzzed my hair down as low as it would go. Then took a shower. It was a total relief from the itching and the lice were gone. My hair has grown back since and they have never returned. It was quick, easy, cheap and it worked.

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