Knee Replacement problems
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Covington, LA

#22 Jul 28, 2012
I am 68 yrs old and had TKR on May 29, 2012. I have been through 6 wks of outside therapy and still am experiencing stiffness and pain in movement. My scar is still very red and knee still swollen. My movement on my own is about 105 degrees and a little more with the therapist. I am getting very discouraged and am ready to give up. I work very hard on my movement with therapy 3xs a week and exercises at home and seem like I have reached a plateau. I am still on lortab and don't like staying on pain meds as I get very anxious and depressed on them. Any suggestions?

London, UK

#23 Jul 29, 2012
janine wrote:
I had a TKR on right knee 3rd February, 2011. Recovery was normal and Doctor was very pleased with result. November 2011 i started getting pain again and had a treatments with my physio. That worked but since early February i am in pain when weight bearing and it is getting more painful each day. I can ride my stationary bike 50 minutes a day with no pain but as soon as i walk I am in alot of pain. i feel that the pain is coming from my knee cap. Would cut my leg off if i could. When i turn over in bed i am in alot of pain as well. Can anyone suggest anything that could help? I am 59 yrs old.
Hi Janine,
I had a TKR in April 2009 and have had ongoing pain ever since. I too always thought that it was weight bearing and my surgeon kept saying that everything was normal.
I change my surgeon and he has found that I have OA in my patellar, I go into hospital tomorrow for a patellar resurfacing (My original surgeon did not resurface it at the time of my TKR, even though it had OA!!!!????)
Apparently there is mixed opinions whether to resurface the patellar as standard at the time of TKR, but it is one of the most common causes of ongoing pain after a TKR, so my advice to you would be to check whether your patellar is arthritic or not they can check with a arthroscopy.
The reason that I thought the pain was weight bearing related was; after standing for a while lifting my leg was excruciatingly painful, BUT, I was also bending my leg and it is the bending that is causing the pain.
I will let you know how I get on.
william jones

Yadkinville, NC

#24 Aug 8, 2012
i had total knee replacement on 6/4/12. it would not bend more than 60 degrees a month later. i had to have manipulation 2 weeks ago. i can know bend it to 70 degrees. it is slow progress for me, but know of a lot of people that have had it and are doing very well.
hazel dromey

London, UK

#25 Sep 17, 2012
Hi, had first knee replacement in 06. they used a Stryker kinemex. Usual trouble with pain, physio etc, but well worth the op to become mobile again. However, last two years bone pain, muscle pain and joint pain, especially my knee! Anyone else????
hazel dromey

London, UK

#26 Sep 17, 2012
Had my first knee replacement in06. Stryker kinemex make. No problems other than pain pain and more pain. Physio and lots of exercise sorted that out. However, for the past 2 years my bones, muscles and joints in that leg have become so painful it keeps me awake all night, Doctors do not think it has anything to do with replacement, any one else experiencing this????

Repton, AL

#28 Sep 17, 2012
hazel dromey wrote:
Had my first knee replacement in06. Stryker kinemex make. No problems other than pain pain and more pain. Physio and lots of exercise sorted that out. However, for the past 2 years my bones, muscles and joints in that leg have become so painful it keeps me awake all night, Doctors do not think it has anything to do with replacement, any one else experiencing this????
I had my TKR in Dec 2010 i have had problems ever since bones hurt joints hurt and swelling all over even in muscles i have been to several doctors no help at this time prednisone is the only meds that help.

Ocala, FL

#29 Oct 6, 2012
Marie wrote:
I had a total knee revision 6 weeks ago. Once I start walking, I feel pretty good. It's the first getting up after sitting pain that sends me over the edge. Has anyone had the problem with severe pain when first getting up and putting weight on the knee?

Yes, I have the same problem. I am 6 Mo. post op. I have intense pain after being seated in a chair or getting out of a car after driving for as short a time as 10 to 15 min. After about 30 seconds of standing in front of the chair or along side the car I am able to place enough weight on the leg to take some steps. After about 15 steps the pain is going away and I am fine until I sit again. I too am trying to come up with why this is going on. I have no other problens at all. Just the pain from being seated and again standing and placing the weight on the knee/leg
Linda S

Davenport, FL

#30 Nov 5, 2012
I had the stryker triathalon knee replacement in April of 2011 and later had a manipulation. Flex was good to begin with but in spite of lots of physical therapy, just kept losing flexibility until a year and 1/2 later can only bend at a right angle. Lots of pain, especially when getting up after sitting for a while. Cannot do any physical exercises, cannot ride bike, cannot kayak. Am depressed as I feel that my life is over and just waiting for the end but accompanied by lots of pain. Taking cymbalta which takes care of the depression and makes the pain tolerable but this is as good as it will get. Other knee is going and I cannot risk surgery.

Bury, UK

#31 Nov 6, 2012
I had total knee replacement 1 year ago, I am worse than before the opp. cant bend knee straight and the leg is shorter than other led, large amount of swelling, constant pain,leg clicks if lifted and bent. Dr blames scar tissue. I BLAME HIM I have no idea what he has done i am 43 and he has taken my freedom away.

Bury, UK

#32 Nov 6, 2012
can anyone advice on above

Hummelstown, PA

#33 Nov 6, 2012
Hi Tresa,

Call the hospital where you had the surgery and get a copy of your operative report. That will tell you exactly what he did to your knee. I see that you're in the UK - can you get to see another surgeon?
I know how you feel about having your freedom taken away but don't let him! There is a reason you are having so many problems with the replacement; don't give have to find an OS to help you sort this out.

Take care,

United States

#34 Nov 30, 2012
Had a tkr done in July 2011...never felt right..flextion was doctor kept telling me it would get better....xrays were good...I limped and was on pain meds entire time!! Found an excellent Dr who bone scanned it..went back in for surgery less than two weeks ago.Nov 20...and I feel great!! The metal had never attached to the thigh bone! He cemented it in..checked other parts and I feel great..bend already 107!! There is hope!!!


#35 Mar 4, 2013
I had TKR on my left knee March 7 2012, My pain was minimal while in the hospital but my new knee kept giving out so I was put into a knee imoblizer the who stay, 4 days, when I came home I was still wearing it so my recovery was slowed. When I went to PT they were horrified that I was not bending my knee. I was way behind where I should have been and the doc was sure I was in for trouble but I worked hard in PT and at home, it was horribly painful but I continued and by month 7 I was walking without even a cane. It is doable but it is hard painful work. Sometimes you get back to normal just doing what you used to be able to do, walk as much as possible and before you know it you are back to normal.
Dennis P wrote:
Wondering if anyone has experience similar to what I'm going through, and might have some words of encouragement. I went into right knee TKR early April/11 at age 62 and very physically fit/active. I knew within a couple days we had a problem because I couldn't bend my knee more than a few degrees. After six weeks of physio, my surgeon decided to try to manipulate the knee while I was under anesthetic. He could't move it and we had to operate again.
He and another surgeon I consulted referred to it as a 'bad luck' they had never seen before.... a considerable portion of my quad muscle had fused against the femur bone. He released that in the 2nd surgery in late June /11, and cut out a lot of scar tissue that had built up in the kneecap area.
I have been working really hard on rehab for 2 months now. I can bend my leg to about 80 degrees on my own, and we can get to about 93/94 when the physio uses his hands to push on the knee (major pain). I still have a ton of swelling (scar tissue) and a lot of pain. Making some very slow progress... can walk a bit better now than a month ago but pain/swelling are really limiting my recovery. My physio still thinks I can get a functional knee out of this but I'm worried now.
Any similar stories out there that eventually became a good working knee?
Frank Deangelis

Seaside, CA

#36 Nov 18, 2013
I had a total knee replacement about a year ago and now my leg gets severely swollen every day. My Doctor says I could be "having a reaction" to the implant. I have now been referred to Stanford Hospital for further evaluation. Is it common for a body to "reject" an im plant? What happens if this IS the case?

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