peripheral neuropathy after knee repl...


#42 May 18, 2013
I have just had a TKR on the same knee for the second time after 3 years,this operation went very well, but after about 10 days my calf began to swell I have had 2 blood clots in the past so I was a bit concerned ,how ever all clear,my problem is that my leg keeps stinging and burning and I have to put ice packs on it to cool it down.I am taking Oxycontin which are a very strong but the only table that make's me sleep through the pain.Can any one tell me what else I could do in place of tablets I know it's only 6 weeks
since the operation so maybe it will settle down,but would welcome any one's opinion. Thank you

Gentry, AR

#43 Jun 15, 2013
DavidTonge wrote:
Hello All,
It sounds like I am better than some but worse than others. I had complete knee replacement surgery in March. My knee is terrific but soon after surgery, still in hospital, my heal went numb and the ball of my foot felt like I was standing on a thousand hot nails. Needless to say the pain was excruciating. Since then the pain has subsided but the numbness persists. My foot feels like I am walking on stones all the time. Ten doctors cannot tell me what happened. Two doctors have said it could be tibial nerve damage. Most say it might go away but others say it could take as long as two years. I don't want to live like this and I want it fixed. Has anyone had any kind of relief and what did you do?
I too , the pt people put me on a treadmill and stress fractured one ankle..treadmills are a no no for knee replacement,,now feet hurt where never before..You have to learn to walk again and tell pts up front no trauma to feet!!!!!!!!!!Im sick of pain pills ten weeks out.Surgery April 4 2013..Write me at [email protected].Ill support you.

Avon, CT

#44 Jun 23, 2013
I wish I had googled this sooner. I had TKR of my left knee in January 2012. During the initial recovery period, I experienced severe deep muscle spasms but the oxy they gave me for post surgical pain helped. They tapered off but it seems to be almost cyclic in nature...they come back and when the spasms are with me, they slam into me and are so horribly painful and I can't sleep.

The tops of both feet, the shins and calves and, very strangely, the fatty part of my palms in both hands. Sometimes the toes tingle and feel numb, sometimes my pinky finger on the left hand goes completely numb. The pain almost feels like there is lava running through my bones, it burns so much and drives me nuts!

I'm already on an anti inflammatory so I know that this is not just a simple inflammation issue. This is definitely neuropathic in nature...I just wish I could get some relief. I've tried Tylenol, muscle relaxers, and homeopathic stuff. Nothing except Vicodin can even come close to giving me some relief. Unfortunately, I can't use Vicodin for more than three days at a time or it causes severe depression.

Although it doesn't solve my problem. I have to say that I am relieved to know that I'm not the only one! I never experienced this before until following my TKR and when I say that to my dr, she looks at me like I'm glad to know that I'm not!!

Gosh I hope someone comes along with some helpful information!

Bellevue, WA

#45 Jun 30, 2013
I expperienced the same thing after my first knee replacement surgery. Thought it would go away. Had second knee replacement 9 months later and the same thing happened. Just tested for foot neuopathy and that is what I have! Not happy about this at all! Awaiting B12 tests, etc. but I know it is the surgery because that is when it showed up!
Drs are hurting seniors

Fernandina Beach, FL

#46 Jul 2, 2013
Concerned Kid wrote:
My dad (81 years old) had a knee replacement done and was recovering with Physical Therapy. His progress was slow because of his age and the pain he suffered when attempting the physical therapy exercises.
However after a couple of falls, the physiotherapist asked him to see a neurologist who found after a few tests that he had CIDP ( ). This is the chronic form of Guillain Barre syndrome which fixes itself.
Everyone we met seemed to blame the CIDP on the Diabetes he had prior to going into surgery (which was borderline at worst). The timing of the CIDP showing up as he was recovering from knee surgery however bothers me.
After being in ICU for low sugar, low sodium for reasons likely related to his refusing food, he took Immunoglobulin ( ) which seemed to help him for some time.
His condition has gone from bad to worse over time and various complications (including urinary tract infection) later, he's still not in good shape.
In general he seems to have given up the desire to fight any more and I hope nobody else has to go through what he is going through.
What irresponsible Doctor would submit a diabetic 81 year old to knee surgery, so sad & obvious he did it for the money.


#47 Jul 21, 2013
try to do this diagnosis for peripheral neuropathy:
it helped for me
Ron Sheen

Slough, UK

#48 Aug 12, 2013
I had TKR in left leg 47 days ago at the beginning of July 2013. After 30 days, I had made remarkable progress as I was cycling 5 miles a day and even played some undemanding tennis.

Then, I began to display some hesitancy in my movements and knee giving way which happened when I did a step-up causing me to fall and damage the ligament behind the operated knee.

Since then, there has been such a decline in my condition that I am hobbling about with great difficulty also suffering from some back pain on getting up in the morning.

What's worse is the beginning of numbness in both feet and pins and needles in both legs after 45 days. I am also making jerky involuntary movements.

Nevertheless, I am still able to walk for a mile or so albeit with the aid of some sort of support such as a stick.

I am seeing my GP today about the results of blood tests several days ago.

I am 87, a retired U prof and live in Liverpool in the UK.

Winona, TX

#49 Aug 18, 2013
i had one TKR done 3 weeks ago and i am experinceing the tingling in my foot and almost into the ankle. swelling is still in the knee. i see my doctor tomorrow. and i am going to ask about the B12 shot
Jo Ann

Mill Hall, PA

#50 Aug 19, 2013
I had total knee replacement on 12/04/2012 and when I woke up my right foot was exactly as you described and still is. I have tibia nerve damage and my foot hurts every day. I was told by my surgeon and also my physician that they think it will go away but could take two years. If anything I think the pain in my heel and bottom of my foot is worse than ever. I'm at wits end and can't find any information on help other than take Gababentin or pain pills which I hate! I go to the gym everyday and do all the exercises I did for my knee which I also was told would help but it hasn't. If you find any help please post.

Dayton, OH

#51 Sep 12, 2013
I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in having the neuropathy in the foot of the leg with the TKR. It's been three years. I actually had a small area on that foot that's been a little tingly and numb for about ten years, but it's worse now and gone into my big toe. It's not extremely painful and doesn't affect my walking, but bothers me when I'm in bed, especially if the sheet touches it lightly.
Nancy from Illinois

Pekin, IL

#52 Sep 17, 2013
DavidTonge wrote:
Hello All,
It sounds like I am better than some but worse than others. I had complete knee replacement surgery in March. My knee is terrific but soon after surgery, still in hospital, my heal went numb and the ball of my foot felt like I was standing on a thousand hot nails. Needless to say the pain was excruciating. Since then the pain has subsided but the numbness persists. My foot feels like I am walking on stones all the time. Ten doctors cannot tell me what happened. Two doctors have said it could be tibial nerve damage. Most say it might go away but others say it could take as long as two years. I don't want to live like this and I want it fixed. Has anyone had any kind of relief and what did you do?
. I had total knee replacement 3 years ago and my foot is still numb. It is hard to walk on uneven ground because of the numbness. I would love to ind some solution to this problem. I also had the femal numbness shot, but they also turned me over and numbed a nerve behind my knee. That is where the problem occurred . When I had my other knee replaced they didn't do the back of the knee numbing. So somewhere along the line something happened to my nerve that is causing the numbness . They said probably no cure. I want someone to tell me there is help out there.

Since: Jul 12

Lisle, IL

#53 Sep 21, 2013

It's been 1 1/2 years since my knee surgery and still no relief from my foot neuropathy. I am living with it now. I still hate the uncomfortable feelings day-after-day. I took myself off all of the meds since they didn't work anyway.
Has anyone ever found out the cause of the nerve damage? We are all in the same boat with the same thing in common... our foot is numb with shooting electrical pains and a feeling like we are walking on stones. What went wrong in our surgery?

Rice Lake, WI

#54 Sep 27, 2013
I seem to have the same foot problems as all the rest of you. I had TKR done on July 24th of this year. Since then, the numbness in my foot drives me crazy. Also, the skin is peeling off that foot, and I have a very black bruise on the bottom of the foot, that should have hurt terribly when I stepped on whatever caused it. I can't stand the feeling of sheet or blanket touching my foot etc. I am able to lift toes upward, but am unable to curl toes down, so have no grip at all. Although I feel bad for all of you, it's so good to know that I'm not the only one!

Urbandale, IA

#55 Oct 7, 2013
I had a total knee replacement four years ago and started experiencing pain in my feet two years ago. At this time my feet are very numb and have trouble with balance/walking. Been to a neurologist with no answer to help. I am so depressed. I think it is strange this came about after surgery. Been taking many B vitamins but not vitamin deficient. Any help please?

Slidell, LA

#56 Oct 18, 2013
I have had both knees replaced, one 11 years ago and one last October, 2012. I have problems with both of them when I stand in position for over 10 minutes at a time. They feel HUGE and I find it difficult to move them in order to walk. I also have a sensation of my right toe being "WET". There is no moisture on or around the toe but it feels like it is damp, it even show's up on the wooden floor as an imprint that is dry but ringed with something that does not feel wet. I can deal with the toe but the knees are really getting bad. I had MRSA with the right knee replacement and blood clots in both lungs after the left one was done. I also cannot take pain meds because of blood problems from my first knee job. Life can be really challenging especially when the doctors say "you are doing fine, considering".

Las Vegas, NV

#57 Oct 19, 2013
Jim wrote:
I had TKR in Dec 2011. Never regained full range of motion due to scar tissue inspite of 6 months of PT. Numbness in front from top of right knee to mid ankle, with some shooting/stabbing/tingling pains. Sometimes the knee collapses when walking with no warning. Told surgeon that the leg felt "dead". After MRI's, Xrays, Electro Nerve tests, they say that I have mid level peripheral neuropathy that will only worsedn over time. What alternative approaches have others taken short of more drugs?
My husband had TKR in June 2013, incision opened and got infection; they cleaned it out and closed it back. He was on antibiotics for 3 months. He also has other health problems. Anyway, now he complains of stabbing pains in the knee and pins and needles feeling going down to the ankle and up to the hip. This is not 24/7, a few times a week, keeps him from sleeping when it happens. One of his therapists said in her opinion he had neuropathy in his feet; we have not asked the doc yet because the "pins and needles" and the stabbing pains have just started. I am amazed how many people have these problems; before he had the surgery all we ever heard were glowing reports! FYI, I was very reluctant for him to have the surgery because of his other problems, now here we are. He can't take much medication because his kidneys don't process it well, heavy pain meds are out because of danger of falling. Not sure what to do!
Vincent DeLuca

Seattle, WA

#58 Nov 6, 2013
I had a TKR at Swedish Hospital in Seattle in May of 2012. Immediately after the surgery I noticed a low grade electrical shock sensation in both feet even though I only had a TKR on the right knee. It's been 18 months and still no relief despite having having seen 5 different doctors at Swedish. Swedish Hospital is presumably a first rate medical facility but can't repair the damage done to my feet.I need to have my other knee replaced but am quite concerned about the neuropathy I have in both feet getting worse. Any suggestions out there ?
Jim H

Biloxi, MS

#59 Nov 9, 2013
I had left knee replacement 27 month ago, joint is not metal. Shortly after the surgery both feet started burning, now they both hurt pretty bad that I can't sleep very well, I do take 3 Ibuprofen tablets at night, they help dull it some. I used to walk 2 miles every morning be for the surgery, not I'm lucky to walk a 100 yards. Don't get any help from the doctors.
Catherine From MI

Newaygo, MI

#60 Dec 19, 2013
I had TKR of my left knee on April 9th 2013 later that day my foot started burning and I have had pain,burning and tingling ever since I was first told it would go away in 3 to 6 months then now in a year. I do take gapabantin (neurontin) and now also elivil if I don't take the neurotin my foot starts cramping. I sleep with pillows at my feet and both sides I can't have my left foot/leg leaning on my right foot or leg. There are times the nerves in my toes are moving around and I feel like I am walking on toes that are crossed over each other. I am sorry to read all the people having this problem some better and others worst. I have another appointment with my neuroligist in Jan.

I have a hard time walking..I am so disgusted that no one can tell us anything. Good Luck to all of you.

Since: Jul 12

Lisle, IL

#61 Dec 21, 2013
What is it we all have in common? I was in good health, except for my knee, before the knee replacement surgery. No diabetes either. Now, almost two years later, my foot is still numb. The new knee is from Germany. Is it a bad design or is it something else?

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