peripheral neuropathy after knee repl...

Washington, UK

#22 Dec 29, 2012
Caron wrote:
My father in law is 6 weeks post TKR He has been back and forward to the hospital in a lot if pain His right foot is badly swollen and bright red and burning His vein over his ankle is very swollen The burning is so intense he is unable to touch his foot The consultant does not feel this is anything to worry about but I think a nerve has been damaged Please help
Hi Caron, I do not know if this is of any help, I had a TKR 31/08/12 and I can only assume that your In Law had a spinal epidural? Like I did if so I can assure you that the swelling and bruising is quite normal the total leg is in post op trauma and also the nerves that go across the knee have been cut and need to regrow, this can take a long time 6 to 12 months the burning and other nerve sensations sre a type of Neuropathy I know that the leg whilst under surgery is clamped in order to hold it firm thus the ankle bruising and swelling etc. my ankle vein was compressed virualy flat but did return to some normality after a time. Please note that the only thing I found that eased the burning sesation was initial ice pack as required do not leave ice pack on bare skin and for no longer than the prescibed time. Do the post op exercises, do not overdo any walking or other non prescribed exercise. His body will tell him when he is doing too much. Prescribed drugs can help ie Amytriptylene or Gabenpentin.
The pain in recovery will vary week to week he must be a patient, patient. Let me know if you need any further advice. Terry

Philadelphia, PA

#23 Dec 29, 2012
Have read all the posts here. I can honestly say it's very scary indeed, as I am also suffering from intense pain. Had TKR Jan. 2012. Awoke in total HELL. No one, (including the surgeon would take my condition seriously). I could not perform the necessary rehab to gain 110 degrees of flexion. I'm at 95 at best. The only thing that temporarily saved me was the dreaded drug Neurontin. The surgeon took responsibility for prescribing the drug, when in fact, he did not. A nurse actually saved the day. Up to now, I've run through all the drug options from Neurontin to Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Elavil. All have dangerous side effects, including the desire to take your own life. People respond in different ways. Seems there's not much left, except maybe B-12, or acupuncture. I doubt these options will work. Yes it does appear to be a life-sentence of hopelessness. I will pray for all of those in pain.

Anderson, SC

#24 Dec 31, 2012
Nina wrote:
<quoted text>
OMG, I am suffering so badly.
Imkeep asking the knee surgeon and feel like I'm totally along. I've been to endocrinologist,GYN,knee surgeon and getting no answers for this. I can't take morin,the only thing that takes it away is still codeine,I wait till the end of day.
the neuropathy pain is in the ankles, in the groin where Ingot the nerve block and giving me panic attack feelings.I asked the PA today on phone just what they domto the ankles in surgery,mshe said they are in a tourniquet .
well, it must have damaged my nerves my ankles hurt so badly after surgery, and maybe this is it. My surgeon is very well known in my area,a nd can't believe he would not come forward with more information.
The dr/s will not tell you the truth. I have cried and begged for help. I am having the same problem that you are having.

Darlington, PA

#25 Jan 7, 2013
Does anyone know of a doctor in the Pittsburgh or Cleveland area who has helped? If so, please let me know! Thanks.
God get

Lincolnton, NC

#26 Jan 25, 2013
Hello everyone just like everybody out here I am glad to know that I am not crazy. I have had both knees done 2 years ago,@ the age of 48. Now the numbness and burning and cold feet. Now my surgeon has left the county and left me in the hands of another doctor who I know is not going to touch me, no doctor like to go behind another doctor. But please check your inplant their are a lot of recall out their. Both of mine is on recall. Maybe we are victims of bad Inplants. I know this will not fix our problem but let make somebody pay for our pain. Now for the women out here when I went to my doctor for hot flashes he put me on a patch call vivelle dot it stop the burning and tingling in my feets so try this to see if you can get some relief . But I did have a revision on my TRKR so hope someone will pay for making junk. Hope I gave some one some relief. I send prayers out to you all that is suffering with these bad knees

Lincolnton, NC

#27 Jan 25, 2013
Brenda wrote:
<quoted text>The dr/s will not tell you the truth. I have cried and begged for help. I am having the same problem that you are having.
Brenda you live close to me what doctor did your knee?
gill 57

Darlington, UK

#28 Jan 26, 2013
Wow i had total knee replacement done allmost two and a half years ago had probs ever since pain from arthritis was nothing compared to this my knee only bent 75% at most more it was forced to bend worse it got had it manipulated twice. I get very intence feeling like a million needles are getting stuck into lower leg worse round ankle with burning sensation my foot started turning inwards some times my toes curl over eachother now waiting for knee to be done again. Not looking forward to it but no choice with probs with it sometimes i think i'd be better wih leg of and a false one. Was a very active person before op now i can hardly do anything. Think it's time doctors told truth about probs with these ops

Cape May, NJ

#29 Jan 27, 2013
hokiebay wrote:
I had authroscopic knee surgery 2 years ago and have had numbness and tingling in my foot ever since. Doctor said he never knew of a case where it hasn't gone away. Said it was nerve damage due to the tight bandage, but that was better than having me bleed out! No sense going back to him, but really want a non-drug solution...
Hokiebay...I had arthoscopic knne surgery in 05 and have slight numbness and tingling in my foot also. My ankle and foot sometime swell and then goes right away the next day or so. I went to another doctor and was told I had nerve damage. The doctor that did my surgery was supposed to only repair a torn meniscus and decided to also scrape alot of bone off near my knee cap. He has changed the entire shape of my knee!!!

Beverly Hills, FL

#30 Feb 1, 2013
Hello all...just found this page and it's hard to believe that so many of us are suffering after TKR..I had bilateral TKR on May 24th,2011,My right knee is what sent me to the orthopedist.He x-rayed both knees and said that the right one was just as bad as the left.Long story short,I had both knees done,using a nerve block suggested by my doctor.My partner said I was only in surgery for about 1 hour and 15 minutes,which we both thought was fast.The day after surgery,I told a nurse that my left foot felt"funny" and was assured that it was "normal".When they got me up the morning after surgery,it felt like I was standing on a rubber ball,and it was very difficult for me to attempt to walk..I complained about the left foot for the entire time that I was in hospital,but no one looked at it,and I couldn't see it due to the heavy bandaging from mid thigh to toes.I was released to a Rehab facility after 3 days in hospital,and still I complained about the foot.When the heavy wrappings were finally removed,I was horrified to see the toes of my left foot were completely curled under,and I had something called"foot drop". My doctor seemed unconcerned,reassured me that it would "work out".I was put into a leg/foot brace to enable me to walk w/ the foot drop.I wore this brace for 8 months,and with PT,that did improve.My toes also straightened out,but they have very little movement.I am numb from the left side of the knee,down,with a few places around the ankle that have some feeling.I am plagued constantly w/ burning,tingling,and the feeling of bugs crawling under my skin.I had a nerve test by a neurologist and was told by that doctor the the nerve bed was"destroyed" in the left side of my knee and would not regenerate.Also,my left knee is mis-shapened,clearly much larger than the right.I am taking an anti-depressant along w/ neurotin to help w/ the nerve pain.Some days,it is of little help,and the pain is constant.My quality of life has gone down the toilet,Ib can no longer work at the job I love,can barely walk w/o a cane,walker or supervision..I'm usually only good to walk about 50 feet,total,before succumbing.I am so sad over this..I am now considering talking to a lawyer,don't know what else to do.

Madison, WI

#31 Feb 13, 2013
Just found this site and am glad to know I am not the only one with nerve damage in my toes after bi-lateral total knee replacement. You all aren't going to like this but I had my surgery 11 years ago this April and I am still fighting the burning, tingling and numbness in my toes. Mine too started right after the surgery. It started with feeling like something was under my toes and has progressed to the burning and tingling and has moved up my feet. I too asked my doctor and he claimed the surgery didn't do it, but I never had the problem before the surgery. 1 1/2 yrs ago I went to a podiatrist and he did a nerve test on my feet. He says I have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. I also developed a Tailor Bunion on the left toe that causes numbness. I have not found anything to help. Guess I will have to break down and try a prescription even though some of you have said that doesn't completely solve the problem. I am 59 years old now and am hoping the problem doesn't cause me to have trouble walking as I get older. It is SO FRUSTRATING.

Phoenix, AZ

#32 Feb 16, 2013
I have had knee implants in both knees. The last implant was 6 years ago, also 10 years ago I did chemo for 6 months. Starting this Jan I developed neuropathy in both legs. The knees calves and feet are numb. Walking is difficult and kneeling and getting back up is impossible. I have very npoor balance Any ideas for making things better

Newtown Square, PA

#33 Mar 1, 2013
Had bilateral knee replacement in 2005. Burning and tingling began about 2 years ago. Feet feel numb, needles, rolled up sock, sand between toes.... Been to neurologist, did nerve test of nerves in legs. Could not find anything ong. Tried neuropathy formula, b-12, nothing helps!

San Francisco, CA

#34 Mar 12, 2013
I had TKR in Dec 2011. Never regained full range of motion due to scar tissue inspite of 6 months of PT. Numbness in front from top of right knee to mid ankle, with some shooting/stabbing/tingling pains. Sometimes the knee collapses when walking with no warning. Told surgeon that the leg felt "dead". After MRI's, Xrays, Electro Nerve tests, they say that I have mid level peripheral neuropathy that will only worsedn over time. What alternative approaches have others taken short of more drugs?

Belfast, UK

#35 Mar 12, 2013
I am 3 weeks post op and have increasing sensation of a cold foot although it is actually warm .different positions make it worse .elevating my foot makes it worse.
I am hoping it will resolve with healing but reading the comments perhaps not!

Milliken, CO

#36 Mar 25, 2013
Hi I had TKR 2 years ago on both knees. Dr. Told me the skin around my knees would be numb for the rest if my life. I've been doing much better than I was before surgery. I still have pain but it is minimal. I tripped and fell on the carpet two weeks ago hurt my right knee very bad. The skin was purple around the knee and it swelled so bad. The titanium knee smashed the skin pretty bad I went to see the Dr. the next day he had my knees x-rayed the replacements were fine but the skin was not. They sent me home and said I was fine. Now I'm getting a burning sensation on my right knee. I have out ice on it and heat on it and it does not go away. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you

Warrington, PA

#37 Apr 9, 2013
Hi Shirley and everyone else.
Oh my goodness I KNEW it was to do with the surgery.
I had Bi lateral TKR May 2010. I am now 48 yrs old.
And Since then i have had burning and tingling in my feet
My doctor said that it wasn't the surgery.
I got the EMG nerve test done. And it shows I have mild peripheral neuropathy.
It is getting worse though.
My feet feel like they are on fire. And they tingle.
I am always trying to cool my feet down. I spray them with cold herbal spray.
Soak them in cold water. Walk on cold floor.
Anything to cool them down.
In the cold winter I was still taking my socks off as my feet burn.
After walking they are really bad.
I take Vit B complex every day but maybe that's not enough.
I will say that the knee replacements helped me to have better mobility. Knees were in bad shape prior to to the surgery. But surgery was brutal and I was in such pain for a long time.
I still have pain in my knees but pain Meds help.
But now I have this feet problem and it's awful.
I am sorry to hear other people have the same problem.

Warrington, PA

#38 Apr 11, 2013
I wanted to add more since my last post.
I can't take Lyrica or any in that family. Had a negative experience with it. Effected my mind and body. Horrible.

I'm looking at natural treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy or PN.

I have come across a few things in my online research that possibly can help PN.
Here is a list in no particular order.

4 marvel pill or Si Miao Wan
is a Chinese formula to help hot tingly feet or PN.
I ordered some as I'm open to anything.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid.
Has effect on PN.
I have L-Carnitine to my smoothies. I have it in liquid form.

Sulfur - homeopathy version.:)
Can help reduce heat, inflammation.
I have added this to my day.
I also consume sulfur foods such as onions.

Lecithin -
not sure how it works but it is something I read that maybe helpful for PN.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Benfothiamine or B1.

Burdock Root powder

Evening Primrose oil -
helps build myelin sheath round nerve.

Flax seed does the same

MSM - is sulfur

Laser Therapy Pen

I do not know dosages or can repeat all the info I came across but if you look these items up individually online you will find plenty of information which may help you to decide what to try.

I also recommend changing diet. Apparently sugar aggravates PN.
I am making changes and will be trying a few of the listed items.
I will come back at a later time to report my progress.
Me too

Johnson City, TN

#39 May 5, 2013
I had bilateral knee replacement Feb. 2012 at 53 years old. I had delayed the surgery for 7 years. The left leg was slower to recover from day-one but I was very pleased to walk in (slow and careful) for my 6 week check-up without even a cane. Six months later my left ankle started feeling tired. Shortly afterwards the pain was so intense at times I could not even lift it off the floor. It would "hit me" all of a sudden. My knee surgeon sent me to a foot dr. Neither have suggestions of what to do to correct this.

Sault Sainte Marie, MI

#40 May 16, 2013
PJf wrote:
It started about 10 months after knee replacement with swelling in the ankle and foot of the replaced knee . Then the numbness in the toes that at times can go as high as the ankle. I actually have to buy shoes 1 size larger due to that ankle I was wondering about acupuncture, has anyone had these symptoms?
i had my right knee replace in 2011. My leg became infected with mrsa and i have had nothing but trouble with my right knee. The doctor put the implant in crooked and now my leg is crooked. I now have neuropathy in my feet and leg cramps problem with my toes and now i have to wear shoes with orthotics and a 1/2 inch lift to my right shoe plus i have to wear shoes a size larger because of how my feet are. I am suppose to go and have my leg looked at to see if they can do anything and i am going to a different doctor.

Cumming, GA

#41 May 17, 2013
So happy to have found a site that makes me realize I haven't lost my mind. I had a knee replacement on my right knee in April 2013 -- stayed the usual three days and was released on Friday with, I might add, the beginnings of pneumonia but that's a different story for another time.

I began to have tingling feelings in my right foot -- just figured it was part of the healing process. But it proceeded to get worse ... first the intense burning sensation, foot was sensitive to my touch, stabbing pain that would last five to ten seconds. I knew this couldn't be part of the healing process so I talked with my Physical Therapist about it -- he immediately stated that it was peripherl neuropathy and said he would send a report to the doctor as I was scheduled to see him the next day.

Saw the doctor and he asked about what was going on with my foot. Explained all of the symptoms and said the pain was horrifc, that it woke me up at night. He then said the same thing the physical therapist said -- peripheral neuropathy.

He started writing out prescriptions and explained what they were and what they were for. I am now on Lyrica, an antibiotic (unrelated to the neuropathy), pain medication, ambien, another physical therapy script with instructions to work on the neuropathy and extended my work excuse for another six weeks.

As I was leaving he said that if this didn't work, we'd have to do a nerve block. I've done research on nerve blocks and there's no guarantee as how long they work and it stated that there are some that have to have a block every three to four months!

While it does feel as though the Lyrica is helping, the pain is still there but not as excruciating as before. However, the pain does happen and without any warning -- I was at the store today standing while checking out. All of a sudden it felt as though someone was stabbing my foot and I let out a little whimper.

My knee is doing fine and my range of movement of "off the charts" according to my physial therapist. But if this neuropathy accompanies a knee replalcement, I would have passed on it.

May God Bless all of you ...

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