Stryker Unicompartmental knee Replace...

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Longmeadow, MA

#41 May 25, 2011
They're noisy? LOL, break out the WD40!!! I've studied some engineering and the devices are most likely designed to be smooth where the polymer surface fits against the stainless steel surface. Can't imagine what would cause noise much less what it would sound like.

Going in on June 8th to sit with the surgeon and find out what happens next. I see where some patients using this system had some pre-op physical therapy to get them conditioned for the surgery. Is that normal procedure or is that for certain types of patients with weight, mobility, or other problems? I can still squat completely and I'd guess my knee range at probably 120˚ but we'll have to see what the doc says.

Seattle, WA

#42 May 25, 2011
I had double knees at the same time and yes, it was a requirement to do pre op exercises. They were designed not for leg strength so much as for upper body strength so you can get up using arm strength and shoulders. You will be on a walker for a few days and toileting is much easier if your upper body is stronger. I did some quads but my knees were so painful it was hard. My doc will not do bilaterals if you are not within weight range he likes to see. I lifted hand weights and did full body lifts with my arms for two mos. prior. I was so glad I did since it made it so much easier to lift myself in the beginning. I was off the walker at a week and back to work at two mos. I walked into my doc's office three weeks postop with no helpsies like cane or crutches or even a limp. He considered me his poster child that year because I recovered so quickly and well. And about the noise.....the first few mos. my knees sort of klunked in the morning when I got up and walked down the hall to the kitchen. My husband laughed about me being so noisy!:)

Since: May 11

Longmeadow, MA

#43 May 29, 2011
Have to wait until Friday to see what the doc says. Fortunately, I'm not carrying much extra weight and I can do a full squat and get up without holding on to anything. I don't have a walker to practice on but I'm not too worried about arm/shoulder strength. But we'll see what he says. I would rather not wait LOL but if thats what he suggests... I'll go with the flow.

So you're saying its a prerequisite for this surgery for all candidates or is it just the ones getting both knees done? Not looking forward to a noisy outcome though!

United States

#44 May 29, 2011
TIP:(Daughter came up with this one.)

Bring a video flip or phone to record PT's demonstration of exercises for home. If it is right after surgery and you are on meds/tired/in pain the instructions may get "cloudy". Print outs are great but video might be even more helpful in the long run.

Details can be important.

I'm post op 2 knees (July/ Oct.) of last year.

Good wishes to all!

Quincy, MA

#45 Jun 3, 2011
Was just told today that I will be having TNR as coritsone and synvisc injections providing no relief. this website is great to read...nice to hear positive things about this. Am nervous, pt sounds quite intense and the staying 7 to 10 days at a rehab is not too great either.

Seattle, WA

#46 Jun 3, 2011
I had surgery for bilateral total knees on Tues. and went home on Sat. No rehab.....had home health pt come to my home for two weeks and did fine. Had a CPM 24/7 in the hospital and did about 8 hr. a day each leg for two weeks at home I had the machine. Got my ROM up to speed in no time as well as doing all the exercises expected. PT was not even close to as brutal as a lot here have said, at least for me it was not. But remember this was knee surgery number 8 and 9 so this was truly the easiest and least painful ever.

Beckley, WV

#47 Jun 8, 2011
had bi lateral knees replacement at age 57, Stryker Triathlon...was informed by doctor should last between 15 -20 years; at least 15 years. now less than 5 years and have severe pain and mobility...informed will have to undergo additional surgery, possible infection, such as staph, and possibility of losing leg, just an FYI on my behalf

Alexandria, Australia

#48 Jun 9, 2011
Hi everyone,I am 58 years young and very active at this stage in my life. First time on this forum regarding knees. My knee problem has been gradually getting worse over the past ten years. Starting to gain knowledge as to what is out there in knee options. Not quit there as yet regarding hi levels of pain, but starting to notice an acceleration of mobility related pain.
I have been researching the Customfit UKR system, has anyone had this procedure done. One last thing- I love my mountain bike and skis- will that continue?????

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Springfield, MA

#49 Jun 13, 2011
This may sound like a dumb question, but this will be my first major surgery with Medicare and my UHC/AARP Supplemental Insurance. Just how much of the operation is covered and also the rehab? Will I have any co-pay and if so... what's typical?

My tentative surgery date is Sept 20th but I'm in a window of availability starting August 17th because thats soonest the doc would do it because of the cortisone shot a few weeks ago. Doc says 3-day hospital stay and depending on the time of surgery and availability of therapists, they'll have me up later in the day. Said the surgery takes about 1-1/2 hours typically.

He also suggested renting a hospital bed as a possibility only because of the range of adjustment and the trapeze setup that would be helpful in pulling myself up and onto the bed and off. Don't know if that's covered either.


Seattle, WA

#50 Jun 13, 2011
I had double coverage when I had my knees done five years ago. My husband's ins. plus mine from my job. I don't think I paid more than the $250 annual deductible that year. Call the doctor's office where you are considering having the surgery done and talk to their ins. person. They are a wealth of info and very helpful. Check out both your ins. coverages. They should be able to give you a ballpark figure as to how much you will owe.

By the way, my surgery for two knees total came to about 95K all said and done. But that was how much the actual bills were not how much the ins. actually paid. Remember the doctor gets a certain amount that is probably reduced if he is a participant in your ins. program. And medicare pays a lot less than what is billed. But a lot is written off too. So you have to speak with the ins. people to get more info.


Madison, MS

#51 Jun 16, 2011
had stryker total right knee done on may 3, 2011. Knee had been almost frozen and would not totally straighten out or bend. the surgery has been great and i;m almost completely straight now, jujst more THERAPY111 However, after surgery i had horrible pain in my calf and hip. Now calf pain is almost gone but hip pain is still there. Anyone else have this problem? Walkin great, still a little slow sitting down in pool, etc but hip wont quit hurting unless in hot tub of water or heating pad!

Since: May 11

Springfield, MA

#52 Jun 16, 2011
Cokie... You're ahead of me since you already had the surgery and I'm anxiously waiting for it... but I think its early in your therapy/rehab so be patient. My knee has locked up on occasion and that was a PITA LOL. But normally I have decent range of motion, compensating with my right leg (the normal one). I can still do a sort of squat and get up without any assistance.

I start the pre-surgery conditioning program next Friday. Twice a week at the rehab center and I guess I have to do the same exercises here at home the other 5 days. I'm out riding my bike every morning now at 6:00 AM and that feels good. I'm taking it slow but doing probably 5 miles. In about two weeks I'll add a couple more miles by changing my route.

Wonder how many who have had the surgery get back on a bike and how long that takes. Living in New England means that my riding is very weather dependent so I may invest in a indoor bike this Fall to make sure I keep that knee pumping.

Betty S

Saint Marys, GA

#53 Jun 26, 2011
I am an active 74 female. I still run my own business and until my left knee dislocated for the 4th time, I was an active golfer. I am getting a stryker knee on August 6th.(Dr. Heekin in Jacksonville fl) No arthritis, just slides out when I turn sharply.

Tell me about the noise?, and swelling? Realistically, when should I be able to drive a car? Get around the house and take care of myself? I live alone. Will I need a live in caregiver or will I be able to manage with a drop by person? WAlk in shower etc. I have put off the replacement, but every time I dislocate, I have to be taken to the ER and put out, to get it back in. Not pleasant, but many of these posts are scary.
farooq shah kashmir

Srinagar, India

#54 Jun 28, 2011
T K R is the best option for damaged knees if done by good hands pl enquire first

Seattle, WA

#55 Jun 28, 2011
Betty, Have you gotten another opinion on why your knee keeps dislocating? Do you need TKR or maybe just some kind ligament surgery to stabilize the joint? As far as getting around; with one knee done it should not be a problem. When I had my first knee done, the uni, I was up and around right away and back to work in six weeks. When I had the two TKRs done at the same time I was in hospital four days and able to walk with a walker when I got home. Did not do a rehab hospital. I was able to do light housework like making the bed, tidying up the house, etc. You will be very tired after the surgery and the pain pills will make you a little dingy for a couple of weeks. Granted my husband did the vacumning the first couple of weeks, but you would probably not need a live in just a person to come by to check up on you daily. I had home health PT every other day and a home health regular nurse on the other days for two weeks to monitor my blood work. I did not drive for six weeks because I had had two done doc didn't want me using them for driving too soon. I was back to work on my feet all day at two mos. So it really isn't that scarey. Just make sure you have everything you will need for two weeks at home on hand like groceries and stuff so if you can't get out you will be ok. And if you have drop in friends they can be very valuable as well as good company. Good luck! Gail

Saint Petersburg, FL

#56 Jul 4, 2011
I appreciate all the reviews. Heading in for total replacement w/stryker triathlon system this Wed. Hope to be adding to these good reviews.
Scoots dad

Greenbrier, AR

#57 Jul 11, 2011
I am 71 yr old male. 3 months out from TKR. Dr. advises should need no pain meds at this point. But after minimal pt, knee is on fire. Can't stand any material skin contact. Knee still red and inflamed with some swelling. Any advise/comments?

Seattle, WA

#58 Jul 11, 2011
Scoots dad wrote:
I am 71 yr old male. 3 months out from TKR. Dr. advises should need no pain meds at this point. But after minimal pt, knee is on fire. Can't stand any material skin contact. Knee still red and inflamed with some swelling. Any advise/comments?
Wow.....what does your doc have to say about this development?? Can you get a second opinion?? I have a friend who is your age who had a swelling/inflammation problem and it turned out he was allergic to the metal in the implant. Go figure. He had it redone with another brand and it is better but still hurts him and he is three years out now. I would want to know if it is infection or allergic reaction so we would know how to make it better. I assume you are seeing your doctor regularly?? As for the pain meds, if he saw it he would probably recommend pain meds be continued. Keep us posted and good luck. Gail

Summerville, GA

#59 Jul 16, 2011
I had stryker complete knee replacement done in 2008 and now it is dislocatate from my bone and i need another knee replacement done has this happen to anyone tell me what to do.

Seattle, WA

#60 Jul 16, 2011
kathy50 wrote:
I had stryker complete knee replacement done in 2008 and now it is dislocatate from my bone and i need another knee replacement done has this happen to anyone tell me what to do.
Go back to your doctor and have him refer you to a revision specialist. Revisionists are trained to redo failed joints. I had a failed uni and went to a wonderful revisionist who replaced my failed knee and gave me a second knee on the other side at the same time. So two new knees five years ago with zero problems and walk like a normal person. Don't dink around and wait......go get that second opinion and see the right doctor to fix it. Life can be normal again, truly!

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