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Beverly Ohio

Akron, OH

#84 Dec 1, 2007
Hey Pam - I just read your comment after posting mine. I'm so glad for you!!!!! Maybe I'll be just as lucky. I know something just has to be wrong. I had the other knee done 7 years ago and it was nothing like this.

Again - I am soooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!

United States

#85 Dec 3, 2007
Had Ltkr on 9-2-07 golfed after 5wks my rehab place said i can still go their for a small fee, so i do. I still do all the kr exercises with 5 to 7 lbs leg weights. i still get a lot of pain behind the knee and on my femer were the muscle attaches to the knee.i wonder what is causes that. will it ever get better.
Deb SC


#86 Dec 14, 2007
Hi I had TKR of my rt knee 5 weeks ago most of my pain is in my ankle especialy when walking. Im doing PT in the pool 2 times a week. I can walk only short distances due to the ankle pain. Has anyone had this problem?

Cape Coral, FL

#87 Dec 16, 2007
Hi Deb,
It is common for various parts of your body to suffer the transition when you undergo replacement of damaged parts. Your whole body spent a long time compensating when your knee was damaged, and you will experience a period of evolution as you adjust to your new knee. Also, while you are in recovery there will be some stress to other parts, ankle, hip, as they try to help bear the load and will suffer somewhat. Don't get frustrated, most of us have experienced the same sensation.
Cheers! Joon
Deb SC


#88 Dec 30, 2007
Thanks Joon you were right! the pain in my ankle is much improved.

Mccoy, CO

#89 Jan 26, 2008
TKR post op, 4 months, having BAD muscle cramps at night which awaken me, the spasm pulls the foot almost back to my thigh....Does anyone have this and what is causing it?


#91 Feb 7, 2008
Hello, I am 4 weeks post op from my 6th knee surgery stemming from a fractured patella. This last knee surgery was a salvage procedure in which my OS put a plastic button on the back of my patella. I cannot get my knee bent past 70 degrees with PT. Is this a sign and symptom of possibly having MUA (manipulation under anesthia)? How long do i wait before I do this???
Beverly Ohio

Akron, OH

#92 Feb 18, 2008
Well - found a new doc. Not much personality. He re-Xrayed and said everything looks fine and doesn't know what is causing so much pain. I then went to an arthroscopist who set the date for April to clean out scar tissue. This is creating a whole lot of down time and each day I wait I am loosing not gaining range of motion. Hope your knee is still doing well Pam L/Hamilton,OH. I am hoping my procedure will go well as well and I can finally enjoy my new hardware to its fullest.

Rainbow City, AL

#93 Feb 22, 2008
I'm 56 years old, 9 wks out from TKR on right knee. I thought I'd recover faster than my mom did (she had hers at age 80) but someone forgot to tell me that damaged knees suffer more. I went back to work at 6 wks but I am dealing with tremendous pain and stiffness when I try to walk. Sitting and sleeping are not much of a problem, but walking is making my life hell. I end up taking meds every afternoon in order to make it through the rest of the day. Am also sleeping more than normal. I'm wondering why doctors aren't up front about recovery. Surely they know enough to alert us to the hell they're going to be putting us through.

Glasgow, UK

#94 Mar 6, 2008
I had a TKR April 07 and still have so much pain I am still using elbow crutches. Pain down front of shinbone and where new knee meets my bone, unbearable when I put my weight on it. Xray looks fine but I am at my witts end. Any suggestions will be appreciated?

Toronto, Canada

#95 Mar 7, 2008
Anne, Almost a year is too long to be relying on elbow crutches. I had similar problems with discomfort to the shinbone up to the point of contact with the prothesis, with or without weight bearing. I was told I had so much damage to the bone that it had to be repaired, and was therefore causing pain longer than usual as the repair "settled" in. My surgery was almost at the same time as yours, and while I can weight bear, and I'm walking well, the actual bone is still very tender. I rely on massage and exercise to strengthen the area, and while progress is slow, I am improving. Try not to be too frustrated, and whatever you do, keep the leg moving. Cheers, Joon


Glasgow, UK

#96 Mar 8, 2008
Joon, Thanks for your comments. I am moving the leg about as much as I possibly can. Still doing post-op excersises,gymn, swimming, etc but this is not a discomfort...this is 'severe' pain and I know my tollerance levels are high. I am taking Morphine 4 times a day + Tramadol and STILL the pain persists. At night it is murder, as I cannot get comfortable and the knee,burns, jumps,the pain goes down to my ankle and the calf tightens.
Anyone else with similar probs.......Please let me know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am 61 and feel 91!
Ann Australia


#97 Mar 30, 2008
I had my TKR in October 2007 and it still feels very tight and uncomfortable. This is disappointing as I have always been very active and now feel restricted. My knee will not bend and I am worried about scar tissue and subsequent manipulation. However, before I go down that track I am going to try acupuncture with a therapist who specialises in post operative treatment, especially with knees.


#98 Mar 31, 2008
Have now had acupuncture and for the first time I think I have found something I believe will work. The therapist has indicated plenty of heat packs as cold packs restrict the blood vessels and the blood flow. I will have a couple more sessions, but already my knee is bending more freely even after only one treatment.

Anchorage, AK

#99 Apr 6, 2008
had TKR in November of 07. The stiffness, and pain under the patella and around the knee is excruciating both in a static and dynamic state. I ice it often. I am on OC's and Roxy's daily. They are concerned i have become dependent on the meds. They finally resorted to putting me on a epidural pump to continue my PT. I have similar pain and tightness symptons as many have posted. My ROM is 115 degrees/-6degrees forced. I feel like my Ortho has given up and they flat out called me a drug addict and that I have more problems then just my knee. I am very depressed and this has sent me over the edge. I just want to return to a normal painfree life with out the meds and the constant pain. If it weren't for the positive support of my friend, i don't know how i could manage. The PT and Ortho talk about getting over the hump.
What is the hump? Is there any chance of returning to a normal pain free life where i can walk again? Any input would be very much appreciated.
Cathy New Jersey

Ypsilanti, MI

#100 Apr 8, 2008
I'm 56, have severe degenerative osteo arthritis and had double TKR on February 1st. My surgeon (a drill sargeant type) did an incredible job and I'm the proud owner of a completely straight right leg and have regained the 2 " in height I lost due to joint collapse!!! Thanks to my wonderful PTs, I can completely straighten both legs and have range of 135 in right leg and 127 in left leg.

My expectations for the surgery were simple...just want to do normal things like walk without a cane (as I have for 10 years) and climb stairs one foot after the other without holding on. Within the past 2 weeks I've achieved both of these goals.

Yes, I have discomfort ....but nothing like the excruciating chronic pain I've suffered with for the past 18 years!!! I'm so grateful to be getting my life back!

By the way, about 5 years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost 58 pounds. The weight loss enabled me to push the surgery out for a couple of years ... both surgeon and PTs have stated it has also contributed to the success of my recovery.

I guess my point to all of you is don't give up!! I don't think this surgery is designed to work miracles....but it can relieve pain and certainly restore quality of life!

Manhattan, KS

#101 Apr 12, 2008
I am a 50 year old male and former athlete who still loves to walk, gold and work out. I had TKR over a year ago. I have good range of motion but but my problem is that my knee still swells and hurts much of the time. I have trouble standing for long periods of time and my first attempt at golf after TKR left me with much pain while playing. My workout regimen is limited to an elliptical trainer which doesn't hurt during exercise but hurts later.

I brought these concerns up w/my surgeon at my 1 year check up and his response was to give my an elastic sleeve to wear which gives me no support. I am frustrated and tempted to contact another surgeon. Any advise?

Hamilton, Canada

#102 Apr 13, 2008
Geoman, Contact another surgeon! Best of luck! Joon
Cheryl Ohio

Bradenton, FL

#103 Apr 16, 2008
I had a partial knee replacemnet in Mar, 07. It failed shortly after it was done (unknown to me) and I walked around for 7 months with micro fractures of the tibia and the cement had loosened. I told the doc that it hurt and was hot and was also swollen...he asured me that it was all part of the healing process. By October 07, I was waking up in the middle of the night in severe least three times a night. Called doc, ordered a bone scan, found out what was wrong. Had to do a TKR in November now going on 5 months later...still swollen, lower knee area to mid calf hurts so bad at night I cannot sleep!!! Today was my last day of PT-my wonderful insurance only allows 30 visits per calender year-applied for an extention and they denied it...nice huh? They don't have to live with it...the doc has me on a muscle relaxer and a painkiller called hydromorphone (generic name). I have been on vicodin, vicoprophen, a drug that they prescribe to fibromyalgia patients (I can't remember the name). Nothing subdues the hurts and I just don't know how to convey this to the doc...I just turned 50 years old. I thought I made the right choice by having the surgery...I am wondering.
Thanks for husband listens to me but I don't think he hears me, so thanks for listening.


#104 Apr 17, 2008
Good grief!!! What a nightmare!
I think you should go back to the surgeon that screwed up, and tell him to write a letter to your insurance company asking for your coverage for PT to be extended. Failing that, contact the therapist and see if you can come to an agreement for additional PT at a reduced rate. It seems like you need some on going assistance. I can tell you I continued therapy up until one year post surgery on my first knee, and I plan on doing the same with my second. I can do all the exercises myself, but the therapist is more in tune with my changes between visits and can tweak the therapy accordingly. Healing takes time, and we are all different, but you must get some relief or you will go mad with sleep deprivation. Have you tried massage therapy, or hydro therapy. I love both, and find them to be relaxing to the point I can manage the pain and get some rest. I hope you get some assistance with this. Cheers! Joon

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