Double Knee Replacement Post-Op Question

Bangalore, India

#1971 Aug 1, 2012
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen.
Let us remember TKR is very successful procedure now with harly any failure reporting. Paiful/recovery period is about 2 months after surgery. Do about 30 minutes PT daily under expert guidance first month and 2nd month onwards you can do yourself.Continue with fresh coconut oil massage for 3-4 months. Do not use lift - use stairs where ever possible. Driving four wheeler for a few hrs is OK. Walk 2-3 Kms a day.Do not overdo or overtire yourself - remember most of us on wrong side of age with lot of othe vulnerable areas ( cadio, bp, diabetes, cnmv-amd etc), take due care of them. Take pain killers only SOS. With the quality of implants and adhesives being used these days , you can easily have a life of TKR from 7-10 years.

Mobile, AL

#1972 Aug 1, 2012
Hula girl---also besides coconut oil,use vitamin e oil--also helps with scaring ---my knees are beautiful! Ha ha!

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Wahiawa, HI

#1973 Aug 1, 2012
Thanks you guys....I am using Mederma scar gel but I can see that coconut oil or vitamin E oil would help in a different way.
I am not using any pain killers except motrin but I sure miss the Roxicet in the middle of the night. Helps with sleep too and I can get three or four hours of mindless sleep with it. I see the doctor tomorrow and will ask him what he thinks!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#1974 Aug 2, 2012
Hey guys, as of Aug 5th I'll be 4 months after TKR and I went back to my surgeon yesterday and DID I GET FUSSED AT !! LOL He wanted me to hold my leg out and "don't let me bend your leg down" HA ! AS IF !! He hardly put any pressure on it at all and flump! down it went. LOL
He says that I haven't done near enough exercise to strengthen my muscles ABOVE the knee and thats why I'm having a lot of pain after sitting for more than 10 minutes and hurts like the dickens to stand up. He showed me a good exercise to do at home that my outpatient PT has not told me to do.(she is about 1/4th interested in doing her job, so I can't get much help there except ask for another therapist, which I AM going to do Friday a.m !) He says standing on a surface like a step stool on one leg and repeatedly bending that knee while the other leg just hangs down until I "can't stand it anymore) then rest awhile and do the same thing with the other leg. <whew> I LOVE the advice about the 'Total GYM' that Glenn spoke of above...and my hubby has one that has been leaning against his bedroom wall for the past 2 years... LOL Now, I'll have him spread it out again for ME to do the push-ups with my has NEAR the same effect as the exercise the DR. told me to do.
He cut my oxycodone down from 10 (from the beginning) to 5mg after 2 months and added 325 tylenol to it. He says there should be no problem for me as I just take it 3 times a week before PT. He said yesterday that if I need another precription refill that he would give me something other than Oxy, which is fine. I get a little fuddle headed on oxy anyway. It also causes me to get exhausted quicker than normal. That could be one of your problems Raine !! The amount of oxy could be sapping your strength and fortitude !:)
I caution everyone who plans to exercise in water to be SURE they talk to their Dr.s first and be sure your scars are all healed up because you SURE don't want to get a bacterial infection in it !!
I have the little floor bicycle pedals too and use them when I'm watching the Olympics this week. You hardly notice that you are doing your knees and legs a favor !
I'm so bad about forgetting to ice my knees. My home PT went to the freezer and got my peas and tea towels for me and put them on after our sessions, so I forget when I get home...but I WILL make a concerted effort to remember from now on ! It sure did make a difference ! I really miss the PT at was SO much more "hands on" and the legs felt so much better afterwards. It seems like I hardly know I've had it now at the local Wellness Center.
Good luck to all and keep your heads up !! You're bodies and legs have been through so much trauma that you really should be serious about exercising those knees whilst remembering that you do everything at your own pace ! No one heals or bounces back the same way !!
Ricki 9-15-10

Colorado Springs, CO

#1975 Aug 3, 2012
Pamela, you have a great attitude!!! I just know you will be really serious about building strength. YAY!!! 
Mackay's Moral: Attitude is the mind's paintbrush - it can color any situation.  Harvey Mackay

Detroit, MI

#1976 Aug 4, 2012
I am glad I found this web site. I am scheduled to have Total Knee Replacement on August 13 on my left knee. My doctor told me that I can schedule my right knee in about a month. Can somebody tell me if having one replacement one at a time is more stressful than both together. Thanks.

Grayville, IL

#1977 Aug 4, 2012
This is such a blessing to read all this advice and positive help. I told everyone at pt I found this site,that it was so helpful. I didn't feel like such a baby anymore,It was normal! I love reading about all of your progress . Mine is coming along ,I just can't believe how slow I am.I'm a custodian at a elementary school so I need to be on my feet 8 hours. Im alittle worried about going back to work. It's been six weeks and have no idea when I'll go back,not for awhile . Just worries me,guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Please all take care and God Bless.

Dunkirk, NY

#1978 Aug 4, 2012
Regina wrote:
I am glad I found this web site. I am scheduled to have Total Knee Replacement on August 13 on my left knee. My doctor told me that I can schedule my right knee in about a month. Can somebody tell me if having one replacement one at a time is more stressful than both together. Thanks.
I had both knees done 6/21/2012 . I still have trouble walking but my biggest ptoblem is at night my legs hurt so bad that I can't sleep . I am off all meds , just using ibuprofen . The hydro's weren't helping with the leg pain , any suggestions ? I am a 63 yr. old female and not overweight ,thanks and good luck with your surgery !!

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Orlando, FL

#1979 Aug 4, 2012
Cindy 39 - Sounds like you are doing well on the exercise bike. I am away from home this month so I am not at the gym. To answer your question, I'm not sure what distance I was going on the exercise bike, but did about a 15 minute warm up at level 5 I believe. I bought a new Trek bicycle recently and have it on vacation with me. I am riding it here but I am unable to ride far and my left knee complains a lot. I am looking forward to enjoying the new bicycle once I have my bionic knees! Am trying to stay active - have kayaked twice this week, but I'll admit I have slacked off my exercises here. Vacations do that to me. I will get back to exercising more to prepare for my surgery when I get home in mid August. I am at the beach but I have not felt sure enough on my legs to go in the ocean, which makes me sad. Walking on the soft sand is so hard on the knees too. Next summer will be so much better!
I can't believe how many people question my decision to do both knees at the same time. I am constantly asked why I am doing that. I tell them that I have done a lot of reading (thanks to all who have posted here) and feel it is the best way to go. They look at me like I am crazy. Thank you all for helping me with this decision. I know I couldn't have made it without your support. It seems everyone wants to talk me out of it.
Ricki 9-15-10

Peyton, CO

#1980 Aug 4, 2012
Babs. My BIL and his family sat around their table talking about me and came to the amazing conclusion that I was NUTS to have BTKR. Amazing how folks who know nothing about it have such certain ideas. It sure was the right choice for me!!!
DeeDee, nights are hard for nearly every one. Some get help from their doc, some try melatonin or tylenolPM. Some just wait it out. It does get better. Be sure you are comfortable, cut caffeine, all the usual stuff.=}
Regina, you should do fine doing them one month apart. It will take a little longer for rehab. You will need to be resolved on the second one cause you will know the pain you are showing up for. Just do it. You won't be sorry.
Cindy, you will get better and better. Likely you can go back to work at least part time in sept. you will improve quickly. But by the end of work you will need to elevate and ice!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela58 4-05-12

Knoxville, TN

#1981 Aug 5, 2012
I am SO glad I did both at the same time ! I really don't believe that I could stand to have the other one done so soon after the first one.

The physical therapy is wonderful, even though you don't feel that way when you are being subjected to it !! I was giddy with happiness when I first began to do the simplest things.. like pick my foot up off the floor from a seated position! And when I was able to bend to 90 degrees! Oh joy! To think I would have to do this TWICE ? No, sorry!!

They hurt...I won't lie to you...they hurt a lot..but that's what the pain meds are for. If you supplement the pain pills with a good laxative, you should not have a lot of problems there. Nothing worthwhile is without its dues!!:) I have been doing the strengthening exercises like crazy both at the Center and here at home for only 2 weeks now, and I can tell a tremendous difference already. When you REALLY set your mind to it, your determination will see you through !!
Ricki 9-15-10

Peyton, CO

#1982 Aug 5, 2012
Pamela 4-5-12. You go girl!!!! Great determination !!
Cindy 39

Seaside, CA

#1983 Aug 5, 2012
Babs, you inspired me to push harder on the exercise bike. I'm now doing a mile at effort-level 8, a mile at 7, and a mile at 6. I was pedaling along proud of myself today when suddenly it became difficult. I looked down and the darn bike had reset itself to level 14! I definitely am NOT up to that yet. LOL I'm impressed that you went kayaking. Getting in and out of the kayak must have been pretty good exercise.

I was at a potluck yesterday and the consensus was that I am nuts to do a bilateral. However, WE all know that we have the right stuff to do it. When I returned home, I had received in the mail a binder from my doc with sections that answer all of my questions: pre-op check list, hospital care, post-op care and discharge, exercises, insurance info, clothing needed, info on meds and anesthesia...just about anything one could think of. My husband and I also are scheduled for a class about the surgery a couple of weeks before the main event. Between all of that and the wonderful support of all of you out there, I feel much more calm and confident than before.

Cindy in Illinois, just keep on exercising - slow and steady and you'll get where you want to be. Remember, it's only been 6 weeks - less than 2 months after extensive surgery. Everyone heals at a different pace, so don't get discouraged.

Raine, how are you doing?

Great Barrington, MA

#1984 Aug 5, 2012
Hi Cindy and Team!
Thanks for asking. Still enjoying the posts, looking for compatriots!
I'm OK, really getting with the week by week instead of day by day improvement..
Still worried about the pain meds. Getting such conflicting info on using them..
6 weeks post surgery tomorrow. STILL don't have a full 90 degree bend in the left leg: except when being worked at PT. This worries me that scar tissue could be/has been developing that will make it harder to do.. I am moving ,stepping every day, massaging, icing, only using the oxycodone 5 before working out (once a day) or, in the case of moving my elderly Mom this past week.. Several times a day as I was on my feet most of the 2 day ordeal.( I am still taking the Oxycontin 20mg. Timed release, morning and night) Went well, and Mom is settled.. Every week I must visit and help her, which leaves me exhausted and swollen, stiff and in more pain; burning, tightening pain, sometimes aching into my lower legs and feet. Then I worry that it's a setback..
The last 2 days, I swam in a neighbors pool! Felt great, I did hurt ( sharply overextend my left knee, and kneeled on my right knee, getting on a float) so the burning pain later drove me to take another Oxycodone, 2 for the day, and it helped.
6 weeks feels like I SHOULD be farther along, have more stamina, standing at the sink this morning, cleaning up for only about 15 minutes has me feeling pain, needing to get off my legs, and getting teary with frustration.. But, it passes! And will visit again I ' m sure.

Thanks for being here, any and all advice is appreciated.

Detroit, MI

#1985 Aug 6, 2012
DeeDee wrote:
<quoted text>I had both knees done 6/21/2012 . I still have trouble walking but my biggest ptoblem is at night my legs hurt so bad that I can't sleep . I am off all meds , just using ibuprofen . The hydro's weren't helping with the leg pain , any suggestions ? I am a 63 yr. old female and not overweight ,thanks and good luck with your surgery !!
Thanks for your reply. I wish you the best with your recovery. I hope one day I can send you suggestions as to how you can have relief.
Cindy 39

Seaside, CA

#1986 Aug 6, 2012
Raine, remember the tortoise and the hare - slow and steady wins the race. Are you remembering to ice? Glad your mom is all settled; that must be a great relief.

Since: Apr 12

Wahiawa, HI

#1987 Aug 6, 2012
Hi All,

Raine....remember that everyone says to plan on one year complete recovery when you don't think about your knees every moment. When you think of that time frame, six weeks is early early! I wish you had an alternative with helping your mother, but knowing you,re are not doing permanent damage, just slowing the healing a bit will help. Be cautious with the pain meds but take them when you need to. I actually think I stopped too quickly.

Be good everyone.....

Spanish Fort, AL

#1988 Aug 6, 2012
Raine--just keep going and doing what you need to to get through the day and night-report all your issues to your dr. And he will, hopefully, let you know what you need to is a long road and we all have differing issues.sometimes I just had to say to myself that I "knew" I was better off having done this.i gradually got better and better. Don't lose focus on what is better,as you work on things that need more are not Giving up! You will continue to improve.

Fairfield, CT

#1989 Aug 6, 2012
Hi all,

After 2 1/2 years I am still reading about all of my knee buddies. Remember, this is a process that is 1 step at a time! Every success is to be applauded and keep taking the meds to help you bend during PT and to sleep. I was on the hydrocodone over 6 months and had been concerned that it was too long but my PT assured me that being painfree while bending and working hard was essential. Pretty easy to ease off of when its time. I cut my pills in half but kept up the dosage for a while w/ no w/drawal issues! Keep up the good work all of you! Good results take time and hard work but it sure is worth it! Best to all!
Ricki 9-15-10

Peyton, CO

#1990 Aug 7, 2012
Dee dee, 6-21-12, I was just thinking about you. How is your range of motion? One thing I learned that was interesting to me. Is that bones don't have nerves. If that is true they can't hurt. The metal joint sure can't hurt. The only thing that can hurt is the connective tissue inside the knee. Those parts need strength and length. Stretching sure does hurt connective tissue that has been shortened over time by not using complete range of motion. Stretching takes time. Strength that is lost takes time to build. That's why at PT they are teaching us how to build back and stretch out. It is really work to do for life!!!! We must all maintain after we get released. Keep working!!
Ranie, so sorry to hear you singing the blues.=}
I know it isn't always but this is a great place to be honest and air out our frustration. Remember that the meds do cause a bit of a downcast spirit. Pay them no mind and bid them be gone. ;}

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