Double Knee Replacement Post-Op Question

Philadelphia, PA

#1870 Jun 28, 2012
My husband is having double knee replacement surgery on July 2012, can anyone that has had this surgery and already healed tell me know much better it is.

Spanish Fort, AL

#1871 Jun 28, 2012
A LOT BETTER! It's been two years and everyday I say "thank youJesus for my new knees!"it only takes a week or so to know the difference!have him read these posts and he will be so glad he did--a lot of help and info!

Pittsfield, MA

#1872 Jun 28, 2012
Hi, Cathy, I just went through it on Monday morning,remember nothing of theprocedure, was groggy and dopey,fgreat nurses though!
Now in rehab,seems a bit soon,swelling andtenderness, great pain on the forced bending,which be reqired. No more bandages, no drainage,walking around the foor gingerly,afraid of a fall,more because of lightheadednessss. I think it's
much better to do both together.
good luck to your hub, he'll need lotS of help fora while.Next spring, I plan on being in great good shape.
Best to both!

Since: Apr 12

Orlando, FL

#1873 Jun 28, 2012
Hello! I am possibly having DTKR surgery at the end of August. I say possibly bcause I am now questioning it. I am worried about being only 59 and the need for revivion surgery down the road. I have read that revision surgery is difficult and never as successful as the first time. I'm wondering if I should be exploring partial surgery instead. I'm meeting with my surgeon this coming week and will bring it up with him. I've also read about partial knee surgery using robotic surgery and have set up an appointment with a different surgeon to learn more about that. Has anyone any experience to share on how you reached your decision to move forward with DTKR? It is a difficult decision for me. I had arthroscopic surgery in '08 for a torn meniscus and it was only a year later when the pain continued that a surgeon diagnosed me with osteoarthritis, looked at my MRI report and said "you will need new knees within 2 years". I was shocked as I had no idea and, sure enough, it has been downhill since then, with both knees deteriorating: severe loss of articular cartilage, arthritis, a mascerated meniscus, bone spurs and cysts, etc. I have had numerous cortisone shots over the past few years, as well as Eufflexxa injections earlier this year, which gave me some relief. I get around without a cane but do not walk far because when I least expect it I get sharp pain and am unable to take another step. Every day's pain is different and life has changed dramatically. My brother-in-law, who is a doctor in a pain management practice, has discouraged the surgery, telling me that I am too young, that it is not always successful and, since I am getting around, he doesn't think It's time and that he can help me manage the pain. But am I to do nothing for 10 years, give up travel which we love, waiting to be old enough? Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this huge decision I am faced with. Thanks!
Ricki 9-15-10

Colorado Springs, CO

#1874 Jun 28, 2012
BabsFL. In short, go get new knees. Read these many posts. Lots of folks have been in their 50's. Do your research, settle on a plan to get mobile again and you will be very thankful. When my surgery was only five months past we went to Costa Rica and I hiked three miles on an active volcano, did some sea kayaking and did a ten line zip line. I'm 67. The five hours on the plane was the worst part. Swelling. I have Stryker Triathalon knees and the doc said that when I wear out the meniscus they make a small incision and snap out the old part and snap in a new one. No big deal.
:-). Easy for him to say but revisions are not always needed. Again read these posts. You will find a wealth of information.
Ricki 9-15-10

Colorado Springs, CO

#1875 Jun 28, 2012
Glen, I always love it when you comment. You helped me before my BTKR. :-)
Ricki 9-15-10

Colorado Springs, CO

#1876 Jun 28, 2012
Ranie, I am thrilled to hear from you. Tell us what you are doing each day. It will help others. I hear you on that fuzzy head stuff. I am praying for your range of motion. Bending.

Pittsfield, MA

#1877 Jun 29, 2012
Thanks rikke, you've helped me a lot! Surgery was Monday AM, but today, frIday,I am more swollen, sore and stiff..moving out of my bed is a challenge,and painful. I just finished a little crying jag, feeling sorry for myself,and wishing I was still seeing improvement daily. still trying to get the meds. worked out,had a lot of pain yesterday and was told I was scheduled every 6 hours,no pain,eds any sooner,which upset me. have spoken to dr. Today and changed it to every 4 hours, and to call him if need more. feeling a little low today, finding the perfect med plan,exercise and rest is the challenge. I've never been incapacitated before,and it's quite difficult to be dependent on people who are sometimes overworked. I will keep scanning this forum for support and guidance.
Best to you all , please pardon my sloppy typing (new unit)

Gonzales, TX

#1878 Jun 29, 2012
Ricki,I am happy that I was able to help. As you know when I first posted on page 1, #17 I was three weeks post surgery and it sure would have been helpful for me if I had had 90+ pages and over 1800 posts to review to help answer questions and calm some of the fears we all have going in. So folks, take the time and scan thru this thing and good luck to all. Ricki thank you for your comments.
Ricki 9-15-10

Colorado Springs, CO

#1879 Jun 29, 2012
Ranie, the pain meds make many people emotional. Weepy, angry, irrational, you name the emotion and pain meds can do it. You are only here at day four. You WILL see improvement. It is going to amaze you!!!!!! I went home from rehab on day 10. I still needed my husbands help. But the improvement comes quickly. You are on your way to a better day. I know it!!!!

Pittsfield, MA

#1880 Jun 29, 2012
Ricki 9-15-10 wrote:
Ranie, the pain meds make many people emotional. Weepy, angry, irrational, you name the emotion and pain meds can do it. You are only here at day four. You WILL see improvement. It is going to amaze you!!!!!! I went home from rehab on day 10. I still needed my husbands help. But the improvement comes quickly. You are on your way to a better day. I know it!!!!
thank you Rickie, I need to find the right pain med, Percolone?,Vicodin, make me feel a little sick,and don't seem to offer much relief.. Any suggestions? My doctor thinks I just need them more frequently; every 3 hours.
I hate the side effects too: constipation, dry mouth,shakiness,no appetite( not all bad)
The burning of. The incisions is intense today..thatwill subside soon,yes, please?
I felt sunk this morning after a couple of good days yes, it is only 4 days but suddenly I'm in more pain,am less mobile, and wonder HOW I will ever bend thes knees.. I long for your positive advice! Got some for me Ricki?
Cindy 39

Seaside, CA

#1881 Jun 29, 2012
Whew! I've just completed reading every message from the beginning. What a wealth of information...thanks to all for continuing to post through all of your trials, tribulations and successes. Your insights are invaluable. I still am in " stunned " mode and, along with Babs FL, am debating whether or not I should go through with a planned Sept. surgery. Although I'm bone-on-bone on both knees, I'm not in nearly as bad a condition as many of you have been. I am 73 and think such a serious operation is better done before I get much older but....I don't want to run the risks of "unnecessary" surgery. At any rate, I'm taking everyone's excellent advice and working hard on quads and hamstrings.

Ricki, you are a treasure; I feel as though you're a long-time friend. I hope that you and your family are safe from the terrible fires in your area - you've been much on my mind.

Raine, you'll get those pain meds sorted out soon, and be on your way to a full recovery. Keep us informed about your progress; we're here to listen when you need to vent...or brag.(LOL)

Pittsfield, MA

#1882 Jun 30, 2012
Thank you Cindy.
I am having a bad spell.. Can't sleep for more than a hour or 2 ,and pain; burning,aching is worse these last 2 days. Doc says it's normal, which helps a little, I thought pain meds would be better( my first experience with narcotics: not impressed)
Ricki is wonderful,ans her assurances help lots. It's 5 AM as I write. Cannot get comfortable, took 2more Percolone pills, got my ice bags refilled, knees are throbbing and burning. BUT there are bright sides too, I'm walking well, did 2 steps repeatedly and felt the stability of th new joints. T hey say that i am doing really well .
Which is good when I believe it.
Glad you are here and thanks for listening.
Best to you Cindy
Cindy 39

Seaside, CA

#1883 Jun 30, 2012
Raine, what you're describing is what I read in so many messages of those who have gone before you. That first week or so can be a real trial. Focus on your wonderful positives - walking well, ability to do 2 steps repeatedly and your new stability. I will send positive thoughts to you in the wee hours when I'm awake and worrying, worrying, worrying about my upcoming surgery. Just think, with your shiny new knees, you'll be able to run down those steps to the pÔtisserie when you return to la belle France!
Ricki 9-15-10

Colorado Springs, CO

#1884 Jun 30, 2012
Hey, Cindy, good for you for reading all the posts. Great aren't they!!! We are safe from the fire in our town. It has been sleepy for a couple of days so the end is in sight. For us any way. Others of the 346 houses destroyed and the many damaged and now the many vandalized will be months putting their lives back together. We will all pitch in to help. My sister lives in one hard hit area but their house made it. So far. Lord willing.
Ranie, I had good luck with delotted. I know the spelling is wrong. Strong stuff. Yes the stitches tug at your skin and feel bad. It goes away. Your connective tissue has been traumatized. It is recovering. Ice, elevation, walk, little bending. Are you on a CPM? I loved it. Ask if you are not. Read a bunch of books while my knees got a work out. Sleep is an issue with nearly everyone. And sorry to say for awhile. If you can cut out caffeine ( coffee tea soda) and if you can smuggle in melatonin you might be able to sleep a little. That is one downside!!! Sorry. Hold on!!! You are about to get better.

Adelaide, Australia

#1885 Jun 30, 2012
To all you lovely, lovely people on these pages of common's been almost 5 months since my DKR and i'm so happy...went back to work after nine weeks...I didn't have any ongoing therapy after the five days in hospital.
They just told me to keep doing what i was doing!
Legs and knees are very stiff if i have them in one position for too long...rarely take any painkillers now and they are not very strong first I could not seem to get enough of them though... It certainly was a lot of pain after the op but I knew that...I was never worried about having the operation and only ever looked forward to it.
I haven't found anyone over here that has had both knees done at once and when mine went so well it changed my surgeons opinion of doing them both together (I had to sort of talk them into it after i'd come across this site)
Now I can walk (no limp of course having both done together) One of the things that still amazes me though is that I have straight legs (no bowed gap in the middle) this was such a bonus...i didn't expect it for me...i can now wear straight leg pants and jeans not big wide cool is that? Oh and I lost ten kilos because of the lack of appetite...:)
I have just turned 53 the other that this is all over my husband and I can get back to the travelling we love so much (lots of walking) which came to a standstill because of my I'm very happy having had the DKR
Many thanks to everyone out there...especially Ricki xxx

Pittsfield, MA

#1886 Jun 30, 2012
Thanks Cindy and Ricki,
Better day! Swelling down, more frequent meds, they won't give Dilaudid as they did when I had the IV , I am getting around more, showered this AM with the assistance of a strange man, no problem! Left the'tomb' today, hubby shelled me out to courtyard.Lots of indigestion,hard to eat the food here. weight loss garunteed.
I am on Percoline every 3 hours oxycodone/contin twice daily . bruising on my legs is dramatic and mysterious, and even the unbruised skin hurts to the touch.
It's late again,but this is my job, and I'm lucky to have it. I believe it was a great operation for me,and I anticipate a great recovery and rediscovery of a more physically able life. I'm riding (walking) with Ricki.
happy July!

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Elberon, IA

#1887 Jul 1, 2012
BabsFL... Get them done!! I was 'only' 54 when I had mine done 21 months ago. BUT, I have my life back... And like Ricki said... if you wear out the 'spacer' between the joints, they can replace that with 'minor' surgery. I do not think twice about getting them done at 54...

CATHY--- Have your hubby read these posts and you will learn alot about this... It IS HARD WORK and it HURTS like Heck, but the end game is well worth it. I'd do it again tomorrow...

Since: Apr 12

Wahiawa, HI

#1888 Jul 1, 2012
Hi guys,

Almost seven weeks out and continue to improve. Raine, the first week or two are an up and down challenge but always compare your progress to a week before, not a day or two. The discomfort will continue but less and less. You will find yourself in positions in bed that you couldn't do the week before, actually forgetting for a second or two about your knees.....little things like that measure your progress as much as increased range of motion.

Stairs are doable now without huge pain, up to 135 degrees of motion, and just a few more therapy sessions.....he says I am almost done! Everyone comments on my straight legs....didn't know they were so bad and someone said I sure looked taller! Yea to all of that.

Lack of appetite is a bonus, I think, and I have lost 10 pounds...not taking into account the added weight of my new really maybe 13 pounds.

Could not think of going through recovery twice and my husband agrees....doing them together is a no-brainer.


Hulagirl 5-14-12

Pittsfield, MA

#1889 Jul 1, 2012
Good for you and thank you Hulagirl. I've been watching your surgery as you are 7 weeks ahead of me. I imagine a few others are watching my case too. I will try to get with the week to week progress, day by day at this early date doesn't work. I started out TOO enthusiastic, and I've been humbled. just trying to take it day by day.
Today started with nausea and constipation (from the painmeds)' I actually, did throw up, and was afraid it could be a bug like you had. I,m hardly eating and taking so many pills.. but I napped, had a great lunch, bathed and have rallied. I have been able to sleep on my side a bit too. Il love hearing from you, keep me posted? I will be discharged this week I think. I too would not want to do this twice!

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