post knee replacement pain

Camarillo, CA

#1292 Sep 11, 2011
I'm thrilled with my new knee. I had a right total knee replacement 13 days ago and feel all is going well. I still have swelling, of course, and am taking about 8 Percocet a day, but I'm already able to walk more than 1/2 a mile each day, have great flexion and extention, and no longer require the use of a walker or crutches. I'm 57 years old and have worked hard, since surgery to get to this point. Rehab has become a full-time job, with 6 hours a day on a CPM machine, an hour devoted to walking each day, and completing several PT-prescribed exercises. My positive experience comes from accepting rehab as a full-time commitment, using lots of ice to reduce swelling, and taking prescribed pain medication BEFORE the pain becomes intolerable. I truly hope that reading about my positive experience, following a total knee replacement will help counter the many scary posts on the subject.


#1293 Sep 11, 2011
Good grief wrote:
These comments are making me nervous. My mother is having knee replacement surgery in a couple of months. I think she believes it's going to be a *snap*--I keep warning her it's a long road to recovery.
Mine has been 15 months. Wouldn't go through it for a million dollars. Its not worth the after effect.

Council, ID

#1294 Sep 11, 2011
In post 1281 Karen wrote: "I'm thrilled with my new knee"...."am taking about 8 Percocet a day,." "I truly hope that reading about my positive experience, following a total knee replacement will help counter the many scary posts on the subject."
I am happy for you Karen. But with "8 Percocet" a day, you are in a boat load of pain. I could have written your post 5 years ago...but not today.
Records show I spent 5 days in the hospital after my TKR. Then was moved to "care facility" for another 16 days. I don't recall much of it because of the pain medication for uncontrolled pain. Now, 5 years later, my pain ranges from a low of 4 while on pain meds, to a "crying, sobbing, off the chart 10". I cannot walk without increasing the pain. My left knee is "bone to bone" and it rarely registers with my brain that it hurts. Pain medication and I don't get along well. It causes anger and I cannot sleep when I take it.
I pray, for your sake, that when you get off of the pain medication, that your pain is gone.
I just wish that I had known that a TKR would destroy my life prior to the surgery. No one even mentioned that some people don't find relief with TKRs. The last 5 years of my life have been a living hell. There MUST be a better way of repairing knees, rather than partial amputation of the limb and gluing it back togther with metal.

Salfordville, PA

#1295 Sep 11, 2011
Benita Vander Mey wrote:
My husband has just had a knee replacement and has lots of trouble with leg cramps. He hardly sleeps during the night because the cramps are so bad. I was glad to read that other people suffer from this as well. We are goint to try calcium, magnesium and vitamin E and go see our naturapath doctor.
Try eating bananas they helped me. My problem with my knee that I just had done is when I sit. 6/15 Seems like the bone is on top of the other. That is my only problem with my new knee. The first no problem. 10/1/08
BWW Houston

Houston, TX

#1296 Sep 12, 2011
1 min ago
Had both medials resurfaced with MakoPlasty in 2011. 6 and 7 months out am seeing pain management doctor to control the pain and getting second opinions. Osteoarthritis does not run in my family. Mine is old football related. Had cat scans, bone scans to check for micro fracturing------nothing explains the pain and it is right in the joint where the replacements are. I'm 47 and very healthy. Even on pain management I limp with pain. Doc shruges and cannot explain it-----maybe it will work itself out but so far MakoPlasty partial knee replacements on both knees have not worked or improved my quality if life. Left knee hurts worse than before surgery and right knee is about the same. I'm pretty tough fella so the pain is real and what I am describing is pain while on pain meds. So for me----no. To date Mako has not work for me.

Since: Sep 10

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#1297 Sep 12, 2011
Karen, I was like you... I made recovery/rehab my Full Time Job. Closing in on my 1 year anniv of Double Knee Replacement and I would do it again in a heart-beat. No it wasn't easy, hardest thing I've ever done. But, I have my life back and should have done it years ago. WELL Worth the effort.
Graham Jones

Milford, UK

#1298 Sep 13, 2011
Jean wrote:
It is 16 months since my knee replacement and I still have soreness and pain around the patella when I walk. does not hurt when I am immobile or sleeping. Have had different opinions from physio, OS and massage therapists. Anyone else have this problem?
I had my operations (partial replacements on both knees 2 years ago and have to say that I do not experience any pain as such. I believe that this is due to maintaining the exercises, long term.
However, I do have a 'clicking' left knee. This is quite loud and noticable.
I also feel some discomfort after a long walk or playing Golf. Why is there no advice on appropriate long term exercises, apart from walking and cycling. Physios do not seem to have the expertise in this area. Surely there are some exercises that can't be good for you to do after knee replacement?

Houston, TX

#1299 Sep 13, 2011
Val wrote:
<quoted text>
I have only been on gabapentin for a little over a week, and it takes a month for any changes to be noted. No side effects either. I work closely with my pharmasist...he calls me "1 in a million" for odd reactions to medication, so if there are any side effects, I'll get the "that never,ever happens" one. My pharmasist said the side effects were not all that common. So far no side effects at all for me.
It it is the choice between growing a third eye and the pain I have been is the third eye for me. This moring I walked into the kitchen and my TKR knee pain hit me like a bomb. I was one legged for an hour or so. The oxicodone 5-325 didn't cut it much. After 3 hours I took another one. That cut the pain to about a 6 and I could hobble again. Oxicodone keeps me awake for about 12 hours, the tiny bit of pain relief lasts 3-4 hours. So my last pain pill must be before noon if I am to sleep at night.
To put it bluntly, life is not worth living with the pain I have had to put up with for the last few years. I was an EMT for 17 years and saw people died...rather choose to die... for no real medical reason I could figure out. I am begining to understand why these people may have died.
If gabanpentin has a few side effects, but keeps the pain away, so be it. I will keep you updated on my progress.
Hi-I hate to throw this your way, but it worked for me-Fentanyl-50mg patches every 3 days. I had TKR in 7-2005, 7 different surgeons later-anyways the patches were the first pain-free day I've had in years. I've been on them now for over a year, so they aren't working as well, but they do give me relief oxy, and other meds didn't--you have my deepest sympathy-I understand completely your pain-best wishes-a fellow tkr person

Denver, CO

#1300 Sep 13, 2011
Has anyone here that has had a TKR experienced the "tight" feeling aound the knee, as if there was an ace bandage tightly wrapped around it? I am about 8 months out, and still have this feeling. My Dr has recommended that I have another manipulation.

Chennai, India

#1301 Sep 15, 2011
My mother had Tkr in Last nov.just after 20 days she meet an accident and patella got cracked.than doc again done surgery all goes well.but today after 9 months on surgery area a small blisters disappear after dressing but when we leave dressing its again appears.this whole thing is getting repeated from the time of second surgery can any one help me.

Burntwood, UK

#1302 Sep 16, 2011
I had my TKR 7 weeks ago each day my recovery gets better however seems to be a little slower than most.
The pain at the back & front of knee when walking does get me down cant wait until it stops.
There is a lot of positives I can stand without pain use the excise bike still not able to do some of the phiso I just do the ones I can.After reading some of the comments of some
Feel that I should be back work theirs no way that I am not fit enough we all have a duty to people we work with.
wish me luck by next week maybe I will be able to do stairs without crutches.Painkiller don't work on me very sad just takes the edge off

Converse, TX

#1303 Sep 16, 2011
Yes, I do feel that mostly at the end of the day. I've heard people talk about it before so I suppose it is normal.

Otis, MA

#1304 Sep 17, 2011
Rick wrote:
The pain you describe is similar to mine (only lower patella and tendon area in my case) I'm 7 months post TKR and still in a lot of pain when I walk. I use a cane and after exercise have to get out the old crutch.
Yesterday, I went for a 2nd opinion from a doctor that's been doing knees since 1978. He thinks it's loose and suggests a re-do, with cement this time. I can't live like this so......wish me luck!!
Best wishses for a speedy recovery

Council, ID

#1305 Sep 17, 2011
I had a Dr. visit 4 days ago. After forcefully explaining that the TKR was ruining our lives (my wife was with me) he FINALLY prescribed a TENS unit. It eliminated 75% of my pain right away!!! Going from a 7-8 to a 1-2 is a big deal!!! The stimulation confuses the nerve endings and they quit sending pain signals. It is a home electrical stimulation unit similar to the ones you see in PT. My unit is from Zynex Medical, and is a IF8100. I am supposed to use it for 40 minutes, 3 times a day. After a little research, I found out that there is no downside to more than 120 minutes a day...SO I use it everytime I sit down for more than a few minutes.
As of today, my knee is PAIN FREE for the first time in over 10 years!! The cost of the TENS unit is $500.
Gabapentin has elimnated my nuropathic pain. I accidently amputated a part of a finger 50 years ago and it caused nurpathic pain since that time. The TKR bone amputation causes the same pain, only many times greater. The side benefit to gabapentin of no finger pain is super.
If you have TKR knee pain, or any other chronic pain, have your Dr. prescribe a TENS unit. It may help you.
Elkedzo WV


#1306 Sep 17, 2011
My MD has been trying to get me to have knee replacement on my right knee. It is extremely painful, clicks, and upon standing, feels like it finally "sits in", but still bad pain. After reading all of these posts, I've decided against it. I am 73 and very afraid to begin with.

United States

#1307 Sep 17, 2011
Maggie wrote:
Is there anyone that can related to my story concerning my total knee replacement experience. I am fit to be tied and depression seems to be part of this for me. Due to the pain and lack of mobility due to swelling i just don't know what to do with myself other than have faith that in time this will all work itself out. i have some fear as i am not able to do as much physio at home because of the chronic pain and swelling from the physio i do at the hospital twice a week. the pain killers i take are extremely nausiating and cause me to be irritable and that is not my nature at all., What a experience , Just need to relate to someone else that could be going through the same thing and would like to discuss it. Good luck to all that suffer from this result of surgery. Maggie
Maggie, I had BTKR surgery 11 months ago and when I woke up, my first thought was, "This is going to be along haul." I was severely depressed and stayed that way for about 4 months and I had a spinal which is not supposed to be as hard on one. I just think a person's body goes through so much more shock than we think it will This is a big operation. I've been athletic my whole life and I was slower healing than others and that depressed me even more. The depression will lift, you will feel better. It's slow; my knees still hurt, I can't exercise like 4 years before TKR but I am so much better. Life feels better. Talk to doc about nausea but stay on pain pills. Promise, the depression will lift.

Aiken, SC

#1308 Sep 18, 2011
My first TKR on the right side was a breeze. Up walking down the street in 3 weeks. Worked my behind off with PT. This was 4 years ago. Two years ago I switched to a large teaching hospital because I really didn't care for my doctor the first time. After surgery I was doing great except I had to have 2 blood transfusions. At home PT was great, better than the first, maybe because I knew how hard I needed to work. At 3 weeks my incision opened. I had 4 different infections (not staph) and was in the hospital in isolation for 10 days, then at home on IV antibiotics for 16 weeks. I had 3 more surgeries during that time. 1 to clean the wound, 1 to put in artificial skin to try to build up the gaping hole I had in my knee now, and finally a skin graft. All in all over $250,000 of medical care. I had a wound vacuum in my wound for 4 months which was no fun either with every other day dressing changes. Well, now that knee which is a Zimmer NexGen gives me great range of motion, but constant pain. My x-rays are fine, but there is swelling, my ankle swells, I can't sleep, like you other folks. Yet my first knee was so easy. It was a DuPuy. Supposedly, on the internet, there are some problems with both. My Zimmer was cemented, by the way. Good luck to all.
fred v


#1309 Sep 19, 2011
had tkr right knee 6 years ago kneecap is below where it should be and off to the right.Still on pain meds live in Southern Ireland,surgeon says there is nothing wrong with knee anyone any ideas whats wrong

Ware, UK

#1310 Sep 21, 2011
mike wrote:
i'm 48 and 4 wks post-op tkr with the depuy sigma fixed (as opposed to rotational joint)and am experiencing the same symptoms as dale. Can't sleep and pain is constant> Anyone else had the same problem who can advise if they have had a positive outcome from this? I know it is early days but i am a bit worried.
Hi Mike, 4 wks is very early days the swelling won't have subsided yet. I am now 10 months post-op with a Left Knee TKR. I'm 46yrs old & mine was brought on by a traumatic fall.I sadly have no positive news other than to say, the knee is more stable than it was pre-op! I still have pain in & around the knee joint, down the left side , thru the back of the knee & down the front & pcl area as had that replaced too!
I'm still on crutches as have Oteoarthritis in right knee now plus both hips, which has become constant & unbearable most days! I've been having physio but it does not seem to help. I sincerely hope that you have a better outcome!

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#1311 Sep 23, 2011
Jean wrote:
It is 16 months since my knee replacement and I still have soreness and pain around the patella when I walk. does not hurt when I am immobile or sleeping. Have had different opinions from physio, OS and massage therapists. Anyone else have this problem?
I had knee replacement in Feb and i still hurt.It hurt more now then before i had it replace i wish i didn't had the surgery now

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