post knee replacement pain

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#767 May 21, 2010
I am so excited to find this forum! Only those who have been through this really understand!!!

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#768 May 21, 2010
Hi everyone I am new to this forum.
I am scheduled to have a tkr within the next month or so. I am a letter carrier and injured my knee resulting in the need for this surgery. my surgeon is going to do the otisknee. has anyone had this particular surgery done? Also, my job requires me to lift 75 lobs and walk 7 to 8 miles a day. do you thinks it possible for me to continue working as a letter carrier. I live up north so i would have to work during snow storms. any info would be much appreciated
thanks again
Pat G

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#769 May 21, 2010
As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the rehab from this surgery for most people is long and painful, though there seem to be a few that just sail through it. In my experience, most people who have had TKR just told me how much they loved their new knees without telling me what it took to get there. I think that if you're prepared mentally for the pain and hard work it might make it easier to deal with. Unfortunately, I wasn't so I found it difficult and discouraging that I was not progressing faster and that it hurt so darn much. I am now 3 1/2 months post-op and things are much better, but it's a slow process. I know I'm not unusual because my PT kept telling me how great I was doing, even when the progress felt too slow to me. My doctor also was very pleased with my progress at my two month post-op appointment and it was then he told me that total recovery from this surgery takes 6 months to a year. He also said he knows that after six months I'll like "his knee" better than "my knee". I told him I truly hope so.

As far as walking long distances after the surgery, I met one woman who had walked a half marathon on two replaced knees, so I think it's truly possible. Just be aware it won't happen over night. She was several years post-op.

Good luck.

Mt Meadows Area, CA

#770 May 24, 2010
I had a partial two years ago. I can walk and stand now without alot of pain but sleeping is hard. I wake up three or fout times with pain. It seems that all around the partial every nerve ending hurts. I also don't pick my feet up as
high and when I hit anything, a pillow, a stair it sends me to my knees. The pain doesn't last long but it is sharp. My bad leg is also about an inch smaller then my good leg. But this is a work injury and my 6th surgery so I take my vicodin and give up.

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#771 May 25, 2010
I had double knee replacement at the same time, July of 09......I am still in lots of pain and i also have A baker cysts in the back of each doctor told me that there is nothing he can do, that this is the way my life will be....I am so discusted, I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN PAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP I CAN GET.

United States

#772 May 25, 2010
booterup wrote:
Yes, there are success stories folks. At age 18 I severely damaged my left knee and had to have all of the cartilege removed. This was back in the good old 1960's, when technology wasn't what it is today. I lived with this knee, bone on bone for the next 35 years until I no longer had any quality of life, no walking, couldn't sit, lay down, stand.
I had TKR on my left knee 9 years ago at the age of 53. I had no illusions as to what recovery was going to be like. It hurt like Hell. The physical therapy was grueling - I cried every time that knee was bent. But I kept at it. I was back at work on crutches in two weeks. I was walking unaided in 6 weeks, and I danced at my daughter's wedding in 9 weeks. TKR gave me my life back. I have no pain in my replaced knee. It's mobile, flexible, and wonderful.
Now, I'm faced with TKR on my right knee. Obviously, I'm going to try to stick it out for as long as possible, but I will KNOW when I've had enough and will happily undergo the whole painful process again.
TKR is not an automatic thing to make you pain free. It requires a lot of hard, painful physical therapy. If the patient doesn't go the whole routine, if he/she expects miracles without any sweat and pain, the replacement will not be successful.
I don't mean to negate anyone's pain after TKR. There can be complications, infection, allergy to the cement/glue, a whole list of things could go wrong. If that is the case, get another doctor, get second and third opinions.
But, primarily I think that too many doctors don't tell the patient the whole story about TKR, about how painful recovery is and that the patient must be willing to tough through and excercise that knee from day one after the surgery and for the rest of his life. They allow the patient to believe that this is their miracle cure that will require very little from them.
Just know that yes, there are success stories. I'm one of them.
Good luck to all - I hope you can get your pain resolved.
So if you are inactive you will continue to have problems.
I thought once exercied and got your leg straight and be able to bend it you could just go on with life. I haven't been taking walks enough then. I just think they must have botched up my knee and don't want to admit it.

Scranton, PA

#773 May 25, 2010
Gail, i also went to all my therapy appointments and it hurt like hell, i cryed also...i also continued my therapy after i was done for eight months and still have pain....I agree with you that the doctor should tell you how hard it is after the surgery.....I prayed to die for three weeks, but kept on going...i thought the more i exercise the pain would go away, but it did not.....So i am looking for another doctor for a second opinion......I hope something gives me back my life.

Louisville, KY

#774 May 25, 2010
had total knee in november - in rehab - in center and home for 5 weeks - my flexion is a little over 90 degrees. When i push it back I get extreme pain behin my kneew - it is as if there is just a certain that is not going to budge. Had one knee manipulation - I was so sick after the surgery i could not even stand due to the vomiting - it was on a thursday - by the time i returned to rehab on monday it had returned to pre manipulation. my surgeon does not want to manipulate it again - i wanted to have it done - spend one night in the hospital and have the rehab come to me that afternoon and next morning. he says i just need someone to really push me. when i get into my truck _(it is my left leg I want to scream just trying to bend it enough to get it in thanks guys
George Richmond Canada

Richmond, Canada

#775 May 26, 2010
I am 73 and just coming to the end of my 4th month post op. I have 130 deg. flexion (with some yelling) and evidently the other things are in good shape as well because the lady physio. told me to come back in a month to see how things are. I have a regimen of exercises that I do every day, and heaven help those who have them but don't do them. However, I can still only walk a mile or so, quite slowly, and can't stand for very long. When I mention things like this to my surgeon, or physio lady, they both say "that will go away". The only pain meds that I take are two tylenol 3 either before I do the exercises or whenever my leg starts to ache. On the other hand, my sister had a tkr about 3 years ago and she is plagued with scar tissue to the point where she is in line for a break up scar tissue procedure. So, it looks as if I am one of the fortunate ones, and I hope to be back to normal by the end of the year. Then it will be time to do the other knee, assuming it lasts that long.

Louisville, TN

#776 May 29, 2010
I am one year out from double TKR and am experiencing burning in the knee and a pain that feels like Siatic nerve pain. I have had it off and on since the surgery. I belong to a gym and exercise 3 times a week on treadmills, elypticals, etc. I walk 3 miles at the park etc. However this pain is literally a pain in the ass. Anyone else have the same problem.

La Puente, CA

#777 May 29, 2010
I am now 50 yrs. old and have had my left knee replaced a little over a year ago. It is a crazy thing to go through. I was a very active guy, loved to do things as any middle ages man would but now my life is terrible. I am unable to function with this knee. Pain is still very excessive. I am fortunate that I have had a Back Surgery that did not totally fix my problem because I take 3 Norco's a day to survive this mess. They is nothing good to say about knee surgery or replacements. They never tell you the truth about recovery and down sides of it. Stem Cell from my understanding is the way to go now. Hope this helps others.

Seattle, WA

#778 May 29, 2010
Carol wrote:
Yes, I have heard of quad saving TKR. That is, I believe, where the surgeon makes a smaller incision than usual and they call it minimally invasive. They move the quad over to the side, repair the knee and then slide the quad back over. In the regular surgery they make an incision in the quad. In the min. invasive they do not cut into the quad. I had that done.
i had my kneee replacment done in Oct 30th last yr and it stilll pains me ,feels warm and aches.wonder if i can get that done on me instead of the total replacement i had done,am going thru breast cancer now so dr dont want me to have nything esle done as i hve tooo many errors now,when i rosss my legs over it really burns..any suggestions

Seattle, WA

#779 May 29, 2010
Lucille wrote:
Gail, i also went to all my therapy appointments and it hurt like hell, i cryed also...i also continued my therapy after i was done for eight months and still have pain....I agree with you that the doctor should tell you how hard it is after the surgery.....I prayed to die for three weeks, but kept on going...i thought the more i exercise the pain would go away, but it did not.....So i am looking for another doctor for a second opinion......I hope something gives me back my life.
I know what you man,had my tkr last oct 30th and pain alll thetime ,sems my dr just pass me on as got tooo many things on me noe really but its hurts

Seattle, WA

#780 May 29, 2010
maybe i should get me a second opinon as im fed up,by now he should known how and what to do also,does yours burn and ache?


#781 Jun 1, 2010
I had TKR early Nov. 09 and still have that burning on the incision. I use something called Skin Gel which relieves that itching and burhing for a short time. I, too, still have a lot of stiffness and some pain. Now my "good" knee has a problem with the Patella so am going to make an appointment with my PT this week because the pictures of the exercises the doc gave me do not really explain how to do them. I need hands on help. So now I have two sore knees. I agree that most docs do not give one enough (if any) information concerning this surgery and if you are stupid like me you don't ask enough questions. My doc is the finest in my city for knees and hips, but has little to say. Very frustrating.
I walk on my treadmill each day and go to the fitness center and ride the incumbent bike for a half hour plus the exercises. I can't get down and do the planting I so love to do each spring.
This has been way more than I ever anticipated. I commend those of you that get through this in a few months and are out on the golf course. I'm lucky to get throught the grocery store. I still keep my cane in the car in case I need to walk a long way or when I get off of the bike I am sore.
The doc did say it could take a year. Well, I'm too (or was) too active a person to accept that, but seem to have no choice. I'm going to the west coast next month to a beach house and am hoping I can make it through the airports, carry bags and hope for some help. Changing planes in Denver can be a nightmare with a short time and a mile to get to the next gate. Last trip I tried to schedule wheel chairs, but they were never there. Luckily I was traveling with two others so had help. This time I'm on my own. But I'll make it.

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#782 Jun 1, 2010
Had TKR nearly 3 years ago. The rehab was excruciatingly painful, as I could not take ANY pain meds, had to go on Celebrex and Tylenol. I fell on the knee 3 months out, but xrays showed no damage. Fater about 1 year, the pain and swelling finally left and I was pretty good until about 4 weeks ago. Stiffness is constant and ache in various parts. Interesting thing is that my other knee started acting up at exactly the same time. I have been swiiming and biking, exercise helps and as a gymnastics coach, I know the benefit of exercise. Anybody else have the stiffness problem about 3 years out?

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#783 Jun 2, 2010
Had a partial left knee done in Jan of this year. Still having pain and have been unable to go back to full duty as a nurse. I have been having a couple of things go on and was wondering if anyone else has had these problems. Over the last couple of weeks I have been having severe hip pain and during storms I actually have pain when lightning hits the ground. Ouch ! I feel like I am losing ground and going backwards. I have even had people tell me that I should be better and I seem to have this all in my head. Any input?

Everett, MA

#784 Jun 2, 2010
just 3 months post-op, knee stiff as heck when i get up from sitting. knee cap seems very loose, shakes from left to i crazy or is this normal at this stage?


#785 Jun 3, 2010
I was happy to find this forum yesterday and posted and today am able to get up to only May 29 posts. Now it tells me I must have Javascript and Cookies enabled in order to use.
I have both.
This comment page appears on the page I cannot get to. I don't know if it will go through. If so, does anyone know how to contact those that run this site?
Thanks for any help.

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#786 Jun 3, 2010
I had TKR on my right knee at the end of Feb this year and it has been a struggle, did all my rehab and my PT and doctor seems to think that I am doing well with with 115 flexion. I had to have a manipulation done 3 weeks ago due to excessive scar tissue and lots of pain. Was told that this set me back a couple of weeks and now I am still in pain but hopefully that will go away soon. I am walking up and down stairs without assistance from any devices and only take regular tylenol for the pain now so hang in there and do your exercises and hopefully we will all be better soon.

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