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#23 Mar 20, 2007
Good grief wrote:
These comments are making me nervous. My mother is having knee replacement surgery in a couple of months. I think she believes it's going to be a *snap*--I keep warning her it's a long road to recovery.
I had a total knee replacement 11 weeks ago and vow never to do again. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Rehab is the hardest part..and it all boils down to pain control. Keep the pain under control and she will do fine.


#24 Mar 20, 2007
I had a total knee replacement 11 weeks ago and vow never to do again. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Rehab is the hardest part..and it all boils down to pain control. Keep the pain under control and she will do fine


#25 Mar 21, 2007
muna wrote:
i am 7 months post left knee replacement surgery. i still have pain when standing or walking. i underwent partial patelloctomy a month ago with no improvement in my condition. i am still doing therapy which hurts a lot. it seems that once your knee replacement does not work nothing will help.
I had a partial knee replacement 3and half months ago and I am still experiencing a lot of pain especially when walking up stairs and getting up from a chair. I am wondering how long this pain is going to last. My doctor will not do a total because I am too young. I am 51.
joe from ct

United States

#26 Mar 22, 2007
i had a knee replacement in sept 05 and the post op pain was ok for a while.then the pain started to get worse and my ortho sent me to an other doctor and they found an an infection.had my revision in oct06 with a spacer put in to help clear the infection.i just recived my new knee 3/07and find the pain is still there and still a lot of sleepless nights so i can relate to everyone i've read about.

Southold, NY

#27 Mar 22, 2007
Bob from Holland Michigan wrote:
I had my Right Knee replaced about 6 years ago. A year later had scar tissue removed and work on the knee cap. From they day I stood on my knee for the first time I knew something was NOT right. I have gone to other surgeons they take exrays and say the knee if fine. Now it is so klunky and wobles it will hardly hold me. I am only 58. What am I supose to do. I have to take about 12 Vicoden a day just to get through it. I have had 3 brain tumors and lived through each one of them however I believe this knee is going to take me out. What should I do. I am in Constant pain day and night.
Bob: I started a comment to you but was kicked offline. Briefly, I had MY rt. knee replaced in July of 2006 and haven't really had a good day since. I'd suggest you find a good pain management center to get you a better mode of pain relief; after awhile, the vicodin just doesn't work.....I stopped taking it awhile back. I have extreme stiffness which makes it very difficult to bend the knee....Don't give up; you're too young. Keep looking for a good doc who'll listen to your complaints and a skilled physical therapist. There IS hope for us. Good luck!!


#28 Mar 23, 2007
booterup wrote:
Yes, there are success stories folks. At age 18 I severely damaged my left knee and had to have all of the cartilege removed. This was back in the good old 1960's, when technology wasn't what it is today. I lived with this knee, bone on bone for the next 35 years until I no longer had any quality of life, no walking, couldn't sit, lay down, stand.
I had TKR on my left knee 9 years ago at the age of 53. I had no illusions as to what recovery was going to be like. It hurt like Hell. The physical therapy was grueling - I cried every time that knee was bent. But I kept at it. I was back at work on crutches in two weeks. I was walking unaided in 6 weeks, and I danced at my daughter's wedding in 9 weeks. TKR gave me my life back. I have no pain in my replaced knee. It's mobile, flexible, and wonderful.
Now, I'm faced with TKR on my right knee. Obviously, I'm going to try to stick it out for as long as possible, but I will KNOW when I've had enough and will happily undergo the whole painful process again.
TKR is not an automatic thing to make you pain free. It requires a lot of hard, painful physical therapy. If the patient doesn't go the whole routine, if he/she expects miracles without any sweat and pain, the replacement will not be successful.
I don't mean to negate anyone's pain after TKR. There can be complications, infection, allergy to the cement/glue, a whole list of things could go wrong. If that is the case, get another doctor, get second and third opinions.
But, primarily I think that too many doctors don't tell the patient the whole story about TKR, about how painful recovery is and that the patient must be willing to tough through and excercise that knee from day one after the surgery and for the rest of his life. They allow the patient to believe that this is their miracle cure that will require very little from them.
Just know that yes, there are success stories. I'm one of them.
Good luck to all - I hope you can get your pain resolved.
I am almost 12 weeks post TKR and agree with all you say in your post. I had some setbacks immediately post surgery so started rehab at about 70 degrees flexion. As of today's pt session I'm at 95 degrees, but not without a whole lot of sweat equity and tears, moans and groans. Almost straight, but not there yet.

How true that docs don't tell the whole story...especially that stretching is necessary from now on. Figuring that one out all by myself. Knee replacement is not a walk in the park, but with diligence & committment, a nice, long walk in the park will be possible.

Saint Louis, MO

#29 Mar 27, 2007
My 72 year old grandmonther is going in for a left TKR on 4/30. She had a right TKR about 8 years ago and because of the severity of her left knee, the right leg and knee are starting to bow out because she's compensating for the pain of the left one. I guess I'm a little nervous because although she eventually made it through the first TKR, she's 10 years older and less pain tolerant.

I have seen the Xrays- it's bone on bone, so there's not truly another option for her because due to all of the constant compensation she's doing, she's in constant pain in her back, hip and leg.

Any suggestions of how her family can help/encourage and help her recovery time be as minimal as possible? Even exercises? We have a pool- will it be good for her to use when it gets warm in the summer?


West Point, VA

#30 Apr 4, 2007
I had a right knee TKR two years ago and it was a breeze and I can do anything on it I need or want to do. Pain was minimal and I was out of PT in 5 weeks. I had the left TKR 6 weeks ago and from the moment I opened my eyes post op I knew this was not the same. The pain is mind numbing and no pain relievers we have tried do more than take the edge off. I have done the pt and I can walk fine though with great pain, have 120 flex so this pain is not from being a wimp. I saw the dr yesterday and he is thrilled how well I am doing. Says the pain may be because I am doing so well!!! The xrays show all is as should be. I do not believe it. At least they are renewing the pain meds but when will I ever drive again. Some TKR's are good...others I am not so sure of. They tell me all knees are different...that is an understatement. Life before the replacement was bad so I keep telling myself with time this has to be better. What I am not reading here is the stories of extreme pain that finally went away...that is scaring me. It also scares me that the docs don't seem to know what causes these huge differences in outcome. Would I do it again? Right now I am just thankful I do not have a 3rd knee.


#31 Apr 13, 2007
I am due for a total knee replacement and the stories I have read on this site are really not very positive and make me wonder, should I call the whole thing off. I am in a great deal of pain now but what is the point of surgery if I am going to be in worse pain after?

Salt Lake City, UT

#32 Apr 13, 2007
It sounds pretty bad when reading entries on this site. I think that people who have replacements and do fairly well to great don't ever find their way to this website to make postings. They just get on with their life. So (I think and hope) this site makes the odds of sucess sound worse than they are.
As for me, I'm the Rick who posted above in this thread on Jan 18. I'm now almost 3 months post surgery on my re-do. It's going a little better this time. It was cemented in this time so at least I know it's not loose, but I'm still in a lot of pain when standing or walking....and especially after exercise. I use a cane most of the time with brief periods of no cane when I'm "warmed up" and on pain pills. I'm trying to remain positive.

Since: Apr 07


#33 Apr 15, 2007
I am 8 weeks post unicompartmental right knee replacement. still having a lot of pain, heat in the joint and swelling after standing for any time or being on my feet for periods of time as well. Is this to be expected? My Ortho.surgeon is a little vague about individual recovery times! i'm still not back at work, which involves a lot of standing, but am booked on a hiking holiday in mid this realistic??!

Albertville, AL

#34 Apr 28, 2007
I can say that I still have a bit of pain but after reading this thread, I will say that I feel that I have done well.

I agree with booterup. It takes a lot of hard work doing the therapy to get your knee flexed to at least 110 degrees and to get it straight again. I worked hard and sometimes would cry but I was determined to get full use back.

I have some pain around the outside but now, I am beginning to think that I am doing great. I can walk, get up and down, do yard work, clean my home, go shopping and just about anything else. The main thing is not to overdo. It sure beats being on a cane and having my knee lock up and not be able to do anything.

Attitude is the main thing. You have to be determined to work hard starting from the time of release. The most important thing is to get the muscles above the knee is great strong shape.

I also suggest going to a heated pool to work out once the incision is healed. Working out in heated water takes the stress off and makes it easier to do.

Good luck to all of y'all.
mario from california

Santa Barbara, CA

#35 Apr 29, 2007
hello,im a 33 years old.i had a total knee replacement done in 1/06.and tell this day i still have some pain and stiffness in my knee and pain inthe back of my knee,and sometimes i can feel grinding on my knee cap,i told my dr.they took xrays and sent me to get a 2nd oppion and the dr said the same thing every looks normal.but here i am still in pain a year and 1/2 later.has anyone ever gone thru this ordoes anyone have any sugestions? thanks.

Passaic, NJ

#36 Apr 30, 2007
Jean wrote:
It is 16 months since my knee replacement and I still have soreness and pain around the patella when I walk. does not hurt when I am immobile or sleeping. Have had different opinions from physio, OS and massage therapists. Anyone else have this problem?
Did you have a total Knee or Uni? who is the mfg? I heard Biomet is awful?

Passaic, NJ

#37 Apr 30, 2007
Greg wrote:
<quoted text>
Johnny I am a guy who has two half-knee (Uni-Condylar) knee replacements, and after six years, just wore the left out, and am now 7 weeks post surgery with a total knee replacement on my left. Today, I just did a long mall walk - went out shopping with my wife, and helped clean the house. We leave for vacation next week. Everything works just fine. I credit a great surgeon, a good understanding of what's required in physical therapy

(you have to work hard at getting that knee and leg up to par), and also the right attitude. I am pleased with the outcome--my goal was freedom from constant pain. The other benefit is that if you have back and neck problems, these will subside with you walking in a balanced and corrected manner post surgery. Also, know that these units don't last a lifetime if you are younger than 75 -80! Good luck and get two ortho docs to review you particular situation and advise.
That is great news!!! and congrats - Give us names of your doc's I am thinking of doing a Uni myself, not sure though.
Love to hear your comments

Passaic, NJ

#38 Apr 30, 2007
I am thinking of getting a Unicondylar Knee and just started to research it. Biomet? Stryker? Zimmer? anyone have any feed back on any of these companies? I would love to hear about it.


Goshen, IN

#39 Apr 30, 2007
I have a similar issue with soreness. The TKR in itself is good. All the soreness is in the thigh muscles and calf muscles of my leg. I have been through therapy and have been released by them and the doctor but I still hurt and did not know what to expect. The replacement was 12 wk. Ago I have full movement straight to 96 deg, It snaps with each step but was told it will work in. Sleeping 2-3 hr at a time max. Wake up relocate the knee and right back to sleep.

Spalding, UK

#40 May 5, 2007
I am now 54 and now have had 2 TKR's both left(Dec 05) and then right (April 06), recovery for both has been incredible, with increased mobility, very little pain, and now even playing Cricket again,(yes that strange english game) still measuring impact on knees in playing. However, having put off for so many years the decision to have them done was so right, I have to say that the quality of life so far is so much better. Like many been there done that pre operations, pain,etc. I think that I am one of the lucky ones so far in the success of recovery. However one small blip is that the left leg cramps from hip to toe for no apparent reason and yippee the pain I get is like the bad old days. Be interested to know if anyone gets this type of cramping at night?.
Kimberly in MO

Washington, MO

#41 May 15, 2007
BOY CAN I RELATE>>>>I am 45, had my right knee totally replaced Feb 21st 07....was totally unaware of the fact that younger people heal faster, even though the Doc kept warning my husband, she is so young for this..... I was so sick from the drugs that I had a five stay in the hospital, during that time however, I could not do the therapy as I was so sick from the meds....went home struggled with the inhome therapy and still sick form all the drugs, and was in the most horrible pain, but made the 90 I was suppose to first two weeks out of the hospital....went to therapy...oh god no..they are way to aggressive, and I mended so fast, I was screaming...they didnt like scares other patients... I had minipulation on April 11th and went back to therapy.....decided I didnt want the abuse and over aggressiveness, I could scream and cry on my own at home and push the limited there.......did it and have what I need now, except cant bring up the knee to the chest by the ankle as of yet, I am trying...and will do it soon enough....I do alot of exercises, and I know what you mean about stiffness.......but, I make it do the bends and have been off all meds for about a month now and find aleeve works and the lilly pad (polar ice holder) is my BEST FRIEND....Iv been told to use it over and over, as long as I can by older folks that have had so many surgeries themselves and you know, it has been a life saver on pain......I will continue to use the ice treatment for over six months and then some....Iv read alot of the stories here and can really relate to the pain was the most horrible pain ever.......I have lost 25 pounds since, and happy to lose more.....but again......I use weights on my leg when on the puter, couch, or exersicing, never to walk in though.....stay away from meds after three months and try your lilly pad....also go back and forth to heat...I used heat on my knee making the bend on the machine to get past 100..for all those that are not sure what works....once you hit 100 the rest is a WORKED..I was using an vitimin e oil, by itself, but I found that Johnson's baby oil GEL....Chamomile & Multi-Vitamin Complex worked EVERY time I exericed....My leg felt like leather the first I started putting this one on everytime I exercised or used the cmp machine....and wow, the stuff in it worked like a charm and the scar is disappearing starting in the middle of the knee this now as of May....vitimin E is in this product....dont use it with heat though,(only use the ice and the machine when not using the heat).....not only does it work for lubrication on the knee, it smells good also.....Iv used it on my eyes for years now at night and Im 45 to be 46 and I have NO CROWS FEET this idea from Sophia Loren.....hope this info helps all of you in need of some attention........Love to all of you that had this type of surgery, we all endured and there is hope, you have to work for it though...a tough lesson I learned before the manipulation. To those that didnt have the best ortho doctor....mine is awesom and hung in there like a trooper and gave me all the attention I needed to make sure I was comfortable...that is a man that gives great hope to those he fixes....I needed that knee done for 15 years! I thank God for Dr. Barnhill of KC/MO OSI Group! My new knee is awesom!

Johnstown, PA

#42 May 17, 2007
Hello. My dad is 78 and had total knee replacement on left knee. He is in terrible pain and feels he is NOT getting better after about 7 weeks now. He is continuing therapy 3x/week and at home daily.

Is this normal for post surgery patients to have this much pain still???

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