Knee Swelling and Fluid on my Knee

Bemidji, MN

#122 Dec 9, 2011
I am actually writing about my Dad. He has now had 3 total knee replacements, in the same knee, in the last 3 years. He has so much fluid, swelling that they think the fluid is making his knee replacements fall apart. He is very confused cause the doctors have no reasoning for any of this. He is now going back to the doctor, it has been about 5 months since his last surgery and the same thing is happening again. So he now owes lots of $$ from the continuous operations and they have no answers for him. His "good" leg is also in need of knee replacement but they won't touch and he really doesn't want them to touch it,, cause they don't know what is going on with his body. After the first surgery, they said "bad cement"...really. The second surgery, "why is this doing this"...hmm. The third surgery they decided to go up farther on his thigh bone. And now, due to all the fluid they want to "figure it out" cause they think its happening again, falling apart. They don't know were the fluid is coming from, he has zero infections, the fluid is not a clear fluid it definiately has blood in it. His leg problem started when they removed a tumor out of his calve, cut a nerve in the process, which left a numb tingling feeling in his leg. He has lymphodemia, leaky valves. That the doctors don't ever seem to bring up. Sleep Apnia machine that is not working for him, he gets a good 4 hours of sleep a night, mainly due to his leg pain. And in the middle of all this they diagnosed him with diverticulitis, and while they did a scan of that they found a tumor on his stomach, which turned out to be cancer, a gyst tumor, which they did remove. And he is now a glevac which is a daily chemo pill that will help keep the gyst tumors from growing back, which makes him nausous on a daily basis. When will this all end!!! He is too young to have any of these problems, 58 years young. Someone please help, where do we go to get this figured out!

Richmond, KY

#123 Dec 13, 2011
Had my total knee replacement Jan.29 2010 and I believe it's worse than before the surgery. Knee has been drained three times and going for the fourth tomorrow. I too have had x-ray which came back normal. Something has to be wrong, it's not normal that everytime you walk your knee pops and aches. Wonder if this is normal and will it eventally go away and if not what's my next steps. Maybe a second opinion?

Prince Rupert, Canada

#124 Dec 15, 2011
my knee replacedment been 3 months i still have major pain and swellling, what abn i di with it, i am now sufferring from the cold and flu. this old weather does not help. i am living on pain killers
laura SW

Nottingham, UK

#125 Dec 16, 2011
Hi, I'm 27 years old. For about a year my knee has been in really bad pain, I remember falling on my knees lots of times as a child, I went to the docetor back then and he told me its just growing pains.
I cant remember a time when my knees have not cracked,
I was finaly seen at the hospital yesterday and they told my that i have a mushy knee well i think fluid around the joints in the knee, and possible Cartilage damadge. I was giving a steroid injection before leaving the hospital, I have been on anti-inflammatory medication for a few years due to my knees and a car accident 3 years ago,I have also been on two other strong pain killers for the past 2 months. But i'm getting fed up of taking pain killers and tablets now.
The Doctor said they wont do surgery as ill come out worse off due to all the inflmation that is in there already, so its just getting the pain down to a better level with phisyo or tens machine and accupuncture, and then put up with it untill my knee falls apart..
IF anyone knows any better please let me know, the pain is waking me up through the night I have been off work for months. Just want the pain to go.
Mary from camden ohio

Mount Gilead, OH

#126 Dec 16, 2011
I had my knee replacement two and 1/2 years ago, and all is great. I am allergic to nickel, so if mine has any nickel in it, it hasn't affected anything. I had the zimmer knee replacement. I did have one spell, where I swelled up, but i overworked it, and as soon as I took it easy, it went back to normal. I also had spells of bakers cyst, well two episodes, but they went away. I guess I am lucky, I love mine. I was bowlegged, and now I am straight and great!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone.

Lithonia, GA

#127 Dec 16, 2011
I had a shopping cart accident on my knee two years ago and during that time i workout a lot. After the accident it was swollen and painful but the pain goes away for awhile.Then when the winter started my knee started paining and cracking alot when i move it. I have to slow down on my workout and after having a mri the doctor told me that my knee cap has shifted. It continue to pain alot and i try not to take pain killers. what seems to work for me sometimes is rubbing it with some kind of oil and try to keep it bandage when am walking around.I also sleep with a pillow under my knee to raise it. i have no swelling but the pain is killing me. i will take any advice...the pain sometime follow all the way down my foot to my toes. Help

Bethesda, MD

#128 Dec 17, 2011
I had an arthroscopy for torn Medial meniscus in Feb 10th 2010 No relief from pain went for 2nd openion, was advised to go for Total knee replacement. I had TKR in Aug 2010, did very well after post op rehab and physiotherapy. Resumed my walking regularly. In Nov I sent a thank you note to my Doctor. Dec Jan of 2011 I had swelling and water in my knee. It became a rutine to tap the water from my knee every 2 to 3 months. I had all kind of tests including lyme disease all neative.
My Doctor cannot explain the cause as my X ray is normal. I am in 2012 Dec and Last week the kneewas tapped again. any clue? Ayesha Malik MD

Ringwood, Australia

#129 Dec 19, 2011
Brit wrote:
my knee has been swollen for 3 weeks. I play volleyball and hav to dive to dig balls. It hurts to kneel on it and when I walk sometimes I feel like its gonna just give out. I'v been icing it every night, and taking Advil,and it goes down an stops hurting a little bit, but I Have volleyball every day, an every time I dive on it, it hurts really bad again. Idk what to do:(my mom an grandpa both hav knee probs an I don't want my knee to b messed up. I'm only 15, and I live for sports!! How can I fix my knee?? HELP!
3 weeks! Is that the time nice you ad the TKR or nice you ad the swelling?

If the former you've another year in front of you yet before you may be free of pain, swelling,, stiffness and fluid buildup.

You are still in the post operative stage and should be taking it easy with lots of rest.

If you had the op a while back then appreciate it is a long term recovery process , up to a year or more so ease off on the crazy volley ball playing and take it easy. Lots of walking and cycling is great exercise - you I'll fine but DO NOT keep up the volley ball or you I'll be real mess in year or two.

Age is on your side!


#130 Dec 23, 2011
DonnaK wrote:
My knee was swelled up from the arthritis I had. I had a TKR in Sept of 08 and it's still swelled. The swelling has never went down but now the swelling is all the way down into my foot. It gets so bad I have to take my shoe off towards evening. At night the swelling in my foot goes down but the swelling in my knee doesn't. As soon as I get up and start moving around though the swelling is back in my foot. Anyone else have problems with swelling like that?
If you get a second opin. don't go to one close around to where you had it done. One doctor is not going to talk against another. Go away to another town. I am fixing to try for a third opinion.
david g cape coral fl

Fort Myers, FL

#131 Jan 3, 2012
hah knee surgery on april 1 of 2010 maniscus repair and knee swelling then after 7 fluid extractions later i was told a total knee replacnet would cure the problem so i went for the the total knee replacement, then i had another 11 fluid extractions and now on dec 20 of 2011 ive had another knee surgery to revise the knee and remove the cynovial lining im still swollen and see the doc tomarrow for an update lets see what they say then

Markham, Canada

#132 Jan 7, 2012
i ha d a partial knee replacement about a year and a few months ago, but it was a Biomet failure so i found a nother surgeon to check out the problem he advised me my patella was loose and i required a additional surgery, but this time a total knee replacement, so back to the o/r for another surgery now this one feels like it has shifted and dropped and im constantley living with pain could this be another biomet defected part again. if you have had any problem with your Biomet replacement let me know.Please!

United States

#133 Jan 8, 2012
Swelling in the back of my knee it hurts when I lay. On it
Rowan Mckenzie

United States

#134 Jan 9, 2012
I too have had both knees replaced. The first in 2006, next in 2007. I remember feeling like I had been hit by a mack truck after surgery.

Everything was fine until two weeks ago. I suddenly got progressively worse pain in the right knee, at first above knee a cramp, steadly got worse. If I sit for more that 5 minutes, when I put weight on the leg, it is excruiating pain, but after a few steps eases off. I have some swelling too.

Sullivan, MO

#135 Jan 14, 2012
I have the same problem with fluid on my knee. It all started when I bent down one day and it locked up on me and I couldn't straighten it out. Once I did get it back straight, it swelled up and I had limited mobility. I had x-rays taken and nothing showed up so I decided to get an MRI. The MRI showed that I had a meniscus tear, mcl tear and acl stretch. I'm not a doctor but if your knee locks up and then suddenly swells after you pop it back, it could be the result of a meniscus tear. I would get an MRI done.

Brisbane, Australia

#136 Jan 21, 2012
I have extensive knee,ankle and foot swelling, with fluid retention. My entire bone from knee to ankle pops with explosions when I bend, get worse at the end of an active day. I am 80 years old and am having a MRI tomorrow and hoping that something will be diagnosed. My specialist says it is due to advanced arthritis and I am wearing patches to relieve the pain. My gait is not too good and I take out a wheelie walker to help my balance.
I am curious at what they hope to find with the scan results on the 27th. I have had cortisone injections at least three times and take anti inflammatory tablets. I mostly stay at home as I am so unsure of foot and balance. Comment please?

Brooklyn, NY

#137 Jan 26, 2012
Had a TKR 11/17/11. I was very aggressive with PT. Knee was feeling great up until now. Suddenly a lot of swelling on the outside of the knee. I only do 30 minutes a day on the bike. I ice and take Alleve. What gives?
ImImaniAllen Dot Com

United States

#138 Feb 2, 2012
I have had my acl repaired & something about my cartalidge fixed on my right knee about 4 years ago. That knee is perfect, however my left knee is always swollen, I'm amazed that I'm not the only one. I'm a dancer & I'be been trying to figure out if I have fluid, if I should lose more weight, or i I need to strengthen my left knee some or big time. I need to do something fast & I thank all of you for your comments because I'm going to try all three!!

London, UK

#139 Feb 4, 2012
both my knees are really swollen at the moment and can hardly walk. I have a torn meniscus in one knee and had to wait 8 weeks to see specialist - whilst waiting I had a dvt in injured knee and now I have to wait until swelling goes down before he will do anything because on warfarin. swelling is actually getting worse not better! Off work for now and hope swelling will soon go down. Anyone else had similar probs? how long might it take for swelling to go down?

Almonte, Canada

#140 Feb 7, 2012
Maybe you guys should go to the doctors like a normal person would do?

Safat, Kuwait

#141 Feb 7, 2012
My son is 3.5 yrs and he is having problem with knee getting swolen and a high fewer , Dr said its Juveline Arthrits and had given Naproxen and have injected steriods in his knee , before every 15 days he will have the same problem but after injecting steriods it happened after 3 months but the prob is still there . I dnt know if he really have arthrits or something else and if yes how will it go .Please if some one can guide will be really greate help.


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