Knee Swelling and Fluid on my Knee

Coachella, CA

#42 Feb 16, 2011
Ben wrote:
<quoted text>I have had the 1 I do have moderate pain . I dont know if i should go and have a total or just keep rehabbing the knee at the gym. I think that iIwill continue same experience. I had a uni 1 and a half years ago and it is still stiff and swollen. My gait is off and sometimes rehab until the pain is really unbearable. I am too young for a total and they say that you can only have one total knee repalcement
I had a Uni-lateral knee replacement in Aug. 2010 This was a result of a great career in fitness. i am only 49, and am frustrated that I am unable to jog up the stairs at home, ride a bike, or return to my normal activities. I have been working out and swell regularly. The Dr asks me if I feel better now than before the surgery and the answer is NO! I'm sorry I had the surgery- Now I have to deal with a prosthetic knee and the potential of infection and a true fear of falling on it. The surgery was the most painful experience of my life, and I'd never do it again. I am hoping that in time, I will feel ok. I have seen people recovery greatly from this surgery- return to skiing, racketball, etc... that has not been my experience thus far. My question is about the swelling. I bumped my operated knee and it swelled like a that normal?

Aiken, SC

#43 Mar 4, 2011
Brought records from previous Dr.who did Total Knee Repl.(he was killed on his bike last October so I can't use him) as well as Anatomy book and my synopsis on the swelling. I saw a Professor who teaches at Medical College of Ga. Ortho and also practices at Augusta Sports Ortho...He concurred. I have approx 100cc fluid on side of knee coming from knee cap that is sliding off to the side due to tight ligament after TKRpl. The knee cap/Patella is being scraped and hence causing the fluid...we are looking at a surgery to loosen the ligament and or trim the Tibia bone or else the scraping will affect the little plastic button part of the knee repl. under the knee cap. Required see if there is infection somewhere and a SED RATE blood test also...This is coming three years after total knee replacement. The metal knee is working though and mechanically doing well....we are still on that new platform for problems/fixes to replacements...just don't give up. My problem was bad knock knees and my knee cap was off to the side prior to surgery. When Dr. straightened out leg the ligament still wanted to pull that cap off to the side.....I hope if anyone else has this problem "knock Knees" this might help in knowledge ...

Valmeyer, IL

#44 Mar 11, 2011
Hi everyone,
It's been 8 months since my knee replacement. It has been swelled the whole time. The pain can be intense at times. I've went to see my OP numerous times and he keeps telling me I need to have patience. It takes up to a year for all swelling to go down. I told him my family doctor said it is fluid on the knee and he said no. Finally, this past week I went to a new OP and he drained 50 cc's off of it. It had some blood in it also. Now I'm waiting for the culture results. It is feeling much better now. I'm worried about why the blood in the fluid and will it swell back up again. I had the right knee done 8 years ago and didn't have this issue. Love your comments. Sandy
julie smith clydach

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#45 Mar 29, 2011
i had a tkr nov 2009 ,for 2 months it was not to bad , but when i went for my 1st x ray after the op, the consultant told me that mine had come appart, he then transferred me to a consultant where ops had gone wrong , he told me that i would have to go and have some fluid taken to be tested for infection, if not infected i would then have to have further tests, but he said he will most probably have to have the tkr removed and then go and be without a knee at all for at lesat six weeks then go back and have another tkr, iam in pain with my knee at al times never out of pain , i dont know whether to go through with all of this as i am afraid this might happen again , i am due to go and have the fluid removed next friday ;;

Aiken, SC

#46 Apr 2, 2011
WEll, I can give you some answers based on my experience only. I had knee replacement 1/24/2008..With constant swelling and what appeared to be water on the knee.Doc said because we did quad splitting (cutting of quads to fit TKR) it would take longer.He was still saying that at 24mos still but we noticed that the knee cap had moved to outside of leg. I had something catching too. I thought a ligament was too tight and getting caught on the plastic button that holds the knee cap in place. My orig Doc who I loved was killed on bicycle so I have a new Doc who teaches TKR. W/second opinion from Med Coll Ga. we did further testing and found possible infection in knee....this going on 3 years. The prognosis NOW, which I suppose could change is I am scheduled in less than 2 wks to go in to remove TKR..flush with antibiots/place block in while we heal w/leg in brace straight for weight bearing.. then if infection is totally for a new TKR....I am only 61 and active.I think from what I read here it is a crap shoot. Everyone is different. You have to really want to be able to do things actively and know it can be a gamble...I am ofcourse devastated but if it is infected at this point there is no choice.Go into your surgery in the best health you can...and try to keep weight helps but you can still have strange things happen....For some reason Drs. don't seem to want to think it can be a problem...they seem to want to say, "give it more time"....My first Dr. should probably have done some testing from the fluid on might not have taken 3 years.....yet who am I? I am not a Dr.....but you MUST be proactive in your own diagnosis.....write it all clear in communications.....God Bless

Aiken, SC

#47 Apr 4, 2011
I am going through what they call a revision due to infection (3 years later)...the fluid in my knee was off the chart for white blood count "infection"..which can show up as late as two years later...Can be caused from anything like a poorly tracking Patella, diabetes, bacteria at site or on your body at time even dental that travels through your blood to knee site..AFter removal they flush with antibiotics than a cement block with more antibiotics as a spacer goes in to your knee...I will be in a brace for two months...then if infection is gone....back for another new TKA infection......

Braybrook, Australia

#48 Apr 5, 2011
my knee swelling and left side pain when iam sitting on bed then better if walk swelling i dont no what to do. i went go to doctor only give me medican what no solive my problem

Chicago, IL

#49 Apr 5, 2011
I have problems whit my knees dis locating, went to the doctor and got x rays, they came back normal, I go see a bone specialist tomorrow, but my question is why was the x ray normal when my knees pop out of place and I can't do normal everyday acitvitys because they pop out of place??

Aiken, SC

#50 Apr 6, 2011
Tia...I don't care what they say......mine did too...and it scared me to no end....paticularly if twisting or pressure from the side....I have heard that some of the parts can loosen up...and one of new knees I hear is loosening very soon due to pressure on the femur......Don't take no for an answer....if you can afford it or have insurance get another opinion...I am going into surgery pronto 4/13 for infection that could have been picked up on by a simple blood delayed and long term I am in for a haul....Good Luck and btw check on the internet to see if your knee has problems with it.....alot of recalls out there....

Key Largo, FL

#51 Apr 19, 2011
Sam wrote:
Hi everyone,
It's been 8 months since my knee replacement. It has been swelled the whole time. The pain can be intense at times. I've went to see my OP numerous times and he keeps telling me I need to have patience. It takes up to a year for all swelling to go down. I told him my family doctor said it is fluid on the knee and he said no. Finally, this past week I went to a new OP and he drained 50 cc's off of it. It had some blood in it also. Now I'm waiting for the culture results. It is feeling much better now. I'm worried about why the blood in the fluid and will it swell back up again. I had the right knee done 8 years ago and didn't have this issue. Love your comments. Sandy
Hi Sandy. I am so glad you posted this. I just came home from the hospital with my mom who had both knees replaced by 2 different surgeons. The last TKR has always given my mom problems. It has been about 6 years. Withink the last couple of months, her knee starting swelling and she couldn't move. She wound up using crutches because there was to much weight on her knee with the walker. So finally, we went today to have fluid drained from the knee. The ortho said he had never seen anything like this, but there was only blood that came out. Her knee is hugeeeee. The dr. said he was sending to the pathologist to see if there is an infection. I was wondering what you found out from your test since you had blood in yours too. Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dawn

Dorchester, UK

#52 Apr 20, 2011
I had a TKR 5 years ago with nothing but pain.Then I had a flexion to release a couple of tendons.Still in pain.Fed up

Aiken, SC

#53 Apr 24, 2011
My second day out of bed....I spent 8 days in Ft. Gordon after removal of my TKR...My leg was infected by a slow growing pathagen of some kind...we know for at least two years.....I have now got a cement spacer for a knee that secretes antibiotics....after going through an antibiotic leg flush.....I have since learned of many that have this can be from any number of things....mechanical failure, bad tracking patella, slow growing staph.....We did tons of pathology tests....etc to see what kind of infection I had....but finally they did broad spectrum drip the 8 days I was in hospital and then sent me home with two types for Atypical bacterias......Since having this done, I have heard this is not uncommon....Most all the medical staff I encountered during my stay told me of similar instances....It happens....and you must go through with this to stop infection from spreading to the bone or rest of the body.....GET a CRP and SED Rate....find a Dr. who will listen....I had swelling and pain for three years......They found a pocket of synovial junk the Dr. called it during surgery they removed.....which was the size of an egg on the lateral side of my leg......probably a build of of the fluid fighting the infection....BUT if you have gone this must be proactive....I hear that the "revision" can be a God Send when you finally get your new knee.....although I can tell you this is no walk in the park right now.....Happy Easter.....back to bed.


#54 Apr 26, 2011
janice wrote:
<quoted text>i have the same problem an di dont know what to do ,doctor says its okay but its not
I to also have the tightness and pain. It feels so tight that I think its gonna pop. Today is my 9 month of TKR. I have changed doctors because the one that did my surgery never acted like he really cared. I have joined a gym and I go to the warm water. I stay in as close to an hour as I can. Today I walked in the warm water a lots and it seems to help a whole lots. I am depending on the Lord to heal me because this is driving me nuts
irene from ireland


#55 Apr 27, 2011
I had a tk replacement one year ago,but after physo sessions the knee is still very stiff,when walking ,sitting the more I do the stiffer it get's and the pain is very bad,I have now finished my second session of Physo and left to my own devices to do exercise ,each time I go back to my hospital I never see my surgeon cause he's on holiday,they do a X Ray tell me all ok and that they will see me in 4,5,months. I don't know what to do now I am still using one crutch because It help's me to balance when my leg give's way,by the time evening come's my leg is so stiff and painful I find it very hard to exercise .Other people I know have had there knee replaced and have had very little problem ,but I can't carry on like this .Any advice would be helpful.
Classic Cass

Pacoima, CA

#56 May 5, 2011
Ive been going through knee pain for over 2 years.... It's been a blast really! Popping, cracking, the "giving way" and burning sensations muscles seizing up and extreme stiffness and just all around pain that just hurts ... I have good days I have bad day I have real bad days. But I try to keep going.
I wear knee braces pretty much all the time. Physical therapy, and massage therapy were wonderful I got better and felt good for a while then ... Got worse again ugh. I've had X-rays and MRI's that dont show much of anything, which is extremely frustrating.
The worst is the natural pivot we all make totally throws my knee out of wack it'll pop and hurt. I've Vernon a few different pain killers. None really worked except for flexural at least to calm down the muscle spasms. I can't stand it when I walk with a limp. It drives me nuts daily. My knee issues are considered work related. Working on my knees a lot. What gives though? Why knee pain?!? Why so many of us with knee pain? Why isn't there a decent fix? I understand that its not an easy fix part of the problem is we can't all just do nothing all the time. Still have things to do lives to live. But seriously? Why so much pain in the knees? Somethings going on! Cause I didn't sign up for this! I want to speak to who ever's in charge or designing this thing and telling them to make us stronger better faster and easily able to move! Im 27 and ... This is not something I look forward to dealing with for the rest of my life.:( sucks!!!!

Sheffield, UK

#57 May 11, 2011
DonnaK wrote:
My knee was swelled up from the arthritis I had. I had a TKR in Sept of 08 and it's still swelled. The swelling has never went down but now the swelling is all the way down into my foot. It gets so bad I have to take my shoe off towards evening. At night the swelling in my foot goes down but the swelling in my knee doesn't. As soon as I get up and start moving around though the swelling is back in my foot. Anyone else ha
ve problems with swelling like that?
My husband had a TKR on his left leg april 2010. He had complications after surgery and was put on warfrin for 6mths due to a blood clot on his lung. He has only acheived 80% bend in it and complaind of stiffness. 3 weeks since his foot and leg have swollen. The doctor thought he had kidney problems. He has had an ultra sound scan on both his leg and kidneys with a negative result. We have also returned to the consultant who operated and xrays have proved normal.His leg and foot are still swollen and can't bear any weight his right knee also needs replacing and he is in a great deal of discomfort. He has been adviced to take pain killers. What can we do next.
raymond griffiths

London, UK

#58 May 11, 2011
I had TKR 3rd september 2010 when aged 72, By week six was walking with no pain. Five months on it was so good I often forgot about it. Began walking and cycling 2 to 3 miles daily. Pain built up on inside of knee which my Doctor diagnosed as tendenitis. I was given a cortisone injection which cleared it up, Doctor advised not to walk on uneven ground. 2 weeks ago with doctors advice fading from memory I decided to walk over fields near my home which included a steep downhill and uphill sections followed by a 2 mile cycle ride 8 hours later. Put my feet up that evening for 2 hours. When I stood up my knee had swollen so much I could hardly bend it. Knee on inside was inflamed in joint and was painfull to touch, fluid had built up above and to the sides of my knee. Showed my doctor who appeared pissed off (brilliant doctor)obviously for beng so stupid. He was not prepared to drain off fluid for fear of introducing infection. Said to take naproxen and rub joint 4 times daily with ibuprofn gel and rest knee. 7 days on no improvement. Beginning to worry i may have caused permenant damage. Going to persivere and hope it clears up. will keep you posted.

Aiken, SC

#59 May 11, 2011
Read my post above....If you are having problems get a CRP and SED RATE two very simple blood tests....find out if you have an infection.....or not, so you can discount it....Swelling, heat and inflamation are a sign of infection.....and yes you can have infection months after surgery...It can come from any place in your body I have learned...and settle into your new knee and parts.

Indooroopilly, Australia

#60 May 18, 2011
Come on folks, this is all pretty normal but the catch is the surgeon never tells you that twelve months is more the norm before things settle down.

So of course we all worry about "everything" in the interim!

I had my left knee totally replaced six months and still quite swollen and stiff but I can easily walk 15 to 20 k a day and I just accept that it will take time ...... And time and more time.

Not a happy knee when I ask it to take my full body weight when getting up from me haunches but not enough pain to make a fuss over.

Remember nobody gets a free ride with a TKR but eventually it settles down and is fine - I hope!

If you were naughty and skipped your exercises then now is payback time!

Me? I bought a beautiful little puppy who now insists I take him walkies every day, rain, hail or shine, and I just accept that the older you are after a TKR the longer it will take to heal.

Stop worrying and of course hope you had a top surgeon do the job &#57431;

Aiken, SC

#61 May 18, 2011
Ian....three years of pain and swelling was not normal...but Dr did not tell me that.....Infection is not uncommon...thanks be that there were tests to take to find this out....and I absolutely worked my butt of in PT and home care.....Like anything else......there is always an exception to the I sit here with an antibiotic spacer where my TKR of three years used to before they removed it 4/13/11 due to infection....2nd new knee to go in 6/14.....after 8 weeks of antibiotic therapy....Glad yours went well....

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