Has anyone used a Dynasplint?

Kansas City, MO

#42 Jan 20, 2011
Yesterday I visited my surgeon who did the TKR in October. Having read some of the reports above I was interested to hear what he would say about the Dynasplint. He said they recommend them highly and if there is a scam it might be the particular company who is furnishing the Dynasplint.
He said its purpose is specifically for stretching the scar tissue. After three months mine still is basically reddish with a few white places showing in the scar line. He said the window of opportunity is while it is red and after the scar all becomes white it is set. According to him I have about 3 more months to stretch the scar tissue so I can bend my knee back better to walk down stairs. Good luck, Laura.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#43 Feb 3, 2011
It has now been 3 weeks of wearing the dynasplint at night for 6-8 hours. It is so uncomfortable, but I am getting through it! I have only gained 3 degrees since wearing it so my PT says I have to go see my OS to discuss a surgery to remove my scar tissue. I am really upset about this, but I guess I have no choice. My range of motion is only 43 degrees. So far I am notimpressed with the splint, but I am hoping that if I wear it post opt that maybe I will get better results! How long does it normally take to see results? Have I given the splint enough time or should I talk to my surgeon about delaying the surgery?

Kansas City, MO

#44 Feb 3, 2011
Wow, I'm impressed you can wear the Dynasplint for 6-8 hours at night! Four is the most I've managed. If I can get that long in, it is not hard to get four more in during the day, usually.
I will see my P.T. next Monday to get my range of motion measured and get an evaluation from him on whether the Dynasplint is helping. I have been using it since Dec. 17 instead of going to the P.T. so he can judge the improvement.
When did you have the surgery that caused the scar tissue? I would talk to both the P.T. and the surgeon as to whether you should continue the Dynasplint. I don't think 3 weeks is long enough to expect much result.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#45 Feb 4, 2011
Hi June, I wish I could wear mine 4 hours during the day and 4 hours at night. I have 2 little kids age 3 and 5 so getting a four hour block of time during the day is impossible. It hurts like heck at night. I am fine for the first 4-5 hours and then the last 2 hours are torture. At that point I can't sleep and I am up watching TV. I get through it with Motrin and my pain pills. My PT says that I should have seen at least a 5-8 degree gain in 3 weeks and mine is only 3. I go to PT three days a week as well and I am gaining nothing there either! I had the surgery on Nov 18 and I was immoblizied until Jan 3. Thank you so much for your advice and I will let you know what happens on Monday when I see my surgeon. Take care!

Sacramento, CA

#47 Mar 19, 2011
What a rip off!$10 worth of aluminum pipes they rent for $400 a month. Did absolutely nothing for my knee and my insurance would not cover.

Fresno, CA

#48 Apr 5, 2011
George wrote:
I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback or experiences on using a Dynasplint dynamic splint during rehab? http://www.dynasplint.com
I used one for about two months. hurt more when i used it and i saw no reason to continue using it. then recieved a $750 bill for the rental. ridiculous...

Fresno, CA

#49 Apr 5, 2011
New Dynasplint User wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you for this posting. I am encouraged by it and hope for good results, too. I too only have a 35 degree straightening 53 days out from significant radial head elbow surgery. PT and surgeon says the contracture is due to the scar tissue.(I started at 66 degrees so have improved with regular PT but just started using the Dynasplint for about a week.) All the videos and literature state clearly that the tension is too high if you feel pain and that the amount of time in the splint is key. Medical journals say that the first 100 days post-op yielded the best results. Note that the recommended timeframe to start with the splints isn't until 6 to 8 weeks post-op and results were measured after 3-1/2 to 4 months of daily use. So it is a gradual improvement requiring a lot of patience and commitment.
I felt overwhelmed at first and for the extension could only manage an hour at most at 2 tension but now I am up to 3 and have worn it three days in a row for over 4 hours continuously. I also use a kineseo (sp) machine at my PT office and it is less painful since the Dynasplints. My flexion I can wear 4 hours also at 8 tension.
My insurance is Aetna HMO and believe me they'd deny a bandaid if it isn't precertified so they couldn't be scammed.
I got scammed out of about $800, for a useless machine they charged me for buying after i sent it back..

Clarksville, TN

#50 Apr 23, 2011
Don't waste time or money on this. My rep Michele met me twice. I kept telling het via calls and emails that I couldn't wear it because it didn't fit. She said shed talk to her manager and then never saw me again. It cost 275,for the month that I had it. Pt wad convinced it would work but doc was less hopeful. It didn't do any good Nd my wrist is still about half of what it was prior to surgery in December. Pass this stupid splint and company.
Toi McCoy

Chicago, IL

#51 Aug 24, 2011
I used the Dynasplint knee flexion brace and it really does work. I was about 2.5 months post op from tkp when my OP put me under for manipulation in which he got it to 100 degrees. By the time i got to therapy that day it was down to 92. I went downhill as low as 59 with 5 days a week of therapy. Through much painful treatment from pt i was up to 84 but not getting better. Finally my pt and os suggested the dynasplint. My insurance turned it down so i paid for it out of my pocket and it was indeed worth it. In less than a month i am at 97degrees. I only used the brace for 4 hours per day at 2 hrs a a time and sometimes an hour 4x a day at tension level 8. It was tolerable and not painful. Now i can ride a bike and go up and downstairs easy.

Just do it and it will work!

Toi McCoy

United States

#52 Aug 25, 2011
U know I've been usein the splint for bout 2 weeks and I have 2 Splints 1 for flex and 1 for ext because I had total knee replacment 7 weeks ago and I've used them a fraction of the recomended time and I've gotton great results don't listen to these ppl that r bad mouthin them all u have to do is use ur common sense and call ur insurance compant to verify ur rep or the company called ur insurance for real duh ! They have improved my ext from a positive 3 to a negstive 3 in less than 2 weeks and my flex is much more difficult to ware because u need a chair with a hoolow spot to allow ur leg to bend un impeded so I lay on my side with a had pillow so my knees not restricted from bending! I havnt wore the flex splint hardly at all till recently and already there's a difference and yes its painfull no pain no gain within reason of course physical therepy is always painfull I had major surgery a knees replacment tears the crap outa ur muscles and bones of course its goin to hurt to get em bending and movin again its a givin! Its not easy and the Splints r uncomfortable but there a tool not a comfort device there makin ur muscles and ligaments do things they don't wana do on there own! Strechin ur hamstring s and ur acchilles tendons properly hurt.? And wht these Splints r doin for ya is much more involved not to mention important than that ! So use ur heads and the sense God gave ya cover ur own rears chk if u have doubts even if u don't have doubts call ur dr ask if theve used them b4 if patients have commented negativly bout the rep or insurance coverage but try try ur best to get them and use them as recommended by ur dr and or physical therepist they work amazing for me wear them and don't over do it rome wasn't built in a day take it easy on urself ! Hope u find the same results as I have take care! Oh its not a scam unfortunatly there's idiots all over the world that don't wana work for there money im sorry those of u that found those reps that lived like that but that's not the company's fault that's ppls inperfections impacting others it happens everyday all over think of that when ur livin ur life just thinkin of urself how u may be affecting someone elses life negativly !! We're all guilty of doin things that do every day !

United States

#53 Aug 25, 2011
I've used dynasplint on my knee and saw no improvement at all and was very uncomfortable.. I recommend trying a JAS splint, you only have to wear it for a half hour at a time and it works. And if you go with dyna and they tell you your insurance company is covering it, make sure they are, call them first.

United States

#54 Aug 25, 2011
Dynasplint is a scam!. They lie to you and tell you it's covered, but it's not! Then they slap you with a huge bill.

Tacoma, WA

#55 Aug 25, 2011
What a mess! The rep was not returning my calls and it took a month to actually deliver it. I have double insurance. I was told everything was covered. I could not get the thing to fit right. I could not sleep. I asked to meet with her to go over how it fit. Another phone tag game. Last I saw her she was supposed to call me back and set up a following appointment. Never happened. I recieved an invoice for 2 splints. Called, left a message for the invoice rep to call me back. Her message said she would call in two business days, just like mentioned above. Then I got a bill for $600.40. I found out the charge is $316 PER MONTH!! I could have bought one and new ski equipment for that! Outrageous! Then, I found out the insurance company wanted more information - price of splint for difference of buying vs. renting. The rep never filed the paperwork for insurance payment and secondary insurance was never even contacted. I am following through with this scam as well. Next I am looking them up and reporting to BBB!! Still can not straighten my leg after ACL reconstruction and meniscus removal and repair. Guess I will just have to have someone sit on my leg! HA

United States

#56 Aug 26, 2011

Kilgore, TX

#57 Sep 23, 2011
I have been wearing the Dynasplints for a month and a half now and have seen a dramatic improvement in ROM. My left knee is a lot worse than the right, but even it is improving. However, I find I can only wear these things for two hours at a time, maybe twice a day. The rep wants me to wear them five to eight hours everyday while lying in the bed. I'm sure I would get more benefit that way since the stretching would be more tense, but I'm sorry....I just can't lay around in the bed doing nothing all day and I certainly cannot sleep in these things. But, they do work! Medicare is paying for mine.

Passaic, NJ

#58 Oct 25, 2011
i had acl surgery 8 weeks ago. straightening and ROM continue to be problem so doctor recommended dynasplints for both. i was expecting the pain, but i was surprised at how stiff my knee has become, and how difficult it has become for me to do heel slides, etc. has anyone else experienced this?

Highland, MI

#59 Oct 26, 2011
It's once size and type fits all, very bad. Also, billing is a nightmare!

Severna Park, MD

#60 Oct 28, 2011
andreag wrote:
i had acl surgery 8 weeks ago. straightening and ROM continue to be problem so doctor recommended dynasplints for both. i was expecting the pain, but i was surprised at how stiff my knee has become, and how difficult it has become for me to do heel slides, etc. has anyone else experienced this?
Hi Andrea,
I just spoke to your Dynasplint consultant, Jeff and he says you are doing a great job and that your range of motion is improving already! That post-wear stiffness says that you are getting a good stretch, just like at physical therapy. Watch the range of motion improve, and be encouraged. We are rooting for you!As always, keep in touch with Jeff with any questions.

Hopewell Junction, NY

#61 Nov 2, 2011
Dynasplint is as legitimate as they get...

Of course it doesn't work every time but as a therapy clinic owner I can tell you it works 8 out of 10 times. The other 2 times the doctor is throwing a hail mary and doesn't want to go back in to surgery so he gives the Dynasplint a shot....

Can you blame him!?

Anyone not giving this product a shot when they have a range of motion deficit will likely end up with chronic knee problems and multiple surgeries....

The good orthopedists use these regularly.
If they are not using it, they just don't know about it...
If they are using anything else, they likely don't understand soft tissue remodeling- Dynasplint technology always wins....

if you are one of the people complaining on here you are likey a slacker in every way:

1) you probably didn't use it then complained it didn't work as you headed back in for surgery.
2) you probably neglected to return the unit on time because you were lazy then you got billed for it.

Dynasplint is on the up and up and has been around 30 years. Yes, poor patients will have poor results. Good patients who do what they are told will have good results. Will it be easy? No... But you may just avoid multiple surgeries and chronic knee problems...
Lee in Vegas

Henderson, NV

#62 Nov 21, 2011
I wore 2 different ones for my Elbow which I broke. I had good luck with it but it was NOT covered under my insurance so I had to pay "out of pocket" I had HORRIBLE probelms with the billing though. They charged me twice for a month and I could NOT settle the bills with the company even when my local rep knew I was overcharged . It has been terrible dealing with them.
But the device does work if you wear it faithfully and everyday for 8 hours

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