pain after partial knee replacement

Saint Albans, VT

#44 Dec 23, 2011
I am 47 in sept 2011 i had a partial knee replacement on my right knee..i am still experiencing alot of pain swelling and stiffness. And at times it gives out..have a recheck with my doctor in the middle of january not sure if i should wait that long ..Is it also normal not to have feeling on the kneecap still feels like my knee is sleeping...if someone could send me some feedback i would appreciate it...i also got a infection right after my surgery was readmitted for 4 days


#45 Dec 28, 2011
Qwacker wrote:
Hi Gang:
I had a Conformis PKR (Medial Rt Leg) 0n 1-19-11. I am 63 and have played Tournament Racquetball for 35 years. The replacement was a lot harder than I anticipated. 9 weeks of 3X a week therapy finally restored close to full range of times, I have as much pain as the "bone on bone that caused me to seek the operation in the first place. The Doctors have told me it may take 6-12 months before my knee feels "more like a normal knee". We shall see.
I am pain free at night and at rest. After sitting for as little as 30 minutes, I look like Chester from Gunsmoke when I get up and hobble around. After 10-20 steps, I can pretty much walk pain free. Going up steps is still problematic. Going down is easier. Overall, I would say the jury is still out on how this is going to ultimately turn out.
I would advise anyone who is anticipating surgery to pick your surgeon first, but also pick your physical therapist. Then get a "before" evaluation. I didn't do this and the therapist would have liked to see a "before" knee so he could better guage the rehab progress.
Getting older ain't for Sissies!
Good luck to all.
Richmond, Va
Hi Qwacker, my name is Dave. I had partial knee replacement on 9/21/11, and now three months later I am walking with some pain, mostly on the inner side of my knee, which makes me hobble when I walk for a few minutes. Then I can walk fairly normally, but with continuing low grade pain. My doctor tells me that the pain is from the area where my ham strings attach to my knee. I am doing very high level stretching exercises to try to eliminate this pain, but going into my fourth month it is still there and I don't see much impropvement. I was told pre-op that I would be back to normal in four months, but at the present rate, I doubt that will happen. I will just keep working at it because there is not much other choice. Dave

Sunbury, OH

#46 Dec 28, 2011
Dave wrote:
<quoted text> Hi Qwacker, my name is Dave. I had partial knee replacement on 9/21/11, and now three months later I am walking with some pain, mostly on the inner side of my knee, which makes me hobble when I walk for a few minutes. Then I can walk fairly normally, but with continuing low grade pain. My doctor tells me that the pain is from the area where my ham strings attach to my knee. I am doing very high level stretching exercises to try to eliminate this pain, but going into my fourth month it is still there and I don't see much impropvement. I was told pre-op that I would be back to normal in four months, but at the present rate, I doubt that will happen. I will just keep working at it because there is not much other choice. Dave

I had a partial replacement 4/11, before surgery I had nerve damage due to osteoarthritis I am 39. I tried gabapentin(neurontin), PT, pain meds, switched to Lyrica after surgery. Was told everything looked great and normal following surgery, I was aggressive with PT and my bend and extension are beyond why all the pain walking? Finally my orthopedic surgeon referred me to pain management for RSD, he gave me Lidoderm patches (these allow me to walk without pain...I am serious unbelievable improvement first day I tried them) and also I no longer limping co-workers could not believe the change.

I also did a few nerve blocks to diagnosis the RSD, this has helped also. They prescribed a TENS unit which helped drastically. Two months later and I can't believe I waited this long to seek other options.

Good luck!

Tyler, TX

#47 Jan 23, 2012
Painterswife wrote:
I had my partial done at the end of May, still taking pain meds but down to 1/2 @2 times a day. But really nervous about still having to take the meds and wondering how much longer. Can anyone give me an idea of how long they had to take pain meds after a partial? Keep thinking I should be done with them by now... I realize everyone is different but would like to know if this is fairly common.
Thanks! Any reponse would be greatly appreciated!!!
I had arthoscopic surgery in September and stayed on crutches until December 16th when I had partial knee replacement. I went home evening of 17th and it hurt like the devil for the next 4 days and then it slowly began to feel better and I could back off on the pain medicine. I did my exercises religiously all day and all night about two hours apart doing stretches and I took my pain medicine ahead of the pain. By the 10th of the next month I was back at work. I do rehab in the pool the very best thing I have done. If you can get to a pool get there is my advice. I exercise and then ice it and raise it. I work in a gym and that requires a LOT of walking which I have no problem with except a knee jerk occasionally. What I do have is a deep aching pain at the end of the day sometimes and my doctor gave me Celebrex to take as needed. My knee is very warm most of the time and I have not returned to the doctor to find out why. Also I do exercises of walking on my toes to get my balance and natural gait back so I am not favoring it. I hope that something in this helps you and that by now you are as happy as I am that I did this.

United States

#48 Jan 30, 2012
I had a partial knee replacement in June 2010. I still have some pain but getting a little better each day. I had a friend tell me to wait a year it will be a lot better.
JAK II Michigan

Grand Rapids, MI

#49 Feb 6, 2012
At age 22 I shattered my left knee/femur bone. I had two scopes to remove loose bodies of bone from within my leg within a few months. Dr said I had to quit sports (skiing, wakeboard, kneeboarding , snowboarding, etc) or I would be getting a TKR by the time I was 30. I quit doing it all and just gave my leg the easy road. It was even hard to propose because of this stupid problem. It never got better but could be ignored at times. 2010 I started having a huge difference in pain and quality of life. I saw over 8 surgeons for consults and had 2 surgeries. A failed 'OATS' procedure and a failed attempt at a fresh donor tissue graph that presurgery operation deemed it worthless to do. We were down to a total or partial replacement. The arthritis and pain was so bad, I had no choice. 1 month before my 3rd child was to be born (the other two are a pair of 2 and a half year olds). I own my own business and everyone thought I was (am) crazy. I am 3 months out and still have a lot of pain. Not as much in the joint but the surrounding areas. Most of my knee is still numb too. I am still doing PT 3x a week (clinic -1 and pool -2). I hope it improves soon. I'm trying to take it easy but my lifestyle doesn't help. 3 young kids and a business don't help. I also know I'm looking at having 2 TKR in my lifetime (I am 31 now). Any advice?
Brenda Mississippi

Jackson, MS

#50 Feb 11, 2012
Had 2 partial knee replacement one 10/18/2011 did great other done 11/29/2011 little more pain but still sooooo much better than before This week strange pain starter in knee done in Nov. Kinda like a cramp back of knee and calf Went back to doctor 5 days ago xray great except for little swelling in last knee done pain started yesterday always sitting at work not sure why it started Has anyone had this problem thanks

Goderich, Canada

#51 Feb 18, 2012
i have had a partial done,it will be 2 years in september,,as i speak i am in tears, my life has changed and i suffer each and everyday, pain management has been difficult, i have been off work since August and am a mess. I was not over weight when this started am now 30 over. I am my doctors worse nightmare,,,pain meds to date we have tried almost 15 and nothing is working,,,i dont know what to do? I am frustrated and very sad that my life is in such a place. I am told it is now nuropic pain,,,,OK,,,so how do we make it go away, Nothing is helping....I am going to try lanicane infusion in March,,I have done everything to date. Please Help! I truly am at the end of my rope.

Goderich, Canada

#52 Feb 18, 2012
to follow up from my above post i am 48 years old,had 4 scopes before the surgery, have done and am still doing physio 3 times aweek swim everyday, accupunture, laser and am doing every single thing i can to help myself. What else can i do,,,,i feel like a hypo condriac (my spelling is poor) ,,,i am desperate for help....i truly dont know what else i can do.
Phyllis Tennessee

Jackson, TN

#53 Mar 5, 2012
I had a TKR right knee in June 2007 and have knee pain from day 1.My knee stays sore around the knee all time,it hurts in the back of the knee in the bend of the knee and hurts down both sides of the knee and from my knee down too my ankle.Sometimes it's a burning pain.I was told by my Dr that it would go away in time.Well it's been almost 5 years and haven't gone away yet.I can't take pain meds because they all make me sick,so I have too live with the pain and it's not fun.Love too get out and walk but can' what do you do?I've tried to get other DR's to look at it but they tell me to go back to the surgeon that did the surgery.

United States

#54 Mar 9, 2012
I had partial knee replacement da end of Nov 2011
Its now Mar. 2012 I getn around good but someone tell me how cum my my mid part of my leg on da outer side is givin me pain. Also to bend is so little.

Washington, DC

#55 Mar 15, 2012

Did your pain ever go away? what was the outcome from it all?

> The swelling is so bad I look like I have a basketball for a knee. Any advice.

Benson, NC

#56 Mar 15, 2012
Rachel wrote:
I'm 55, scheduled for partial in few weeks. Active until last 1-2 yrs w/ meniscus tear. Never had much pain til recently if do too much. We're hoping that having partial will forestall need for total? Am really scared after reading these comments But then thought: the successes won't be reading these, they'll be out doing what we used to do, right? My surgeon is world-class/renowned, does all the sports stars. Any advice or comments?
Hi Rachel Im a PT with significant experience with TKR, I have seen several people with partials with very longevity 10-12 yrs I have also seen very poor outcomes in a partial to total transition. Be alert that the partial does make a subsequent TKR ,a more involved surgery technically( and that holds up for research studies with higher negative outcomes) I myself try to steer people away from partials for this simple reason: you are combining one side natural with one side mechanical and if that
MD does not get the alignment just right you will actually accelerate wear on the other side. that being said sounds like you have an excellent high volume surgeon, I know two people who are very bummed bc they got partials and within 2yrs they are having problems and are needing the big one. good luck with your decision

Newville, PA

#57 Mar 17, 2012
I had a 3 previous surgeries(4 total) on my right knee. I had two meniscus repairs and a Meniscus Transplant before I had to go to a Partial knee replacement. The meniscus transplant only lasted a year. Actually it had died and my body started to absorb the dead meniscus. So I decided to go with the partial on Feb 16,2012. Right now I am 4 weeks post op and I am feeling good. The knee hurts a bit under the knee cap but all in all I am very pleased with the surgery and overall performance of the knee. I am hoping that the knee holds up for 10-15yrs before I have to do a the way I am 38yrs old.

Greenville, TX

#58 Mar 28, 2012
I just had partial knee replacement to right medial on march 19 2012. This is week two and in lots of pain. Stayed in hosp for three days and had nerve block that was wonderful. The problem was the medications wearing off and I'm taking 15 mg of norco every 4 hr. this is a conformis and I will have to keep you updated. my problem is at night but I am using my com as much as possible. I am starting to get better relief by icing the back of my knee to.

Greenville, TX

#59 Mar 28, 2012
Using my CPM machine.

Owatonna, MN

#60 Mar 29, 2012
Most knee replacements can be avoided with proper therapy. If your joint has not began to fuse there is still hope. Try ARPWAVE, I know its helped me and others who are in line for a replacement. They focus on why you are at the state you are rather than the point of pain. Sugery itself like the pain meds has not done nothing but mask your symptoms. 10-15 years of use will require another replacement due to the fact that the muscles still arent doing their job protecting that joint. If you would like to try an alternative I would check them out, they offer a free trial, I didnt have much to lose and it worked for me. Even if you have had the surgery they can help bring some normalcy back to your life.

Stevensville, MD

#61 Apr 3, 2012
Very good information here. What bothers me is how difficult it is to gauge whether my pain and physical progress is normal or average. Very little info, other than this and related sites, on other peopleís experiences.
My history:(all left knee) 1 medial menisectomy 1980, ACL recon #1 1989, ACL recon #2 1990, partial knee 20 Feb 2012 due to osteo-arthritis, pain, discomfort, swelling and inability to continue normal health related exercise (biking) remaining to me as a pain free option. I chose the partial as I wanted to keep all ligaments and continue biking frequently.
My 2 ACL recons didnít seem to cause as much pain and discomfort beyond a month from the operation as this partial knee replacement. Part of this may be due to my age (48) and therefore slower rate of recovery. Like others at this site I have some pain and more general discomfort at 6 weeks out than I expected. I am still hopeful (at this point) that I will continue to feel better with time. If I experience the same level of pain a month or two from now I will certainly be communicating with the orthopedic surgeon regarding potential solutions.
1. Hold off as long as you can as the results are mixed and the whole process is lengthy, disruptive and painful.
2. Choose a high volume surgeon (specializing in knee/joint replacement) and hospital regularly performing these operations
3. Do PT for at least 1 and Ĺ months. For partials, make sure to get as close to 0/135 ROM as possible. Get enough medication to last through PT process.
Good luck to everyone and recommend this and other related sites to those considering knee replacement surgery.

Seattle, WA

#62 Apr 5, 2012
I had PKR (Oxford, inside right) in Dec 2011. Recovery was slow and painful. They reopened my knee in Feb 2012 to remove bone spurs on the same side as the replacement. Since this surgery I have had numbness and pain on my lateral side. My doc is saying give it some time to strengthen and stabilize and do not do things that cause it pain (walk with a limp if necessary). I am an active 56 year old who would like to get back on the ice but am thinking I should have opted for the TKR. Two of my buddies had theirs replaced (TKR) at the same time and are doing much better.

Indianapolis, IN

#63 Apr 20, 2012
Bill wrote:
<quoted text>
I also had partial on left knee on June 7. Did very well first four weeks, then began experiencing pain very similiar to what you describe ( under right side of kneecap stabbing down my leg). Dr said I was pushing too hard and it would get better soon. Now after three months and lots of x-rays doc has decided that the appliance has failed (too much pressure because I'm somewhat bow-legged) and now says I must have this removed and a total replacement. Not happy but really would like to walk again. Sorry no good news, what does your doc say? I'm 64, thin and very active lifestyle.
I realize this may be getting to you to late however, I had a problem with my left pkr femoral implant 4 weeks after surgery. Doctor went back in pulled one prong device replaced it with a two prong. Work great and is very stable. It can be done. You may not need a tkr.

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