pain after removal of kidney

Boiling Springs, SC

#41 Oct 25, 2012
I had radical removal of my right kidney in 2007 and have had pain at the incision site and back pain for years. Still numb in that area and pain feels like weird pressure in that area. Seems to come and go over the years but now more constant. Glad to hear I am not the only one with these issues. God bless you all and hope your pain gets better!!

Boiling Springs, SC

#42 Oct 25, 2012
jason wrote:
I had my left kidney removed christmas of 2000 due to cancer.
I have noticed an increase in pain in the area the kidney was over the past few weeks. Over the years the pain has come and gone, but seems to be staying around longer now and hurts worse than ever. Definitly more noticable when I am very active. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase in pain so long after the surgey (12 years)? Of course I am worried the RCC is returning, I am just 43 yrs old.

I know how you feel. Once you live through the nightmare any pain brigs the fear back to us. I have been experiencing more pain recently also after 5 years. Hearing that we are not alone helps so much. Prayers for healing to all in pain!!

Garner, NC

#43 Dec 10, 2012
Donna wrote:
I had surgery for kidney cancer 7 months ago and still have pain in that side. Is this to be expected? my cat scan showed nothing there.
I had kidney surgery in July, 2012 part of my left kidney was removed is was cancer but contained. My doctor told me to do excerise by strength my left arm on the wall straight up and I have been doing it and the pain in my back and arm has almost gone(you must do it at least 5 times a day everyday). Try it and see if it will relieve you of some of that pain.
carole cheshire

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#44 Jan 5, 2013
so glad i found this site to share other peoples experiences it really helps to evaluate things. had radical surgery last nov for 15 cm tumour ! not seen anyone else with a tumour this size ? no symptoms apart from pai in right side, at first gp thought it could be grumbling appendix .as tumour so large had to have embolisation of renal artery before a success but unable to remove large lymph nodes as they were compressed onto ivc which is really worrying as i know this is a way of cancer spread. yikes ! go back for results this tuesday which i'm not looking forward to. before op told was told not curable but since surfing the web have found hope through peoples experiences and learnt about drugs available. have been in pain after op at different degrees which i was thinking the worst but after reading this site seems this is just normal. good luck to everyone and health and happiness to all. keep up with the pain meds - i myself have not slept since op just dozed for the odd hour and then awake any suggestions ?

West Orange, NJ

#45 Jan 14, 2013
I had my left kidney removal on March 16th 2012 and the pain is worse than before the surgery.It is so bad i can't even work,hard time sleeping and going to the bathroom.My doctor told there is nothing else he can do to help me.Now depression is getting worse.Is this normal?

West Orange, NJ

#46 Jan 14, 2013
AcOhio wrote:
<quoted text>. I am a year and au half post left nephrectomy for 6 cm oncocytoma and still have frequent pain in the location formerly known as my kidney. In that back my left side and navel to the left in front. Stabbing, pulling, sudden dull pain. All Ct dray and blood work is clear. I am a hairy male and subconsciously rub my stomach so much I have worn a bald spot. I was always very active and energetic and now still tire easily and am nowhere near as strong as I was. Tylenol barely touches the pain. A
nd yes, my bathroom habits have changed too. Good luck
i know the feeling i hope you get.

Frisco, TX

#48 May 3, 2013
sydney wrote:
Am going to have my left kidney removed in May due to a cancerous tumor in the upper kidney found when they did an mri. Am 75 and in otherwise good health, work out at the Y. Read all the comments and it sure does not help me feel better.
65 yo female had my right kidney removed in mid-March, in hospital 4 days. Have the big full sized cut and have been very healthy all my life, just overweight. It has been 7 weeks since surgery and although I feel great 95% of the time, I do seem to feel a few pain spots at night time. Went to doc 7 days after surgery for staple removal, then out to lunch and sat at cardtable playing cards all that afternoon. I have been out probably 5 afternoons a week ever since. I slept in my recliner for 3 weeks after surgery, just was more comfortable than bed. Went to an all day art/jazz festival last weekend and was on the go for 8 hours and came home and took 2 tylenol tabs (think it was my arthritic back though) and this is the FIRST time I have takan any pain meds since I left the hospital 7 weeks ago. All these posts about all the pain meds people are taking makes me feel like a medical hero. Doc said I was amazing even 2 days after surgery and when I last saw him at 3 weeks checkup. I do not take any meds for anything, not even vitamins. Attitude is 85% of the battle. No cancer anymore. Best of luck to you.

United States

#49 May 17, 2013
I had my left kidney removed Nov 15, 2012, I just started having pain on left side again, hurts so bad can't breath good or even walk straight. My insecion is in front above belly button. I didn't know if this was normal it I need to get checked out. I had a check up in April at that time I was cancer free. Just very concerned.

Hudson, OH

#50 Jun 28, 2013
my husband had his left kidney removed two weeks ago and has severe pain in his side.His Dr saw thru ultrasound, some fluid-under the incision site and removed a few of the staples so the fluid would drain. I was hoping that this would take care of the pain when the fluid was gone. Reading these posts, I'm thinking that will not take care of it as he is describing the same pain in the same areas as most of the posts.Scott- I think your suggestion to go to a pain clinic is spot on. If my husband continues to be in so much pain, I will be recommending he talk to his Dr about that.I feel helpless seeing him hurting when I cannot do anything for him except give him the recommended pain med-percocet as instructed.

Hermosa Beach, CA

#51 Jul 1, 2013
If you husband did get relief from the pain after draining the incision site, he may need another similar procedure. Whatever caused the build-up of the fluid should be investigated, but that could just be part of the healing. Being just several weeks out from the surgery means that he will have some pain from time to time, but it seems he should see the doctor again--pain is a signal that something is wrong

York, UK

#52 Jul 13, 2013
I had my right kidney removed 3 weeks ago...Everything was healing according to plan then a week ago i started getting terrible pain above the main incision where they removed the kidney. I have been told it is due to nerve damage and have been put on strong painkillers(normal painkillers do no good at all). Just started on the strong ones yesterday so no effects yet.The pain is like an intense burning stinging sensation and even the weight of a shirt on it is painful. I have to go back to work in 3 weeks time as i don't get paid sick pay and hope to god it is sorted before then or i am in for a hellish time.

Knoxville, TN

#53 Aug 28, 2013
I was wondering what happen with your husband's cancer? I would love an update. I hope all is well, God Bless.
CMJ wrote:
My husband had his kidney removed in 2005 due to RCC. Had it removed with the full cut. Went through the side/back. He still has pain and he has numb places on his side. The cut is so deep that I think there is no way not to damage the nerves. By the way he had just turned 50 years old.
Bert-my husband's cancer came back after approx. 3 years to his lungs. He had a resection of the lung and was out of the hospital the next day-back to work the next week. One and a half year later it was found in the other lung. Same surgery was done. We were told by his urologist when he had his kidney removed that he shouldn't have any more problems. We thought we were homefree.He had always had a catscan every six months and bloodwork. I wish we had found a good oncologist right after diagnosis. I think his 1st lung tumor would of been found earlier. He had it for approx. a year before the urologists and radiologists realized it was a problem. We're going this week for another catscan and praying things will be great. Plese find an oncologist to oversee your care and do not stop with the catscans no matter what. I've heard of too many people that quit having them and the cancer came back. Sending you prayers for continued good health.
melody gardner

Haltom City, TX

#55 Sep 5, 2013
I'm a 50 year old female and i had 19 months ago and i am having alot of pain where they removed part of my kidney i had cancer.I have had pain from my ribs under my breast all the way to my hip. the kidney area still swells and gets real hard all the time the pain is real bad.They say it could be scar tissue but i stay real scared all the time that it is more than that. Please help me if yuo can.
melody gardner

Haltom City, TX

#56 Sep 5, 2013
I also got shingles one year after surgery and that was the worest pain ever. They said it was caused by all the nerve pain i was having because of the nerves they had to cut through with surgery.

York, UK

#57 Sep 5, 2013
This is an update on post No. 52.....The pain from the nerve damage caused by surgery is finally abating. It has taken six long weeks but now there is light at the end of the tunnel so for people who have just had surgery hang in there and try to remain positive. On a better note when i was told i had a tumour the surgeon told me that 95 per cent of kidney tumours were cancerous and it had to be removed...tests have been done on it and it turns out it was benign and i'm one of the lucky 5 per cent so miracles do sometimes happen. Good luck to each and everyone of are not alone.


#58 Sep 22, 2013
Donna wrote:
I had surgery for kidney cancer 7 months ago and still have pain in that side. Is this to be expected? my cat scan showed nothing there.
so how long does it take for the pain to go away from the date of surgery? Does the pain ever go away?

Highland Lakes, NJ

#59 Oct 2, 2013
I had a partial left nephrectomy (open) on Aug. 29th and haven't had too much pain (compared to some of the posts that I have been reading)except for the fact that about 2 inches below the incision seems to be very puffy or distended and extremely sore (feels like my insides are going to fall out) and when I eat dinner it seems to get worse - anybody experience anything like that. To look at my lower abdomen I feel as though I am about 4 months pregnant.
Good luck everyone - glad to be able to vent!

Queen Creek, AZ

#60 Oct 18, 2013
I am 3 weeks out of the hospital after having my left kidney removed because of cancer. I had the 3 hole surgery and was in the hospital two days. when I sit or lay down and then get up my left side gets a sharp pain that stops me in my tracks. I hold my side, I try to walk it off which helps but without another pain pill im hurting
does this pain ever finally heal? how many weeks do I live with this before I can go back to work?
Sally d g


#61 Oct 22, 2013
Has my kidney removed 4 mths ago,,still painful, sore, no strength feel really exhausted despite 30 min walks per day, fresh veg,fruit, no red meat, healthy healthy cooking.... Am 55 female was incredibly active and slim until few years ao, tumour was huge scar is 7" long, had no after care from surgeon or GP . Have to lie down every other day plus constipation! Not able to work and have my own business with 22 staff. Brain totally foggy. Is this normal??
Any information most gratefully received from other one kidney females
Bob T

Carnegie, Australia

#63 Dec 20, 2013
I had RCC on left kidney which was removed on Nov 19. Tumour too large for key hole surgery so have the 250mm wound. Advised by urologist that the lymph nodes removed with the kidney were clear so cancer contained to tumour. I've had two CT scans since, still clear but to cover all the bases am having a PET scan next week (Christmas), fingers crossed.
Have had pain like a burning sensation on abdomen below site, very sore. Still on Endone and that helps with the pain but causes constipation, not taking them as prescribed because trying to get off the pain relief.
Hopefully all will settle over time but your posts haven't filled me with confidence, just have to keep positive. Merry Christmas everyone

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