Redbird in morning, writer's delight

Redbird in morning, writer's delight

There are 13 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Jun 30, 2007, titled Redbird in morning, writer's delight. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

'Sign' from dad brings message of hope, feeling of being loved For 50 years, I did not have to go far to find wisdom and love; my dad, the greatest man I ever knew, lived just down the street.

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Marion from Maryland

Detroit, MI

#1 Jun 30, 2007
I have had many occasions when I have asked God to tell me whether something I'm doing is the correct thing or not, and a red bird has appeared at that moment and signified to me that God is there with me and has helped me with the decision at hand. I don't see very many red birds where I live on a daily basis, and I do know that if this happened one time or even a few, I could dismiss it as coincidence. But it has happened dozens of times throughout my life -- and exactly at the moment when I ask God for direction. One especially notable example happened on New Year's Day 1997, when I was at a very low period in my life. I was driving around that day, almost aimlessly, trying to make sense out of events in my life and was looking for something I could not put my finger on. Something, somehow made me drive to a small peninsula on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland where I live. When I got to the end of the road at the tip of this land jutting out into the bay, I asked God to give me a sign -- at this point, I really wasn't sure what I was asking for -- only for God to show me that he's there with me and will be there with me through what may come in the future. I was hoping for a red bird, and as if on cue I saw one emerge from a small grove of trees at the end of this peninsula; then I saw another red bird, and another, and what seemed like several dozen emerge from this small grove. They flew around for a bit and disappeared back into the trees. I have never seen that many at one time, and virtually all the other times, it has only been one bird -- but always at the exact moment of my questioning. Having experienced this so many times in my life, I am convinced that it is a sign. Again, if this had happened to me one, two or even five times, it could be coincidence .... but many dozens of times, and always at the precise moment when I ask -- it does not seem logical to treat it as coincidence. I know that a higher power is at work and feel very blessed to have had this happen in my life.
cicero resident

Bringhurst, IN

#2 Jul 2, 2007
I lost my Dad 2 yrs ago, I know your pain. My Dad was a farmer a hard working, conservative, frugal as all get out and the dang best provider to his family he could be. Right after high school graduation in 1972 I was in Ft Polk in the military. I lived back close to home for a couple of years 74-77. Then I was never closer than 100 mile again. He also had the sayings and wisdom I so miss hering that voice. He had said many things I did not agree with but he said it. I miss him so much. I am travelling to his grave on Tuesday to visit and talk. I know he will be listening to me now. Good thoughts to you and your family.
Jane Younce

United States

#3 Jul 3, 2007
Janet, what a beautiful story. On the day my father died, a hawk (one of his favorite birds) followed us all the way to funeral home - God is so good!

Hope you are doing well.
Your friend and high school buddy

Cumming, GA

#4 Jul 3, 2007
I can relate to the Red Bird signs. When my Dad passed away 2 years ago, I prayed for a sign that let me know he was happy and in heaven. A few weeks later, on Christmas morning I opened the back garage door to put some trash out and I noticed a brilliant red bird perched on a nearby tree facing into the garage. It almost looked like he was looking at my Dad's parked car which was still parked in the garage. My Dad had a very close connection to his car. I thought maybe the Red Bird was my sign. So I asked for another red bird sign for a confirmation. Within a few days I saw two more Red Birds. First you must understand that I had never saw a Red Bird at my home before this time. A few weeks went by and I asked for another red bird sign to let me know that yes, again, it is true that my Dad is happy in heaven. This time that very morning a friend came to my work cubicle with a cup of coffee with a Red Cardinal on the coffee cup. The very next morning I prayed while driving to work that it had been almost a month since I saw a real red bird and could I have another Red Bird sign, not that I lacked faith, but for my own comfort to have such a blessed greetings. Well, I parked my car and decided before going to my work building, I would walk to the nearby building to buy a cup of coffee first, still praying silently for a red bird sign. I purchased my cup of coffee and walked out the back entrance and said out loud "Ok,in case you need me to say it out loud, please send me a red bird sign." As soon as I said it, I was surprised to see right there in the tree to my left a Red Bird was perched. I was absoultely stunned because I have never seen a red bird at my work location. I stood there under the tree watching him for at least 5 minutes, thanking God for the sign. When I had my fill, I figured I better get to work and started to walk away, which was when the Red Cardinal flew off to a distant tree. Since then I have been getting dozens of Red Bird signs. I believe God allows nature to be signs for us, especially the Red Birds!

Blessings, Angela
David Foster

Panama City, FL

#5 Jul 11, 2007
While my story is not as sweet as these, it carries the same message. You can find it on my blog (The Swamp, Cancer and Me (Us)). We are of nature, we are of the earth and if one takes the time to listen, the lessons go beyond all others as your redbirds show.

David Foster
Judy from Kentucky

Lexington, KY

#6 Mar 20, 2009
I, too, believe GOD gives us a sign of hope in seeing a Red Bird. For the past four weeks I have been grieving the loss of my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Tyler Ann. I asked GOD for a sign of hope that I would find joy soon and sure enough for two days I have seen Red Birds, which never come to my background. Truly, GOD cares and this is our sign from him that he cares and there is hope for tomorrow.

GOD Blessings to All, Judy
flor maria

Managua, Nicaragua

#7 Apr 4, 2009
I saw a beautiful red bird when I was pregnant I had 4 months and I was afraid to loose this baby because I have lost two pregnancies before and because of my age I was 39 years old, this was my las chance, so I was afraid everyday one day I saw a beautiful red bird the most beautiful bird I ever saw in my my life it was the first time I saw one and I was amaze by the colors so red and bright he flew close to the window were I was and stay there for maybe 3 minutes. I have a feeling of happines and confidence that everything will be ok this time and I will have my baby since then I stoped worring and all went well my son was born. and that was the happiest day of my life. I`ll never forget this experience to me it was a message from god telling me not to worry everything will be fine. I`m sure that this was a magic bird i felt it in me I never saw another red bird again and I never saw one before this day. I`ll never forget this day for me this was a miracle.

Four Oaks, NC

#8 Sep 10, 2009
Thank you for sharing your story of the red bird. On the day after my father died, a red bird stayed in the tree outside of my mother's house for at least a day. I heard it's loud chirping all day and this is the middle of the winter.

Slidell, LA

#9 May 13, 2010
I am a believe that God sends redbirds( Cardinals) as His messengers. I had an amazing experience when my Maternal Grandmother passed....A few weeks before she died...she was sitting with me and my family out on our back porch and I heard a redbird singing his heart out on a tree branch in the yard...I jokingly said, "Mawmaw, hear the redbird? That's Pawpaw calling you!"...( My grandfather had passed years before)....Anyway,a few weeks after this incident...we got the word that she wasn't do well....( we had often got this word of her being sick, but she always bounced back)....but in my heart I felt that this time was different . I was alone sitting on our back porch again....praying and thinking about my Grandmother....when not 4 feet away , a male redbird flew on top of the old woodstove on the porch...He started to chirp and sing really loudly....I don't know how to explain it, but I felt that he was talking to me...telling me this time...she will leave this Earth ....this time will be the time that she is really gone. Prepare yourself! Sure enough , a few days later she was gone....about five years after she died, on her birthday, another redbird was singing on the telephone wire....I said, "Happy Birthday , Maw Maw....(:" .Ever since then, I believe that God send's redbirds to do his bidding.....he sent them to me!

Fort Worth, TX

#10 Dec 27, 2011
My sign from Dad since he died has been a redbird no matter what town where I am. Smile
Nicole Langford

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Feb 2, 2012
It seems like red birds come to me in my time of pain or worry to let me know God is with me! Two years ago I use look out my window and pray for the first time I would see a red bird looking out my front window then again looking out my back window while praying! I knew then that the Lord was with me! Everytime I would see a red bird I would make a wish for the love in my life. Now I have moved to my new apt and it seem like the red birds followed me I see a red bird all the time in my back yard while thinking. Even on my front balcony a red bird came and landed on a tree right in front of my eyes. After seeing a red bird yesterday and again today lets me know that the Lord is with me and that everything will be ok. I Thank God that he uses red birds to show me he is with me!
corey lepard

Farmington, NM

#12 Dec 7, 2012
GOD says in the book of job let the bird of the air tell the matter god speaks in a quicken spirit those who know his voice its like when a deer hears a noise his ears perk up well when god quickens you its kinda like like the deer it gets your attention god speaks in many ways but the bible teaches all the ways he speaks he says let the animal teach us we can learn gods ways through the animals and birds about 2 years ago god was teaching me his voice ever where i would go i would see the zebra and when i seen the inprint of a zebra my body god would quicken it i thought it was me i would see a purse or something in the store that quicken would come on me god spoke to ezikial in colors god taught me his voice through the zebra then he would speak to me in red blue and yellow when i would see this colors together god would quicken me then i started noticeing a red bird would cross the road ever time i would get close to giveing the home owner a free estimate cause i am a roofing contractor tons of storys about my encounters with red birds it truly is a sign from god himself the bible says god will take you to the secret place and you shall abide under the shadow of the almighty god created us he knows how to get our attention but the people in the world cant see the things of god cause there blinded to it so there for they dont know so it causes them not to beleive faith is evidence and god uses the little red bird has one of his evidence to build our faith love them red birds shalom.

Ocala, FL

#13 Jul 19, 2015
Can the red bird mean that God will restore my marriage? I asked for sign that Hus Will is what I asked for and the next day I say two Cardinals abd three days later I saw two more Cardinals. I know Cardinals are Gods messengers so I hope I truly understand the message.

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