dad just diagnosed with Kidney Cancer

dad just diagnosed with Kidney Cancer

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United States

#1 Feb 18, 2007
We just found out that my dad has RCC. I am so scared. He was fine two months ago but now can barley walk! He has a 10x11cm mass on his right kidney, slighty enlarged adrenal glands, a few nodes on his lungs... and they are doing a bone scan and ct scan to see if it has spread to his bones and brains. He had 30oz of fluid drained from around his lung (pleurisy) and has suffered hypoxic brain injury (possibly because of not oxygen getting to his brain from the pleurisy). His short term memory is not too great and he can't do many things that he was once able to do. I am so worried that the cancer has spread to his brain and that it wasn't caused by the pleurisy. He also can't use his right hand... drops things can't open and close is properly... I am wondering if those are signs of bone cancer or if maybe that too was caused from the pleurisy... he walks into things and will stare at things for ages trying to figure out what they are. My father in law was also just diagnosed with lung cancer and there is nothing they can do for him. From the tests he has had done and the results he has gotten I am so worried that my dad has the same fate. Can any one please give me some advice... some hope... I feel so lost. Thank you

Chester, VA

#2 Mar 8, 2007

It maybe be a sign that it has spread to the brain. My dad found out he had kidney cancer due to the doctor thinking he had a stroke. When they did a scan of the brain, that is when they found out it was not a stroke. It had started in the kidneys. Had went to the lungs and then to the brain.

If it is in the brain, there is a procedure now called cyber knife. It is a laser that is used to kill it. My dad had it done and regained his motor skills. Ask about it if it is in the brain. My dad's doctors did not want to crack the skull and go in like that because the chances of recovery are not that great. Cyber Knife is cutting edge!!! They will do several sessions of whole brain radiation to kill any nondetectable cancer in the brain, and then go for any cancerous masses.

Please spend as much time as you have with your dad. My dad passed away only two and half months after finding out. I know it is scary, but have hope. I am a cop and have met a cop that has had kidney cancer for over two and a half years and is doing great.

If you have questions, here is my email... [email protected]

Hang it there!! Tell your dad and father in law to fight.


Portsmouth, VA

#3 Jul 4, 2007
Two weeks ago my 47 year old husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and it has spread to his bones (rib) and lungs. He is having his kidney removed in a couple of weeks and then he is going on some new wonder drug but the doctor said he only has 6 - 24 months to live. We have two little boys and our family is devastated by this news. Anyone who has any information or shared experience please. Thanks, Diane

Kalamazoo, MI

#4 Jul 5, 2007
Hi Diane,
Me name is Aimee and I had renal cell carcinoma. I had a radical nephrectomy on April 13th of this year. I'm still pretty sick. I have a ten year old son and a severely autistic daughter. I also have a brain tumor. I haven't been given a timeframe though. It is devistating. My husband was also laid off from work and I lost my insurance. I need 2 ct scans and an MRI every year. I feel your Husbands pain.
David Foster

Panama City, FL

#5 Jul 11, 2007
Dianne, sorry I came into this late, but beware those those "you have x to live" diagnoses by physicians. They know a lot, but from what you have written, it does not seem to me your husband is in that bad a shape. I had 24 tumors when I was diagnosed more than two years ago and have added three brain mets since. Still here, still working, doing most everything I have always done including writing that blog.

You might consider giving my blog a look see. I specifically address the business of how long one has to live. When you go the blog, go to the internal search engine and search "You have X to Live." I think you might find it comforting and perhaps meaningful.

In my mind nothing is more harmful to warriors than the idea they have some kind definite day of death as decided by a doctor. Went through that myself with a self-rightous surgeon. Scared teh pee-dookey out of me. Turned out he couldn't have been more wrong. Anyway, if you have the time, take a look. This is an important issue.

Kensington, Canada

#6 Oct 6, 2007
Diane wrote:
Two weeks ago my 47 year old husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and it has spread to his bones (rib) and lungs. He is having his kidney removed in a couple of weeks and then he is going on some new wonder drug but the doctor said he only has 6 - 24 months to live. We have two little boys and our family is devastated by this news. Anyone who has any information or shared experience please. Thanks, Diane
Hi Diane,

My husband just turned 42 years ( we also have two children). Last year he had his left kidney removed because he had cancer. At his 6 month check up we were informed that it had spread into his lungs ( spots). He was lucky that they found it in time. He has been on the chemo drug "SUTENT" now for 3 months. It costs over $8,000 (Canadian $$, we live in the Maritimes) every 6 weeks. The province plays half and our insurance the other half. He only takes 1 pill in the am. His last xray they couldn't even find the area on his lungs because this drug shrank them. The drug is expensive and luckily we have coverage. It is worth it's way in gold!! It has a high success rate of shrinking tumors and stopping/killing cancerous cells. I hope this information is useful to you and your family. Good luck and God Bless.
Sutent and Nexavar


#7 Oct 12, 2007
Hi Diane,
When I was diagnosed in 2001, I had my kidney removed. My arcc came back about 2 years later and had metastisised to my lungs, pancreas,the other kidney and lower abdomen. they told me I had about 14 months to live. It's been almost 4 years now and I'm still here. I was started on SUTENT, like carole's husband and it after 2 cycles it was found to be very effective. Shrank all my tumors significantly. Unfortunately it also decreased my heart function and and they had to take me off it. Now I am on Nexavar this is my 3rd week and i feel pretty good. I am 55 and a single parent and grandmother to 2 beautiful grandchildren. It indeed is devastating with you are told those awful words amd told to "get things in order" I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this. Please don't give up hope. Just 5 years ago they had nothing to stop or help this kind of cancer. There is hope. My cancer is a slow growing cancer, I'm lucky. I hope your husband's is too. take care, this is a tough thing to go through make no doubt. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Quincy, IL

#8 Nov 12, 2008
My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer 6 days ago and we found out in the last 6 days that it spread to his lungs and his brain. 2 tumors in the brain and 10-20 spots on the lungs. I'm only 19 and I have 2 sisters and a brother, the youngest only 15. Today is my first day home from the hospital and they have already performed the GammaKnife on his brain which we've heard is a miracle treatmeant and he will be taking the same VERY expensive chemo pills someone describved that cost $7000.00 a month. He is having his kidney removed next Tuesday, I'm just wondering how all your circumstances turned out because I don't know what is going to happen and we refuse to lose our dad. God bless all of youa nd I hope you are doing better.

Morden, UK

#9 Nov 14, 2008
my mum was diagnosed with kidney cancer in July 07 they found it when she had hysterectomy as she had it in her womb too. they gave her 18-24 months but she died in january and this ripped the middle out of our family. in may my dad was diagonosed with kidney cancer & they removed one kidney..........its now spread to his bone in his much crap does our family need?? i just cannot feel hopeful anymore its tooo hard

Macomb, IL

#10 Jan 27, 2009
...I posted on Nov 12th about my dad...he died last Tuesday. His cancer spread to his liver, brain, lungs, and skin. By the time we knew it was in his kidneys they were already shutting down. They told us that he had a few days left and he died that advice to anyone in this situation is not to take anytime for granted...I didn't leave my dads side for the past 2 monthes and I couldn't have asked for anything better than that time.

Macomb, IL

#11 Jan 27, 2009
...also, we have left over Sutent...which is a very expensive drug...if anyone knows how we can donate that..please ;let me know?

United States

#12 Feb 8, 2009
My mom has just been diagnosed with the return of RCC. I am having a problem getting her insurance to pay for her prescription. If interested please e-mail me at [email protected]
Thank you,

Seneca, IL

#13 Mar 8, 2009
My friend has been being treated for bladder cancer and its supposedly gone. Now we find out that he has kidney cancer. He will be having his kidney removed soon(2 weeks). I wonder if this was the primary site the entire time and it was missed.

Jenkintown, PA

#14 Apr 11, 2009
i really would like feed back/. My mom has had a kidney removed and now she has it in her blood, bone and pancreis. Is anyone out there with the same prognsis and what have you done? She isn't very responsvie to the new drugs.Experimental.

Grande Prairie, Canada

#15 May 12, 2009
Hi everyone, im 16 years old and i just found out my dad has kidney cancer.
my dad was in a motorcycle accident and hes been in the hospital for about a month now, and he has recently found out he has cancer. my mom just told me about the cancer because my dad doesn't want me or my two brothers to know.
im just wondering if anynone knows if a kidney transplant is an option because if so i would like to see if im qualified to donate one.

Oklahoma City, OK

#16 Sep 8, 2009
I found out I had Kidney cancer 09-2008. Had right kidney removed and found it spread to lymp nodes and lungs.I started on chemo with not much success. I began taking TF+ on my own and after taking it for 3 months the doctor said my scanns showed the tumors in my lungs were reduced to nothing with no signs of cancer anymore. It worked wonders for me. This supplement has no side effects and I feel it has saved my life.

Randolph, MA

#17 Sep 10, 2009
my mother has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. She is 81 years old and has many compression fractures in her back. While surgery may help the kidney cancer, I wonder if it is worth putting her through surgery since her compression fracture are what are truly debilitating to her overall wellness and mobility?

Randolph, MA

#18 Sep 10, 2009
My mom has just been diagnosed with kidney cancer, and the next step if for her to see a urologist. She is 81 and has multiple compression fractures which cause her continuous pain and limited mobility. She weighs about 88 pounds. The doctor's seem to be suggesting surgery. I wonder if it's worth putting her through a surgery which may help the cancer, but will do nothing to improve her general well being because of her multiple compression fractures?
neil uk

Glasgow, UK

#19 Nov 26, 2009
about 7 weeks ago thought dad had stroke,turns out a 7x9 tumour in lung and spread 2 brain 5cm . know told 6cm growth on kidney and in glands.pst my self with worry. mam died 4 years ago with lung cancer after just 9 weeks , didint even start treatment. my dad sees encoligist on tuesday.been told it is clear cell?dont know what 2 do.

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Feb 14, 2010
My husband had his right kidney removed eight years ago... the Dr. after surgery told me that the incesion was clean and it appeared that the kidney with the cancerous tumor was removed clean with nothing leaking out. My husband went in for CT SCANS every six mo to a year to make sure that the cancer had not spread... in a routine exam he had blood work and another CT SCAN done this past FEB 2010 and the cancer has spread to his lungs. We are now waiting to see how bad and what stage the lung cancer is. I am scared because I have read the stats on the the survival rates of lung cancer and even if it is stage 1 ... lung cancer survivors are rare with only five year survival. If anyone has news on secondary cancer that spreads after so many years and prognosis that is similar or treatments that have helped,please post. Thank you for taking the time and reading my post.

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