Lowell, MA

#65 Aug 27, 2010
So what is it that you all are taking now to help? What are the drugs you are going back to.
I too have been taking Lyrica 300mg perday. My ankles and feet are swollen and hurt like heck, I walk like an 80 year old for the first few steps up from anything. My hands and wrists ache. Taking this for migraines and fibro, well I have to tell you, a miracle for migraines, only one or two attacks a month and they sit at 8's and 9's instead of through the roof past 10.
Interested to learn what you believe works. I am also on Savella (specifically designed for fibro) any input welcome.

Greensboro, NC

#66 Oct 5, 2010
I took lyrica for back pain. I am an alcoholic and loved the feeling. I have had 3 heart attacks and ended up with severe chest pain because of lyrica-the pain was different and more severe than any heart attack. I went through lots of tests in the hospital and my heart was fine. This drug is dangerous. I only took one pill every 12 hours so I had no withdrawal problems. please warn others of this dangerous drug.

Waterbury, CT

#67 Oct 6, 2010
I have been taking lyrica for the past 4 months, I have a fusion in my back, but i feel like crap hand, wrist, knee, and all over aches and pains. I am taking myself off of it cuz i do not want to feel like this anymore, i am even having a hard time sleeping at night, i feel worse than ever, whoever thought of puttng people on this drug for pain is crazy. It like you are in more pain than before.


#68 Oct 6, 2010
effects the ejacelation of sex --Kiss your sex life goodbye --anyone had these effects of Lyrica?
Reba in Alabama

Nashville, TN

#69 Oct 13, 2010
Agnes wrote:
Trying Lyrica for fibromyalgia, but I feel worse than ever. Told doc i was having migraines and feeling lousy and he told me I was not taking enough! Painful elbows, shoulders, wrists which is all new and unusual. Dose now at 150 mg total per day, taking 75 mg AM and PM. This does not feel right for me. Any others with similar effects?
I too have the same problem with RLS and prescribed Lyrica. After the second refill my joints (right sholder and hip) feels like I dislocated it when trying to sleep. So not only my legs hurt at night I have to deal with joint pains as well.

Alberton, South Africa

#70 Nov 2, 2010
Melanie wrote:
I've just found out that I have fms four months ago and just started lyrica.The doctor has started me out on 50mg at night and the next morning I woke up with the right side of my head having shooting pains.It's not a headache it was shooting pains and now my scalp hurts on the right side of my head.It even hurts to touch my hair.I don't know if it's a symptom of fibromyalgia or if it has to do with the lyrica.Has anyone experienced anything like this?
I have been on Xanor Sr for stress related issues. Then a view months ago they gave me Lyrica to take as well and I have had scalp burning hurting sensations that follows into my eye and ears that is burning. I always think that I have sinus but it does not seem so after tests. I have stopped using the Lyrica a day ago and the pain that I originally took it fore is back but the new symptoms are still there. OD you think it is the Lyrica? They have given me degranol now but are a bit scared to take it

Jackson, OH

#71 Nov 5, 2010
took one tablet and had a terrible time ended up in hospital so nervous I was given enough drugs to stop my breathing .. didn't care if I died. double vision . has this happen to anyone else. they acted like i was a drug user and didn
t belive me. my blood work was clean but they proctect themselves
Jen ON Canada

Ottawa, Canada

#72 Nov 15, 2010
Started taking lyrica two weeks ago for fms, now on 150mg. Gained 10lbs, constant nausea and headaches but my joint pain is so much better! What's up with all these people having more joint pain and severe edema? Is it the dose? A mixture of other drugs? I'm concerned both as a user of this medication and as a health sciences grad. How can a med with so many side effects reported be approved by the FDA? Beats me...


#73 Nov 16, 2010
I am addicted to Lyrica --because it releives anxiety --want to get off the drug as it interefers with sexual orgaisms --Any advise --Please don,t tell me to see a Doctor --have no faith in Medical profession --they got me addicted to it --


#74 Dec 7, 2010
I take 300mgs per night of Lyrica and am having severe pains in my legs, feet and generally feel like crap!!Problem is do I go off them and then go back to square one with daily headcahes.Seems like there is no end to the pain.I ached all over and in the morning it's a struggle to get up and walk all from taking a damn pill.The doctor said oh no not the pill, yeah right so why do I fell worse? Does anyone else hurt to the touch like you have run a marathon and feel bruised all over?
jon wrote:
So what is it that you all are taking now to help? What are the drugs you are going back to.
I too have been taking Lyrica 300mg perday. My ankles and feet are swollen and hurt like heck, I walk like an 80 year old for the first few steps up from anything. My hands and wrists ache. Taking this for migraines and fibro, well I have to tell you, a miracle for migraines, only one or two attacks a month and they sit at 8's and 9's instead of through the roof past 10.
Interested to learn what you believe works. I am also on Savella (specifically designed for fibro) any input welcome.

Valencia, CA

#75 Dec 21, 2010
DST wrote:
I had surgery in Nov.2008 (a laminectomy of L4-5). I was experiencing pain in my hip, leg, ankle and bottom of my foot at my post-op appt. on Nov. 25. The dosage was 75 mg 2 a day, one in a.m., and one in p.m. for one week then double the dosage. The pains in my leg did go away in a few days but then the other symptoms began. I was dizzy, balance problems and fatique at first then I began to have uncontrollable movements of my mouth, arms, hands and upper body. I tried to contact my doctor but was told by his nurse to cut the pill in two. I told her they were capsules and could not so she said to go back to one a day. Still terrible spasms continued so I called the 1-888 number for Lyrica. I talked to the pharmacist who immediately told me to stop taking Lyrica and she said I was having myloclonus seizures. This is a serious problem with Lyrica. I am upset my doctor prescribed it and more upset because I am still not well. Total weakness at the least exertion. I will report this to the FDA on the site mentioned in a previous comment. Thanks!
How are you now? I've been taking it for a few weeks following the same surgery you had and am having insane stabbing pains in my upper right leg. I can't sit down without excruciating pain. I'm gonna stop taking it as of now!


#76 Dec 22, 2010
Lyrica keeps me from being depressed or anxious ----memory is effected if dose too high--Have back pain,but that is due too stenosis--anyone else have this experience ? I take 75 mg in morning and 150mg in PM

Valencia, CA

#77 Dec 22, 2010
I had surgery for the stenosis (L4-5) and DOc gave me Lyrica, I am in more pain now than when I was after surgery. I stopped Lyrica and we'll see what happens.

Fredericton, Canada

#78 Feb 11, 2011
Have been taking Lyrica for 2 weeks for fybromyalgia.
The headache is a bit better but am experiencing a lot of joint pain.
I think my energy level may be higher but still can't do anything because of the joint pain.
It says stopping to quickly can cause seizers

Phoenix, AZ

#79 Feb 20, 2011
i have been on Lyrica for my neuropathy and it helps my nystagmus but now i have joint pain i see my doctor tomorrow to see what he says. taking 'free samples' of Celebrex for the joint pain. one medication to combat the side effects of another!!
will it ever stop!! LOL!


#80 Feb 20, 2011
Lyrica only works at high doses --Has anyone had trouble with Orgasims due to drug?

Toronto, Canada

#81 Feb 23, 2011
Many pain, particularly fibromyalgia patients are sensitive to medication. I love my low dosage of Lyrica which I take for severe TMJ, and fibromyalgia. When I first started taking it I was totally stoned. Literally walking into walls. I had to break the capsules in 1/6 and slowly build up the dosage over six months. The neurologist wanted me on the maximum daily dosage (450mg I think) within eight weeks. My family doctor saw me on 150 mg (stoned again) and insisted on cutting back to 50 mg twice a day. About three days after reducing the dosage I felt like I had been run over by a train.

I did have a few one or two second black outs but they have stopped.

This drug is relatively clean on your liver and is a preferred choice by pharmacists. If you are having problems with the side effects, I would recommend that you very slowly reduce the dosage, see how you feel and then if necessary, very, very slowly build up the dosage again.

My family doctor told me that in all reality most severe pain patients need to think in terms on pain management not pain control. Lyrica has reduced my pain enough to allow me to do other pain reducing activities such as sitting still long enough to meditate, yoga, and hiking. Movement is the best medicine for pain and Lyrica has allowed me to do this.

Good luck and remember to think about your dosage. We all respond differently.

Denver, CO

#82 Mar 3, 2011
I tend to agree with Brenda. I have been on q low-dose [25 MG x 4/day (100 MG/day)]. The original prescription of 50 mg 3x day made me unable to drive and had some other side effects. otherwise, the low dose of Lyrica has helped my Ehlers-Danlos III, TMJ, & related headaches. I do notice that my recall for names is slightly diminished, that its hard to find the right dosage, that there's a draw to increase the dosage. but I've stayed at the lower dose, in the hope of seeking some kind of hard-to-find balance. Am still struggling with that, but Lyrica has been effective.

Palm Harbor, FL

#84 Apr 3, 2011
If you need to you can help replace the correct joint fluid and repair them with this stuff my secretaries mom recommended for me. All I can say is it worked for me.
Nancy Morgan

Phoenix, AZ

#85 May 18, 2011
Back in Sept. I increased my Lyrica dosage to about 150 mg. twice a day. At a lower dose I hadn't noticed anything remarkable as far as side effects. Then I thought that coincidentally I developed severe sciatica type pain, muscle cramps and pains in my leg/hip, leg swelling and now recently some numbness in lower thigh and foot. I've been wondering if it could be due to Lyrica since an MRI of my back, and hip xrays do not show anything remarkable. Is this possible? No one else has ever seemed to have developed such side effects from lyrica...but rather it's supposed to help nerve pain, not increase it! Thanks for any comments

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