Knee Pain

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#1 Apr 30, 2010
I am experiencing knee pain (left knee) since 3-4 months. No accidents, no falling downs it just came outta blue. However, I have figured out that when i drink a glass of milk all stays fine, but once i skip it the pain comes back. Do you have suggestions as to what it could be, I am really worried about it going bad as days passes on. Please give me your views as to how to get rif of it...without Milk - i really hate it. :)

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#2 May 2, 2010
I use New Zealand Deer Velvet for mt joint pain and it works wonders.

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#3 May 30, 2010
Something simple you can try is applying ice to your knee to help minimize any inflammation.

If you want more information about knee conditions, visit:

Good luck.

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#4 Jul 1, 2010
I started taking Flexoplex a couple months ago. I was hoping that it would help me with my knee pain. Trust me it has done much more than that! I was able to feel results very quickly and I now not only have no more knee pain but I am also no longer waking up in the middle of the night due to these pains. It is so refreshing to wake up in the morning after a long nights sleep feeling refreshed and energized. I can thank Flexoplex for this. Here is a great site that will give you some great information on Flexoplex.http://www.associaca 3Wjhna1lzSw==

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#5 Nov 5, 2010
Physical Therapy can help determine if there is biomechanical dysfunction that is contributing to your knee pain.

Acceleration Physical Therapy in Spokane WA

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#7 Aug 27, 2011
I think you should try Opc 3

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Helps maintain joint flexibility
•Helps promote cardiovascular health

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#8 Aug 5, 2013
Tablets For Joint Pain Relief - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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#9 Sep 28, 2013
I used to have an unstable knee too. When I fixed my hip the problem vanished. The truth about chronic pain from head to toe is in a book called "Eliminating Pain: Your Guide to a Better Lifestyle". Found on Amazon.

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#10 Oct 4, 2013
Knee pain is a common symptom in people of all ages. It may start suddenly, often after an injury or exercise. Knee pain may also began as a mild discomfort, then slowly worsen.

cause knee pain include:

1.Bone chips. Sometimes, a knee injury can break off fragments from the bone or cartilage. These pieces can get stuck in the joint, causing it to freeze up. You may also have pain and swelling.
Bursitis. A bursa is a sac of fluid that cushions and protects your joints. There are several in different parts of your knee.

2. Iliotibial band syndrome. The iliotibial band is a piece of tough tissue that runs from your hip down to your shin. If it's irritated by overuse or other problems, it can get swollen and cause pain on the outer side of the knee.

3.Medial plica syndrome. The plica is a fold of tissue in the knee joint. When it gets irritated from overuse, swelling and knee pain can result.
Osgood-Schlatter Disease. This condition causes a painful bump below the knee, where a tendon from the kneecap connects to the shin. It's usually caused by overuse and irritation of the tendon. The pain may come and go over time.

4.Osteoarthritis . This condition is a frequent cause of knee pain in athletes and non-athletes alike who are over 60.

5.Partially dislocated kneecap (or patellar subluxation). In this condition, the kneecap slides out of position, causing knee pain and swelling. It's often the result of physical defect in your legs, rather than an injury. It's particularly common in teenage girls.

6.Tendonitis , or swelling of the tendons. Tendons are tough bands of tissue that connect your bones and muscles. Overuse can make the tendons inflamed and sore. One type of knee tendonitis is called ''jumper's knee.''

For knee pain that has just started:

1.Rest and avoid activities that aggravate your pain, especially weight bearing activities.
2.Apply ice. First, apply it every hour for up to 15 minutes. After the first day, apply it at least four times per day.
3.Keep your knee raised as much as possible to bring any swelling down.
4.Wear an ace bandage or elastic sleeve, which you can buy at most pharmacies. This may reduce swelling and provide support.
5.Take acetaminophen for pain or ibuprofen for pain and swelling.
6.Sleep with a pillow underneath or between your knees.

Tips to relieve knee bursitis pain:

1.Use ice three to four times a day for the first 2 or 3 days. Cover your knee with a towel and place ice on it for 15 minutes. Do not fall asleep while using ice. You can leave it on too long and get frostbite.
2.Try not to stand for long periods of time. If you must stand, do so on a soft, cushioned surface. Stand with an equal amount of weight on each leg.
3.When you sleep, do not lie on the side that has bursitis. Place a pillow between your knees when you lie on your side to help decrease your pain.
4.Wear flat shoes that are cushioned and comfortable.
5.If you are overweight, losing weight may help.

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#11 Oct 4, 2013
The knee joint has three compartments: medial, lateral, and patellofemoral.
Causes of knee pain include injury, degeneration, arthritis, infrequently infection, and rarely bone tumors.
Ligaments within the knee (cruciate ligaments) and on the inner and outer sides of the knee (collateral ligaments) stabilize the joint.
Here are treatments for knee pain.
A doctor will carry out a physical examination of the injured knee and may arrange some extra tests, including blood tests, an X-ray or MRI scan.
Treatment may involve physiotherapy, painkillers and sometimes an arthroscopy - a form of keyhole surgery that is used to look inside a joint and repair any damage that has occurred.

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#12 Nov 2, 2013
Most people experience knee pain at some point in their lives. Sports, exercise and other activities can cause muscle strains, tendinitis, and more serious injuries to ligaments and cartilage. For some, knee pain can be so severe that it limits daily activities. For others, mild knee pain may be a chronic hindrance to the active lifestyle they desire. In either case, chances are that you’re dealing with a knee problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

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#13 Jan 21, 2014
Knee pain is a very common issue that many do not talk about. As I get older I'm finding my joints just aren't what they used to be. A friend of mine recommended a joint pain relief supplemnet they were using.

I was skeptical since I've tried them before but decided to give it a shot anyway. I was blown away, it worked wonders - I think because it had glucosamine, chondroitin, msm AND turmeric (which most don't have). Feel free to try it out if you're suffering from knee pain - it has changed my world:

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