Dating site for IBS sufferers
Bob Smith

Bristol, RI

#4 Jul 16, 2007
Try Ibsacol for your IBS I have beeen taking it for 3 years with great success!

This why I have become the North American distributor of this product. I had a hard time getting the product from the UK and now it is in the States and you will recieve the product in #2 days!
Damion in DC area

Chantilly, VA

#5 Jul 16, 2007
Long time sufferer (22 years). I still haven't found a med. that helps, so I stopped trying. IBS has killed my dating life. Any Females in the DC area that knows my pain.

Since: Jul 07

Bristol, RI

#6 Aug 29, 2007
Try Ibsacol and you will not have those problems that I use to have on dates with my IBS.

Norwich, UK

#9 May 7, 2008
There are so many people that have all kinds of diseases that cause flatulent problems and can have a huge issue for relationships. My boss has suffered from functional dyspepsia and he has designed an unique kind of underwear called Shreddies. He's designed underwear that filters out any bad odours, the odour passes through activated carbon that is sewn into the rear panel of the underwear and has proven to be successful with the backing of De Montfort University testing labs. The garment is getting a lot of media interest so hopefully this will get people to speck more openly about a very common and serious problem.

To those that don't have the social life they should because they are frightened that someone may detect an embarrassing problem this may be the solution. It you just type 'My Shreddies' into a search engine you will be able to find the site

Toronto, Canada

#10 Jun 30, 2008
hi, group:) My naame is kim. just got out of an engagement and end up with this. I'm from windsor, ontario canada and would like some information on some dating websites in canada with IBS. thanks
ozcan yagci

Istanbul, Turkey

#11 Aug 28, 2008
I have been suffering from IBS for many years. 10 days ago I had BIO SCAN test in Turkey. Schistosoma Haematobiuma was found heavily on my nerve system as well as some other bacterias and viruses on my whole body( ie: Myastenia,Helicobacter pylori,ancilostoma duodenale,papilloma ....)After some searches on the net for bacterias and viruses , I can say that Schistosoma Haematobiuma might be the cause for IBS.
I was given 4 session of energy treatment and started to drink colloidal silver at the same time. After only a few days I realised that my IBS was getting better . I am now throughly being cured from IBS. Some other ilness' gone. Still trying to get my belly into good of now my belly is about 45% better I can say.Some other miracles happened as well.
I shall write a full article when my treatment is over on my blog( )

New York, NY

#12 Nov 7, 2008
went to blog page written inturky or something? what exactly were your ibs symptoms and what kind of energy treatments and exactly what brand of colloidal silver did u use. thanks
[email protected]
ladyus 30

Bellingham, WA

#13 Nov 13, 2008
Hello, I am looking to make friends and find dating options with men who understand IBS and takers? email: [email protected]
ozcan yagci

Istanbul, Turkey

#14 Dec 1, 2008
My IBS has been treated 80% I would say after only 4 energy sessions.Some other problems in my body were treated as well during which time.For instant without noticing I dont use glasses ( both reading and long distance). Some allergy problems dissapeared and so on. I have to go back to the center and spent about 10 days to cure my back problem. In the mean time I got a scientist tested by this system and he gave 10 out of 10 for the testing. I am going to pay the next visit to the center with this scientist who is one of the top toxicology expert in Turkey. After seeing the treatment and getting his views,I will write a detailed information. I believe that this bio energy system is being used widely in and around germany. There must be some clinics in the USA . is their web adress but only in Turkish.
Apologize for being late but before I write about this system ,I feel obliged that I have to make more searches.Since my treatment, I have sent one of my friend to this site who were suffering from MS! Surprisingly he was found no MS and his problems were treated after 7 days. My second friend is on the way to the center this week. He was told that he is an ALS sufferer and will die soon. There again from the distance bio energy tests he was found no ALS but blood cloth( plagues). He cant talk at the moment and we shall find out his results within 21 days. I am still shocked myself for such treatment and higly believe in it. Hope to share more soon.
ozcan yagci

Istanbul, Turkey

#15 Dec 1, 2008
please make a search at google for BIO SCAN.
ozcan yagci

Istanbul, Turkey

#16 Dec 1, 2008
this is one of them.
ozcan yagci

Istanbul, Turkey

#17 Dec 1, 2008
just to give you some price idea , It costs about 45$/test and each session. I dont know how much they charge out there.If you happent to try ,please let me know your findings.

Mississauga, Canada

#18 Dec 5, 2009
Kim wrote:
hi, group:) My naame is kim. just got out of an engagement and end up with this. I'm from windsor, ontario canada and would like some information on some dating websites in canada with IBS. thanks
Hi Kim.
My name is Tara and I have had IBS alll my life and it has resulted in anziety and depression.
I would love to date also but I don't think it's possible but
if you hear of a dating site in Canada, please let me know.
I live in Mississauga, Ontario.
This is my email address: [email protected]
Julie K

Lincoln, UK

#20 Feb 17, 2010
Bob Smith wrote:
Try Ibsacol for your IBS I have beeen taking it for 3 years with great success!
This why I have become the North American distributor of this product. I had a hard time getting the product from the UK and now it is in the States and you will recieve the product in #2 days!
Is Ibsacol available in the UK then? I live in the UK but have been ordering it from New Zealand, having discovered it when I was travelling over there last year! I successfully ordered some in New Zeland when I was there, had some sent to Canada where I was continuing my travels and then had some sent to a friends house back home in the UK to arrive on my return. However I have now ordered another batch to my home address in the UK but they havent arrived and it has now been 5 weeks. I have emailed the company several times but have not received any replies. I have paid for the tablets but received no goods and cannot get anyone from the company to respond. If they are available in the UK I would love to have the details as I dont want to waste any more money ordering another batch that does not arrive but will soon be running out of my supply! Thanks in advance for any help!
ibs chick

Westmont, IL

#21 May 31, 2010
ive heard great stuff about the ibs audio program 100!google it, ive tried it and im cured! do it please! dating will be easier after you try this trust me

Skokie, IL

#22 Dec 3, 2011
Gee.... with all of the cures (or near-cures) on this site alone, it's kind of surprising that none of these 'treatments' are widely known to be effective. IBS is potentially a multi-billion dollar industry - so if ANY of these 'fixes' really proved to be effective in curing - or even controlling symptoms, millions would be spent in getting them into the mainstream marketplace (unless you subscribe to the conspiracy theory that medical cures are withheld because there's more money to be made keeping people sick).

And there's always someone who is the 'distributor' of one of these products......
Look, I suffer from IBS (big time) and would like nothing more than to find something that really works - but if everyone posting on IBS bulletin boards who claimed to have found an effective treatment were really on to something,this wouldn't be the 'epidemic' that it (still) is...

Manassas, VA

#23 Jan 14, 2012
I have been through every treatment medical and natural for about 6 years, but nothing helps! I have a great personality and miss being in a relationship...anyone else in my area in the same position? single and want to date...let me know.

Vancouver, Canada

#25 Jun 5, 2013
Hey everyone, there is a new dating website for people who suffer from IBS, check it out.....
I already signed up.......

York, PA

#27 Sep 2, 2014
You can almost bet that pharmaceutical companies are going to try to shun this treatment because they make billions of dollars on drugs with huge side effects. Just make sure you take the colloidal silver at a 10 parts per million concentration. It can be bought in a true health food store. My friend has been treated for this and its annoying to see him suffer and I am going to try to help him. I took the colloidal silver myself and Im not blue. Please people start doing your own research and stop listening to these people who are trying to scare you. Ask questions and seek out the truth. IBS is horrible and no one should have to suffer with it

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