Recurring cystitis after sex

Doncaster, UK

#63 Feb 21, 2011
Hey everyone, im 22 and started gettin cystitis when I was 15, over the years it got worse, so bad I couldnt move from the toilet coz I was bleeding
:(BUT I heard from a doctor that cystitis stays in the bladder and trys eatting little bits of suger what are in there, so when u take D-mannose (what cystitis loves coz its suger) the infection stops gripping on your bladder and starts to swim around so all u have to do then is pee it in the loo, I felt an attack coming on friday so I took 3 tablets in the morn /after noon and at night with a bottle of cranberry juice and I had no pain, so it does work and sorry if Ive said somthings abit backwards but I do recomend it, I used to get it doing the "doggy style" with my hubby but now I can just take 3 tablets an hr before sex and after we have finished I go the loo and bye bye any infection what tried getting there, I hope this info helped and oh another tip, drink 3 pints of water when u feel an attack that can help flush it out sooner then waiting in pain for meds to kick in.:)

Yeovil, UK

#64 Feb 21, 2011
At last my doctor has aggreed to give me antibiotics to take one before & one after sex ..... it works! Been doing this for the last few weeks & no cystitus. It's made such a difference to my relationship as I'd begun to avoid sex but now it's wonderful not to have to worry!
Eleanor Hills

Sleaford, UK

#65 Mar 3, 2011
Loz wrote:
I am a regular sufferer of cystitis. It almost always occurs after sex, usually within 12 - 24 hours. I always make sure i am clean and wee after sex, but it still comes back !!! Its ruining my life. Its not the burning that bothers me as i can cope with that, its the constant overwhelming urge of needing the toilet that i cant stand, and its so embarrassing. The only thing i find that helps is pain killers and a hot water bottle applied on the area can also help numb the pain and bring relief, but doesnt cure the problem. My mum and sister are also regular symptoms of cystitis, so we thing that it may run in the family. I have talked things over with my partner and we have agreed to try different things during sex to try and reduce my chances of getting cystitis, he is very understanding and he is willing to help. I would reccommend always using a condom during sex, using a lubricant and weeing afterwoods. Also be careful not to have sex on a full bladder, as this can also cause cystitis.
Your story is so similar to mine. A condom didn't make any difference, but I haven't tried any anti-allergic ones so am going to give it a go. My cystitis is sometimes painful, sometimes not and is greatly helped by potassium chloride and paracetamol. My worry is for possible long term damage (?what) but it is a very depressing occurrence. My partner is very concerned too, which does help. I even went to the GUM clinic last week, to see if there was any underlying cause, but I seem to be clear of all the usual suspects. Will be watching this website from now on though.
julie cystitus free

Dorchester, UK

#66 May 2, 2011
after having my first child i found that a day or so after having sex i would get cystitis, i would buy the usual powders from the chemist but after a while nothing worked, i must have went to the doctors 20 times for antibiotics and even then sometimes needed a double dose from the doctors. this went on for years and two more children it got so bad i did not want sex any more because i new that in 36 hours i would have that horribe feeling starting again. the final straw was when i was in so much pain that when i went for a wee and blood was coming out, that's when i new i had to find a cure because my doctor was'nt.
after 3 full days on the computer, i was back up the doctors and was not leaving until he gave me what i wanted which was TRIMETHOPRIM 200mg tablets take 1 to 2 with in two hours after sex with a glass of water and this is it, i started taking these tablets september 2009 and i have not had a single bout of cystitis since, im sorry if someone has already mentioned this but i dont read these sites any more as i have found a cure but thought now i no its 100% seccess rate i could tell every one else
by the way not even my doctor have heard about it and because its so good its now in his notes for anyone else who goes in
funny thing is i now order in bulk getting a few strange stares from the pharmacies but who cares me and hubby call them by sex tablets
Aussie Sexy Nurse

Hobart, Australia

#67 May 25, 2011
Same same. Mostly occurs after sex generally the next morning. I empty my bladder, I drink lots of water and pee straight after sex, avoid caffine if possible etc etc. Well IT DOESN'T WORK. Here in Aus the doctors are free and any prescription is only $5 flat rate, but antibiotics don't fix jack - unless its a week+ in length and a really serious infection. Bad news is us ladies build up a antibiotic tolerance real damn quick. Iv know 14 year olds who are out of antibiotic options already! There's probably no cure, but follow the general advice,+ mine. Try your best to always use a condom, get your partner to sanitise or wash his hands beforehand (he will understand) some vagasil shower gel in the bathroom cupboard is always handy, and keep a good supply of vitamins and take them regularly. Cranberry is a good long term one, or the cystitis specific multi's can be very good (I really recommend ("ethical nutrients") maybe you can buy them online? A dozen of these vitimans and a litre of water should see you completely cleared up within 3 hours!! Best of luck ladies.


#68 May 29, 2011
I have suffered with cystits and UTI's for about four years now, it has made life miserable and even broke down any kind of intimacy between myself and my boyfriend. Having used endless antobiotics, i now take a mixture of really high strenth craberry tablets (these are proven to be more effective than cranberry juice, some cranberry juices can have alot of sugar in which can aggrivate the symptoms) vitamins and i drink barley squash, robinsons make good ones. Lemon and barley is said to be the best but i like the grapefruit flavour. inotcie massive improvements since i started this regime. good luck

Yeovil, UK

#69 May 29, 2011
I've just read that memopausal women are prone to uti's. Aparently the wall of the bladder thins & makes infection more common. My recurrent cystitis started big time 4yrs ago when I started the memopause! Am going to find out about HRT I think.


#70 May 30, 2011
I am so happy that i found this site it gives me some relief just to know that there are other girls out there like me and im not the only one suffering in silence.
About 3 years ago was when i first started getting it i went to the doc and was told what everyone here was told! since then i have had 4 urine samples taken.. they came back negative. 4 different anitibiotics and NONE have worked. I had blood taken.. negative. I was then refered to a specialist who diagnosed me with IC. I had an ultrasound and a cystoscapy - where a camera is inserted into you and i was told that it only suggested I had IC by the looks of things. I am now on these tablets which I take 3 a night which have effectively stopped the cystitus during the dau but i will have to come off these for contraceptive reasons!
Anyways the cystitus during the day has controlled itself which isint my problem...
I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years.. we are both clear for infections. Since i have been having sex with him (about 3 and a half years ago) it has been awful. Nothing to do with him its me.. when we use both condoms an no contraceptive its the exact same.. even when i go to the toilet before and after sex its still so painful during, that he has to stop because of this cystitus pain. Although he is very understanding, it has put a lot of pressure on our relationship and I feel I live a miserable life because of it. I am young enough and something like this can really tip a girl over the edge. I think at this stage I am so afraid of sex now because im afraid of the cystitus that will appear so it so i am self conscious it is now one big awful viscious circle. I have NEVER enjoyed sex because of it and i am desperate! I am going to try the non latex condoms but if anyone has any other ideas can they please help.

Wrexham, UK

#71 May 31, 2011
OMG i suffer with cystitis ALL the time lately and its really getting me down. i have it right now! im 19 ive had it on and off for the past 3 months now, and thats since i have been seeing a new boyfriend, it must be something to do with having sex regulary, also we dont use condoms, could this be something to do with it? ive tried urinating after sex but dont always need to go so i just avoid it, i will have to try that, so sick of drinking cranberry juice its making me gag :( had lots of tests done and all my samples have come back clear. Im constantly in A&E, it comes on so quick and im in so much agony i have no choice but to go to hospital straight away. The worst thing for me is the constant feeling of a full bladder and needing to go to the toilet, and just feeling uncomfortable in general :( please please if anyone has any other tips let me know! louise.

Wrexham, UK

#72 May 31, 2011
Also forgot to say, im constantly on anti biotics for this (cefalexin), which makes me scared because it can mess up your pill and i dont want to get pregnant!! what anti biotics have you girls taken for it? my aunty just pointed out to me too..(sorry bit crude) she thinks it may be because my boyfriend ejaculates in me after sex, and his sperm may not agree with me, could this be true?? ahhh please help!
Kerry UK

Ashford, UK

#73 Jun 1, 2011
Having spent years and years suffering from Cystitis I was told by the hospital I have Interstillial Cystitis. BUT despite them wating to inject my bladder with steriods i decided not to and managed to keep it at bay dring gallons of Robinsons Peach Water.. If a bout comes on I drink a pint and it works to flush the system..
However for the past 3 years I get awful Cystitis with 36 hours of having sex.. to the point I just don't want it now at all.. I'm back in hospital soon to see what they can find but today my doctor has given me anti biotics to take after sex.. sadly I don't want darling hubby near me now..
Sex is painful, if we manage it and he gets me to climax its like someone pouring acid over me.. its breaking my heart and terrified he'll leave me...
It affects my life so badly i'm scared of going out as when it attacks it like i'm knocked sideways with a fever and feel like I'm going to pass out n try to pee n its like pissing razor blades.. I'm devastated over it... the peach water does help but doesn't cure it..

Darlington, UK

#74 Jun 25, 2011
i have had cystitus now for 5 months, and i have honestly never felt so much agony in my entire life.
about 3 month ago i started having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend, and i think that condoms are what is causing me grief, when we dont use one, i'm perfectly fine as soon as we're finished after using one,im straight to the loo, in immediate terrible pain, i have had about 6 bouts of cystitus and 7 courses of antibiotics, and ive forgot how many urine samples. i really really really dont want to go back to the doctors, they all say the same thing, some people dont understand how cystitus can actually drive you up the wall, im only a teenager and i feel like ripping my hair out over it,i just want to be cured for the rest of my life and never have to face this again. if anyone has ANY and i mean ANY helpful adivce i would highly appreciate if you contact me, im on the urge were i dont think i can handle the pain much longer :'(
email me if you have any advice [email protected] thank you xxx

United States

#75 Jun 27, 2011
i am unsure about the condoms as i have had sex with condoms and without and still get cystitis, it used to be something i got every now and again, now after every time i have sex i get it. its very upsetting, again weeing after sex and washing and cranberry capsules, nothing seems to work.
also the docs say condoms and spermicides can make it worse!
also i find that im on yasmin (contraceptive pill) and this seems to lower my sex drive meaning i am dryer which just adds to the problem? has anyone else found this?
im about to literally give up, as when i didnt have a bf for 8 months i did not get it once!

Wrexham, UK

#76 Jul 22, 2011
I commented on this site in may, having had re-occuring cystitis for 3 months. Its now july and after having it constantly for 5 months ive finally found out what was causing it. I had a swab taken by my doctor and had the results back yesterday and I have CHLAMYDIA!!!

I had no idea that one of the symptoms for chlamydia was cystitis, I thought there were no symptoms at all, luckily for me I did get cystitis other wise it could have been left untreated for years possibly. I know this could not be the case for some of you girls but please get yourselves checked out for your own peace of mind, chlamydia was the last thing on my mind I never thought this would be the cause of my ongoing attacks of cystitis, Ive been with my boyfriend for 9 months and he told me he'd been tested right before we got together, turns out thats untrue and we both have it. Im not happy that ive only just found out, Ive been in and out of the doctors and hospital for months and it didnt cross their mind to give me a swab. I also had urine samples sent off and they told me that no bugs where found, they didnt bother to check for anything else! I was baffled because The anti-biotics that where given to me would only work for a few days and then my cystitis would come back, I was drinking litre after litre of cranberry juice, washing before and after sex and nothing would help. now I know why.
Please ask to get tested ladies, Its worth it in the long run! you never think its going to happen to you, I never thought it would happen to me, im not the sort of girl to sleep around, but sometimes your just unlucky.

heres a website which may help, It has some of the symptoms I experienced including cystitis. Hope this has helped some of you, and encouraged you to get tested. Louise x


#77 Jul 24, 2011
Hi Girls

Like you, ive suffered the misery of cystitis after sex for all of my sexual life. Having suffered with it since i was a yoyng girl the problem in my adult life only came about after sex and after the numorous trips to the doctors, scans, home remidies,(some absolutaly foul i can say) and shares in the cranberry juice and tablet trade ive come up with a tried and tested formular! After sex...

The next day
Take 2 packets of over the counter cystitis powder remedy, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.
6 x cranberry tablets - 3 in the morning/3 in the evening
4 x marshmallow tablets - 2 in the moring/2 in the evening

The day after
6 x cranberry tablets - 3 in the morning/3 in the evening
4 x marshmallow tablets - 2 in the moring/2 in the evening

Both these tablets can be found at holland and barrot or health shops but do ask about these products if you have any concerns about existing medical conditions. Hope this helps keep the dreaded aftermath of cystitis away as it has done so far for me!xx

Detroit, MI

#78 Jul 28, 2011
Hello everyone as i am reading all the emails tears are flowing down my face because i thought i was the only one that knew the pain and terror i felt after sex. I was also told to drink cranberry juice but what began to happen it began to irritate my symptoms worse that the IC it self. My love life is in shambles I've tried condoms they irritate me as well and now my doc want to flush my bladder 3 times a week for a month with pain killers...I have not did the treatment yet because im already in pain and besides it will only be treating the symptoms and not the problem> i don't want to continuously have a doc between my legs 3 times a week for the rest of my life please help if anyone know of any oral treatment that is available for IC

Stowmarket, UK

#79 Aug 20, 2011
claire ireland wrote:
i have suddenly started developing cystitis over the last couple of months i cant understand it i am doing everything correctly cranberry juice etc, i wonder has anybody had a problem with leaving the man come into you, since my boyfriend and i started this it seems to come back and back some times it wont happen for a while but its fustrating and painful, has anybody some help for me
I had recurrent cystitis for 2 years, was on low dose preventative drug for ages but that did not work either. What has helped me is never having sex 2 days in succession, seems to give bladder a rest! I took cranberry capsules instead of careful with juice as the sugar content is high and this irritate bladder further. Lots of sleep and rest helped too.

Stockport, UK

#80 Aug 29, 2011
I too suffer recurrent cystitis infections and these are 99.9% of the time linked to sex with my partner. I will get an infection within 24 hours and it was making me thoroughly miserable.

The reason it is so commonly linked with sex is because cystitis is usually caused by 'normal' everyday bacteria that live on the skin getting into the wrong place in our bladder. As women we are more prone to this with a shorter urethras than men. When you have sex, the bacteria on our bodies/ on the guys penis often find their way down the urethra during intercourse as a man is thrusting.
I too saw the specialist and I was prescribed 'emergency antibiotics' this is a 'shot' of antibiotics IE. One tablet of a strong dose that I take up to 2 hours after having sexual intercourse. It kills off any bacteria that have made it to your bladder before they multiply.
The reason why condoms work for some is because you're putting a barrier between the bacteria on a mans penis and you.
You'll still get the odd infection ( I'm suffering right now) when you forget to take the ab. But itwill change your life... It has mine. I'd recommend to anyone that you discuss it with your gp :)

Utrecht, Netherlands

#81 Sep 3, 2011
Hello eveybody,

Look for more interesting products / supplements / Books on , there is more info about bladder pain and interstitial cystitis


#82 Sep 25, 2011
Sounds crazy, but try and explore your brain. As you know most sufferers tests come back clear, so really theres no UTI present.
Since being diagnosed i researched IC and found Coffee, Tea, Cranberry, Onions, Cucumber, Tomatoes amoung other things irriate suffers. So now when i have any of these i immediately think i am burning all day long. After 4 years I really believe alot of it is psycological.

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