Sleeping pills don't work on me!

Sleeping pills don't work on me!

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Mirabel, Canada

#1 Dec 8, 2006

I've pretty much had insomnia all my life, but it's been much worse in the last two weeks so I decided to try sleeping pills for the first time:

I got prescribed Imovane in it's highest dose and it made me sleep from 12am to 3am the first two nights, then it stopped working.

I went back and got a new prescription for Trazodone. I tried it yesterday: it made me feel a little weird, but did not put me to sleep.

I don't know what to do anymore. I only slept about 10 hours in the last 14 days!! I exercise, eat well, do everything right. What do you do when even medications won't work?

Thanks in advance.






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Lorraine T

Troy, MI

#2 Nov 10, 2007
i have had insominia off and on my whole life-i;m sure its got a lot to do because I'm a worrier-but over the counter-Lunesta,Ambien, don;t work-sometimes I fall asleep for an hr-and I', up for 3-crabby the next day and tired-what can I do??





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same boat


#3 Jan 30, 2009
i have ms, dr perscribed 150 mlg of trazadone-garbage.then gave me zipliclone,thats dindt wrk dr gave me statex morphine for pain im on 40 mls,doesnt even touch it i finf myself takeing 10 pills no affect...need help badly.also on gabapentin nothing has any affect its like taking advil,,,,now what..IM SCREWED

Union City, TN

#4 Feb 18, 2009
Well I seem to be pretty much immune to all pills. I have even tried the pills people abuse but I still dont feel a thing. I had a sleeping pill that worked for about a week and a half. only pill to ever effect me at all. then I got immune. Even though the doctor doubled the dosage up to a really large mg i still didnt feel it anymore. but it was good for a week so it might work longer for you. It can be expensive though. It was called seroquel.





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Anamosa, IA

#5 Feb 26, 2009
I am in the same boat I have tried all the sleep medications, ambien, trazadone, Restoril, remeron, etc... Nothing works. I may sleep for 3 hours a night and am constantly tired.

I had a sleep study done and they found that when I do get those 3 hours of sleep I am not entering REM sleep, thus I am tired all the time. Does anyone know of anything else to try???

I am desperate to find something that works!!

Memphis, TN

#6 Mar 26, 2009
I can totally relate to all of ya'll. I have had seroquel, trazadone, ambien, lunesta and countless over the counter sleep aids. The only way I seem to sleep is to mix the otc's with the ambien. Basically taking 9-10 pills!!! I know this cannot be safe but I don't know what else to do!! ANY suggestions????





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Belleville, NJ

#7 Aug 14, 2009
Just read the 6 posts. Descibes me exactly, sleeping pills don't work unless I use at least 2.I'm scared. After reading all the other posts, there doesn't seem to be anything that helps. Has anyone found something that helps AND is safe?

Pewamo, MI

#8 Aug 26, 2009
I only get 3 hours of sleep a night for the last 3and 1/2 months. I tried every sleeping pill out there and i still can not sleep. I am so tired i feel like my legs are going to give out on me. Some days i am so tired i just want to stay in bed and i am unable to drive. I have no ideas.

Puyallup, WA

#9 Aug 28, 2009
I've had insomnia for the past 10 years and it has been getting progressively worse. I just can't go to sleep for more than 30 minutes without medication. I've been taking Lunesta for the past year and have raised my dosage to 3+ milligrams. Now it has quit working and I am contemplating upping my dosage a little.(Don't know how much is safe.)

I have sleep apnea and use a cpap machine, but it doesn't help if I can't go to sleep! Have tried acupuncture, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, etc. Ambien, melatonin, tryptophane don't work for me--in fact they make me sick. Advil PM only works for 2 or 3 nights.

Any ideas?

Since: Sep 09

London, UK

#10 Sep 16, 2009
Problem with sleeping pills is you become tolerant and subsequently require more and more until they either barely resolve the problem or you become reliant on them. Insomnia is closely linked to how you feel about sleep psychologically - if you start to think that you will only sleep if you have a sleeping pill then effectively you are just enhancing the problem. I had suffered for 3 years and often went 4/5 nights with no sleep at all. The key for me was doing the natural things that allowed my brain to 'prepare' for sleep in the right way. Raise your core body temperature before bed, eat lots of trytophan/serotonin inducing rich foods, exercise, relax and most importantly - go to bed when you are tired, not necessarily just because you have been habitually taught that a certain time is 'bed-time'. It is a gradual process. Psychologically change pillows, bed, position, whatever. i personally would avoid pills altogether.

Xian, China

#11 Sep 17, 2009
You poor girl. i am little better than you. sometimes, i can sleep well with Brainwave Tuner on my iphone. Hope you can have a try on it.
Sara wrote:
I've pretty much had insomnia all my life, but it's been much worse in the last two weeks so I decided to try sleeping pills for the first time:
I got prescribed Imovane in it's highest dose and it made me sleep from 12am to 3am the first two nights, then it stopped working.
I went back and got a new prescription for Trazodone. I tried it yesterday: it made me feel a little weird, but did not put me to sleep.
I don't know what to do anymore. I only slept about 10 hours in the last 14 days!! I exercise, eat well, do everything right. What do you do when even medications won't work?
Thanks in advance.

Santa Clara, CA

#12 Oct 16, 2009
I also have tried several sleeping medications and none work for longer than 2 days.... I've tried Lunesta, Seroquel, several forms of Ambien, and Klonopin. I have been a patient in several psychiatric wards... Not sleeping in these places can make you lose what little sanity u have left.... During my last stay I was so desperate for sleep that I would create a scene so they would have to give me the dread H-bomb shot in the ass... Just so I could sleep... And that worked for a few days... Then it just started making me extremely drowsy and caused me to drool instead of knocking me out... So I quit acting out and they let me out lol..... Anyway there seems to be no legal drug, prescription or OTC that will work for me for longer than a few days.... And I will not turn to illegal drugs if I can help it.... But my health is deteriorating rapidly... And my insurance just ran out.... My hair is falling out and turning grey... I am only 25... Many people have suggested smoking marijuana but that is illegal where I am at so I am wary of trying it.... :(

New Zealand

#13 Oct 22, 2009
Keith, marijuana does work but it also causes other problems and eventually you end up being more of an insomniac than before... Well, this is my experience anyway. I take Quetiapine and I have been doing so for about 2 months but it is beginning to not have an effect any more and I'm not sure why...


#14 Oct 25, 2009
Have any of you tried EFT - emotional freedom techniques? I suggest looking through the website
where I believe many of you will find the help that you need. Do let me know what you think of it.
El Gordo

San Antonio, TX

#16 Nov 24, 2009
The only sleeping pill I have ever taken, other than OTC, is Restoril, 30 mg. What a blessing it was-- for maybe 5 months. Then, I had built up a tolerance to the point that it would relax me, but not induce sleep.
So, I started taking a different long-acting benzo called Klonopin twice a day. Once in the morning and one before dinner. Bingo! I have slept well for over a year.
According to Lehne's Pharmacology, there is tolerance to the sleep-inducing qualities of benzo's but NONE to their anxiolytic qual.
El Gordo

San Antonio, TX

#17 Nov 24, 2009
So basically, I got rid of the insomnia by getting rid of the anxiety and stress in my life. The sleep came secondarily. :-)

Ceres, CA

#18 Dec 2, 2009
I know its illegal and i know most of you are like "Uhhh...ur stupid" but i was in the same boat as all of you. and yes i did find out the best medicine. Marijuana...I no longer smoke pot and i am still an insomniac but when i smoked marijuana i was no longer an insomniac, i slept like a baby every night and woke up refreshed. I don't smoke it anymore cause well i didn't have my canibus card. nor do i like the feeling of it. i only smoked it because it put me to sleep. yay! oh and just be aware that u might gain weight from all the munchies.

United States

#19 Dec 9, 2009
Glad to see that I'm not alone with my insomnia. I have tried malatonin, ambien, ambien cr, lunesta and rozarem. None have worked for me. In fact, they kept me up and made my mind race even faster. I am a worrier by nature and am easily bothered by things. During the day I have many things to distract me, but once I lay down my mind starts thinking about things that aggravated me during the day.

I am also the sole caregiver to my Mom and Dad. My Dad needs continuous attention. Our day starts at 8 am with his breakfast and ends at 10 pm when I put him to bed. From 10 am to noon I act as his physical and occupation therapist, doing his exercises with him. I also have to find time during his mid afternoon nap time to do all the shopping and any other errands that need to get done. When I get back home, I start supper. I am only writing this to illustrate that by the time I lay down at 10:01 pm, I am exhausted. I fall asleep for about an hour or two, then wake up around midnight. My night is then done...can't get back to sleep. When I do wake up, I am sore and really stiff.

I have stenosis in my back as well as restless leg syndrome (which in my case may be caused by the pinched nerves in my back.) I am in continuous pain, but can deal with it durng the day. I have a high tollerance for the pain, but when I lay down to sleep, there are no distractions to take my mind off the pain.

About 3 months ago I pulled by back out rolling my father over in bed. I went to the doctor and he gave me percocet and gabopentin. Then a few weeks later on a follow up he gave me vicodin and more gabopentin. I only took them at night and they both made me sleep like a baby. I slept thru the night and was not stiff in the morning. My muscles were able to relax and I actually had dreams. I really felt great.

I have my quarterly doctors appointment 12/29 and I know that he won't prescribe me any more vicodin to sleep, so I guess I am about to return to the world of insomnia. My doctor wants me to get an epidural which is a shot in my back to relieve the pain, but I have read that it may only last a few weeks to a few months, not to mention the risk of having a NEEDLE stuck in my back. I am opposed to getting the shot. As a caregiver, I am too physical and am afraid that without the pain as a reminder, I will forget to be careful when lifting or turning my Dad and will really screw up my back.

I also don't know that there is any behavorial therapy that would work for me. I am already exhausted when I lay down, I have a temperpedic mattress, I have tons of pillows. I can't stop being a caregiver so there is not really alot of room to change my lifestyle.

I don't think there is any hope for my situation. I am 48 and have been an insomniac for at least 20 years. It has progressivly gotten worse to the point I only sleep a few hours a night. I suppose that as my back has gotten worse so has my insomnia.

I don't really understand doctors though. I would love it if he would prescribe me vicodin and gabapentin to be taken only ONCE a day at night. I have to believe that NOT SLEEPING has a horrible medical effect on the body. Is the risk of taking vicodin/gabapentin once a night worse than the effects of cronic insomnia? It should be easy enough for my doctor to limit me to 30 pills every 30 days.

I believe my brother hit the nail on the head when he told me recently that doctors would rather you DIE from their inaction than prescribe something they percieve as risky. At least then your death would not be considered to be at their hand.

Oxnard, CA

#20 Dec 10, 2009
I have had insomnia for my entire life and just like you I was "so to speak" immune to all pills. One worked for a while, but with harsh side effects on my body.

I do not know if you agree or disagree with the following but talk to your doctor about medical marijuana. It someone works for me amazingly. I never tried it EVER until my doctor recommend to give it a try.(at the point I went 6 days w/o sleep, i looked like a ghost)

Good luck.
El Gordo

United States

#22 Dec 23, 2009
Yes, it's me again. DonnaLynn, I feel for you. Insomnia is a curse that few folks understand. But it sounds to me like you are stressed out. Please read my advice above. Klonopin, in low dose i.e. 1 mg in the morn and 1 around dinner time has worked for me. It is wrong to associate a pill with bedtime. What if your mind and soul are not quite ready for sleep as YOU think you are? It ends up confusing your body. Klonopin sounds ugly-- the name alone-- but taken twice a day, there is no inherent association

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