Ambien vs Zolpidim
SouthernBelleKat hy

Phoenix, AZ

#46 Sep 9, 2007
I was put on ambien back in 1996 and got hooked on it cause i was on it for so long.I could not sleep after my oldest son was killed so the doc put me on it.I been off of it for 3 years now and going crazy because i can not rest any more.I tried the zolpidem and it worked for me but having a hard time finding it.The doc i have now will not give the sleeping pills to me.They made me quit cold turkey & i am losing my friggin mind now.

Philadelphia, PA

#47 Sep 14, 2007
"I recently switched to Zolpidem and it leaves me feeling like my head won't wake up and it feels like that the entire day." - Sleepyhead

Yea, that's my biggest complaint after taking 2 months off ambien and trying generic. I don't think this is nearly as effective as ambien, I used to see the words on my PC start moving up and down and feel like I was being tackled by the sleeping fairy. With the generic, I get a similar feeling, but not nearly the same intensity level. Words just get slightly blurry on screen, plus I feel like I'm a walking zombie the next day.

Like I tell my doc, once you try Ambien NOTHING else compares.

Philadelphia, PA

#48 Sep 14, 2007
FDA website to report adverse experience:

Portland, OR

#49 Sep 15, 2007
I have tried ambien and just started getting the generic. I was glad because it went from 150 to 10 copay. My insurance BCBS only allows for 14 days worth of ambien a month, so I have to pick up full price if I want the other 16. I think the generic works fine for me. I havent notice grogginess. My GF swears the real ones work better, but I had a bottle with some reals mixed in and honestly couldnt tell the difference. Big things that affect ambien or zolpidem is a)not having a full stomach when you take it and b)alcohol consumption. I dont recommend drinking too much alcohol, but taking generic after you drink a couple beers, and you will be ready to sleep. For now I am down with the generic. Its SO much less expensive. G luck sleeping. Klonopins work good too. Trazadone is okay, not a big fan, but it does help. Even tylenol pm works but I just want to sleep the rest of the day. Sweet Dreams, I am going to bed.

Dallas, TX

#53 Sep 23, 2007
I was taking ambien and they switched me to the generic a month or so ago and I don't like it. I am so groggy when I wake up and have started noticing that I am really dizzy throughout the day. I am going back to ambien.
Dana Dickerson


#54 Sep 25, 2007
mg in nj wrote:
I encourage everyone who has experienced these side effects as I have to visit the FDA website and fill out the form letting them know of the adverse effects. Maybe we can make a change.
How do you make this complaint to the FDA. I hate the Zolpidem. I can hardly function, true Ambien only effect on me was quick sleep. No tossing, or grinding teeth, just sleep and wake up fresh.

Long Beach, CA

#56 Sep 27, 2007
switched from Ambien to generic brand and my life has been hell ever since. Thought I was losing my mind but could not figure the connection until today when i talked with my sister, Annie. She has been having same problems. Spacy, racing heart, cold sweats and tracing back THE only thing different is generic ambien...If you are thinking of taking this product DON'T...s Something very wrong and it's not worth the side effects....bobbie
Randy Rulebreaker

Cincinnati, OH

#57 Oct 4, 2007
The pharmacist gave me Zolpidem, saying it was "generic Ambien". Ambien worked fast, gave me a full nights sleep and no side effects the next day. Zolpidem leaves me groggy the next day, with dullness and even slight balance issues at times.
Oregon Carol

Redmond, OR

#59 Nov 29, 2007
I was on Amitriptyline for years, but it stopped working. Tried any number of others but nothing worked until Ambien, which has no side effects for me. But now the cost has doubled as my insurance has stopped approving it at a decent price. How do we protest this change to generic? After reading the comments,I will not even try the generic--I must sleep or life isn't worth living!


#62 Dec 24, 2007
This is from Wikipedia: "Zolpidem is a presription medication used for the short-term treatment of insomnia.. Some trade names of zolpidem are Ambien, Stilnox, Stilnoct, Hypnogen, Zolt, Zolfresh, Nimadorm, Sanval, and Myslee."

Isn't Zolpidem and Ambien the same thing? Could placebo effects account for some of the reported differences? As I understand it, the only difference is the generic (CR) version, otherwise, it is exactly the same ingreadient in all of the above brands.
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#63 Dec 27, 2007
Make sure your script specifies Ambien DAW (Dispence As Written) says YES or you will get zolpedem no matter what you and your doctor requested. If you mail order for the 3 month supply ,call and remind them that Ambien DAW/YES does not mean send zolpidem or they will probably make a "mistake" filling it. Someone gets to pocket 5 bucks a pill for every ambien prescription that is filled with zolpidem so you have to be proactive or take it their way.

Raleigh, NC

#64 Jan 10, 2008
The generic leaves me with a wicked headache the next day. Will NOT purchase again. I tried the ambien CR as regular ambien did not keep me asleep long enough; it kept me asleep MAYBE 1-2 hours longer for the first couple of days and then nothing. 4-6 hours like regular ambien. Also, the CR left me with a hangover feeling the next day. I also use restoril, lunesta (great stuff)....and melatonin (source naturals brand ONLY). I've had insomnia (falling asleep/staying asleep) for over 20 years and find that by now I can predict which pill will work best for that night (and teh next day's activities).

Irvington, NJ

#65 Jan 18, 2008
For the first time ever a doctor has decided to let me try a sleeping pill. OTC never cut it. Since my rx plan just got cut I had to get generic. i took one pill last night and still woke up 5 times that I know of, felt better this morning, then had to sleep on and off for about 3 hours, I am just now feeling awake.

Salt Lake City, UT

#66 Jan 18, 2008
For the sake of interest, I just had this discussion with my pharmacist. He says that two companies make the generic, Sandoz and Mylan (not sure of spelling there) and that they have had so much trouble with people having trouble as described in this forum with the Mylan (I think these are purple) that they now only order from Sandoz, and that these (he says these are yellow) have been tolerated well.(Meaning lots of people returned or complained about the Mylan ones; practically no one has done either with the Sandoz ones). I *don't* know what dosage we're talking about here, 5 or 10. Anyway, wondering if anyone besides the one person noticed the color or mfr on their pills and if this might be a factor? I'm off to try the Sandoz ones ($5 vs $60 on the copay) but am curious if it's something the mfr is doing. Any thoughts?
Genric is not the same

United States

#67 Jan 26, 2008
I got the generic from TEVA rose colored pills 5 mg and I feel like crap the next morning. I don't care how cheap something is if I have to throw it away which is what I am going to do.

Denver, CO

#68 Feb 4, 2008
I feel the exact same way about the generic ambien. I have had trouble waking up IF I fall asleep. I feel like I have to take more of it to have any affect at all. If I do fall asllep it takes a long time and i wake up at 4am every morning. This is frustrating when we have to get up at six and work all day. I was never like that on regular Ambien. Is there any change in sight for this?

Denver, CO

#69 Feb 4, 2008
i totally agree with you.
i actually tried the generic and hated it... ambien is the only thing that works for me and i have tried everything... no side effects, nothing. please let me know if you hear of anything we can do to change this... i will do the same...
Oregon Carol wrote:
I was on Amitriptyline for years, but it stopped working. Tried any number of others but nothing worked until Ambien, which has no side effects for me. But now the cost has doubled as my insurance has stopped approving it at a decent price. How do we protest this change to generic? After reading the comments,I will not even try the generic--I must sleep or life isn't worth living!

Philadelphia, PA

#70 Feb 4, 2008
Important drug safety information at

Lewisville, TX

#71 Feb 6, 2008
Ambien IS Zolpidem. Talking about differences between the two is like talking about the difference between a "dog" and a "canine"; they are one in the same.
Mable Lynch

Cape Coral, FL

#72 Feb 14, 2008
Last prescription was given generic Ambien. Also thought good deal since so much cheaper. Must be made by Teva there is a tev on item description. Tablet dark pink, 73 and 93 on tablet no name. Not effective going to sleep and worst hangover next a.m. and all day. Hate generics.

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