I just want some sleep...

I just want some sleep...

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Pottstown, PA

#1 Feb 9, 2011
Does anyone have any pointers on getting to sleep and staying asleep for a full night?
I can usually get about 3 full hours a night or so, and on bad weeks, I'll be awake for a day or two. My longest has been about four days. And when I do get a 'full 8 hours' I usually end up waking up every hour or two. And being fully awake for at least an hour.
I refuse to take pills by the way.

Someone suggested marijuana to me, and I have tried it...that did work wonders...should I look into that? Or is there another way?
Any suggestions would be nice...I just want some decent sleep.

Cardiff, UK

#2 Feb 10, 2011
hi,you need to see your doctor staying awake for 4 days even though it happened once is serious.please take a look at the link.wish you well.
Sarah Grace

Tualatin, OR

#3 Feb 10, 2011
Don't feel weird. It has happened to me too. I'm on day two without sleep and I'm convinced some people are just like this. I work two days a week that are night shifts and Im pretty sure this contributes. I tried ambien and it made me really dizzy and naseous. I think u should definitely look into the marijuana. I find a lot of my friends and family not only think I'm crazy for not sleeping, but also make me feel like its something I can control. Medical marijuana is an option. Im in the process right now. Good luck :)

Since: Aug 11

Phuket, Thailand

#6 Aug 16, 2011
I recommend sunshine and white egg. The longest awake by no nap or sleep of mine is 17 days.(I wonder that i am alive!)

This is my story in my website:


Just want to tell you that you are not alone.

Since: Oct 11

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#7 Nov 22, 2011
I agree with slatey, you should at least temporarily go to the doctor and get some meds. Just don't do ambien. You may have anxiety problems keeping you awake, maybe you could get treated for that also. Exercise during the day, read at night and listen to a set of a few songs that you can concentrate on as you fall asleep. Hopefully something will help.

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Indore, India

#8 Jul 14, 2012
Here are a few sleeping tips for you. These tips are useful for insomnia as well as other [url=http://sleepdisorders.dol yan.com/sleep-disorders]sleep disorders[/url].

Don’t do exciting things right before your sleep time (sex is ok for men as they get very sleepy (chemicals) but this works different for women who do not have the same reaction)

Learn to leave your office problems back in the office when you drive home – all those people who dwell on those problems have issues sleeping
Meditation, another one best sleeping tips – Meditate and fully relax yourself and you will discover you fell asleep

Be a good person – if you do evil things then you will stress about them at night and also other people are likely to have insulted you or taken revenge which you will also be thinking about at night

Medicine: Buy / use valerian root
Avoid having bright lights around the house in the evening – use dimmer lights. Bright lights act like the sun and tell the body it is daytime
Reduce noise in the place where you sleep as much as possible

A little bit of alcohol (1 or half glass) can relax you to sleep – too much of it will make you excited. Wine and beer work better than vodka.
Certain herbs can help you sleep, Google about herbs and teas which help you sleep (passion fruit tea)

Use a lavender spray or lavender aromatherapy
Use foam ear plugs if there is a lot of noise around which you can do nothing about
Ethan Green

Peterborough, UK

#10 Aug 9, 2012
Hi Sleepless

There are so many different possible reasons why you might have difficulty sleeping. Without knowing what lifestyle you have, it's impossible to guess what you may be doing, if anything, to stop yourself sleeping. So all I can do is give you general advice on ways to fall asleep. I do believe that you can train yourself to fall asleep easily, and that you can change things that you may be doing that prevents you getting to sleep, as there are loads of lifestyle choices people make that can keep them up. In my opinion, the main areas to consider are these:

1. Making sure you have a strict routine. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. This will condition your body and mind to recognize this time as sleep time.
2. Trying to see sleep as an important part of the day, and not letting things interfere with your pattern. This is an attitude you can adopt - don't allow things to get in the way of your sleep, like a film or computer or the phone or work. When it is bedtime, it is bedtime!
3. Have a good diet. Don't eat a heavy meal, smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine for a few hours before bedtime.
4. Try to exercise most days. Even if you can't - go out for a walk or sit outside for some fresh air in the evening.
5. Turn off electronic devices in the last hour of the day. It is much better to read a book before going to sleep, as TV and computers can stimulate your mind and keep you awake.
6. Make sure your bedroom is only used for sleeping if you can. Don't watch TV in bed for example.
7. Try to keep your body cool. Coolness makes the body think it is time to sleep. So don't have a hot bath right before bed for example - a couple of hours before is good.
8. Sleep in the dark. The body produces Melatonin when it is dark which helps you sleep.
9. Do some relaxation techniques before bed. Meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation for example. There are loads of YouTube videos that can teach you.
10. If you can't sleep after 20-30 minutes, get up and do something else relaxing for 20 minutes then go back to bed.

Most importantly is not to stress if you can't sleep, or if you wake up. Then that stress in itself will keep you awake. Just try to accept it, relax and keep trying to do what I mentioned above, and you will in time get better hopefully as sleeping.

The website below is full of really useful tips about insomnia, and goes into the above points in more detail and much more. Have a look if you like.


Good luck with it, and I hope things improve soon!

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