Hello to all,

My husband and I were trying to conceive for a fair while and we tried many methods of
fertility logging/tracking ,such as temperatures, cervical fluidity, menstrual flow
and the like.

What we realized is that we had to write everything down and log each event
whenever it happened. So we used printed charts for a while and since we both are
into computers started using excel.

The thing is that after a while we started writing a program.
So, now it has been a while since we have it and we are thinking of releasing it into market.

In order to have a competitive product to satisfy all users, we are currently ask for anyone who would
like to participate in our beta-testing phase. Everyone who joins will get free licenses of the program
in return of feedback and feature requests and we hope that we will all have a fertility and ovulation calendar that suits the needs of many couples who try to conceive, try NOT to conceive using physical
methods or simply women and couples who would like to know their body better and program in advance their activities in relation to their bodily needs.

If you would like to participate in our software beta-testing or just get more information, please contact
us via pm or by sending an email at kountouroglou@gmail.com

Thank you all in advance,

John and Vicky Kountouroglou