chronic hives
Jessica M

United States

#62 Apr 15, 2008
Jessica I had chronic hives about 2 years ago. I had them for 2 and a half years. I started drinking "Tahitian Noni Juice" and about three months later they were completely gone. I was on prednisone, antihistamines, andtidepressents, immunosuppressents, and nothing but the high doseses of steroids helped( I hated that) this herbal juice did wonders. But now the down side. After 2 years of being hive free they are back I have started taking the "noni juice" again and I am hoping it works before my hives get to bad.
Jessica wrote:
What kind of medications is everyone taking? I've had chronic hives for a few years now and they're just getting worse and worse. Nothing seems to work anymore. The antihistimines don't work anymore (Benadryl, Chlortrimeton, Zyrtec), steroids didn't work either. I'm now trying Chinese medicine, but don't have too much faith in it. Acupuncture didn't work either.:( Can anybody suggest anything else?? Please??

Saint Louis, MO

#63 Apr 27, 2008
I am currently experiencing my second bout of hives, it sucks. I wake up with them usually they are usually on my legs and arms and just recently on my neck. I am so tired of my allergist. She put me on trials of 3 different antihistamines. One is Zyrtec, which doesn't work. I tried Xyzal which is new, it helped a little bit, and also clarinex. I can do anything I want because I am so ashamed to go out in public, it is even affecting my personal life.. I don't now what to do, no one wants to test me to see where they are coming from. I am so tired of this. Does anyone have any suggestions

South Windsor, CT

#64 May 15, 2008
Leah wrote:
<quoted text>What are you taking for them? Have had hives since Sept. Prednisone eased symptoms but can't stay on it. Reduced pred. by 10 mg one day and they have returned. Dr wants me to stop predisone. They have done the blood testes ect don't show anything. Not allery to food or other things.
You sound like my sister, she was tested. she is allergic to self. you must see auto immune specialist

North Chicago, IL

#65 May 27, 2008
Thank you Sylvia - I have been experiencing hives with Atenolol and I have been going crazy trying to figure it out and itching to death. Thank you, thank you!!
Sylvia wrote:
Hello, hive sufferers.....I am simply sending you this notice to have faith and never give up. I am a registered nurse who has sufferred from chronic hives for a year in a half.I have went through several allergist and several dermatologist only to receive several medications. All test revealed that I was not allergic to the basic, food, perfume, soaps, detergent etc. So what was the cause of my hives.
Athough being a nurse, I gave out medications on a daily basis; I did not strongly believe in all medications.{Please forgive me physicians for this next statement} In medical school most doctors are trained to treat signs and symptoms od disease through medication only. That is the American way. Or treat a disease by medication only. There are many more natural way of combating certain disease through certain, major lifestyle changes.
Back to my story, for my hives I was given zantac, methylpredisone, clariton, zyrtec, these meds worked for a short period of time only. Only to arise once again. I cried, yelled screamed because I was enduring such sever itching burning pain which left ugly marks. Finally hope arrived. One particular specialist asked me what types of meds I was on. I told Him Atenolo/HTCZ.....He immedialely said that what the problem. Atenol is a Beta-Blocker which tends to cause chronic hives. This medicine is used to treat high blood pressure. I occurred Pregnancu induced hypertension due to giving birth and was placed on this medication.....The specialist told me that he was going to wean me off of the medication. I said you can't do that I might have a stoke. He took my blood pressure and said that it was 106/68...and he suggest I be weaned off. I took his advice. Under his supervision I've been weaned off the medicine and NO MORE HIVES.....UNBELIEVABLE......I AM ASTATIC....I have been hive free for 6 months.
in regards to my blood pressure i made lifestyly changes. I increased my potassium, calcium, and magnesium intake through natural foods, and lowered my sodium intake and this was the cure for my hypertension....Drinking H2O/water is always a key component for health..........I am no longer on blood pressure, nor do I get anymore hives....
One down fall......after being on beta-blocker for several two year one of the side effect was increased heartrate when taking off. I did exprienced this for a month. 95-105 heartrate. I excercised on a daily basis 30 minutes, consumed lots of fruits, veggies, fiber, and lean eventually began dropping.......
Hive sufferers.....bring this to your doctors attention if you are on beta-blockers.....some doctors might take offense because they don't like to appear unknowledgeable, and some doctors may take it as constructive critism....either way this is you life and your health.......never stop any meds on yoyr own, you must consult with a physician.

Richmond, Canada

#66 Jul 27, 2008
Subway sandwiches definately give me hives. I've learned my lesson... they put a whole lot of chemicals on those veggies.
Tim from Tampa


#67 Aug 17, 2008
I too have the exact same symptoms. Hives mostly at night. If I scratch them they multiply. Back of legs, side , stomach, back. Never on my face. Im going crazy
I am going crazy with hives. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to them. I have checked all the usual questions they ask..such as have you changed laundry soap, deodorant, body soap etc...have not eaten any unusual foods..we are very plain eaters.
My hives usually come on at night but they have also appered throughout the day. They are like long raised welts and are very very itchy. They are usually on my arms and on my back and neck area but never on my face (thank goodness). I am at my wits end and wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem. The only relief I get is taking a low dose Reactine anti-histamine which is non-drowsy.
Is it possible to just have hives and not really be allergic to something????
Your comments would be welcomed...thank you and take care.

Since: Aug 08

Porirua, New Zealand

#68 Aug 29, 2008
Hi CH suffers!! I was previously pretty much non allergic but now have had hives for about 9 months. They started as huge welts on my legs progressing to cover most my body. As it was the busy time of the year (Christmas, and also my Nana was dying) I ignored it for a while. Eventually I went to my Doctor who fobbed me off until I came back one day after being forced by my work colleagues to just turn up at her practice (that day I was standing crying, half naked in the change room holding cold wet clothes against myself!!!). I was some what hypothermic that day due to most of my skin being stretched and swollen causing heat loss!!! Hard to ignore, my Doctor had me seen that day by a Dermatologist. He then had me on prednisone and a concoction of other drugs and creams for the next many months. I spent summer hiding in dark places, avoiding the sun like a vampire. This was most unfortunate as I LOVE the sun and it was the best summer we have has in years!!!!!! On the worst days I would be standing in a cold shower in the middle of the night crying. During this time they have been some what controlled by taking large amounts of meds including ranitidine, doxepin, minocycline, and loratidine. I have only had blood tests done some showing extremely high White blood cells (canít remember which ones), got freaked out reading about the possibility of having some malignancies that cause hives and generally got bummed out by the whole thing. Around about the time the hives started I had some fluid removed from my knee and had a steroid injection. I also had a bad sun burn on my thighs at this time (canít remember if I already had the hives). I think it is likely that the steroid injection caused some kind of hyper immune response causing my allergy to myself. But who the !*#? knows. I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis that has links to the gene HLA b27 which is associated with autoimmune diseases.

In June I was reasonably controlled however I was still on about 20mg of prednisone and all the other meds. I wasnít happy with having to take all these meds (and handing over so much hard earned cash to my specialist, who was a bit of a funny bugger) so I decided to get a second opinion (literally, since there is only two Dermies). This specialist stopped most of the meds that I was taking and put me on a reducing dose of prednisone, loratidine and ketotofen. This was pretty good until the ketotofen became unavailable!!! Anyway for the last few days I have been taking polaramine which other than making me feel cracked out, hasnít helped much. So I will continue to self medicated my prednisone until my next appointment and scratch like some crack hore (hmmm crack maybe that might work, anybody tried that???). Sorry, some how in between the crying, screaming and complaining I have maintained a sense of humour. For example Fergies song ďmy lovely lady bumpsĒ, I have a great version of that when Iím showing of my many ďlovely lady scratchy lumps and humpsĒ!!! On top of the hives there are extra lumps since I have put on 10kg since being on the meds!! I am soon to turn 30 and the inability to fit any of my clothes (and refusal to by larger one) is not doing my confidence any good!!

Although I am very sceptical about natural remedies and ideas, I think I am getting to the point of trying such things. However I WILL kill the next person who suggests I change my washing powder!!!!!

Is anybody aware that they are HLA B27 positive and have other autoimmune conditions?

Fort Atkinson, WI

#69 Sep 14, 2008
Angie - Thanks for your post. I've been suffering from hives for about two months. Taking Zyrtec seems to provide some relief, though I still have a few on my arms. My (finished) basement got soaked during a rain storm. The carpet and some of the drywall were really wet. I dried everything out and was running a dehumidifier. A few days later I noticed some mushrooms growing out of the space where the drywall meets the trim. I moved the dehumidifier closer to them, and they dried out into little black spots on the wall. Since then, I have had hives. Does anyone know? Do I need to completely remove all of the carpet in the basement? What about the drywall?

angie in florida wrote:
<quoted text> kathy, i am pleased to finally see someone asking this question. i have never had uticaria, 3 months ago we moved into a house that i believe has mold in it, and i am miserable. sometime i have regular hives but in addition i have welts that itch and burn, they pop out all the time, no system to them. if i rub or scratch them, skin peels off like a blister, they water alot, and the next day scab over like a bad wound. i have them all over my arms, legs, torso, feet, luckily so far not my face. i thought i was allegic to maybe some kind of bug bite, we live in humid florida but there has been no bites that i know of, this started when we moved into this house and i am afraid i have a mold allergic reaction. i have been previously tested (general allery testing) and the results were that my only culprit was household mold, but this has never happened to me until now. i fear there is mold in the house, and that is what is causing this condition. they aren't always typical hives, moreso they are like a hive until i touch or scratch them, and then it is like i broke open a blister. i am covered, miserable, loaded up on benadryl but they are getting worse. they get really bad when i get hot or stressed. so glad to see your ? as i wondered the same thing. we are planning on moving, and i fear my condition thus far is from mold in the house. would appreciate your thoughts or experiences. angie

Wilmington, NC

#70 Oct 2, 2008
I had severe hives and now after 3 months they are controlled by Zantac and Allegra + I figured out that anything I eat with culture in it is causing it so I stopped eating all cheeses, yogurt, sour cream, bread (yeast) and it has helped a lot.

San Diego, CA

#71 Oct 4, 2008
For some of you this might be of interest. I was having huge hives & welts when waking up in the morning and some during the night. I was 45 years old and just starting menopause (peri). My body would heat up during the night and I would get heat related hives. Later when I started with hot flashes I would get hives during the day. I am allergic to cold and to heat, and sometimes to pressure on my skin. This is just an fyi.


#72 Oct 28, 2008
Coming up to my 8th week of hives now...I wake up with them as they develop overnight. Tried elliminating all the usual suspects, but I`m still at a loss. Luckily Benadryl keeps mine away, but I dare not miss a Days tablet.
However, a previous post interested me, in that I am due to have a review of a previuos gall-bladder problem, which has returned with a vengance...perhaps there is a connection?

Brevard, NC

#73 Oct 29, 2008
does anybody have a sore throat also. my throat hurts awful. i recently had a tatoo with some red and yellow colors in it. my dermie seems to think that is the problem. any suggestions?


#74 Nov 30, 2008
I started feeling itchy since last summer (2008). I wasn't able to sleep at night- most of the time I would not fall asleep until 3:00 am. 2 months ago I was informed by my doctor and my Endocrinologist that I had Graves disease and needed treatment. I told the Endocrinologist that I've been feeling itchy...he says that this not a common symptom of graves' disease. My GP looked at my skin (body) and noted the scatches and red dots, but did not know what to make of it. I am seeing a dermotologist next Friday. I hope he can give me something to relieve me of my scratching, and restless nights when I have to sleep. Does anybody know what I can do about this?
Lizzy Bee

Chickamauga, GA

#75 Dec 13, 2008
debra wrote:
i have had chronic hives for 14 years and under doctors care take lots of medicine
I have has hives for 27 years. I was poisenedby halloween candy and have had them ever since. Sometimes I will go months without them and them keep them for long periods of time. I had a outbreak yesterday, had to get decadron shot and take zyrtec. I have seen about 4 doctors. They ruled out lupus and I am allergic to several trees and grasses. When someone around me has a cold or something viral, I break out. I can't get chicken pox, measles or mumps. Have been exposed to them several times and just break out. If my clothes rub my skin I get a hive. Sometimes my eyes swell and my lips. My hives are symetrical, if I have one on my right wrist I will have one on my left......Doctors try to diagnose me all the time and ofcourse I laugh and tell them to give me the shot and don't

United States

#76 Dec 14, 2008
I'm 30 year old female, and have recently had hives (3 times in the past two months). I am not allergic to anything that I am aware of, except Sulfa drugs. I am a chef, and so I have always eaten all sorts of foods with no problem. I have traced my diet and see no relation in the foods I ate on all three occurences. I got married 4 months ago and spent my honeymoon in Honduras where I got several insect bites, probably from "biting midges" sometimes called "no-see-ums" These bug bites are still present and itch intermittently after FOUR months!!!. My husbands bites have gone away. When I get a reaction, I get whealps all over my body that burn like fire- I spent the first reaction night in the ER, the second attack I caught very early, drank half a bottle of childrens Liquid Benydrl, and took 2 Pepcid tablets, and recovered. Yesterday, I broke out again, very quickly, under my hair, and all over my body, and used my Epi-pen (adrenaline shot) took Benydrl and Pepcid again. Now, 32 hours later, my body is still very blotchy, but not raised up like a welp. My allergist says she cannot prick-test me until I am 6 weeks free from allergic reactions or I will false-positive/neg. My husband thinks I'm crazy, some people say it's stress- I am in so much pain and anxiety I don't know what to think. My heart tells me it is related to the tropical bug bites. I also develped a type of eczema after the bug bites too! How could this all be a coincidence? Please tell me if you have any advice.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#77 Jan 5, 2009
I would try OxyHives, it was developed by homeopathy experts to help relieve multiple symptoms of hives. OxyHives is a safe, all natural solution that will not make you drowsy or cause other negative side effects.

Brentwood, TN

#78 Jan 5, 2009
I have had Hives off and on for the last 2 years. Around the time the hives started I was also diagnosed with idiopathic cyclic neutropenia. The docs don't think they are connected but i do. The only thing that has worked for me is cyclosporine but I shouldn't take it for a long period of time because it can cause kidney damage. It is used off label for hives and psoriasis. I have seeen many doctors and none of them can find a reason.

Brentwood, TN

#79 Jan 5, 2009
Get a second opinion and I would recommend seeing a rhuemetologist! Antihistamines are worth crap when you have chronic hives. Or at least that is what I have experienced
Cherie wrote:
I am currently experiencing my second bout of hives, it sucks. I wake up with them usually they are usually on my legs and arms and just recently on my neck. I am so tired of my allergist. She put me on trials of 3 different antihistamines. One is Zyrtec, which doesn't work. I tried Xyzal which is new, it helped a little bit, and also clarinex. I can do anything I want because I am so ashamed to go out in public, it is even affecting my personal life.. I don't now what to do, no one wants to test me to see where they are coming from. I am so tired of this. Does anyone have any suggestions
Kurt Ontario Canada

Barrie, Canada

#80 Jan 15, 2009
I've had hives for 10 weeks now. At first when
they started ,the itching was so bad I would do
anything to relieve it. I made an appt. with my doctor, but in the mean-time I had to do something.I bought a plastic spray bootle and
a bottle of rubbing alchol at the dollar store.
That sure made life easier for me ,for the 2 weeks
til I could see my doctor. It's not a cure, but it's instant relief , when I woke up at night, I just gave myself a worked for me. Now I'm on apo-hydroxyzine 10 mg. and I'm doing fairly well.

Portsmouth, VA

#81 Jan 26, 2009
I had no idea there were this many people out there with all of the same symptoms as me! I literally thought I have been going crazy. So I've never had hives in my life and am not allegic to anything except Sulfa drugs. It all started around Thanksgiving. I had an extremely soar throat and thought that I might have strep or mono because I was also very tired and muscles ached, all that. So I went to the doc and they did some a strep test (came back neg.) and then did some bloodwork which looked at my white blood cell count and they determined that I had a bacterial infection. So they put me on an antibiotic. This got rid of all of my symptoms of my sickness but a few days after i finished taking it, my same symptoms came back. So I went back to the doc and they put me on a stronger antibiotic called z-pak (azithromycin). This worked and got rid of my symptoms completely this time but on the last day of taking it, i started getting hives. At first they were just on the inside of my thighs and after a few days they got worse and went to my arms. So I went back to the doc a 3rd time and they said I must have had an allergic reaction to the z-pak so they put me on prednisone. Well again, this worked but as soon as I was finished with it the hives came back and it seemed worse than before. So I went back to the doc again and they basically didn't know anything and just put me on a higher dose of prednisone for a longer amount of time but said they didn't want to keep me on it for long. And what do you know the same thing happened, they went away and came back as soon as I quit taking it. I haven't gone back to the docs, I am so mad that I wish I just would have never gone in the first place! I've just been religiously taking benedryl because it is the only thing that stops the itching but it makes me incredibly sleepy. I've taken zyrtec too but it really doesn't do too much for me. After I got off the second dose of prednisone the hives came back but weren't bad; there would be a couple on my arms and a few on my legs. But the last few days have been terrible. I have trouble sleeping, my whole body has started to become itchy even though the hives only show up on my arms and legs. I am going crazy with this! And I know I'm driving my boyrfriend nuts because I'm just so depressed and upset about these stupid things. I was thinking about making an appointment for a dermatologist but after reading everyone's posts it seems that they'll be able to do about as much for me as this doctor has done. I am also thinking about getting tested for my thyroid hormone levels because I've been looking into that and I feel like I have a number of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. If anyone can offer an advice I would TREMEMNDOUSLY appreciate it! I've already spent over $200 in co-pays and meds in the last 2 months and I just don't want to waste anymore money. It's comforting to know that there are so many of you out there with the same problems as me but it's scary to see that many of you have been suffering from this for years! I honestly don't know what I'll do if I have to keep enduring this. It's really taking a toll on my life and my relationship :(

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