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Vancouver, WA

#1 Oct 25, 2008
I am a 28 year old female with reasonably good health and have never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life. The last 2 weeks I have been getting hives random places on my body. I have no food allergies that I know of and never have had hives. Last week the hives appeared on my knees and they would appear there for a few days. Last Monday, I took a nap when I got home from work and as I was getting around to make dinner I noticed hives all over my stomach, hips, legs and butt. I took an anit-histamine and it seemed to help. The next night, I was getting ready for bed and noticed the hives all over my body. The hives started at my arms and went all the way down my body. Most of the hives looked like a connecting trail of bug bites but then they started to connect looking like a giant hive. I had one hive larger than a basketball. As the week went on, I would continue to get hives everyday. I notice the hives only after sleeping and they start to appear only after I am awake for sometime. This morning,(Saturday) I woke up and had hives all over my lower body. The strange thing is that my hands and lips were severely swollen. I took some Benadryl and the hive stop itching. The Benadrly only stops the itching but not the red swollen hives. The swelling from the hives take up to 8 - 10 hours to go down. I havent changed anything in my diet, beauty products, detergents or anything that I use in my daily life. I have consulted an advice nurse and they only recommend an anti-histamine. Is there anyone else that has had any experience with this that can help me??? I am getting so frustrated and confused to why this is happening now. Can someone, anyone please help?





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Biggs, CA

#2 Jan 2, 2009
i dont know but i had an anxiety attack a couple weeks ago and broke out into hives all over and since then it has not gone away. it is very frustrating because im scared to go out in public showing any skin in fear of breaking out. im mad and hives are f*cking ridiculous. i will be going to the doctors on tuesday for the 3rd time.
the husband

Chantilly, VA

#3 Feb 22, 2009
hi chetney,
my wife is about to be 21 and a couple of months ago she started having the same problem as you. Out if nowhere these hives are appearing all over her body and are gone in a few hours after that. My guess is that is has something to do with the clothes. I didnt mention food because the hives pretty much always come when she puts on her clothes. She takes benadryl when the hives appear and then they are gone in a few hours. She says that her mom had the same thing when she about this age and after about a year it stopped happening. So maybe its genetic. I dont know i wish there was a doctor somewhere that would figure out what the hell this hives are about.
Chronic Hives

Lincoln, NE

#4 May 26, 2009
See an immunologist; you may have auto-immune hives. These are hives that are literally caused by nothing. Mine first appeared when I was 24.

Your body may be producing histamines due to your immune system over-reacting to probably nothing at all. It can be very very frustrating.

Portland, OR

#5 Sep 14, 2009
I am a 31 year old guy, and I too am dealing with this strange onslaught of hives. I have never had allergies and I can't recall ever getting hives before. I started noticing them about 10 days ago. It started on my scalp and back of my neck, then it stopped for a few days. But it came back with a vengence about 5 days ago. They are all over my torso, upper legs, on my cheeks, swollen lips, swollen lower eyelid, hands are swollen to where my palms hurt. Benadryl helps, but if I stop taking it they come back. Nothing in my life has changed; diet, detergent, ect. I guess I just have to chalk this up to my body going through a freakout stage or something. It's frustrating. Pretty soon my body will acclimate to all the Benadryl I'm taking. Then what?

San Pablo, CA

#6 Oct 2, 2009
Did you find the cure for yours? I have hives since 2001, severe, big ones. I take generic Zyrtec.
Chronic Hives wrote:
See an immunologist; you may have auto-immune hives. These are hives that are literally caused by nothing. Mine first appeared when I was 24.
Your body may be producing histamines due to your immune system over-reacting to probably nothing at all. It can be very very frustrating.

Tacoma, WA

#7 Nov 20, 2009
Ive had hives for over ten years now. They come and go. I went for about three years with no major outbreak and then after my son was born BAM they hit me hard and the antihistimines arent working so well. I take a lot of meds now to try to control the crazy itchy red welts. I take Ceterizine, Doxepin and ranitidine. Its tough, my doctors, allergist have no idea whats causing it. So to those of you out there suffering, I know how you feel. Sometimes you are gonna feel like giving up on life because its very overwhelming. Stay strong maybe we will live to see answers for a cure.

Brighton, MA

#8 Dec 30, 2009
My chronic hives come on at approximately the same time every day, i.e., at 5 p.m. I thought that it might have to do with my apartment, but I went away for 3 days and I still broke out at 5 p.m. I thought it might be a new sleeping medication, which has many dyes and shelac in it, but I haven't taken that for 3 months and it would not account for the 5 p.m. break outs. Then I thought it might be the metal plate in my foot from a recent surgery, because after my 5:00 p.m. physical therapy session I'd break out. However, the plate is not made from stainless steel, which can leach chemicals into the blood stream and would do so whenever exercise would cause more blood to flow around it, but rather it is made from titanium and that's fairly inert AND my surgery was after the break outs started. Then I thought it was yellow #5 dye, which is in a well-known sports drink I occasionally have, but I haven't touched that for a month and I have cut out all food items with any dye in them. I should add that my hives are accompanied by a severe, constant pain under my sternum that radiates to my back, just at or below my shoulder blades. I try to change positions to make the pain go away, but that does not work at all. THEN I looked up (on Google) gastroenteritis and yellow dye and found literature about gallbladder infections causing hives in a daily pattern like mine. I don't think that my dermatologist had read any of that literature, but he ordered a number of blood tests and a urine sample, so in about a week I will know whether I am going to join the 10% of chronic hives sufferers who know the cause of their hives or the 90% with idiopathic breakouts. I'll let you know what the blood tests reveal. My point is that I do not believe in idiopathic chronic hives, you just have to keep looking for the right clues and then do the research. Sigh. Yes, stress can cause hives, but I do not believe that is the cause of my hives... it might be, but I won't believe that until I have exhausted the other possibilities.

Brighton, MA

#9 Jan 4, 2010
This is a follow-up to my December 30, 2009 comment. I spoke to my dermatologist, today, about the blood and urine test results. All of them were negative, i.e., I do not have a gallbladder infection, cancer, lupus, or anything. The only reason I am unwilling to accept a diagnosis of idiopathic chronic hives is that I break out every day at the same time in the evening regardless of where I am or what I am doing. I returned to work, today, after a pleasant 2 week vacation, during which I suffered from hives every day. Being back in the office was not stressful, because I responded to all my email, yesterday (Sunday). Yet today at 4 p.m., my face was covered with hives. I do not know enough physiology to know about normal or abnormal biological cycles that my 55 year old body experiences. I am in very good shape, not at all overweight, active physically and mentally, and fairly mellow. Can anyone guess what my body might be doing at 4 p.m. every day?

Mississauga, Canada

#10 Jan 5, 2010
Got the H1N1 Flu shot Nov 28th and two days later broke out in hives all over. I have no known allergies. They have lasted on and off for the last 5 weeks. Very frustrating. Doctor put me on a week of prednisone. They went away after 3 days however came right back after two days off the meds. Anyone else had this bad of a reaction? I really don't know what my next step is. I have a call in to my Doctor, and hopefully I can get some relief soon.

Dyersville, IA

#11 Jan 8, 2010
Same thing here started 3 days ago. Everyday about half way through my drive home I break out into hives. Mostly on my hands and itch all over. Going to work on process of elimination, my body has been through a lot over the last couple weeks. Anyone else have any new findings?


San Pablo, CA

#12 Jan 10, 2010
Well, I have some updates about my chronic severe hives, i wrote in Oct 2009. I have been treating with acupuncture and chinese herbs both internal use and also external as well. I've been 3 weeks free of ZYRTEC and the hives patterns are weaker and different sizes and shapes. I am feeling much better, the acupuncturist did technique called blood letting and cupping and nettles. she said i still have a lot of wind inside my body, toxins from years, so, i will do 2 more packages of herbs and i believe i will be feeling wonderful. Guys take care!

Boston, MA

#13 Jan 28, 2010
I saw a nurse practitioner about my hives. She mentioned that, compared to a few years ago, the practice is seeing a significantly increased number of patients with hives. This makes me think that there is a new, ubiquitous chemical product in our environments to which many people are allergic. Recently, I participated in a study that was examining the amount of fire retardant in the dust we breathe; I believe this is the same chemical that was once sprayed onto children's clothes. Now, it is sprayed onto most electronic devices, carpets, etc. Apparently, the chemical ends up in the dust and maybe in our blood and urine. The researchers also took blood and urine samples, but I do not know the results of those tests. There is no evidence that I know of which associates this fire retardant with any medical problems/symptoms and my point is only that new chemicals are introduced into our environments every day without our knowledge and could be the cause of skin reactions like hives. I know that this information does not resolve the problem of chronic hives, but then there may never be a resolution.

TaoyŁan, Taiwan

#14 Feb 3, 2010
Dear All,

Hives or Urticaria is caused by excessive release of neurotransmitters Histamines in our bodies.
Histamines are part of our immmune system and they are responsible for various important tasks in our bodies. The one most important task of histamines is water management inside our bodies.We have a very sophisticated water management system inside our bodies and almost every organ in our bodies needs water to work properly.
75% of a human body consist on water and needs a 2 quart of water daily to perform essential tasks inside our bodies.This amount of water is essential and every major organ, cell and tissue requires water to function properly, A stable immune systmen highly dependable on fully hydrated cells. When the cells are dehydrated your immunce system goes haywire. Remember our body has a natural detoxification system which will not work properly without enough water and this will cause all kind of allergies and diseases.

Due to modern age lifestyle , Alcohol( major factor) excessive amount of caffeine and other dehydrating foods and liquids used in our daily lives causes a severe drought inside our bodies. This is called " Chronice Cellualr Dehydrataion", When body does not have enough supply of water naturally it releases these histamines to deal with water shortage and you get those hives as a result.
Almost all of the modern age disease are the result of Chronic dehydration.
here is the cure for all of you.

1. Stop alchol, caffeine and sodas.they dehydrate your body severely. Rhydrating process will not work if you do not eradicate alcohol completely and decrease the intake of caffeine to lowest.
2. Start the process of rehydrating your bodies with 8 ounces glasses of pure water per day ( two glasses of water every 3 hrs).
Water is a natural " antihistamine".
3. Use some salt, pinch for a glass ( pregerably unrefined sea salt) or 3 grams for 10 glasses of water.( if you have a blood pressure talk to your doctor before adding the salt to the water).
When you start drinking more water you have more urine output that is why salt is necessery with more water intake so your body does not get depleted by essential minerals and sodium.
Get a good quality mineral supplement and take it daily.

Remember it took years for your bodies to dehydrate so rehydrating is not possible in day or two, it will take few weeks or may be two month. you will start to feel the effects in two weeks and will be cured in 4-8 weeks will be free of hives completely. give it a try and you have nothing to lose.

Hope this will help.

Boston, MA

#15 Feb 9, 2010
I like your hypothesis. However, I have not changed my healthy eating or drinking patterns for years and for ~9 months, I have suffered from idiopathic hives. (I am ~56, thin, athletic, and still employed.) My blood and urine tests were negative, so as far as the MDs are concerned, I am healthful... except that I suffer from severe diurnal outbreaks of hives. The only thing that has helped and is helping is acupuncture. If your hypothesis is correct, how does water play into this result. Hypotheses are only as good as the facts they can explain.

San Pablo, CA

#16 Feb 9, 2010
I Also love hypothesis but nobody wants to be in my skin. I have had severe hive attacks daily for 9 years. No tests showS anything i could be allergic to. Taken chinese herbs and acupuncture. I am looking to start naet(nambudripad's allergy elimination techniques) in the near future. I heard good things about this technique. If interested look for practioners in your Šrea and type naet.

TaoyŁan, Taiwan

#17 Feb 21, 2010
Cindy,It is not hypothesis,I cured my own chronic hives with water and i know few others who were cured with water only. All cases were idiopathic Urticaria.
How may glasses of water your drink everyday? Do you drink alcohol? Do you drink Coffee or any caffeine beverages etc?
Intake of insufficient amount of water or use of diuretics in your diet over a long period of time may cause unintential chronic dehydration without you knowing it.
You might have a silent infection such as H.pylori or a viral. For H.pylori there is a particular blood test and viral infections are hard to detect. Regardless of whatever the cause of your hives increasing water intake will help flush out any bacteria, toxins or viruses.


#18 Feb 22, 2010
You should know that there are many disease blood tests fail to detect. Most of the blood tests are not sensitive enough to dectect diseases in early stage as well as few infections. The disease would show up in the blood test only when the real damage has started.
various forms of cancers wouldn't show up in the blood test either.
I seriously think that your hives caused by some kind of silent infection or inflamation.
Nonetheless increased water intake will help.

Boston, MA

#19 Feb 22, 2010
Dear Sam:
Thank you for your thoughtful comments!
I drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning. I drink at least 3 8-oz. glasses of milk, 1 glass of water, 2 cups of herbal tea every day. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I do not like carbonated soft drinks in general and don't drink them at all. I eat meat once a week and fish and poultry once a week. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits, which are full of water. I don't take diuretics. I don't have h.pylori; I was tested 8 months ago and in December. I do believe that I'm constantly fighting an infection, because the cysts on my head become inflamed when I'm fighting one. One was very painful this moring, again. The osteotomy done in November has left my foot swollen and uncomfortable, and my foot was hot, tonight. I have a call into the surgeon with whom I hope to speak, tomorrow. I am having slight urticaria outbreaks, now, so they are back, but I believe in acupuncture and will continue to go. However, I do think that common sense must prevail, so I am going to start drinking 3 more glasses of water each day. I remain hopeful that the water will help flush my body clean of watever it is that is causing these hives. I want to add that I was having outbreaks well before the surgery, so I'm fairly sure that nothing about the surgery caused the urticaria, but it could have exacerbated them. I'll let you know in a month whether the extra water has helped or not. Thank you! Cindy

TaoyŁan, Taiwan

#20 Feb 22, 2010
Cindy, Your water intake is very low, all other things are fluids and not water with the exception of herbal teas , Even with the hrebal tea there is a fair chance that some of the herbs involved are diuretics and causing water loss from your body.
Amount of water you are getting from vegetable and fruits is not good enough and whatever water you are geting from these comes with lots of pestiside residue,
Dairy products such as milk produces more mucus inside the body which may contribute to infections and allergies (direclty or indirectly) and ultimately causes more histamines production.
Let's make it very simple, jsut as you can not take a shower with anything else but only water , inside of your body need the same.
For any persistent infection you may use Oil of Oregano,It is very potent and it can wipe out any chronic infection ( viral or bacterial).give it a try. 2 drops , 3 times a day, must be of a good brand and quality though.

You should be drinking 8oz x 8 glasses of clean nice water only.

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