Ernest Angley: The sad shadow of an o...

Ernest Angley: The sad shadow of an old miracle man

There are 126 comments on the Idland story from Jun 19, 2008, titled Ernest Angley: The sad shadow of an old miracle man. In it, Idland reports that:

The sign heralding Ohio miracle worker Ernest Angley's visit to Lesotho is enough to make you wince.

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Indio, CA

#21 Jul 6, 2009
The Reaper wrote:
Those who judge this man will become ill and when this happens to them let them remember what they said on this post.........laugh now the day your lying on your death bed remember what you said on this post remember all those who spoke ill of this man will be visited by the reaper
We'll remember, and we'll remember the hypocrisy of a supposedly good christian cursing people to fall ill and die. But, really, you can publicize your particular brand of voodoo, but that doesn't make it real.

Jesus said, "beware the false prophet."

Binbrook, Canada

#22 Jul 8, 2009
you sad little ernest angley-ites...

do you not know he's playing you like puppets? do you not realize that the words that come out of your mouths are HIS words... not God's words, you fools.

all i have to say is thank god after 17 years i finally realized he was a con just making fools and taking money from poor senseless folks like yourselves.

there's hope. just think for yourselves!!! read the bible with an open mind. jesus was infact a great man, i won't deney that. do you really think he'd take money from the poor? break up families? ask you to close your eyes to the world around you? i wouldn't think so.

open your eyes people.


#23 Jul 9, 2009
Here, here 'knowsbetter'. I, too, follow the teachings of the master, Jesus. He was definitely an extremely enlightened one.

You don't have to listen to money hungry pastors and churches to believe in the majesty of his thinking, which hasn't been outdone for two millenia.

To thine ownself be true. Judge not that you be judged. Good words, and even better ideals.
Aaron Renwood


#24 Jul 14, 2009
Telling the truth about a minister's false doctrines is NOT judging him,it is something we are to do.Allowing Christians to live under the bondage of fasle teachings is not showing love to them.

Kansas City, MO

#25 Aug 5, 2009
ernest angley ministries is no different from any other cult. members are brainwashed similar to hitlers regime by limiting their socialization, communication, and information out side of his church. his members sound like a carbon copy of him. his ministry was split around 1995 after multiple alligations came out from
members of homosexuality, intimidation, and murder attempts. he cut the break lines of his gay lovers when he threatened to expose him. half of his church left and the remaining members were told to cut all communication with the "devil possesed" former members. this split up families and long time friends. his co pastor at that time left the church (bill davis) who was also told by angley to be "possesed by the devil". the remaining members in his church are brainwashed by the godly things that go on and wonder if he is an evil man why are so many people healed. at one time angley was right with god and was given the gifts of healing. but the scriptures tell that the gifts of god work with out repentance. which means if god gives you a gift he will never take it away.
he has been investigated for child labor violations at his buffet, which was also the scene of a murder where one of his employees killed a teenage girl with a butcher knife who he liked and was not liked back. the man will eventually one day answer to god. there are a lot of sincere people at his church who's lives are bettered, but they turn to him for advice and do whatever he says and go along with his legalism so that they think his word is "the will of god". its a sad thing that people make life changing decisions because one man told them to who they think is gods only living "prophet" on earth. he has laundered money and has it in a relatives name down in the south where he is from. he owns the t.v. station that huge church that horrible tower restaurant and multiple frequency towers and busses. members of his church will pledge up to 50 gs because he claims the church needs something and its "gods will". he tells people who they can marry and is a racist who does not allow interacial dating or dating outside the church. his mid aged co pastor married a girl fresh out of h.s. as he ordained it in the name of god. I could go on for days and nights. eventually he will be judged, I believe that's the reason nobody put a bullet in his head yet.

“Pere e palesitseng e ea lisoa”

Since: Nov 08

Moo e qhoaeloang

#26 Aug 5, 2009
Ntse le reng?

Scottsmoor, FL

#27 Oct 26, 2009
Ernest Angley Kicks ass! He never once tried to force an offering only the people made an offering because they believed in him and as of today, do your research!!!

all I cansay is he has been there for me form the time I was ten

30 years ago!

god bless rev Angley!!!

And he is a man of god, he will tell u that God loves the haters to because God does but yeah.....

I just hope I can even do a fraction of what the Rev does for people before I pass on.

Keep up the ggod work Rev Angley!!!

Maseru, Lesotho

#28 Oct 26, 2009
seity wrote:
Ntse le reng?
Ho etsahalang na??
educated individual

Denver, CO

#29 Nov 1, 2009
i have been very blessed by the ministry. i received a miracle in my late teens, still good today...dr's still do blood work, they just can't believe i am fine. i have received others as well. i know for certain that people are blessed by god through this mans life. just be-careful of your words because you can hurt others that could receive from god.

Binbrook, Canada

#30 Nov 5, 2009
HiLo wrote:
Jeff Knox. Ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha.

Jeff, you're a fool.

Greenville, PA

#31 Nov 26, 2009
ERNEST ANGLEY is an amazing business man and rakes in the CASH but he will BURN in hell for ever when his day comes! He does rape all the olderly people of their savings and LIE to them and perform FAKE faith healings. The IRS should take him down already but he is the BEST CHEAT in the FRAUD business and hides his stash of cash well. IF he really was able to heal,he would heal himself and get rid of that $5.00 WIG and give himself REAL HAIR! I am NOT afraid to say anything about this fake preacher because GOD is on my side and will punish him for using the name of GOD to STEAL peoples money!!

Charlotte, NC

#32 Dec 1, 2009
I'd be impressed if Ernie could heal an amputee! Of course he's a clown, but what entertainment. I'd pay to see him in a cage-match with Jimmy Swaggert.

Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

#33 Dec 8, 2009
I praise the Lord for your allegations against this honest man of God Rev. Ernest Angley. I will just encourage you to continue insulting him. What I know is that The servant is not greater than the master. If you people insult Jesus, you will also insult his servant Rev. Angley. Your reactions prove that Rev. Angley is really a man of God. If not, you would never insult him. He is not in your secret societies. Examen the bible and you will see that what I am saying is true.

Rev. Angley will always have our support and prayers.

Santa Clara, CA

#34 Dec 15, 2009
I've heard a lot of shit about Ernest Angley and it isn't anything good. His ushers beat the tar out of my neighbor Gloria after Angley let her and her mother on stage and they tried to lie and say she beat herself up. During the trial, we went to a restaurant in Akron after one of the hearings and a waitress had a story about Ernest Angleys Ministries. She had a family that went to the church and came to the restaurant right after coming from his church for years. All of a sudden the family disappeared. She heard a roomer that the family's kid was being molested by one of the ushers at the church and the family packed up and left. There is also another true story that happened at Angley's church also. A couple of ushers murdered a lady in the buffet the church ran also. That whole ministry is jacked up and its not even worth going there.

Allen Park, MI

#35 Feb 1, 2010
Thelocal216 is a total liar! I'm right here in Akron and know the facts. Investigators found that lady that made false claims actually did hurt herself to try to get money from the church. I watched that lady go berzerk while the ushers stood away from her while they waited for the police to show up to take her away. She's a con. The hearsay story from the waitress who heard a baseless rumor is also a fairy tale. And lastly, no usher hurt or killed anyone. Unbelievable lies from Thelocal216. Oh well, Jesus got persecuted too and people still lie about him today.

South Africa

#36 Feb 1, 2010
Batho baa hobaneng batlo etsal lerata ka moo?? Helang tholang lea re hlolia...??

Allen Park, MI

#37 Feb 2, 2010
john3sixteen (previous comment) is the worst liar I've seen in a long time. I got married in that church and no one told me who to marry. There are interacial couples that attend that church and are well respected. He also doesn't own that tower (it's owned by Krieger Communications) and he doesn't have any middle aged co paster that married a high school student as john3sixteen has lied about. Obviously, john3sixteen hates Christians, the Bible or all religions and has a grudge. Don't believe everything you read. Search out the truth for yourself as I've done and you'll find that church's mission is to help humanity. I'm a skeptic at heart and have to investigate things for myself before I believe and after closely examining that church and teachings I've found they match Biblical doctrine.

Canton, OH

#38 Feb 5, 2010
Ernest Angley is a very dangerous man, because he preaches that the members of his church are the "only" people going to heaven. He preaches that the Bible is the only book to follow. How about this from 1 Kings 1:52:

And Solomon said, If he will shew himself a worthy man, there shall not an hair of him fall to the earth: but if wickedness shall be found in him, he shall die.

Given Ernest Angley's bad toupee, I'd say his hair has fallen out and he is not a worthy man.

More importantly, what does his toupee say about vanity? That there's a lot of it, and he's hiding his shame from the lord.

Jacksonville, FL

#39 Feb 26, 2010
Fraud? Almost 30 years ago this man of GOd prayed for me and I was delivered of cigeretts and I am still not smokeing... Not the man who did it true but the man GOd used to anoint me so that I could receive MY Healing... God Bless you Bro. Angley.....
mr mojo risin wrote:
angley is a fraud ,a fake and a peddler of lies and myths.......of course so is every other preacher .

Concord, NC

#40 May 23, 2010
you are a simple minded follower that is too indocrtinated to form your own brain waves..........
Seriously, do some research about any, any, well known televangelist and see what you find outside the realm of criminal histories, rape, robbery, fraud, glutony in their 30k square foot mansions, private jets, are an idiot........
from Ohio wrote:
To the person that wrote that article about Reverend Angley:
You may be High now, but you will go down real low when you discover that you are going to hell for speaking such lies against the true man of God. You know Jeff is right. There's such thing as blaspheming against the Holy Ghost. You are talking against someone with the Holy Ghost working in his life. They did that to Jesus and that was his introduction to the sin of Blaspheming against the Holy Ghost. Jesus said there's no forgiveness in this life nor in the life to come. You sound like you are without feeling and that's what the walking dead are like. They can even go to church, fast, pray and still be the walking dead if they deny the truth of what the real man of God is standing for, which is all biblical, from the casting out of devils, living a sin free life, the real Holy Ghost baptism and I don't mean speaking in tongues at will because if someone can do that, they don't have the real Holy Ghost Baptism, but they DO have a fooling from the devil. When Jesus talked about this sin that cannot be forgiven, the Phairisees of that day were accusing him of casting out devils by the prince of the devils (Satan). That was when Jesus told that there was no forgiveness in this life or the life to come. It's crazy some of the things I have seen on this internet from people talking against this ministry and the man of God. It would not matter if they really saw a true miracle or not. They don't want to believe. Being deceived - one does not know they are. You can't talk about a true servant and expect God's blessing; rather judgment. God can hate (Holy hatred) as much as He can love (Holy Love, eternal Love), and that is a lot of hate. See how he used that Holy hatred on Pharoah in the bible. Hell is not just being locked away from God and his presence forever, it's a literal burning hell. I would be afraid if I were you but you will probably laugh it off. It wasn't too long ago you made these comments, so if you don't have even a twinge of a feeling, or some conviction, I think you are in some great trouble. God gives some leeway for ignorance, or has in the past, but God says in His word that he once winked at ignorance, but now is commanding all men everywhere to repent. The bible says even the people who are right in him are scarcely saved, what will it be for those that rebel and blaspheme. The rapture will take place. Maybe you will read this after God's jewels are taken and wished you had listened. I pray you haven't blasphemed, it's awful to blaspheme because God will never deal with you again, never hear a prayer, you are doomed. You might want to see that book Reverend Angley wrote on the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. It's a book that if someone wants to know about it, they can learn.
I hate to think that you have blasphemed, but you probably forgiveness. What must it be like to only have God's judgment against you. The bible says, it's a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. Think on it.

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