Ernest Angley: The sad shadow of an o...

Ernest Angley: The sad shadow of an old miracle man

There are 126 comments on the Idland story from Jun 19, 2008, titled Ernest Angley: The sad shadow of an old miracle man. In it, Idland reports that:

The sign heralding Ohio miracle worker Ernest Angley's visit to Lesotho is enough to make you wince.

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Milton, Canada

#1 Oct 14, 2008
YOU NUTS YOUR TALKING about gods servent and u will get whats coming to you.god will judge u for your comments.better repent

La Quinta, CA

#2 Oct 15, 2008
Jeff Knox. Ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha.
from Ohio

Owosso, MI

#3 Nov 29, 2008
To the person that wrote that article about Reverend Angley:

You may be High now, but you will go down real low when you discover that you are going to hell for speaking such lies against the true man of God. You know Jeff is right. There's such thing as blaspheming against the Holy Ghost. You are talking against someone with the Holy Ghost working in his life. They did that to Jesus and that was his introduction to the sin of Blaspheming against the Holy Ghost. Jesus said there's no forgiveness in this life nor in the life to come. You sound like you are without feeling and that's what the walking dead are like. They can even go to church, fast, pray and still be the walking dead if they deny the truth of what the real man of God is standing for, which is all biblical, from the casting out of devils, living a sin free life, the real Holy Ghost baptism and I don't mean speaking in tongues at will because if someone can do that, they don't have the real Holy Ghost Baptism, but they DO have a fooling from the devil. When Jesus talked about this sin that cannot be forgiven, the Phairisees of that day were accusing him of casting out devils by the prince of the devils (Satan). That was when Jesus told that there was no forgiveness in this life or the life to come. It's crazy some of the things I have seen on this internet from people talking against this ministry and the man of God. It would not matter if they really saw a true miracle or not. They don't want to believe. Being deceived - one does not know they are. You can't talk about a true servant and expect God's blessing; rather judgment. God can hate (Holy hatred) as much as He can love (Holy Love, eternal Love), and that is a lot of hate. See how he used that Holy hatred on Pharoah in the bible. Hell is not just being locked away from God and his presence forever, it's a literal burning hell. I would be afraid if I were you but you will probably laugh it off. It wasn't too long ago you made these comments, so if you don't have even a twinge of a feeling, or some conviction, I think you are in some great trouble. God gives some leeway for ignorance, or has in the past, but God says in His word that he once winked at ignorance, but now is commanding all men everywhere to repent. The bible says even the people who are right in him are scarcely saved, what will it be for those that rebel and blaspheme. The rapture will take place. Maybe you will read this after God's jewels are taken and wished you had listened. I pray you haven't blasphemed, it's awful to blaspheme because God will never deal with you again, never hear a prayer, you are doomed. You might want to see that book Reverend Angley wrote on the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. It's a book that if someone wants to know about it, they can learn.

I hate to think that you have blasphemed, but you probably forgiveness. What must it be like to only have God's judgment against you. The bible says, it's a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. Think on it.
God Please hear my story


#4 Dec 10, 2008
God loves me, I am a sinner, I am saved by God coming down to Earth becoming flesh and shedding His blood for my sin which was required under the Law. I asked God to save me, not from dying, but His judgement. Jesus is Lord God who made mankind. His Word is True, and He will return. I am a sinner saved by Gods Grace, His Love, His forgiveness, His Mercy. The Bible tells of two people who prayed, one said, "I am glad I am not like the other person", while the other could not lift their head and said," Lord forgive me a sinner". He honored the second person who was humble. God is Love in a perfect way, He is also a righteous God who will Judge all mankind. I belive Jesus paid the cost of my sin, and asked forgiveness and Him to be in my heart (mind). In 1972 I was in a head on collision and was near death, only thinking God was out there somewhere. I heard running water, it was me bleeding. It was dark, late, and I was ejected through the window. The person who knew I was in the car searched for me, finally finding me, passed out when He seen me. I felt him hit my feet, but couldn't resond or speak. My heart rate slowed. I knew I was in trouble. In my heart, I cried out God, help me, I don't want to die. My face to this day scarred, bones still cracked but healed, thirteen years later I went to hear an evangelist who said God loved me and would forgive me, and sent His Son Jesus for me, I lived my life to the fullest, never treated anyone bad, but was headed straight for Hell. I went to the call to give my heart to Christ. I cried unstoppable and began to tell the evangelist preacher all the things I did, everything but kill and he said, Son, thats between you and God, I don't need to hear it, I am here to tell you God has forgiven you. A heavy weight was lifted. I am now 60, and it seems like yesterday. My Mom and Dad gave their hearts to Christ before they died a an old age, my younger sister and older sister have cancer. One is saved, the other isn't. While there is life there is Hope. Don't wait, I could have died that day unknown to me I would be hit head on. It is simple Lord Jesus I ask you to forgive me of my sin, and ask you to come into my heart to be my Savior. I believe you shed your blood for my sin.
By Faith I am saved. Read the Bible starting with John. God describes Hell as a terrible place, a real place for those who reject Jesus.

Indio, CA

#5 Dec 10, 2008
You bible thumping nuts. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Oh, wait a minute, ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Stow, OH

#6 Dec 10, 2008
sounds like your the nut to me :)

Indio, CA

#7 Dec 11, 2008
Strike a nerve, Star 777? ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
No, seriously...ha ha ha ha ha ha

Stow, OH

#8 Dec 11, 2008
just what i thought you know nothing about the man yet you ppl get on here and post things and you dont even know what your talking about.. you dont have no cule 777 :)

“Obama said the USA is "one ”

Since: Mar 08

nation under Allah"? PROVE IT!

#9 Dec 11, 2008
angley is a fraud ,a fake and a peddler of lies and myths.......of course so is every other preacher .

Indio, CA

#10 Dec 11, 2008
Grew up in Oklahoma Miss Star777. Have known too much about this no neck idiot for over 50 yrs. All I can say is, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha ha

Stow, OH

#11 Dec 11, 2008
you all will find out one day.. try going there getting to know the man for over 22 years then come back and say something bad about him.. i know for a fact u wouldn't have one thing bad to say about that grate man.. he is doing gods work and y would you fight that ???.. and for you lettie you really ack like a foolish little kid with all the haha ha what kind of adult would do that lol :)

Indio, CA

#12 Dec 12, 2008
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Angely is a "grate" man. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's right he does grate as he scares little old ladies and then sucks up every extra cent he can for himself. That makes him "grate", as in grating on one's nerves but it doesn't make him "great".
Ha ha ha ha ha. Angely a great man, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Stop it Star! You make me laugh til it hurts. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Stow, OH

#13 Dec 12, 2008
yep just a little kid thats knows nothing about ernest angley if u think he has money just look up his house that he been in for over 20 some years.. and look up how small his salary is then say something. it only takes a little time to do but no u wont because you want to just make up lies on someone who you dont even know.. but keep going its just showing you dont know what your talking about :) little kid
Truth For The Asking

Ashburn, VA

#14 Jan 6, 2009
Ah yes, Ernest Angley, one of the the original con-men of the airwaves! It really depresses me to still see people defending this lowlife after all of his years of abusing religion and manipulating the fears of desperate, sick and dying people. All of this talk of godliness and religiosity has NOTHING to do with a person like Angley.

I've seen what Angley does (live and in person), I've researched his background and people's opinions on him (both good and bad), and I can tell you with all honestly that the man is a deluded and dangerous fraud not worthy of respect. As to whether he actually believes the garbage that he peddles, well that's another story, but there is absolutely no question that he is a master manipulator and that he actually endangers others by making people believe they are miraculously 'healed' and therefore causing them to ignore their medical issues and/or further spread disease.

Ernest Angley is the real disease, and him and his followers (apologist and enablers) should be shunned and avoided like disease. Shame on any of you calling yourselves Christians defending this hypocrite and scam-artist. Much of what he says and does is in direct opposition to the basic Christian tenants of humility, compassion, tolerance, and just plain decency. The fact that ANYONE still believes him and supports him is a really tragic and sad statement about his level of brainwashing.

Alease Brink Davis


#15 Feb 8, 2009
I want to make something clear. I have never heard Rev.Angley say that abortion is not a sin. I asked if he teaches that,because I came across a website that says he does. I wanted to know the truth. If Rev.Angley does not teach that abortion is alright,then I apologize for bringing it up. I do not want to slander this man of God. If he does say abortion is not a sin,then he is terribly wrong. I do know that he believes life begins at birht,not at conception.
Aaron Renwood


#16 Jun 20, 2009
There is a spiritual discernment site called "Let Us Reason" Ministries.It is run by a Messianic Jewish man named Mike Oppenheimer.He has recently done a five part study on why many of Rev.Angley's teachings are false.When you go to the site,look under the category called "what's new." If you are intersted in Angley,these articles are not to be missed.I believe Rev.Angley is a sincere servant of Christ,but is unwittingly teaching things that deviate seriously fom the Gospel of Christ.Check out the articles,well worth your time...

Maseru, Lesotho

#17 Jun 23, 2009
A kere motho eo Ramainoane o kile a mo coeraha a tlile le Lesotho moo?

Maseru, Lesotho

#18 Jun 23, 2009
covera. I mean broadcast his sermons

South Africa

#19 Jun 28, 2009
i dont know what you people have been taught to believe but know this:God`s wwrath will descend upon you if you dare speak ot think wrong things about his anointed.Be careful of inflicting curses upon yourselves if you continuee blaspheming against the Holy Spirit because blaspheming against an anointed man of God is indeed blaspheming against the Holy Ghost.Word of advice:Be careful,you cannot afford to have an unforgivable sin
The Reaper

Paramaribo, Suriname

#20 Jul 6, 2009
Those who judge this man will become ill and when this happens to them let them remember what they said on this post.........laugh now the day your lying on your death bed remember what you said on this post remember all those who spoke ill of this man will be visited by the reaper

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