I engaged in open mouth kissing with a girl at a bar that I didn't know very well. My gums bleed when I brush and I'm worried about potential infection. I kissed the girl maybe 5 times throughout the night. The next morning I woke up paranoid I could have gotten HIV. What if she wasn't aware she had HIV and her viral load was high. Around 8 days after I got an irritated and red throat along with a stuffed up nose. Also, A day or so latter, I noticed a slight area of red blotches on my lower neck and upper chest. Around day 12 I got cramping pains in my thigh muscles. Thes pains went from my hips down the posterior muscles of my thights. Mainly felt this when sitting. have never had pain like this (could this be rhabdomyolysis from acute HIV). Also, I have read that leg pain is a common symptom with acute HIV. I have read everywhere that there is no risk from kissing. However, what if there was blood present. This girl was from San Francisco mission area which has a higher concentration of HIV. I am worried to death I had an exposure. Lastly, I did feel very tired during this period of time and I swore my neck, armpits and groin were hurting or achy. Could all of this be stress and anxiety or should I truly be worried? I have since gotten back with the one girl I've been with for the last six years. She is clean and I worried to begin being intimate again, since I don't want to infect her if I have gotten HIV.

I also have gingivitis. I worry since occasionally I press on my gum and a small amount of blood will show on the paper towel. There has only been one reported case to the CDC for open mouth kissing HIV transmission and I would feel horrible if I was number two.

Do I need to test for HIV?

Also, I have a receding gum on one of my lower front teeth. The root is exposed slightly. Maybe 4mm. It has been this way for a few years now and the gum does get irritated from time to time. Does this change anything?