THR- what kind of recovery to expect.

THR- what kind of recovery to expect.

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Beaverton, OR

#1 Jun 8, 2011
Hi there,

Surg on 05/31, home on 06/02 and just now finaly feel minimal pain when getting in and out of bed.

Went from the walker on 06/07 and was able to shower myself. moving very slowly and feeling a good amount of pain below my knee.

Today 06/08 kind of a relapse- seems the knee pain is not so bad but today the hip joint seems to be giving me a sharp pain while useing the cane.

Kinda confused- one day a step forward then maybe one backwards.

Just wondering if others have experienced this up and down recovery- I had hopes of getting better day by day but who knows.

Went thru the withdrawl from the oxy for a couple of nights and hate to head down that path again.
What are the thoughts about dumping the oxy for hydrocodone?

I dont see my doc until the 15th and am wondering how I am going to be able to navigate myself intop his office.

This is not for sissies..

Farmer Gal

Circleville, OH

#2 Jun 9, 2011
Hello Louie. I have heard that the first 10 days are the most difficult after hip replacement surgery. Your honesty and description of the healing process is helpful for me, as I am having surgery on June 14th. While I am happy for those who are up and dancing on day 5, after talking with my doctor, a more realistic perspective is dancing around week 8 or after. Everyone is different, every experience unique.

I hope that your trip to the doctor on the 15th is surprisingly easier than expected. Best wishes for your full recovery and may each day bring progress and less pain.

Thanks for writing in, as your post has given me a better understanding. We have experienced hip pain for years, so I know we are not sissies. Best wishes as you continue healing, recovery and ease in walking.

Bremerton, WA

#3 Jun 12, 2011
Hi Farmer Gal,
It gets better- I too got caught up in all the stories about people being off of pain meds only days later and walking as before.

I am now 12 days into this and things have been improving- not at the rate I am happy with but beter none the less. I've been useing crutches and have spent a good amount of time outside stumbling around. Actualy made it to church and breakfast today.

Only useing the oxycontin twice a day now and am getting close to dumping those.

Good luck with your procedure- Im sure all will go well and the plus is you already have a clue as to what to expect- I was a bit naive..

Happy healing...

New York, NY

#4 Jun 12, 2011
i began experiencing hip pain a month ago and the doctor is talking hip replacement already. I am waiting for the results of the MRI. I think this might be too soon and there may be something else I can try first. I want to trust the doctor but i have not had any problems before a month ago now. I would appreciate some feedback everyone i talk to has been suffering for some years before having the surgery.

United States

#5 Jun 13, 2011
Audree, if you've never had pain until a month ago talk of a hip replacement seems too soon. I had arthritis for years and my doctor told me whenever the pain got too severe or my mobility was very limited, at that point I should consider a hip replacement. It took 10 years from my first symptoms until I had surgery. I would get several opinions if I were you.

United States

#6 Jun 13, 2011
My doc advised me it is all my decission- no one elses. You dont have to wait to accumalate years of pain, discomfort and mobility issues or you can. Personaly, my hip was not nearly as bad as most when I decided to have the THR. I had been experiencing interupted sleep almost nightly just by not being able to find a possition that didnt cause an ache. I had about three bouts where my hip just locked up on me for no apparent reason- one time in the Denver airport. I had developed a limp and some days were more painful while others were barely a discomfort at all. It made me not want to take simple walks. The xrays showed arthritus without a doubt and that does not get better. I chased my hip issue for about three years before the surgury- just depends on your sittuation. For me a part of the equassion was health insurance and how the economy is trending downward and more and more companies reduce or even eliminate health care- I also wanted to get things in order before I retire as I am now almost 55 and could retire anytime after this summer.
This morning I am 13 days post op and was able to use my cane with very little discomfort.

Good luck..

La Habra, CA

#7 Jun 19, 2011
Well,the process must be so different for everyone. I, too, had my HR on June 14th. The pain pills themselves made me so ill, I ended up staying in the hospital 2 extra days. Once they put me on regular tylenol, I felt so much better. Don't be afraid to kick the narcotics! I'm having some numbness on my operated leg's calf and ankle. Is that normal? Surgery is definitely not for sissies!
Farmer Gal

Lewiston, MI

#8 Jun 22, 2011
Hello to all. Had my surgery on June 14th. Am on the road to complete recovery, but still slow and healing. Using the walker to take laps around the living room(the dogs look at me and wonder what I am doing), reading books, trying to understand that healing takes time.

Had considerable amount of swelling and bruising down the leg to foot; called doctor and was told to slow down the activity a bit and elevate my feet more often. That does help.

Louie and Hipster, I hope that you are feeling better each day. This really is not easy, but my brother, who had his hip replaced two years ago says, "Just keep going, walking, doing the exercises. It will be fine in a few weeks." He will need his other hip done in a couple years and has no reservations about doing it all again, because his quality of life has improved greatly since he had his right hip replaced.

So, off for another lap around the living room. Take care.

Lebanon, PA

#9 Jun 22, 2011
Hi everyone- Tomorrow at 6:15 am I am going to get a THR. I am extremely anxious. All my friends describe me as one tough cookie, but secretly, I am not so sure of that. I am 40, and have held off on this since 2007. They tried arthoscopy, sewing a labrum tear, and had to remove a bone spur, and most of the cartilage. Now they are saying no other choice but to do this.(That surgery was in 2009). I was very active before this, and am eager to get back on that road. I was thinking about the lumbar plexis block. It is where they numb the whole sciatic nerve, and your leg is "dead" while they do the surgery. You have to use less pain meds during surgery, and possibly after. Has anyone had this done? I am deathly afraid of needles, and I am very afraid to have this done.
Farmer Gal

Lewiston, MI

#10 Jun 22, 2011
I had an epidural, which then easily delivered medication for a couple days after surgery, too. Then was switched to an oral narcotic for a few days.

Fear was part of my decision making process, too. Surgery is not an easy choice, but neither is living with constant pain that only continued to get worse with time. I have watched my abilities decline as pain increased and finally realized that I did not want to spend the rest of my life like this if there is a high percent of success with this surgery. I am only a week after surgery, so am still slow and tender, but my energy is coming back and things are looking promising.

Your anesthesiologist and doctor will advise you on the best choice for anesthesia and post operative pain management. I
wish you the best in all of this and hope that you can sleep tonight and know that you have tried several other options, lived with pain for several years, and are very young to look down the road of increasing pain. This is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Your age and determination will work in your favor. Best wishes. Hope to hear how you are doing.

United States

#11 Jun 22, 2011
Melisa- good luck with your THR. Time certainly heals but I think it is good to know upfront what to expect. I was a bit naive and thought it would be a cake walk. As Farmer Gal said, it is tough, but after a week to 10 days you realy do start feeling much beter. I'll send a little prayer your way. I did have a spinal tap where I went numb from the waist down. The needle is no biggie and you are out soon after anyway. You have to have faith in your medical professionals- GOOD LUCK.. 3 weeks post op, I am on a cane and have packed the walker away. I can walk without the cane but after discussing this with my doc decided not to push it. His philosophy was that many of the folks that indicate they are walking unaided three days after surgery are the ones that have not allowed time for the bone to heal and attach to the implant which have a higher chance of needing additional surgery down the road- I dont want to go through it again as a result of winning the race. I will be returning to work after a month off. getting too bored.
God Bless and good luck..
Farmer Gal

Adrian, MI

#12 Jul 3, 2011
Hello again. Just wondering how everyone is doing. I have some questions regarding recovery--have any of you had muscle pain as your leg/back/buttock all adjust to the hip surgery? I find that since I limped for a few years, that my muscles are all trying to adjust again to not limping. Yikes, that can be intense. I keep walking and things seem to be better after walking. Any other suggestions?

Almost to three weeks after surgery. Am using a cane now, and found that two canes are even helpful when walking outside if I am by myself. Never realized how much concentration it takes to walk with a cane--I have to be careful not to trip myself! The cane is only temporary, so I will not complain!

Hope being back to work feels great, Louie. Hope you are doing better, Hipster. Also hope that Melissa is feeling better and better each day. The first two weeks are no picnic, but it does get better.
Best wishes to all of you.
Gregory Fraser

San Jose, CA

#13 Sep 17, 2011
Recovery can be different for every person. Also, it can be dependent on the ways you will do while recovering. Furthermore, what I’ve read here might also interest you. Have a good day!

United States

#14 Sep 19, 2011
Roughly 3.5 months since surgery. Better and better each day. Perfect- no but improving..
I don’t find any difficulty with the hip socket area itself rather the muscle at the side of my hip seems to stay sore form time to time. Of course I believe as you improve you tend to push a bit harder which adds stress to muscles that have taken a bit of a hit.
It is getting better but is slow going- it is major surgery after all.
Anyway Farmer Gal, sounds like we are experiencing similar recovery. Doc told me 100% recovery could take as long as 12-18 months it just all depends.
Best wishes to all.
alex pagulayan

Garden City, NY

#15 Nov 18, 2011
The period of recovery differs from patient to patient. I suppose by now the intermittent pain has already been addressed. I hope you’re feeling better now. On the other hand, pain after surgery may be an early warning sign that something did not go well with the surgery.

Epsom, UK

#17 Feb 17, 2013
Hi everyone i waited 13 years for my hip replacement , first they said they couldnt do anything because of my age then they said all they could do was a steriod injection then after years of just putting up with the pain they sent me for an xray and the doc said it was calcium build up and that they couldnt do anything about it ! I then asked for a second opinion and after a few weeks saw a specialist even without examining me looked at the xray and said you meed a full hop replacement !!!! So here i am after 5 weeks at 51 years old with a new hop doibg all the exercises they giveme becausr i want to be normal again x

Epsom, UK

#18 Feb 17, 2013
I do all the exercises they give me and im walking unaided and iv just made it up and down my porch step which is a really high step so im really pleased although i dont sleep very well i would appreciated any ones input or help on sleeping as thTs the one thing thats doing my head i!!!

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